Is Pam Tobin the Abesentee Candidate in Placer County?

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Apr 302012

For those of you close to Placer Politics you remember when Jack Duran ran against Rocky Rockholm. They hid Duran because he is a liberal democrat and they did not want to expose him any more than they had to to the public.

Well, the same appears to be the case with Pam Tobin.

But – it is worse for Tobin. Her neighbor underscores why she does not want to get out in public – it appears that to anyone that is not in the Dog-Lover Community or who is not one of the 37 Jobs at San Juan Water that pay an average of $120,000 a year… she is a xenophobic, NIMBY that does not like people.

I believe that I saw Pam Tobin today in a golf cart with Two Dogs in tow… IN ROCKLIN! I went and had a look at her website that features Republican turned shill for liberal democrats Wally Remmelien on the home page. I was visitor #169 – and the woman I saw on the website and the woman in the golf cart looked the same.

Rocklin is not in that district…

… and now this.

In the middle of the campaign, here is Pam Tobin’s priorities… (other than hiking water rates and feeding the union) a Dog Show on May 18th.

In the heat of a June Primary election, Pam Tobin will be somewhere else on May 18-21. I’d lay odds she will do that to the district as well – people deserve better than a Candidate in Tobin who is paying a left-wing enviro and two former chairs of the Placer County Dem Party to be her staff.

ON May 19 (a Sat) and May 20 (a Sun) I will be out walking precincts to help defend the taxpayers of Placer County in support of Kirk Uhler – where will you be?


Apr 292012

First off – the North State Farm and Business PAC is unloading $115,000 against CRA-endorsed Brian Dahle in AD-01. Instead of spending money to take target seats, they are attacking a Conservative in favor of an apparent Moderate in AD-01.

The North State Farm and Business PAC is controlled by – Curt Josiassen who is (drumroll) Doug LaMalfa’s cousin! (Cozy)

My sources have told me that seed the money for this IE came from LaMalfa / Jim Nielsen with the major part coming from the California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee and the Dental PAC. The driving force behind this is Stan Statham that many regard as a moderate in the Dick Dickerson mold.

The Realtors and the Dental PAC are the main fighting arms of the Cal Trailblazers. Cal Trailblazers was and is the brainchild of Kevin McCarthy modeled after the NRCC’s young guns program. It is an operation engineered to recruit Republican who will be loyal to leadership, no more, no less. Charles Munger’s money goes in there and the IE’s get funded.

I had wondered about the interesting insider activity – including renewed attacks against me personally and now I know. The standard Liberal Republican tactic of personal destruction is at play again they need to clear the battlefield.

In AD-05 – another safe Republican District, again – instead of trying to clip a Democrat, McCarthy and Munger are attempting to boost Frank Bigelow. Bigelow appears to be much more moderate than Rico Oller. Bigelow opposed the initiative that made fees a 2/3 vote, supported high-speed rail and apparently has made several statements in public about supporting open borders.

Have a look at the $200,000 that Kevin McCarthy, Charles Munger, et. al. are spending against CRA-Endorsed Rico Oller.

Let’s stop for a second and say that maybe there isn’t some sort of RINO conspiracy – logic would dictate the obvious question, Why is over $300k geting spent in safe Republican districts?

I do believe that the answer is that it is all about power and control which is why the Republican establishment would rather spend its’ meager resources defending indefensible incumbents and why the RINO’s want to take out Conservatives in safe districts. While Bigelow and Bossetti are not necessarily RINO’s – they were selected over Prototypical CRA Conservatives like Dahle and Oller.

I certainly appears that “They” are all re-arranging the deck chairs on the titanic while some king-maker somewhere is preparing himself to have a stable of electeds that all owe him political favors.

The bizarre insider activity is making much more sense now that I am seeing where the money is going. They are fighting for control of large parts of the Republican Party and similar to when they ran the drill against the Placer GOP Cent Com – they are at it again. Who cares about the California Republican Party, we just need “flexible” Republicans in office so we can cut the deals to keep the donors happy.

Bend over California.

