Aug 292019

I was delayed getting to the Informed Parents of Rocklin meeting by my day job and a long since scheduled appointment with some insurance company people. When I arrived at about 7:10 PM, I saw a small group of High-School and College Aged Kids with homemade signs. Three of them mentioned Title IX which has next to nothing to do with the subject of parents rights or disgusting and pornographic sex ed curriculum. It was clear they were recruited to be present, likely by Rick Miller and the extreme left-wing activists he was working with to stage events at the school board meeting.

If Rick Miller had been in attendance tonight, he’d realized that his ego-fueled rampage at the RUSD meeting has been met with a backlash. While Rick Miller is used to Washington DC Politics in his past life as a campaign operative and political appointee of Bill Clinton, he may miss the significance of 500 people attending a meeting on a Wednesday Night in Rocklin, CA.

Please note that these photos were taken at 7:25PM top, then 8:36PM bottom. My estimate of the crowd size is about 500. The parking lot of William Jessup was full and was looped around the back of the facility. It was my opinion that the presentation was too long and I did see people leaving, but mostly because they were upset at the material that the RUSD was shoving down their children’s throats. Among those in attendance were State Senator Mike Morrell and Brian Dahle.

I did see three reporters, including one reporter that I have blasted by name on this blog in past years. It should be interesting to see how the local media attempts to attack this meeting. One reporter followed a couple out of the room that left early in an attempt to get disparaging comments about the meeting.

The reactions I saw were empty faces, anger, disbelief, hopelessness, and fear. Great Job Camille Maben and Rick Miller! Not only did you guys support SB48 and SB777 book-burning and re-writing history bills, you went far beyond the mandated curriculum. For both of your information, in my life in politics I was involved in fighting all of those bills at their points of origin in committees and on the floor of the legislature.

Those that stayed were equipped with actions and solutions. I am unsure how the leaders of the group are gathering data or communicating.

Interestingly enough, I saw Eric Stevens at the meeting. It is likely he was there for recon to bring back to the next closed session where they try to do damage control. Perhaps, Mr. Stevens, a lawyer should have advised Miller and his butt monkeys at the RUSD to not abuse district resources to attempt to pre-empt the meeting of the parents. It is likely that Rick Miller, who appears to be having anger issues over his maladies with his constituents may well have driven dozens more to the meeting due to his gambit with RUSD Staff sending out an email in an attempt to make liars out of the informed parents staff.

That said, the curriculum the RUSD mandated is pornographic and can create some severe sexual consequences when taught to immature children. Worse, is the insistence from the biased lawyers most districts use that convince school boards that parents can’t opt out.

When I was doing this write up, it did not take long to see a tweet from one of President Trump’s advisers. The RUSD in their lame attempt to respond to the truth only encouraged more to attend. This stuff is getting out nationally regarding what is going on.

I am advocating for recalling Rick Miller immediately and whomever he gets appointed to replace Susan Halldin.

When 500 people attend a meeting affecting an election that is won with roughly 7000 votes, Miller, Maben and Stevens have a serious problem.

Aug 292019

In this Monday, Aug. 15, 2016, photo is Assemblyman Bill Brough, R-Dana Point, at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Please note: My FPPC Complaint filing pre-dated his First Half 2019 report coming out. I’ve blogged on that and there appear to be even more potential violations beyond the myriad of potential violations I may have missed in the original complaint.

Please further note: I originally wrote this post on Sunday, 8-25-2019 for live display at 6AM 8-29-2019. In the interim, the Orange County Register blistered William “Bill” Brough related to his campaign finance maladies in ever greater detail. The OC Register article went live at about 7PM 8-28-2019. They mentioned several specific incidents that your intrepid blogger had not noticed or covered. I will catch up on those later. Suffice to say, the Register article adds a critical detail – Bill Brough has been in trouble with the FPPC before. This means similar to his lie about never having had a complaint against him for his sexual misconduct, he also lied about never having had a complaint about his campaign finance. Not only did he get notified of my complaint in Mid July of 2019, he was audited and indeed warned by the FPPC about other incidents in the years prior to 2019. Make sure you read the OC Register Story Carefully as a follow up post coming to Right On Daily next week will insert the new facts as relayed by the OC register in to the timeline of Brough’s fiscal malfeasance. 

