Mar 302016

The Folsom Chamber of Commerce held a candidate forum last night. It featured 9(!) of the candidates for #AD06. For reasons unbeknownst to me, Brian Caples and the other Dem were no-shows.

I am going to focus on the funded candidates – so let me summarize the others quickly before the fun part.

“Bo” – rambled. He also attacked the GOP (because he is an NPP don’t you know) and came across poorly as a result.

Gabriel Hydrick – the Lincoln Councilmember presented himself well and as an honest broker. Hydrick seemed to have a grasp of issues. This version of Hydrick is markedly different than the man I have been hearing about for the last 6 years in Lincoln. Hydrick has no money, no access to money and looks to be headed to also-ran status.

As a side note, I liked his ballot statement that he submitted when he filed for office. I told him as such afterwards.

Suzanne Jones – came across poorly. She distinguished herself by attacking the others on the stage railing on everyone for getting financial support while asserting her moral superiority. Just not a good way to go.

Mik. Sounded like one of the Good-fellas. He is a leader. Just ask him. He will tell you, repeatedly. We will be relieved of seeing him on street corners very soon.

And, now for the fun:

Cristi Beckstead-Nelson, robotic. She was reciting from memory off of her website. It was so bad that on more than one occasion she forgot her lines. She did indeed repeat the lie of being a business owner multiple times. It made me feel like I was time warped back to 2011 when I witnessed another unqualified, inarticulate candidate with a falsified resume make similar public gaffes.

Beckstead-Nelson looked miserable and her disdain for other candidates while they were speaking was palpable. I’ve been told by more than one person that has interacted with Ms. Beckstead-Nelson that she is very status conscious and is remiss to interact with average people unless there is a direct benefit to do so. This was clear to this blogger by virtue of her behavior on the stage.

Beckstead-Nelson has had a large head start on the rest of the field and she appears to have been caught up to and passed in a short time. That has to be frustrating for her. Maybe she should have not filed and reimbursed her husband the $100k she wasted, I mean “lent” her campaign.

Kevin Hanley was much more subdued last night and presented good answers to most questions. He is attempting to walk right through one of his biggest weaknesses, Auburn. He frequently referred to his time on the Auburn City Council and the Auburn Chamber of Commerce.

Hanley’s campaign seems to be stuck in time. Mr Hanley touts his resume, which includes 24 years of government work. Even before Hanley’s performance last night, I was clear there is no question that Hanley is qualified for the job. I can’t say I can blame Hanley for what he is doing, however I think modern campaigns have left Mr. Hanley behind.

Andy Pugno certainly appeared confident, if not cocky about the prospects of his campaign for Assembly by virtue of the way he carried himself. When he was not distracted by his cell phone, he gave unrehearsed answers to questions that sometimes included stories.

Pugno was the only candidate that specifically mentioned the social issues. Halldin did by inference – those are the only two that went there. Pugno also made it clear how he intends to attack at least one of his foes – referencing public employee union money and his plan to not take any of it. (Like they would attempt to donate or endorse Mr. Pugno to begin with)

Kevin Kiley was indeed the most bizarre candidate of the evening. Kiley spoke to the audience as if he was arguing a case in court. When he was not speaking, he was fidgeting and giving off an aura of superiority. Both are quite a spectacle for a young man of 31 years of age who has never been married and has no real-world job experience.

Kiley almost spoke of himself in the third person and like Pugno was using lawyer vernacular and large words in his presentations. I am not sure how Pugno or Kiley relate to the public at large – or if either of them care. Both appear to believe that they have this race locked up.

I have endorsed Bill Halldin. I am actively working to help his campaign. Therefore I believe that Bill Halldin was the clear winner of last night’s forum. Halldin answered all of the questions well and all there acknowledged that Mr. Halldin was ready to go.

Mar 282016

Your intrepid blogger has learned that long time Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters Jim McCauley is scheduled to retire the end of this month.  According to well-placed sources within the CalPERS system, McCauley will make his last day March 30, ending over two decades as the elections top dog in Placer County.

Over the years, McCauley has been responsible for some innovative programs, including a first-of-its-kind high school voter outreach program. I will always remember McCauley as a staunch Conservative and of course his frozen-in-time suits that he was famous for in Placer.

The customer service in his shop has always been outstanding!  I would believe that the transition to new management should be seamless, since Jim has devoted years to developing his staff.

