Oct 302020

This picture is one of several that are very controversial. Who is the man with the gray beard and why is Karm associating with him?

RightOnDaily has covered extensively Karm Bains pattern of bad judgement: 3 DUI’s, 74 liens and judgements, 4 foreclosures and a total lack of any reliable political compass.

Illustrating that there is truly nothing sacred to Mr. Bains when it comes to his pursuit of his own interests, it has been revealed to us by insiders with knowledge of the circumstances at hand that his deceit and double dealing even extend to within his own family and house of worship.

One image circulating has the words “Biggest Prostitute 2020” embedded on Karm for this widely perceived betrayal.

Karm has teamed up with a decades long adversary of the Bains family. Tejinder Singh Dhosanjh (man in the pic). Karm and his family have been against this man for several decades in regards to temple/religious politics and several other social issues.

This feud escalated to a point where this man has been seen and heard chanting death to Karm Bains’s father many times after temple meetings in Karm’s presences. At one point not long ago it escalated to the point where one of this man’s followers violently stabbed Karm Bains cousin after a temple meeting. This cousin required surgeries and several days in the hospital. Karm was present but chose not to help or act to protect his cousin.

Click here for a video clip from KCRA covering the brawl. Watch for our friend Karm near the end.

It looks like Karm Bains has made a decision he can’t win without joining Tejinder. You see this man takes credit for electing several local officials (we won’t mention them they know who they are). Tejinder thinks he “controls” the Indian vote which is substantial. Karm has supported candidates opposing Tejinder’s candidates many times and lost!

Karm Bains has become very nervous and has promised Tejinder Dosanjh a position in the temple for his help in this election. Karm has upset many immediate family members and the Indian community with this move.

These two have caused so much turmoil in the local Punjabi community and overall Yuba Sutter community for decades and now for “personal benefit” joined forces at the drop of a hat!

Keep up the great “SELFISH” work Karm!

God bless the entire community!

Oct 292020

Update: I got this from Scott Wilk:

I have a 100% career pro-life position according to the CA Pro-Life Council.
I’m endorsed by HJTA because of my opposition to taxes.
If your on Twitter, Equality CA is coming after me because of my opposition to the trans-gender bathroom bill.
The reporter never spoke to me or Mike.
I think the point of the article is that our campaigns took a different approach. Mike hard-core base messaging & our campaign communicating to “persuadable” voters. That is true.
However, we coordinated our campaigns the entire time.
If Trump doesn’t tank on the East Coast (and I don’t think he will), we’ll both win, although by closer margins that we would like.

Two articles appeared today. It is clear that they were both planted in the media as the narratives and the people quoted in them are way too familiar to not be coincidental.

One article featured Rob Stutzman, a Trump-Hating Alumni of Arnold and Meg who is a buddy of failed CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson. The other article featured Patterson herself, former CAGOP Chair Ron Nehring and others from the San Diego squish cartel. As I am reading the tea leaves, Stutz and Nehring are part of the Kevin Faulconer for governor crew.

Faulconer is going to campaign on a move the CAGOP so far left they are moderate democrats platform and of course Orange Man Bad.

Not coincidentally the two articles seem to be way too convenient with that narrative. The first article basically says Senator Scott Wilk will get re-elected because he has squished out on Abortion, Gay Rights, Taxes, Environmental Policies and the like. It also asserts that Congressman Mike Garcia will not get re-elected because he likes the orange man too much and has voted as a Conservative.

Bad Mike. No Trump! Rob Stutzman says so.

The article was on KQED – a PBS affiliate. This is the far left media network that we are all ripped off as taxpayers to fund.

“I would say a candidate like Garcia has committed to a strategy that his reelection becomes reliant upon the president likely winning that congressional district,” Stutzman said. “He has decided not only does he have nowhere to hide from the president, but let’s go all in and try to optimize and basically run a base election strategy.”

The article extols a slew of democrat votes by Scott Wilk. At the end of the article (so typical of the leftist media) is this gem:

But Wilk’s bipartisan efforts haven’t shielded him from a fierce challenge from Democratic candidate Kipp Mueller, who has called out Wilk’s past opposition to gun control legislation.