ON July 26, 2019, the FPPC emailed me a letter indicating they needed more time to look at the complaint I uploaded to them related to Bill Brough.

Your Intrepid Blogger filed a complaint with the FPPC on or about July 16th of 2019. A Copy of the word document I prepared is linked here. Note, I deleted my address from the version posted. I filed the complaint using my name and contact info because I am not an anonymous coward. I intended to back up my claims with action, unlike anonymous Facebook pages or threats against local electeds which are all too common in the body politic.

On August 20, 2019, the FPPC emailed me a letter indicating that they determined there was enough merit to the 200 page complaint I filed in order to investigate. UPDATE: IN light of the OC Register Article which cited public records they obtained through public records requests – they may need to update their article to reflect the ACTIVE FPPC Investigation in to Brough’s campaign finances. Note the Case number on the letter: FPPC CASE # 2019-00963

This is double-trouble for Bill Brough, he is his own treasurer. Also note that he has hired an attorney (Ashlee Titus) to represent him in this complaint. Ashlee is also a partner in the most noteworthy law firm that represents GOP members of the legislature.

It is pretty dumb to hire a $400 an hour Attorney and then bully women while telling the public “if any of these people had anything they’d sue me”. Brough denied the existence of a sexual misconduct claim or investigation (while knowing one existed). He has also been having surrogates challenge the voracity of this blog – even though he was served a copy of my fppc complaint within 72 hours of my filing it. This means Bill Brough has had the campaign finance complaint for over a month. Now you can get your own copy off of this blog.

The following is an excerpt from the complaint I filed:

  1. More Than $175,000 for Food/Drink/Meals Paid with Campaign Funds.

Assemblyman Brough spent approximately $177,050 in campaign funds to purchase food, drink and meals during the period 2015 to the present.  Included in this total are more than 155 separate restaurant/bar tabs that Assemblyman Brough paid with his campaign funds.  When filing his Form 460 related to these extravagant expenditures, Assemblyman Brough deceptively referred to the vast majority of these line items as “Strategy Meeting” with just one to four guests.  It should be noted that ever since he was first elected to the State Assembly, Assemblyman Brough has not faced a serious election challenge nor has he run a serious re-election campaign.  For example, he has not even published a formal candidate statement in each election, and he has only distributed minimal campaign mail to voters.  Given the extraordinary amount of restaurant/bar tabs paid by Assemblyman Brough (at least 155 separate tabs) with his campaign account (more than $175,000), it appears he has been improperly using campaign funds for his own personal use on a regular and continuing basis.  Based upon the foregoing, it appears Assemblyman Brough has committed dozens of separate violations (e.g. each personal restaurant/bar tab paid with campaign funds is a separate violation) …

The above is as of 12-31-2018, and the talking points from the Brough camp have been, “These are all accusations, if the accusers had anything they would sue…” Mr. Brough knew that I had filed a legitimate complaint against him for the last 5 weeks all while claiming the allegations were baseless political attacks. If he lied about the existence of Assembly Rules Complaints, FPPC Warnings, FPPC Audits and Campaign Finance Complaints – what else is he lying about?

BTW – Consider yourself “sued”. (You’ve been paying an attorney since at least 7-29) Forget retiring, it is time to resign.

(Note, the Complaint consisted of 5 word documents. The other 4 have not been posted yet – but were extensive lists of Brough’s expenses)

To be continued…

Aug 282019

Pictured: The Ousted “Corrupt Sheriff” Stanley, NRA Board Member Joel Freidman (who is a puppet of Wayne LaPierre) and of course the embattled NRA President himself.

Just when you thought Stan Sniff was going to go in to retirement, Not. Just like his fellow Narcissist Barack Hussein Obama (who is likely trying to save his own skin from prosecution by the way), Sniff can’t help himself. He was seen in public again several weeks after the previously posted I’m so ronrey photos.

