Jan 292018

There is a clear edict. Anyone that is in the Sheriff’s Office that supports Chad Bianco is to be identified, reported back to central command and then dealt with.

On Sunday 1/28/2018 in the mid afternoon, Chad Bianco had an event at Romano’s in the City of Riverside in the Canyon Crest Neighborhood.

Not coincidentally, Chief Deputy Ray Wood and Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest decided to bring their wives to dinner at the very same restaurant at the very same time! (Imagine that)

It gets better, they both live in the Woodcrest neighborhood of Riverside. If you look on a map, Woodcrest is 25 Minutes away from Canyon Crest. Worse, there is a second location of Romano’s that Mr. Wood and Mr. Vest (with their wives in the car) would have had to pass in order to get to the location they went to. (UPDATE: We are now being told they may live even further away in Hemet – a 45 minute drive, with the Romano’s in Woodcrest still 20 minutes closer to Hemet than the one they went to)

This is a long-winded way of saying their choice of location for dinner was not an accident. Secondly, how many of you eat dinner at 2:30? Not very often, do you?

Pictured behind the middle-aged woman in the foreground is a young woman with a hat on offering Chad Bianco campaign swag to the aforementioned foursome, note that the restaurant is empty (except for the 50ish people that came to participate in supporting Chad Bianco in an adjacent room).

This activity should not surprise you as Captain Gregory Fellows was dispatched to monitor the Bianco event the previous week in Mead Valley. More of the same will continue, and perhaps the scrutiny will make the rats scurry back down their holes. These people know that their fealty to Sheriff Sniff has been a requirement of them keeping their high-six-figure salaries and benefits.

Embedded in this blog post is a late reported (note the date stamp by Riverside $9300 check from Mohammad Ali Mazarei (ahem) Riverside Travel Zone Center, Inc. DBA Arco Travel Zone Center Inc. You may recall that this is the same entity that got lit up for 15 counts of smog check fraud by the bureau of automotive repair.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair filed their complaint on 9-14-2017. This check was written on 10-5-2017 (according to this filing). Records and sources said that a criminal complaint by Mazarei against a former employee was made in October of 2017. Mazarei said publicly in writing he filed charges against a former employee, Walter Cole.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei can’t file charges. Only the DA can. The internal machinations of this case are the stuff of legend in insider circles, and it appears that there has been sudden insider interest in the case in the 13 days since our first expose on Mr. Mazarei / His Business appeared.

This check puts Mohammad Ali Mazarei / his buinesses over $50,000 in total donations to Sheriff Stan Sniff, with the latest installment coming right around the time that the Bureau of Automotive Repair complaint erupted. Now, this latest check certainly becomes a campaign issue for the Sheriff.

Similar to the two Riverside Sheriff Department senior officials driving some 25 miles across the City of Riverside to have a middle-of-the-day dinner at the same restaurant as Chad Bianco’s event, this latest certainly does not appear to be coincidental.

The Riverside Sheriff’s Association had a wholesale change in leadership with the retirement of their Past President. The new leadership are as committed to a change of Sheriff, if not more so than the prior. Due to the timing of the season and the fact that the Sheriff attempted to meddle in the transition, there was a delay in action. The breaking insider news which you are reading first on the Right on Daily Blog is that the “RSA” will be writing Chad Bianco for Sheriff another check for $300,000 and it will be done this week.

There is a full-scale insurrection going on all over the county. The rank-and-file resent the police state of Sheriff Sniff as evidenced by the above actions of upper management.

Perhaps this is why the latest batch of anti-Sniff memes are so explosive.

This stuff is happening organically as people are trying to find ways to cope with what they have been put through. With the RSA coming forward with another $300,000 to Chad Bianco, it should be a clear sign that the rank and file are having their voices heard. Soon the people of Riverside County will too.

Stan Sniff has no one to thank but himself for the mess he is in.

To Be Continued…



Jan 272018

Some people just don’t get it. They can’t help themselves, enjoy a sampling of social media responses to your intrepid blogger. #LIVINGRENTFREE


Mazarei also followed up with a proorly written legal demand letter that he tagged 100 people in on facebook. Perhaps he should have tagged more people. He also sent a press release as well. Perhaps he needs to make sure more people find out about the existing legal issues his business has.

The most priceless snippet from the legal demand letter is pasted here (typos and all):

You also imply that Mr. Mazarei is a violent and dangerous man because he has been photographed posing with a variety of weapons. That he would be photographed like that is not surprising given that he is a Federally Licensed Class III Firearms Dealers supplying weapons to local Law Enforcement and Homeland Security officers. (In case you are wondering, I note that he has not sold weapons to the Riverside County Sherif s Department, though he proudly counts many individual officers and deputies as customers and friends.)

There was also a “hitler video” made that apparently has some people in a wad.

