May 162024

Dumpster Dan Sloan, time to resign…

Your Intrepid Blogger is in receipt of a couple of emails written by now-former Shasta GOP 2nd Vice Chair Garrett Hall.

To my fellow Shasta County Republican Central Committee members,

It is with a heavy heart, that I tender my resignation as 2nd Vice Chair of the Shasta County Republican Central Committee effective immediately.

I have been on this committee the better part of a decade and had hoped the experience I have gained prior to joining the SCRCC with local grassroots groups, the 3 terms as a delegate to the CAGOP, making connections with delegates and committees from San Diego to the Oregan border and observing the nuances of the different disparate groups in the Republican party could be valuable.  I have tried to chart a path that keeps this Republican family together through difficult times while retaining my core conservative Christian beliefs.  It clear to me the majority of this committee believes I have failed at this task, and I cannot repair that perception at this time.

I intend to remain in the fight for conservative Republican values and will assume a back bench seat in our committee and maintain the other duties the committee sees fit to ask me to continue.

It has been an honor to serve as your 2nd Vice Chair and I hope that we can all chart a path forward together that saves our county, state and nation from the onslaught of woke, socialist ideologies that are destroying our society.

Now Compare Garrett’s Resignation to Dan Sloan’s threats of legal action and other threats. FYI, I reported the vote to oust Sloan previously as 15-3; it was 15-5, with 4 not voting.

Some ugly stuff about Dan Sloan came out in his campaign for Shasta County Supervisor. Beyond my belief that Sloan only ran for Chair of Shasta GOP to advance himself for a campaign he was planning, the stuff that came out depicted a man with an out-of-control temper, who is a bully and may have had a substance abuse issue. Divorce filings are often hyperbolic, so I am reticent about mentioning them on the pages of this blog. There were, however, other issues in addition to the dossier that was circulated that made the divorce filings ring true.

Garrett Hall appears to agree with your intrepid blogger in an open letter he sent aside from his resignation (emphasis added by your intrepid blogger):

Since November 2023 though, some of the concerns I raised about a year earlier about the disparate groups in the SCRCC and my concern that you may not be aware of all the different nuances of these groups started to cause friction.  You stood for election to a public office that most of us are not brave enough to do and those disparate groups started to do their digging and found some history that I know you would have preferred did not come out that way and that manner.  I always say there are at least 3 sides to a story, one person’s side, the other person’s side, and the truth. Early on I put full faith in you because I had gotten to know you and thought this just can’t be the Dan Sloan I know.  As time went on and our event preparation disagreements chaffed many, both inside and outside our committee, more and more voices started to point out to me the ways that the sensational aspects of those accusations may be valid as what I can only assume was the pressure of the overly delayed election results mounted.

This finally came to a head for me at our February 2024 meeting after our event where uncalled for snipping and accusations were flung from many sides.  I remember just dipping my head and thinking what have we come to, that we can tear into each other rather than focus on the opposition party that hurts our kids, our economy and our way of life.  We talked that night about how that could have been handled differently and I kept the faith that you could turn this around.  We worked to try to be prepared what appeared to be a very angry few that may try to tear the committee apart and brough some of those disparate groups together again.

That March meeting did not get better and the vague nature of the discussions about issues with the Treasury only riled members up more.  That night I started to lose faith and tried my hardest to start looking for the offramp that would not tear this committee apart.  Numerous discussions with many members about what to do next started.  This culminated for me in the Finance committee meeting at Simpson where the vague discussions about problems in the Treasury did not get any clearer and even got even more opaque and it seemed to antagonize everyone in the room.  One member and I stayed and discussed this in length after the meeting and we left thinking a change had to be made.  I thought I was making progress in trying to produce a way to keep the SCRCC together, but the April meeting proved otherwise.

Over 60% of the committee from disparate groups had come together and decided they had enough.  They used the bylaws correctly to start the process of removing the Chair.  There is valid debate that some other mistakes were made that evening, but the Officer removal process was correctly started.