And the very same groups that gave Wilk a positive rating for his votes, including the California Federation of Teachers and Planned Parenthood, have donated to Mueller’s campaign.

So the narrative is set, Wilk’s squishing is good. Garcia sticking to Conservative Values is bad – yet they are both in serious danger of losing. Do not be surprised to see people in Jessica Patterson’s crew blame President Trump almost immediately for the losses. I have information that shows every Republican in a competitive seat in California are in serious trouble, and the only way the people like Jeff Randle, Rob Stutzman et. al. can make the case to re-elect Jessica Patterson Chairwoman of the CAGOP (post a Nagasake style election) is to have a straw man.

Enter the other part of Jessica Patterson’s crew: Team Faulconer. Faulconer needs to have the CAGOP in the bag. He is Meg Whitman without her money. He is Neel Kashkari without his record of success in finance.

Faulconer’s team are a who’s who of trump-haters and Meg Whitman alum. Many of them happen to be taking tens of thousands of dollars from the CAGOP and related entities. And, they are all losing even worse than before.

Add in Maienschein and it is now -14. Will we get to -20 after Tuesday?

The same people that brought us California Trailblazers (aka California Trailfailures) are now trying to Blame President Trump and set up another Leftist Republican for Governor.

Elephant in the Room: California Republican Party needs a Trump Loss to Move Forward. This is the actual title of the Column that Team Faulconer / Patterson had planted in the SD Union Tribune. At least they are blatant and honest in their stupidity.

Moreover, the president may have so fundamentally changed the national Republican Party that Trumpism could be around for a while, whether he’s in the White House or not. He has drawn new people to political activism, and they are passionate in their support for him.

“The impact of the national party brand is consistently underestimated,” Ron Nehring, former San Diego and California Republican Party chairman, said in an email. “. . . The reality is there are no state-level party brands in America. They are always — ALWAYS — set nationally.”

Ron Nehring is a supporter of Kevin Faulconer and is a Never-Trumper.

Note the word “Trumpism”. I am surprised the word Orange is not being thrown around as well.

The Columnist quoted some of Jessica Patterson’s past statements about “Big Tent” and inclusion, but it is clear that Jessica is not speaking to the media except in controlled circumstances to avoid another George Skelton type of disaster.

The Columnist spends another 400+ words tearing in to the Republican Platform and making the case for squishing out an abandoning anything resembling the President as the way to the promised land. The rhetoric is eerily similar to the words being used by Kevin Faulconer – the embattled former Mayor of San Diego who these same people are pushing for Governor in 2022.

The narrative is set – do not Blame Jessica Patterson, Tom Ross, Jeff Randle, and all the others that bled the CAGOP Dry for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the failure. Blame the President. Blame Conservatives. It reminds me of everything I was told by a lot of the same liberals and moderates in 1998 when I first got involved in CAGOP politics.

How many times do these people need to have their tails kicked before they realize that the same solutions aren’t working? It is a testament to Hubiris and establishment inertia.

All the above said, it looks like the narrative is set for the CAGOP officer elections coming soon. It’s not the CAGOP’s fault, it’s all Trump’s fault.

Oct 292020

Just how bad do the Roseville Police Union want to raid the city treasury? They have endorsed a man 7 months behind on his Child Support with verified accusations of child abuse from his oldest son (said to be estranged from him). See the story about the abuse here.

Note the words used. The term fraud comes to mind.

Scott Alvord? He’s a victim don’t you know. Heck, just ask LaMills Garrett. I mean it was his right to sleep with other women while married. Three kids out of wedlock later, no less. LaMills is a victim of a mean, racist blogger. It’s all someone else’s fault. (It seems like I wrote the exact same words about Scott Alvord)

Gina Garbolino? Crickets. Gun Violence, Admission of Sexual Assault?

One thing that has happened in this Roseville City Council election cycle is a threshing of community leaders. We now know a lot about who the clear thinkers are.

