Sep 302019

There is a reason why OC Tax designated the California Legislative Irish Caucus for its’ Radish Award. It appears that the Irish Caucus was set up as a way for Bill Brough to subsidize his lifestyle. In today’s installment of the “tour-de-brough”, let’s have a look at the behested contributions being used for the “Irish Caucus”.

It must be nice to collect more than most people’s annual income from donors blind to your behavior (or who don’t care because you’re the incumbent) and go on two week junkets in 5-Star Hotels. I wonder what the Civil Justice Association of California thinks about their donations right now? Microsoft or Chevron?

Chevron, A name that appears regularly on the Right On Daily Blog. They consistently pour money in to the establishment. (Which is probably a reason why they get away with selling their gas for $.50 a gallon more than everyone else)

Altria and AirBnB check in to the 2017 report funding the Irish Junkets.

There is nothing illegal at all about this. However, take a look at this and realize the kind of lifestyle many in public office can have at the expense of donors and taxpayers. It makes perfect sense for why these people begin to believe they are above the law and entitled to behave like slimebags. It also explains why these people have to be dragged out of office (literally sometimes in a bodybag), as they’ve never had it so good.

In the case of Bill Brough, he has no job to return to once he exits office. It appears his companies were shells and that he has no marketable job skills. I’d imagine any background check done by a perspective employer on Brough would reveal a rash of issues.

This, ladies and gentlemen as the anatomy of a Radish Award from OC Tax

To be continued…

Sep 302019

Since I don’t go to cocktail parties and I don’t care who’s A-List I am on, sometimes I miss the significance of various groups. (Or I just lump them in to the swamp) OC Tax is one such group.

Now that every single member of Congress in Orange County is part of the lynch Trump Mob, (And some butthurt holdout #nevertrumpers from Orange County are with them) groups like OC Tax are waning in their influence. However, William “Bill” Brough, once crowed about and coveted their support. It appears that OC Tax is still an effective issue advocacy group and to that end, they do an annual Radishes and Roses award. Below are the nominees for the Radish Award. IN order to qualify for a Radish you have to be a tax and spend liberal and a porker or a combination of all of the above.

The City of Stanton is running multiple tax increases after running multiple tax increases in 2016 and 2018. Stanton is the home of “Conservative” David Shawver who has voted to put every last one of the tax increases on the ballot. I don’t know the situation in Santa Ana, but it is a communist enclave.

The third nominee, the California Legislative Irish Caucus was founded by William “Bill” Brough. Brough receives thousands of dollars in behested contributions for this caucus. What the Irish Caucus does is anyone’s guess. It is the opinion of this blogger that it was founded as a way for Bill Brough to bilk his donors for family vacations and copious amounts of alcohol.

It appears that the fine folks at OC Tax have figured out that Bill Brough is a fraud. Normally, Bill Brough attends their annual event, but this time he was likely drinking at Brio with the few friends he has left.

Your intrepid blogger is unsure of what earned Bill Brough a coveted spot atop the list of Radish nominees…

Was it the Humidor? Bourbon Barrel? The family trip to a RedSox Game? Dozens of “strategy meetings”? The Verizon Bills? Or was it simply the 25,000 a piece trip to Ireland every year?

Bill Brough’s California Legislative Irish Caucus won the 2019 Radish Award from the Orange County Taxpayers Association.

He can add this to his 2019 hit list that includes losing the support of his former boss Diane Harkey, the OCGOP, the OC Lincoln Club, Mimi Walters and a host of local electeds.

Meantime, Marie Waldron and Shannon Grove are holed up in a bunker somewhere.

Sep 282019

Since it appears to be all about Jenine who resigned after board rejected her first attempted 17% Rate Increase (which later reappeared as a 25% rate increase), Jenine Windeshausen quit her position as executive director of Pioneer Energy. Yet, she is still there.

In her rampage to win at all costs, she tried three different ways to get her rate increase approved. It is the opinion of this blogger based on research that Jenine has enjoyed the attention she has been getting in local media publications and her grand ideas for new government programs were part of her vision for massive rate hikes at Pioneer Energy.