It is nice to see that Stanley still has those hands… One of the photos in the above collage shows the corrupt (my opinion of him) NRA President Wayne LaPierre.

The woman pictured is some sort of Orange County NRA leader who was tapped by Sniff to run the CCW Program in 2018 after Deziree Payne was blackballed. Speaking of the NRA – have you seen this?

That is NRA guru / honcho H Paul Payne at Mohammad’s house for some sort of Trump event. Payne (In blue) is sitting there holding hands with a Married Woman (also in blue next to him). I am withholding her name and any further info as she is not the focus, Payne is. Interesting how quickly H Paul Payne moved on from stalking his soon-to-be-ex and playing the victim. In the White Hawaiian Shirt is Bob Livingston – another local NRA Guru and acolyte of the corrupt Wayne LaPierrere.

It has come to me through other gun rights groups that someone who may be H Paul Payne (who else would do this?) had the NRA send legal demand letter(s) to former instructor(s) threatening to sue them. One such letter has to have been sent to Deziree Payne. When I get a copy of the legal threat letter, I will post it.

The Sniffers as I like to call them are still out in force. Recently, I came across a link in the local patch about an accident at the Ben Clark training facility. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that had Sniff been Sheriff that this incident would have never been known in public. It did not stop a few idiots from concocting conspiracy theories that were apparently distributed by H Paul Payne and other nimrods in the NRA. You see, Sheriff Bianco cut off their gravy train, opening up CCW permit training to a host of vendors. The small number of vendors that were all donors to the former sheriff  likely have lost a lot of business.

Now that there has been an accident where someone was shot due to a pistol being dropped and discharging – the jilted sniffers are screaming. Perhaps they should have been screaming when abuse victims were being fired, senior officers were abusing their position for sex, DUI Cover Ups, financial malfeasance, jail breaks, covering up Kevin Duffy’s serial molestation, etc…

Did someone talk about Friends of Stan again? You know, that crew of people I lit up for 18 months from 2017-2018 who were getting away with all kinds of crap?

Pictured: SGT. Robert “Selfie” Garcia and CSO Karla “Steffanie” Perez. (CSO = Community Service Officer)

Almost two years ago, when I originally posted the photo of these two lampooning a DUI accident (note the compressor and firefighters cutting in to the car), a few people commented about CSO Perez. Until a today, I did not know her name. She goes by Stephanie or Steffanie. (I am still not sure, which)

However, her booking for a drunk in public where she became violent with the arresting officers earning her a pepper spray shower, lists her name as Karla Perez.

My, what a difference a night at the bar does:

I am pretty much certain that will be former CSO Karla Perez soon. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Remember Chief Deputy Jason Horton? He has a job in a local school district. I have no further beef with him unless he attempts to run for office or pops up again attempting to interfere with the operations of the Sheriff’s Department.

Remember Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez?, he got a do-nothing Job in San Bernardino County where he can make his 30 and retire. Again, the same applies to him.

To be continued…

Aug 272019

Meet Rick Miller. Mr. Miller is a former Bill Clinton Staffer/Consultant Democrat activist who is an extreme left wing social progressive. He is cut out of the same mold as Camille Maben. The only difference is that Miller allegedly supports Charter Schools, especially now that the Rocklin Academy has established the low standard of gender confusion and sex education / grooming of elementary school children.

Rick Miller is public enemy number one to a group of parents called the Informed Parents of Rocklin. That group is having a well-advertised and promoted meeting tomorrow night about what Rick Miller and Camille Maben promoted in to the RUSD. It is the opinion of this blogger that Rick Miller panicked and working with his butt-monkeys in the staff of the RUSD decided to use district resources in an attempt to preempt the meeting of parents. This is a classic leftist abuse of government ploy.

Camille Maben has been a frequent subject of the Right on Daily Blog. Similar to Miller’s pedigree of working with the left on education curricula to brainwash a generation – Camille Maben worked for the extreme left wing former education secretary Delaine Eastin.