I wish Jim all the best in retirement! You will be missed and Thank You for your service!!!

Mar 272016

a8b4b969-8ad9-4576-a691-bdb3a985602fLet’s party for our Party!

The Placer County Impact Republicans is open to new members who want to help elect Republicans to local office. Join us as we kick-off the 2016 election cycle!

Ginger’s Restaurant 1410 E. Roseville Parkway Roseville, CA 95661

Thursday, March 31, 2016 5:30 pm-7:00 pm

Hosted appetizers, beer and wine

Who should attend? Any Republican who wants to be involved in an active, engaged and FUN group, more interested in getting things done than arguing over titles or attending sleep-inducing meetings!

Please RSVP to Kirk Uhler at

Mar 272016

Joe Montes is running for CA-01 against Congressman Doug LaMalfa. Apparently, the Congressman is losing his grip on the district and several within it are getting restless.

An unapologetic conservative, Joe Montes enjoys support from talk radio host Lars Larson and from Fox News’ Ed Rollins.
Joe decided to run for Congress when he saw the dismal approval rating of Congress, including hearing from local constituents who are tired of Doug LaMalfa’s waffling on the issues.
LaMalfa voted for the Amtrak Reauthorization bill, giving out $7.5 billion in corporate welfare. He voted for the TPP giving fast track authority to President Obama in foreign trade agreements. He also voted to continue funding for Planned Parenthood.

Joe is a business development specialist, attorney, and experienced senior executive in Chico. Joe served his community as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and is a former Washington Administrative Law Judge. He is well-known for his innovative decision-making, efficiency, leadership, and ability to bring divided parties together. Joe is deeply committed to his community and serves as a volunteer on various boards and committees. Joe cares about children and is a strong supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the North Valley. He is a founding member and Judge of the Chico Youth Court, a diversion program designed to guide juvenile offenders away from crime and destructive behavior, and bring accountability and change to their lives. He and his wife Cindy are the proud parents of Alexander and Maggie, their two rescue cats.

• Business Experience. Joe is the General Manager of AAA Properties, a Chico-based property management firm with residential and commercial properties located primarily in Chico and the surrounding area. He also has oversite authority over the Hotel Diamond and other properties owned by Wayne Cook. Joe is also a former executive with Judicial Arbitration & Mediation Services (J.A.M.S.), the nation’s largest for-profit arbitration and mediation firm. While with J.A.M.S. he specialized in judicial recruitment, market acquisition, and business development.

• Academic Accomplishments. Joe graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Sacramento. He is a graduate of the California Military Academy, and received his Juris Doctor degree from U.C.L.A. School of Law.

• Military Service. Joe is a veteran of both the California Air National Guard and the Army National Guard. He is a graduate of the California Military Academy and has been a member of the American Legion for twenty-three years.

• Honors and Distinctions:
Founding Member – Chico Youth Court
Board Member – Stairways Programming
Board Member – Downtown Chico Business Association
Member – Washington State Bar Association
Member and former Province President – Phi Delta Phi International Legal Society
Member – Golden Key National Honor Society, CSU, Sacramento
Former Board Member – Washington Administrative Law Judge’s Association
Former Board Member – Farmers Political Action Committee
International Directory of Distinguished Leadership
Honored Member of the American Registry of Outstanding Professionals
International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs
National Who’s Who of Business Leaders

Mar 232016

1918072_10209258290962186_6568122461335710224_nLast Night, Ted Gaines was rejected by the CRA. The CRA endorsed Stephen Baird for State Senate last night over Ted Gaines.

My feelings about the CRA aside, this is a stunning rejection of the Gaines dynasty and further proof that their aloof acerbic style of carpetbagging governance has worn thin.

I am sure that the Gaines are so disconnected from reality that they are going to blame your intrepid blogger for the occurrences of last night. Allow me to remind them and others that after the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson appointed 17 people to the CRA’s state board, George and I were expelled from the organization for life.

This means that for the Gaines’ latest paranoid fantasy to be true, that we’d have had to orchestrate the Baird endorsement from beyond the grave.

All this said – we don’t expect the Gaines to pay any attention to this or anything else they don’t like. Nothing to see here, move along now.

#EPICFAIL (both for the CRA and for Ted Gaines)