When I first started profiling LaMills Garrett, I knew he was angry and extremely liberal. What I did not know was the extent of his depravity. Scott Alvord is a fraud and a disaster when you look beneath the surface, but LaMills Garrett has led a life characterized by a path of destruction. While I believe both Alvord and Garrett are narcissistic, it is clear that LaMills Garrett has deep-seeded emotional and psychological issues. It is what it is.

I am sorry you and your daughter have had to deal with Mr. Garrett’s bizarre brand of cruelty.
According to him, his wife forbid him from being the involved with his daughter as a condition of staying married to him. I personally find that hard to believe. After HP fired him I don’t believe he could get hired in tech, so he has tried to reinvent himself as a pillar of society. And it suits his vindictive nature to not pay support. This is not the behavior of a decent person but he has done a good job of fooling a lot of people in Roseville that he is the right man for the job. As for getting his house in order, that will never happen, at least not for long. He may fool another woman into making him appear to be a family man and honorable citizen but he will cheat, liar, use and abuser her until the facade crumbles. The cease and desist order shows that what you are doing is getting under his skin so good for you. I have tried to post things on Facebook and Twitter and he has them taken down and my accounts deactivated. I wish there was away to really let people know what he is truly like. I wish you and your daughter all the best (soon she will be old enough to decline visitation do hang in there).


I’ve had several people feeding me information about LaMills Garrett – including the mother of his now 13 year old daughter (the product of an affair against his second wife, a little girl LaMills did not meet until she was 8 years old). Here is one such source.

Amy is describing a malignant narcissist. She was also responding to Karen the mother of the daughter, who had to fight a 3 year court battle against LaMills Garrett to be able to move to Arizona. Karen left this comment as a reply to an earlier comment from Amy challenging Scott Alvord on his defense of LaMills Garrett:

Amy. They are indefensible. I am the mother of his daughter whom he never met until she was 8. He is over $4k in arrears in child support right now and hasn’t been “caught up “ in over 4 years telling the state that he is unemployed. His website says he is a small business owner. Although I may believe his platform is the right one (I am a dem) I do not believe that a man who believes he is above the law (lying about employment status and/or ability to pay child support) should be an elected official. Obviously LaMills and I have our issues but that is not the debate here and now. The issue is how do we clean up the overall political mess this country is in. And I, as a staunch democrat bleeding liberal believe it starts here. In creating honest dialogue with people I don’t see eye to eye in on issues. But one thing I agree on is that we need to elect honest and moral political leaders to take us into 2021. Once LaMills cleans up his own house then I am on board but until then I will continue to do everything I can with the information I have to show Roseville that he is not an honest person who should be put in a position of power or leadership.

Please note LaMills has hit me with a cease and desist order and even sent it as a bullying tactic to my place of employment (they shrugged it off and didn’t care). I’m sure he didn’t do his homework on CA’s Anti-SLAPP law. Nothing I have emailed or posted is untrue. He is trying to bully me into silence but he forgets that when a mama bear is cornered she defends her young to the death.

Mr. Alvord also needs to read up on California’s Anti-SLAPP Law as well. That said, I guess LaMills Garrett will have to shoot someone on Vernon Street in Downtown before the Police Officers, Alvord or Garbolino back off of their ill-advised endorsement of this monster. We have every other base covered as far as being a complete disaster of a human being.

Child Abuse.
Sexual Assault. (read more here)
Child Support Issues.
Abusing the Legal System.

What an awesome candidate for office.

Oct 282020

Your intrepid blogger is now up to 29 legal demand letters received since 2008. A young lady got caught calling voters telling an outright lie (so bad that she could get sued over the lie) to a voter who recorded her.

Harder is on the Left. Ted Howze is on the right.

The attorney of the young lady basically told me in as many words, because the liar is under 18 that I am breaking the law by calling her out publicly.

Check out the campaign facebook page of Ted Howze: https://www.facebook.com/374108446391390/posts/1002388633563365?sfns=mo 

This is the Ted Howze campaign post with the youtube video that was the subject of the legal demand against your intrepid blogger.