P.S. IF you have forgotten who Charles Munger is – his money gave us Prop 14. He was also the money behind the attempt to decimate the California Republican Party platform.

Apr 292012

A lot of people want to know why a blogger from Rocklin has come in and set Amador County on fire.

IT is very simple.

Arnold Zeiderman is a liberal Republican that has been working to undermine the values of the Republican Party. His vision is dead wrong.

As a young activist 15 years ago, I went to a campaign school. Something I learned in that school stuck in my mind, “You win by contrasting yourself from your opponents!”

Democrats believe in more government, Republicans believe in Freedom, Dems Abortion, Reps Life, Dems situational values, Reps Traditional Values, Dems lie, cheat, steal, commit election fraud… Republicans play by the rules.

What I learned is that the GOP is infested with conflict-avoiding spineless weasels in its’ leadership, who would much rather re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic than stand up and fight for anything. What I learned is that the GOP is infested with as many ideological whores and power-grabbers as the dems are. It’s worse for Reps because everyone knows Dems use drugs, cheat on their wives, rig elections, take bribes etc – but when Republicans do it, it looks 10000% worse because we campaign on values! (Maybe that’s why the Liberal Republicans are so obsessed with wanting to change our party…)

I watched as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brand of Republicanism torched our brand. In Placer County – we went from 52.1% Republican to around 48% Republican. Statewide it has been a bloodbath from 36% down to 30.4% while the Dems are holding steady.

I have been a state officer in the California Republican Assembly (referred to as the CRA) for 9 years. I am the Sgt. at Arms. I refuse to sit idly by while the only political party I have ever known gets flushed down the ethical toilet. The CRA promotes 14 principles of Conservative Values and these are what I fight for. Amador County does not have a CRA Chapter – but I would help form one if people were interested in starting one.

Arnold Zeiderman believes Republicans like me are the problem with the GOP – he has said it with his own mouth. Arnold Zeiderman was recruited to run for California Republican Party (not the CRA, but the actual party called CRP) Vice Chairman Northern Region by David Stafford Reade, State Senator Doug LaMalfa and a few others. Reade was paid by Billionaire Charles Munger to lead an effort to re-write the Republican Party Platform – an effort Zeiderman supported along with Doug LaMalfa (Via his delegates to the CRP).

That being said, Robin’s opponent came to our Nevada County Republican Central Committee meeting and told us that we needed to get away from our “rigid positions” and compromise. – This was from Barry Pruett, a Nevada GOP Central Committee member who was present when Arnold Zeiderman said these words.

Ed Rowen – a member of my own Central Committee (Placer County) said he spoke to Arnold Zeiderman on the phone and Zeiderman refused to take a stand on the life issue. (Zeiderman later came out as pro-choice)

These are the values that Arnold Zeiderman are promoting in the name of the Republican Party – and now he has made the Jeff Seaton race all about him… hence his obsession literally imposing his will to get the Central Committee to endorse Jeff Seaton. I have exposed Jeff Seaton as one of the most troubled candidates I have ever seen, malpractice, abusing crime victims, tabloid personal conduct and personal debt porportional to the federal government. These aren’t Republican values and we should not be endorsing those.

I am deeply concerned about what the Republican Party stands for and Arnold Zeiderman is one of the poster children for what is wrong – especially since he is the Vice-Chairman Northern Region for the California Republican Party.

When You’re in Office A Long Time – You Have a Record

 Doug LaMalfa  Comments Off on When You’re in Office A Long Time – You Have a Record
Apr 272012

Doug LaMalfa votes like a conservative – but he has some celebrated streaks of non-conservative behavior.

This is a short Vinette about one of Doug’s Non-Conservative Moments:

LaMalfa called to increase the (federal) deficit by $61.9 billion

Voted to call on Congress and the President to repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall elimination Provision.

Elimination of both provisions would have a 10-year cost of $61.9 billion.

The GPO provision provides that a person’s social security benefits as a spouse or surviving spouse are reduced by 2/3 for any government pension the person receives based on his own or her own work in federal, state or local government not covered by social security.  Adds to social security obligations.