The two of them convinced Eric Stevens, who is a lawyer by trade, that the apocalyptic opinions of biased district staff mandated that sex ed needed to be shoved down the throats of 6 year olds with limited or no recourse for parents. Why? Because of Bills like SB48, SB777 and AB1266 – all of which Miller and Maben publicly supported. (Details, Details.)

AB1672 is the bill that lets boys claim they are girls and then run track against other girls. It is also the bill that lets perverts claim to be women and use the school aged girl’s bathroom. Eric Stevens, common for lawyers, fell for a dishonest argument without all the facts when he threw in with the progressives on the RUSD School Board. Mr. Stevens, along with Rick Miller and Camille Maben have chosen a fringe element of society over the rights of parents to have a say in the garbage that masquerades as education in California.

That’s Correct – Rick Miller and Camille Maben effectively supported the SB48 re-write of history (such as deifying sexual predator Harvey Milk and trashing the legacy of Abraham Lincoln for two examples), SB777 which was effectively a book-burning of traditional values (eliminated anything anywhere near traditional Judeo-Christian Values from textbooks) and AB1672. Eric Stevens is a fool for throwing in with them, and now that Stevens realized he made a mistake, he is doubling down because in politics admitting a mistake is a fate worse than death.

Pictured is a hit piece that the Placer CIR sent against Camille Maben. Soon after this went out, someone we believe to be former RUSD Board Member Wendy Lang filed an FPPC Complaint against the Placer CIR for attacking Camille Maben. What complicates matters is that the Charter School people are reputed to have funded Rick Miller and the Charter School people also donated to the Placer CIR PAC.

Since I am the President of the Placer CIR PAC, I know 100% that no promises were made to the Charter School People regarding how the money was used. My goal running the Placer CIR PAC is to hunt down liberals in Placer County Government and run them out on a rail. 

That said, it has been made clear to this blogger by several Sacramento connected political insiders that anyone that has had anything to do with the Charter School people have a target on them because Gavin Newsom wants revenge for the $14 Million the Charter School people spent on behalf of Antoino Villariagosa.

As a result, I am still dealing with the FPPC complaint 3 years later which is baseless. The point is this is how the Camille Mabens and Rick Millers on the left play politics. 

It is the opinion of this blogger that at the direction of Rick Miller and Camille Maben, the RUSD sent out an incredibly detailed email response. The Email includes HTML features so that they can track who opened the email and who downloaded the email’s pdf attachment. Similar to how Google and Facebook target and discriminate against conservatives – it appears that the RUSD want to make a list of undesirables.

In the PDF, they falsely claim the exact opposite of the decisions made in the ego-fueled rampage of Rick Miller the night he led the charge against the Informed Parents of Rocklin. Miller berated people and along with district staff clearly had pre-prepared talking points and answers scripted out for the questions of parents rightly concerned about the extreme overreach Miller was planning on taking with Maben and the recruited Lawyer Eric Stevens.

It is clear that the outrage parents are feeling (over the carefully planned turn of events where the LGBT activists and Abort anything and anytime activists were trucked in from other parts of the state, Miller’s scripted behavior, gamesmanship with the time, date and location of the meeting, agenda machinations and the like) has gotten to Miller. Classic of people with paper-thin egos and massive personal agendas the game is to try to cover the initial lie with a string of others.

Do not forget – Susan Halldin had to resign her seat on the Rocklin USD for personal reasons. This means that the megalomaniac Rick Miller will be seeking to appoint another extreme left-wing drone in his image in to that seat. Miller has already demonstrated his contempt for the parents of Rocklin with his behavior and will be sure to act out of ego versus the best interest of the parents of Rocklin that elected Susan Halldin. 

Ask yourself why the RUSD at the behest of his majesty Rick Miller felt the need to respond almost point by point to the Informed Parents of Rocklin? They even admitted in their rebuttal that most of what the informed parents were claiming was true. Note the parsed answers of the district – they know what is in the cirriculum that Miller and Maben rammed through. If the RUSD did not have a guilty conscience for the games they played and the decision they made – they would not be trying to spin it now.

