Apr 302024

For those of you just now tuning in, Dan Sloan was ousted as Chair of the Shasta GOP 15-5 at the April Meeting.

Dan Sloan is refusing to accept the results and is now threatening to sue. Who is he threatening exactly?

Dan Sloan is proving that the ugly stuff that came out when he was a candidate for Supervisor was not isolated to his divorce or domestic situation. Apparently, he still has trouble dealing with reality, a hair-trigger temper and overall maladjustment.

You see, with a 15-5 Majority, there is no parliamentarian or Judge that would ever overturn a motion to vacate the chair.

Secondly, since his chairmanship is in dispute the May 16 meeting he is calling is defective and anything that occurs there would not be recognized as legal.

Third, he shows his ignorance of the way things work by threatening a lawsuit in the same email where he talks about getting insurance. There is a question on any insurance application to the effect, “Are you aware of any potential claim…”. You’d think someone who is “Dr. Daniel Sloan” would know such things, but he appears to be unable to control his rage and thusly could not be thinking clearly either.

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From the text of this threat laced call for a meeting, it appears that the now chair Brenda Haynes sent registered letters to the members of the committee. While Brenda and I have a long running feud dating back to Doug LaMalfa’s original election to State Senate, that has no bearing on the fact that she was elected Chair to replace the deeply disturbed Sloan.

It appears Shasta County is a mess. Tenessa is having meltdowns at almost every Redding City Council Meeting, including open warfare and a crime rampage in Redding… and Dan Sloan is providing the undercard with his own rampage.

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  One Response to “Shasta GOP Update: Dan Sloan’s Ugly Side Coming Out After Losing 15-3 Vote – Still Claiming to be Chair, Threatening to Sue (who?)”

  1. lolol

    It’s stories like these, that prove my point.

    too funny……….oh wait, my bad. He’s a DOCTOR……….DR………..lol
    Like that matters nowadays…..lol

    ooooooo, and these are the political know-it-alls??
    wow……………..are WE going to get hosed in this State come 2024…..lol

    Thanks Aaron!!!

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