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I don’t know why I keep writing about Rodney Stanhope. Maybe it is that I need to blow something up, or maybe it is that there are no elections, I’m bored and people keep messaging / emailing / texting / calling me.

Rodney can’t help himself – he has told people he was born without a “guilt gene”. It seems to make sense as the man has no shame and continues to con people even as the universe of burnt people grows.

It is my opinion that Mr. Stanhope fits the classic profile of a sociopath, no guilt, no remorse, no shame.

Witness his recent facebook postings about how he is getting a divorce and how he is the victim – even though today he posted that he is in a “New Relationship” while his enablers were clicking like. His current wife was cheated on several times that I am aware of. No big deal – Rodney is the victim here.

The inserted picture here is blatant evidence that while Rodney is still married and is posting about being in a new relationship, he is propositioning a third woman in this text message exchange.

As previously chronicled, Mr. Stanhope had an affair twice with another campaign staffer and in between retained the services of a Prostitute in 2014. I am sure there are others, they may come forward as the others have.

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Every year since 2002, Rodney Stanhope has slept in a tough shed for 12-14 days to collect “toys for the troop’s kids”. As documented here, one year it was used as alternative sentencing for his assault conviction (that he just completed the probation for in 2013) Originally, Stanhope was part of the CRVA who disassociated themselves from him after one season due to Mr. Stanhope’s need to have the spotlight all to himself.

What I learned today in multiple on-line chats is that Mr. Stanhope in the opinion of several women that know him has stolen several toys from the effort every year in addition to “significant amounts of cash”.

Quote 1: “And yes – I saw him loading stolen toys into his car in 2010. He said (current wife) wanted things for herself and for —- (her son). I didn’t actually see him take the stuff from the toy shed – he had a loaded box in the shed he slept in the night we were there to move him out. But they were new toys.

Every one of Rodney’s exes always comment about how he is always broke… one of the chats yielded this bombshell: He wants to go sit in that tuff shed every winter to help other kids and he ignores his own kids. WTH? What kinda crap is that??!?? He steals from the shed every year. He walks away with cash and lots of it – and later added – [child]…always got nice gifts after the shed thing is done. He had spending money after that too. [deleted] has talked about the same thing too. He has cash after that thing is done.

In hand-written notes I have confirmation from other women of the exact same pattern.

Court documents show allegations that Rodney keeps alcohol in and may have even used drugs while in the shed. I have seen his bottles in the shed first-hand. I have seen him steal money from people myself in other venues – granted all instances I saw personally are over 9 years old, but why would that change now?

In another posting on Facebook – Rodney posted pictures of himself with a daughter he says he was meeting for the first time. From my chats with several women, I have been able to deduce that the child is roughly 14, is likely child #4 that Rodney fathered in between marriage #2 and #3. Court Records show court-ordered paternity tests in 2001 and 2004. The 2001 test would be consistent with a 14-year-old kid today.

The story is that the mother of that child was on welfare and of course the state wanted to go after the father in an attempt to recover some of the money. Rodney first attempted to deny paternity and the test came up that he was the father. in 2013, when running for CRP Vice-Chair the first time, Rodney lied about the 2001 paternity test while challenging the voracity of this blog, his friends in the Tea Party Caucus believed him without ever following up.

The situation with this “newly found” daughter could explain why Mr. Stanhope does not have a checking account, works cash jobs only, lives on Wal-Mart and Cash Cards and has nothing in his own name. Literally, dozens of people have told me about this as it appears odd to everyone.

Mr. Stanhope is currently under a court order in El Dorado County, but it is unclear if that order is for this child.

If you have not read enough yet – add this story in. In 2011 a generator disappeared from the Shed. Allow my sources to kick in:

Also in 2011 the Guard group he usually worked with was refusing to be there because they said he stole a generator from them and money. I heard that myself because [details deleted to protect identity of source]. Don’t know what eventually happened, because when I asked him about it later he said they were wrong and it got resolved.

Then in a separate chat – this bombshell: One year his generator was “stolen”… and the news showed up to interview him… Except it was in [deleted] garage! … He was tearing up in that interview and everything! He won the daytime Emmy that day

If you donate to the Rodney Shed Effort – based on the above, I can say that it will likely go in to Rodney’s pocket and in to his habit.

One of my sources told me that Rodney has a suspended license for a Failure to Appear: I heard it on the scanner the other night, when he called EDSO on [deleted], because she locked him out LMAO… They ran him and he is on a suspended license and a FTA not at warrant status YET…

Yes, this guy got 227 votes for CRP Vice Chair in 2013. A con artist.

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