The bottom line? Rick Miller needs to be recalled and put through a meat grinder for what he has done. Camille Maben and Eric Stevens are on the ballot next year, they can both be recalled by the voters at the next scheduled election.

If I sound angry, I am. It is one thing to support murdering your unborn child in the name of choice or having sex with whatever and/or whomever you want, but it is still another to arrogantly attempt to brainwash a generation about that stuff while inserting Government in the place of parents. That sounds a lot like 1917 Russia.

Aug 272019

There is often a price to making a knee-jerk decision for political expediency. That knee hits you in the chin. William “Bill” Brough and Bryan Maryott have no one the thank but themselves for their stupidity in joining this effort against the toll roads, not because of the issue itself (which he is dead wrong on), but because of the tactics being employed.

Electioneering Much? This is clear and on the anonymous FB Page we believe to be funded by the City of San Clemente VIA Harvey Englander

Harvey Englander has a lot of explaining to do for the tactics being employed. Again, his contract his linked here for reference.

“A significant investment in research is needed to make sure that the communications and outreach strategy is well-founded, and metrics driven . . . It would be futile to propose specific strategies before this comprehensive research is completed.” (Page 5)

“Probolsky Research* Minimum $29,700 Maxium 39,650

Where’s the poll???

Research Option: Minimum: Up to 25 Questions, 400 Respondents . . . +/-5% Maximum: Up to 35 Questions, 400 Respondents . . . +/-5%”

In the $97,000 paid to Harvey Englander was an allotment for a “Poll”. See the above excerpt. There has never been a poll published?

However, an anonymous Facebook Page seems to have had an advance copy of the poll. How is that possible Harvey?

See the link in the post? At one time it worked. Whoops, Harvey. Whoops.

Why did this anonymous Facebook Page have an internal copy of a polling instrument? Did Bryan Maryott leak it? Did Bill Brough leak it? Is this facebook page being run in violation of Campaign Finance Law by the City of San Clemente? Or, is it part of Harvey’s “Racket”? Or, how about all four?

Click here to see the 6th Draft of the poll. This is what was linked to this facebook page. The results have never been published, yet the taxpayers funded this.

Now we have a connection between Harvey, San Clemente and the electioneering that has been going on.

This is very likely an FPPC violation for not disclosing who paid for the political campaign elements and even more so for the City of San Clemente for engaging in a political effort without filing the appropriate paperwork.  If not a political campaign, then surely the gifting of $30-40,000 in survey work to a private citizen group is not legal. Lastly, if the City and its consultants are responsible for this page and its content it is illegal to do so anonymously using public funds for their work.

Note that the City of San Clemente is advocating the defeat of a candidate

Now we get to the meat of the issue: This facebook page is full of love for the OCTA. (the Orange County Transportation Authority) In the poll obtained by your intrepid blogger they (Harvey / San Clemente) asks repeated, one-sided questions to promote the concept of the OCTA taking over the TCA. (the TCA is the separate entity running the toll road effort)  The OCTA has been openly and aggressively hostile to the TCA and to anyone that does not agree with San Clemente and the OCTA.

It sounds like there is a turf war. No wonder why this whole drill by Harvey Englander looks like Racketeering. He lost the initial contract with the TCA and is now in bed with the City of San Clemente and the OCTA? Were it not for Bryan Maryott being a short-sighted knucklehead and William “Bill” Brough’s ragers in Sacramento and his incomplete passes, I’d have never stumbled upon this. What did Bryan Maryott and Bill Brough get? What did Harvey Englander Promise them? Are Bryan Maryott and Bill Brough complicit in this entire insane drill being financed by San Clemente? 

Does anyone think that someone with the pedigree of Harvey Englander would run this kind of sustained attack for 2 years for just $97,000? Who else has paid Harvey Englander? Again, what else have Bryan Maryott and Bill Brough received that we don’t know about?

Within 24-48 hours of Barbara Delgleize voting against the OCTA and for something in the TCA, this popped up on the Harvey Englander / San Clemente Page

Did Harvey Englander get Barbara Ward to attack the finances of the TCA? Were Ward, Englander and San Clemente aware that attacking an entity you are on the board of while said entity is considering a public bond offering is a potential felony under securities laws? (insider trading and tampering?)