Since that evening, I have had precious few meetings with members of our committee.  One meeting was with you to discuss what you saw the end of this chapter to be, and we discussed looking to the future, letting this process come to its natural conclusion with as little damage done as possible while you still maintained your record of events.  Since that evening your assurances to me that this would be the path has not come to pass.  Further uncalled for antagonism and nitpicking of the forgivable mistakes of our 1st Vice Chair in trying to carry out her agreed upon duty from the April meeting only sent things down an even more dark path. 

This brings me today when it appears that you have sabotaged the efforts of the committee majority to follow the bylaws and tainted the reputation of the SCRCC with a well-respected church in our community.  They have since requested that we not meet in their facility causing the notices that have been sent to all members following the bylaws to now be invalid.

The time has now come to close this chapter and begin again on a new path.  To that end, I am joining the chorus of voices from elected officials to members of our committee and community to please just stop; do what’s best for the SCRCC and resign immediately from the Chairmanship of the SCRCC before this goes any further.  The SCRCC reputation is already damaged by this mellow drama.  Please let us go into the convention this weekend having moved forward and preparing to the biggest election of our lifetimes and likely future of our great country.

Sloan’s rampage has gotten so out of control that the Shasta GOP lost their venue for meeting. Garrett Hall, once Sloan’s biggest Ally has fallen on his sword and is now rightly joining the others calling for Sloan to simply leave. Amazing.

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P.S. Shasta County has a horrendous Crime Rate and a lot of systemic problems to address. This drama on the Shasta GOP is an even bigger disaster in light of that.

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  4 Responses to “Shasta GOP Update: The Meltdown of Dan Sloan Continues and VP2 Garrett Hall Unloads Truth Bombs and Resigns”

  1. QQing………………
    SO sad,….what are people thinking? This part was particularly hard to read:
    “That night I started to lose faith”……….(you can read the rest of the sentence above)

    I will leave you all, with what the Army defines LEADERSHIP as, and let you all reflect on the words:

    “Leadership is the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.”

    “It takes personal courage to take the initiative to make something happen rather
    than standing by or withdrawing and hoping events will turn out well. Leaders require
    personal courage when confronting problems of discipline or disorderly conduct, when
    innovation and adaptation are needed to try something that has never been done
    before, when leading Soldiers in harm’s way, when being candid with a superior about a risky or improper course of action, when deferring to a more technically competent
    subordinate, or when freeing units and personnel to solve problems. Leaders must have
    the courage to make tough calls, to discipline or demand better when required.
    Consistent and fair leaders will earn the respect of their followers.”

    To Mr Garrett Hall:
    There may come a time when your faith is tested; when you lose that faith. Remember, GOD is with you always, even tho you, may think otherwise. Seek HIS guidance and wisdom. Believe in HIS words, and you will be comforted. Do not doubt, nor lose faith. In man, perhaps, but in JESUS? Never.

  2. The type of behavior from Sloan shouldn’t surprise many because look at Trump and his denials over 2020 is causing many down the ranks like Sloan to take up Trump denial behavior.

    So this incident isn’t an isolated matter because look at others and their denials like Kari Lake of Arizona.

    Leaders need to be gracious of their loss or removal and move on.

    Just saying!

  3. Conservative Taxpayer chimes in to berate Trump, Kari Lake, and all things MAGA and thinks it ties into Sloan’s behavior. Don’t have much ammo left these days do we? Trump denial behavior? Ha! Did you coin that term yourself?

    Nice try. Nothing can stop MAGA. Nothing. Get behind Trump or you will be relegated to irrelevancy.

    Think about how much better off California would be now if all politicians in CAGOP would have proudly gotten behind Trump in 2017. Think about how many RINOS we would be rid of by now. Think about Sloan-he would have been sniffed out by 2018, and we wouldn’t be talking about him now and wasting our breath.

    Class dismissed.

    Who is Heider Garcia?

  4. Conservative Taxpayer says:

    “…because look at…”

    I smell an AI bot, a copy pasta warrior, or someone with limited vocabulary.

    Who else should we “look at”? Newsom? Bonta? Becerra? Lara?

    How about we “look at” the office of California state insurance commissioner? Ouch! Nobody wants to do that. The office is merely destroying lives with insane policies that answer to nobody but Newsom. Time to step into the light Ricky. We’ve been waiting. Welcome to the show.

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