That video has received thousands of views and is being openly discussed all over Riverside County.

It is only January and the fur is flying around here. It appears that Sheriff Sniff has never been held accountable for his actions.

It is going to be a long 5 months for sure, but is appears that Sniff and crew feel the train coming down the tracks.

Just to further en-capsulize the entire flavor of the responses, we’ve been asking a lot of open ended questions about seemingly strange things we have been seeing.

One such question was about the very cozy pictures with the mystery woman. Thanks to another person’s outburst on facebook we have a name for her. Apparently she, like mny friends of the Sheriff is a CCW holder (she has allegedly bragged to people about it, I’ve yet to confirm if in fact she is).

Sometimes, here at RightonDaily, ordinary citizens do their part in helping us piece together stories. Some of these stories are going to be game-changers once we’ve zeroed in on all of the data.

That said, we’d like to thank the following facebook rant linked below for helping us greatly as we piece together the story of Sheriff Stan Sniff.

Yes, I am a Raiders Fan, too. I know that may be a bigger issue for some than the disaster that has beset Riverside County, but I digress.

This stuff writes itself sometimes. I’d try to explain to my new fan what she just did to herself, but that might be better reserved for a daytime TV show…

Jan 252018

Here at Right on Daily, we’ve been doing an expose on a man we believe has a responsibility problem. Sheriff Stan Sniff did not plan to fail, he failed to plan. For almost his entire tenure, the budget has been a major issue. Rather than be flexible and accept help, the Sheriff has resisted all attempts at audits, performance reviews and other creative solutions to avoid the draconian staffing cuts, hiring freezes and empty jail beds.

Crime is going up. The Sheriff’s Pay keeps going up. The Sheriff continues to blame the officers, the County Supervisors, and whomever else he needs to in order to absolve himself of responsibility for his failure of leadership. It is so bad, you have beat officers posing for selfies in front of wrecks as there is little or no discipline. But, the Sheriff goes to those Rotary meetings.

Recently, Sheriff Sniff went 15 rounds with the Riverside County Board of Supervisors again:

Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff is getting close to $18 million in extra funding after warning that his department needed as much as $50 million more to avoid deep cuts that could compromise public safety in unincorporated areas.

The money allocated by the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, July 25, came after a tense exchange between Sniff and Supervisor John Tavaglione, who accused Sniff of resisting an ongoing efficiency effort and publicly badmouthing supervisors.

How many articles have we posted, starting all the way back in 2008 that indicate this is a pattern? This time, the Sheriff got $18 Million more than originally told and still could not help but pick a fight and resist attempts to help solve the problem.

Much of KPMG’s work focuses on the Sheriff’s Department, and the firm has said Sniff can save money by shifting deputies’ schedules and using non-sworn personnel and a telephone system to handle minor, nonemergency calls. An experiment to test some of KPMG’s ideas is underway at the sheriff’s patrol station in Hemet. The Lake Elsinore station will soon be included.

As an elected official, Sniff can’t be fired.

I do find the reference to terminating the Sheriff in the article to be interesting… as the Sheriff is fighting all of the suggestions of KPMG tooth and nail. Then the article proceeds to where the Sheriff breaks a campaign promise:

Last month, Sniff told supervisors he bridged a $40 million shortfall by not replacing hundreds of departed employees and taking deputy patrols in unincorporated communities down to bare-bones levels.

Sniff promised 1.2 Deputies per 1,000 as a campaign pledge in 2014. In 2017 it is down to .75. Yet, if you read the entire article you will see him in open warfare against all of the cost-cutting recommendations that could help achieve that goal.

Later, Tavaglione told Sniff: “We work with your team here. Your team is doing good stuff … But every time you get up here, I have to tell you I get very disappointed and so does (Supervisor Chuck Washington).

He sits behind you at an event and hears you badmouth us,” Tavaglione said. “We get Facebook … posts – what a bad job the Board of Supervisors (is doing). We don’t appreciate that. Because all we’ve been doing for the past 10 years is supporting you and your agency. And you know damn well that’s the truth.”

It looks like Sheriff Stan Sniff has some serious trouble as people that have traditionally endorsed him are now in open warfare with him. You can only scapegoat and blame other people for your own failures of leadership for so long until they rebel.

The case against Sheriff Sniff Continues to Build.

Jan 232018

A consistent theme is the decimated morale within the ranks of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. Here is the latest evidence (as seen on our Facebook Page several hours ago):

Deputy Birchard arrested and booked in to jail for being under the influence of Narcotics. (alleged to be Meth) Birchard is part of a HUGE story we are working on related to incompetence and corruption. This is developing… #FIRESNIFF #FREERIVERSIDE #RIGHTONDAILY #WWEPD #WWSSD #DRAINTHESWAMP The morale of the Riverside Sheriff’s department is a disaster under Sniff.