JR 10 Dutton, 5/4/06

Why would Doug LaMalfa support retired Government workers still being able to collect 100% of Social Security? Would this affect his own situation?

Just askin’ given his pattern.

Side Note – At the Butte County Farm Bureau Dinner – Doug LaMalfa said he is running for Congress to go to Washington D.C. to represent ‘their’ interests. (a.k.a. farm welfare)

Apr 272012

The stories about Judge David Richmond are legend. He rarely shows up, meaning that the County of Amador has to use travelling judges frequently in addition to paying Richmond’s salary.

The damn Casino pays for all kinds of stuff – some consolation considering that 1/3 of Amador’s crime (by some estimates) eminates from that Casino.

Back to Richmond – his “Op-Ed” was posted in the Amador Ledger Dispatch whose editor is reputed to be in the bag for Jeff Seaton. I am going to inject my rebuttals within the text of this op-ed. It says little or nothing of Seaton’s “qualifications” at all. (Perhaps because he doesn’t have many?) I’ve also been told that the Amador Ledger Dispatch is also a beneficiary of the Casino’s largesse.

This is a judgeship I will vacate at the end of my present term, a position held since 1998. Amador County deserves a judge who has the essential characteristics and traits to serve this community in a highly conscientious and professional manner. Jeff Seaton is that person.

Conscientious? I’d like to refer the Judge to the Purdue Case, the Schmitz Complaint or the dearth of “professional” behavior by Jeff Seaton.

I have known Jeff Seaton since 1993. I was a prosecutor in the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office at that time. He was a defense attorney in one of my cases. I soon realized working with Jeff, he was respectful, organized, very competent with high ethical standards. In the nearly twenty years since, he has continuously demonstrated those qualities in court. Jeff Seaton has appeared in my court on a regular basis and has shown tireless professionalism, sensitivity and a true understanding of justice for both sides.

High ethical standards? Like brow-beating a rape victim? His handling of his divorce? Hiding a crime victim from the DA?

Jeff Seaton is one of the most competent attorneys I have worked with in my thirty-six year career as a prosecutor and a judge. He has a broad range of experience — serving in the U.S. Army for twenty-six years and has been a courtroom litigator for more than twenty-one years. He has represented his clients in numerous courts throughout the state of California, including the California Courts of Appeal and the California Supreme Court. During the years I have known him, his character, integrity, attention to detail and ability have been second to none.

Pimp the uniform – what an outrage. I served in the US Navy and I don’t wrap myself in it… nor do I do a campaign fundraiser on Veteran’s Day in such a way that it is unclear what I am doing… I’d suggest that the Judge talk to the Judge in the Purdue case who castigated Jeff Seaton multiple times over his conduct. This is something Richmond wouldn’t know much about – since he is rarely ever in court.

As a judge of the Amador County Superior Court, I know Jeff Seaton will use excellent judicial temperament; be neutral, decisive and respectful to everyone who appears before him. He will continue his high standards and be impartial to all sides. I am confident he has the moral courage to objectively interpret and fairly apply the law above all other considerations.

NEUTRAL!? Seaton’s contempt for Crime Victims is legendary – ask Jennifer Minton!

Jeff Seaton has demonstrated twenty years of commitment to Amador County and has worked hard to serve the public and better the administration of justice. I urge the good citizens of Amador County to carefully evaluate this when they vote for judge and place their confidence in Jeff Seaton.

I agree – carefully evaluate, because if you do – Jeff Seaton doesn’t stand a chance of being elected!

The Honorable David S. Richmond – Assistant Presiding Judge

Editors note: Amador Superior Court Judge David Richmond has lived in Amador County since 1976. He served as Deputy District Attorney for Amador County from 1976-1982; as Amador County District Attorney from 1983-1991; as Deputy District Attorney in Sacramento County from 1991-1995; and was the Chief Assistant District Attorney in El Dorado County from 1995-1998. Judge Richmond was appointed to the bench by Governor Pete Wilson in January 1998. He was elected in 2002 and re-elected in November 2006.

(Richmond was un-opposed, yeesh)