Secondly – look at the PUBLIC Linked In Page that the young lady posted (Which I just pulled again 10-28-2020 at 7:15AM)

Let me give the young lady and her attorney a hard lesson. #1 This is a Public Linked In Profile that was not hard to find. #2 Note that she references herself as part of the Josh Harder Campaign as well as an editor for a school newspaper. This could very well make her a limited service public figure even though the legal demand letter was not alleging libel – it was primarily a whiny leave her alone because she is under 18 letter. My suggestion to both of them is for the young lady to pull her public profile down and of course calling voters telling an outright lie about Ted Howze (that is far enough afield that she could get sued herself for what she said) is not a wise course of action.

Since it is clear that Josh Harder is unethical, I am not sure he is even embarrassed that she is publicly bragging about being a part of his campaign.

Then of course there is the fact that this was also in the Turlock City News as well.

I checked with both the Turlock City News and the Ted Howze Campaign – neither have been threatened by an attorney to pull their versions of this story.

Quoting the Turlock City News:

Turlock City News was tipped off by two local groups supporting Dr. Howze and we began investigating. TCN contacted several members of the Howze campaign team who provided copies of emails and audio recordings between a woman named Maria, who received a call from the Harder campaign, a former Harder campaign volunteer named Grayson, and his supervisor Willow, who has been verified as a Harder campaign staffer.

Maria identifies herself in an email as an individual whom received a call from a Josh Harder team member named Grayson who makes a claim that Howze, a local veterinarian, has had “several suits of veterinary malpractice”. Maria describes how she questioned the claim and asked to speak with Grayson’s supervisor. Maria is directed by Grayson to his Harder campaign supervisor Willow. A suspicious Maria records her call to Willow who is heard eagerly verifying the slanderous claim. When questioned further about no such records existing on the California Veterinary Medical Board website, Willow backs off the claim and deflects by saying “it’s something she’s heard from other voters.”

The Willow referenced in the article is the person pictured above who had her attorney send me a legal demand letter. I printed the letter and made a paper airplane with it.

It looks like Willow was the aggressor here and having an attorney send me a legal demand letter was felony stupid.

A staff member with the Howze campaign confirmed to TCN that their legal team has possession of emails and audio recordings of the Harder team spreading the false claims of veterinary malpractice. In addition, the Howze legal team claims it secured cooperation from Grayson who agreed to turn over screenshots of texts between himself and his Harder for Congress Supervisor, Willow. In one text Willow tells Grayson “Ted [Howze] is a pretty bad character-there are some suits of veterinary malpractice against him along with some other unofficial anecdotes that cast a bad light on him.”

TCN has verified with the California Department of Consumer Affairs Veterinary Medical Board that Ted Howze has had no complaints filed against him during his 26-year veterinary career. The claim by the Harder campaign team we have evidence of is a lie and does rise to the level of slander, according to two attorneys TCN spoke with. This follows in the wake of recent pictures of Howze being clearly photo-shopped and audios from Howze interviews that the Harder campaign deceptively edited for hit-piece attack ads.

These last two political campaign incidences that have been exposed appear to show concern by Josh Harder and outside-money Democrats associated with his multi-million dollar campaign, and that the Harder camp has clearly stepped on their own toes with these recent blunders.

Asked to comment, a Howze campaign spokesman responded, “There is the truth, and then there is Josh Harder, voters in the District know that Ted Howze is the real deal and that’s why the Harder campaign is hitting below the belt.”

Harder has had to spend $3 Million and Nancy Pelosi just directed another $400K in to CA10 just the other day. Interesting stuff.

And, typical of the extreme left – they resort to bullying when caught using Saul Alinsky tactics. So, it is not just the leftist Placer County Counsel that is in the running for the Right on Daily Legal Moron of the Year in 2020.

P.S. Similar to Mike Cargile – Ted Howze was lynched by Jessica Patterson and crew, this despite his viability as a candidate and the fact that the CA10 Race has been a huge resource drain for the democrat leadership.