The address on this report is the Riverside Sheriff Training Facility of all places (or near it).

Deputy Birchard’s name will come up again on this blog as we are continuing to work on a variety of leads related to something that if verified will be a major issue in the Riverside County Sheriff’s Race. Suffice to say, given that two deputies have been prosecuted for murder/manslaughter in the last 10 years and stuff like this happens with some frequency you have to ask yourself where the leadership is in the county.

Jan 222018

What If I told you that there is an unspoken rule in Riverside County that deputies are not supposed to pursue suspects on to local Indian reservations?

See the text message exchange between officers that were told to let a suspect get away. In this particular case the tribal security people managed to apprehend the suspect…

This is not an uncommon occurrence at all as I’ve been told several similar stories. Then there is this one in a local city, apparently letting bad guys get away is a county-wide problem on Sniff’s watch:

…I tackled an attempted murder suspect off a dirt bike that was running from xxx pd. They suspect just shot the homeowner 5 times and was still armed with his gun. I was told by a corporal not to respond when the allied agency asked for help. And when I found the suspect I was told not to pursue by a sgt. I am not that guy I went anyways and chased him and jumped out tackled him and retrieved the gun that was still in his back pocket. From the top down their all scared to be cops.

It is every man for himself in Riverside County. Remember, we’ve written about the spiraling crime rate, so these stories inform us as to why it is happening.

Then we have other issues, such as favoritism being displayed to towing companies. Remember, Towing companies can make lots of money off of law enforcement contracts.

Then we have the well-known case of a cheating scandal on advancement exams, Note, once again people worried about being identified. What is central in this cheating scandal is Jason Gxxx being promoted, as his wife is a $120k a year administrative assistant to the Sheriff. The correspondence I got continues:

(Source deleted) …150 deputies were caught up in it. Because of the scope of it, admin stopped the Investigators from identifying more and told them to only investigate the ten worst offenders. All offenders were given 16 hours of discipline including one who was caught outright lying, normally a firing offense. Included in this group was a Deputy named Jason Gxxx. Gxxx is married to (XX), Sniff’s $120k a year secretary. Not only was Gxxx allowed to stay on the promotion list, he was promoted to the very rank he cheated to get in November. The promotion list just came out for this last testing cycle, and Gxxx finished very high on the Sergeants list and will likely promote to that rank.
Are you getting a flavor for why the rank and file are acting like abuse victims? Here is a re-post of a comment (unedited) on a recent blog about intimidation and retaliation:
I’m currently a retired Investigator from the Sheriffs Department of 30 years. I helped Chad Bianco when he ran agains Sniff in 2014 and I was very vocal about it. I posted several comments supporting Bianco on my Facebook account and they were clearly monitored. I was told by supervisors and co-workers I was doing career suicide and I was blind. I thought nothing would happen to me, I had a great career and had never been disaplened in my 30 years. I was wrong, a few months after the election my Sgt and Lt came into my office and told me I was being transferred to the jail. The jail Investigator position was routinely used for newly promoted Inveatigators or if an employee was being punished. To my knowledge I have never seen a Investigator in good standings and with as much training in child crimes along with others be placed I tithe jail. All my training went to waist. Thousand of dollars of training went to waste to punish me and it was absolutely because I publicly helped Bianco with his campaign. I retired earlier then I was planning but I couldn’t take working for a Sheriff that was so vendictive and could care less about his employees.
All this and more than one deputy / county employee has told me about the Thermal Station caper where Several Thousand Cases were literally laying on tables and desks and had not been prosecuted, referred, re-investigated, etc. Many of the criminals got away with their crimes because the statute of limitations expired by the time people sent there TDY had been able to review them.
Last but not least is the case of Sgt/Lt/Captain Coby Wxxx. She is now severely disabled after an accident. She should have been medically retired where she’d have received really good compensation and lifetime benefits. Instead, she has been promoted twice while not being able to stand without a cane and can not fire a weapon unless seated. Think of this from the paradigm of law enforcement and the needs of a Captain to be reasonably mobile. Instead of paying two officers what she is being paid, there she sits growing her pension while unable to perform the usual duties of a captain. Worse, according to stories, she has been an instrument of Sheriff Sniff’s revenge against the disloyal. Again, this sort of personnel decision furthers the resentment and further decimates morale.
Don’t forget – there is a hiring freeze. This means the taxpayers are paying 150% of the normal hourly rate for hundreds if not thousands of hours of police work AND the cops themselves are routinely forced to work 16 hour shifts because of the extremely high rate of people calling in sick.
If anyone reading has any further information on these stories or similar stories please reach out to us, we are on facebook and YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. Thank you… to be continued…
P.S. The sources for the information in this post are known to this blogger. They wished (for the most part) to remain anonymous. They are current and former employees of the Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County