Former San Clemente Mayor Kathy Ward (current San Clemente council member) was a Board Member of the TCA during this episode and was one of the approving votes for Englander’s obstruction plan funded by her city. As a fiduciary of the agency she knew full-well that the TCA’s investor ratings had been upgraded by Fitch’s and Moody’s, however the poll she approved makes the statement that the TCAs finances are suspect, and that TCA could be insolvent.  She doubles down on what she knows is false information (all of it message tested in the city’s poll) in the following op-ed:

All breaches of fiduciary duty aside, isn’t it illegal to openly lie and spread misinformation to the public about publicly traded bonds of a company or organization you sit on the board of (in this case, the TCA) in an effort to reduce the investor worthiness of those bonds? (Even if she was not on the board, this behavior, if proven, is still a felony) The SEC has increased their finance purview over municipal bonds in recent years and government fiduciaries in control positions cannot openly lie to the public about a publicly traded bond for their own personal benefit.

Attacking the Bonding ability of the TCA was a specific line item in Harvey Englander’s Contract with the City of San Clemente. If Ward did this at the direction of the City of San Clemente and Harvey Englander, they could all have legal trouble. I think I should start submitting public records requests – that is if the City of San Clemente haven’t gotten a case of bleachbit… 

It is clear that Ward participated in an effort to destroy the finances of the TCA (while on its’ board mind you) in order to cause it to be taken over by the OCTA. You can draw no other conclusion when looking at the known evidence. You can also draw a conclusion based on Harvey “Sun Tzu” Englander’s contract that this sort of action is well within the paradigm of that deal.

Now, William “Bill” Brough attempted to carry a bill in Sacramento that would effectively disband the TCA. By hook or by crook, I suppose. Your intrepid blogger wants to know if William “Bill” Brough got some campaign cash to subsidize his lifestyle as part of this deal? Using legislation is also another line item in Harvey Englander’s contract with the City of San Clemente. 

I think someone should sue Harvey Englander, William “Bill” Brough, Councilman Maryott, the City of San Clemente and Kathy Ward for what they have done. The discovery would be devastating. Ahem, Bill and Michelle – here is a lawsuit we can believe in. 

It is also highly coercive for Harvey Englander to apply for a public contract, be turned down by the TCA, then immediately go to another public entity San Clemente and spearhead an obstruction campaign.  The TCA is left with two options in the face of such coercion, double down on their PR budget to defend the agency; or offer some compensation to the consultant as a ransom payment to keep them from attacking the agency and obstructing the traffic relief project. It appears that the TCA did attempt to hire Harvey for another project, I am still attempting to confirm that.

As a matter of policy, government agencies being forced to make ransom payments from the public treasury to keep PR consultants from obstructing the functions of government and quality of life of local residents is a type of public corruption straight out of Chicago or Russia and must not be tolerated.  To apply for a public contract with the silent threat of retaliation if not awarded said contract is textbook racketeering. Harvey’s fellow ANTIFA leftists would be proud of his work. 

The City of San Clemente and its consultants are free to engage in PR all they want, and if they choose to do so unethically then that is their prerogative, however there are laws that govern public entities from engaging in this very sort of behavior. The taxpayers deserve to be protected from this sort of waste, graft and misinformation. The use of San Clemente taxpayer dollars to produce a poll, make it public on a Facebook page, then remove it from the source and keep it confidential at the city and not turn it over during a PRA request, is a violation of laws and regulations on its face.

The Irony is that Harvey and crew appear to have engineered over 250 Public Records Act requests in their harassment of the TCA. (Guess you missed that detail, Huh LA Times?) 

This deserves a grand jury, FEC, district attorney, and California State Attorney General investigation.

I’ll bet Sun Tzu did not have this sort of stuff in his book, did he?

Bryan Maryott and Bill Brough should hang their heads in shame for their part in enabling this. Better Yet, OC DA Todd Spitzer should open up a can on all of these people.