Here is the current lay of the land. Jenine Windeshausen has been playing games with the agenda, typically waiting until the absolute last minute to post it. If she sticks to her pattern, the agenda for the 10-6-2019 meeting will be posted at about 4PM Friday 10-4-2019.

Here is what the board did after her latest stunt to try and backdoor a massive rate increase:

Instead of paying off the debt by the end of the 2019-2020 Fiscal year. The Board adopted a policy of paying it off by FY 2023.

The board agreed to increase the set aside for a margin account from $6.1MM to $10MM. This is cash kept in a trust account as the electric companies front the electricity and give pioneer a chance to collect monthly bills from ratepayers to pay the companies back. Sometimes due to emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances Pioneer has to pay the utility quickly as they can “Margin Call” the bill. This is what the Margin Account is for.

Lastly, rather than filling a $30MM reserve within a year (Jenine’s demand) they voted to do a ramp up to a $30MM in reserves by 2023.

Jenine was attempting to accomplish all of the above in one year – which was the excuse for the 25% rate increase. There was never a plan to lower rates back down once the goals were met – which buttresses my theory that all the big government ideas Jenine had been getting lauded for in local “Business” publications were in her long term plans at the expense of pioneer’s ratepayers.

A couple of key notes – #1 Supervisor Jim Holmes after voting several times to jack rates through the ceiling, voted for the above policy. #2 The intransigent Lincoln Councilmember Peter Gilbert voiced support for massive rate hikes and then voted with Kirk Uhler and Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson to adopt the above policy. Knowing that the majority of population was voting for the above, the far left Loomis Towncouncilman Jeff Duncan, DTS Colfax Councilmember Kim Douglas and Republican Auburn Councilmember Cheryl Maki could do nothing to force the rate increase to they acquiesced to the above.


Jenine has to now come up with a rate structure consistent with the above objectives. This means she still has it within her purview to propose rate increases that are far out of line with reality. Since it has been clear that she was enraged by being told no, and that she has attempted no less than three times hence to force through the massive rate increases, it is not outside the realm of possibility that she slips through a ridiculous budget proposal at 4PM on Friday. (With the meeting being in a different location once again in an attempt to minimize public participation)

Do not let off and make sure you plan flexibility in your 10-7-2019 schedule to make sure Peter Gilbert and others on that board keep Jenine in check and adopt a reasonable rate structure.

Sep 272019

Yup. There is your candidate talking about God and abstinence with a guy identified as Paul Charles Rae all over her. (A better picture of him will follow)

These photos were sent to your intrepid blogger at 3:30AM Pacific Time this morning. They are purported to be from last night in Florida.

Paul Charles Rae is an alleged member of the “Proud Boys” – this is significant because some of the past controversy surrounding Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero surrounds her being a groupie (my words) for the Proud Boys. Note the hat Mr. Rae is wearing.

Today – in about two hours an event starts in Miami featuring Ms. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero and other folks apparently speaking about controversial subjects in Miami.

And the above chat thread was sent to me as well. Yikes. Note: It is possible this text thread is not real as unlike the photos, I had no way of proving the origin of the text thread. The photos were indeed on social media as of the time of this posting, and the same source that sent the photos and video sent the text messages.

Click here to see a video we were sent that was uploaded to our facebook page. It clearly shows all of the above and then some.

Anyone donating to or taking Deanna Lorraine seriously – consider yourselves warned. Please find another candidate to support.

Sep 262019

The Placer County Office of Education scheduled an event that apparently the PCOE Board did not know about. Are they scheduling a Christian Event? A heterosexual event?

The Placer County Superintendent of Public Education Gayle Garbolino-Mojica is a liberal democrat. She has never drawn a serious opponent in any election. It may be time to deal with this. In addition,  it is likely she and the staff of the district scheduled the event without the knowledge of the board.

Gayle Garbolino is on record either dodging votes on Charter Schools or opposing them on appeal when the underlying districts rejected them.

It is time to recruit a viable challenger to Gayle Garbolino in 2022.