Aug 312020

Only in the mind of the Sheriff’s Union is cutting a future increase “defunding the police.” The Placer DSA does not care that Businessowners are bankrupt and people are unemployed (causing revenues to plummet) due to COVID and the stupidity of California. They are angry because they are going to have to forego some raises.

You’d also think given the public assault on law enforcement that police union operatives would be more careful. I guess not:

I am unsure of Garret Byers rank – but he should be brought up on a PERS for a hyperbolic lie that is beneath his uniform. In a county that supports law enforcement he is abusing that support in a disingenuous attempt to help the union gain leverage in a contract negotiation. It appears that Byers is not alone as other union members have been pushing the same lie. The Placer DSA has been running a full on media assault and it has deceived several people as to the real issue. No cuts in staff no cuts in service – just a cut to future pay raises.

The bottom line is that the Placer DSA has been getting more and more left leaning in the last decade as they become almost myopically focused on their compensation package.

This is from Supervisor Weygant. Shanti is his district director.

Launching a screed like this will certainly NOT help them get the contract they want and looks more like stepping on a rake. Dear Placer DSA, stop lying and stop being stupid. Don’t abuse a pro law enforcement county like this.

Here’s the irony – I am very public in my support for strong pay and benefits for Law Enforcement including a 3% at 50 pension. I know the board of supes are too. If they are having to throttle back, there is a very good reason. Running a social media drill with an outright lie is counterproductive. See Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler:

Now – the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s are threatening my wife. Why? Because I stood up to several of them on social media and called them out on their lie. My wife used to work for 103.9 the FISH in Sacramento before moving to Reno with me. You will see that this bully did not do her homework:

Placer County DSA to citizens: ‘You can have an opinion, just keep it to yourself”

Then the bully doubles down – telling my wife that she called the radio station to try and get her fired: (Note that Mrs. Park is plenty capable of defending herself)

Note that the coward shut off her messenger when the conversation was not going the way she wanted.

Great Job Placer County Sheriff’s Union! You just pissed away all of your goodwill by both lying and then doubling down on the lie with bully tactics.

The bottom line: Placer County’s Budget has been shredded by COVID 19, loss of property tax, loss of sales tax, foreclosures, busines failures, people being laid off, businesses being throttled by Gavin Newsom and the DSA decides to launch a deceptive attack because they think they should be exempt from budget cuts.

What are the cuts you ask? Not jobs. Not services. Nope. Just cuts to future scheduled increases in pay and benefits. Only in the minds of a union (or other government workers) is a cut to a future increase defunding.

Terrible optics. The DSA Lied. The union reps that I jousted with on line don’t care about all the people that lost jobs/businesses. Then, because I stood up to their social media blitz they sent a bully to try and intimidate my wife. What a bunch of fools, they are going to end up with nothing and a PR nightmare.

Update: The President of the union reached out to me and then backed out of having a chat. He did indicate that they called the woman that went after my wife and denied that they had anything to do with what she did. Given the near hysterical nature of the claims they are making on social media it is easy to see how people would be motivated to resort to these tactics. These are the times we live in now.

Aug 312020

Take a look at Jessica Patterson’s facebook page. As of this morning, there was not much from the RNC on it.

Notice the face-saving shout outs to #CA25 Congressman Mike Garcia whose endorsement she scuttled in the 2020 Primary

Some people have bristled at the notion that Jessica Patterson is a #NEVERTRUMPER. I have laid out ample proof. It is in light of that evidence that I am adding the way she handled the RNC to the list that her disdain for the President is still palpable. There were no photos of the President, his family or the like on her pages. I waited a couple of days on purpose to say anything.

If you contrast this to other people that went to the RNC from Califonria, there are all kinds of photos of Team Trump/Pence.

Even Mario Rodriguez has photos with himself and VP Pence. (notably, not the President from what I can see). Howard Hakes, plenty of stuff. Shawn Steel, Martha House and Harmeet Dhillon?  tons of photos and stuff.

Speaking of Never Trumpers – Kevin Faulconer is at least honest about it and unlike Jessica Patterson’s crew did not hire a social media expert and internet reputation manager to scrub his stuff.

I took a look at Faulconer’s Campaign Finance Records just to see if I would find any obvious evidence of the collusion of CAGOP Leadership and his erstwhile campaign for governor.

Source Data Linked Here.

Have a look at who is getting paid by Kevin Faulconer:

Golden State Strategies – this is Molly Parnell, who is doing an excellent job of fundraising for the CAGOP

Matter Strategies, LLC – alleged to be owned/run by Matt Klemin. If it turns out to not be him, I will be real money it is another well-known GOP operative. I will pull their records from the CASOS office to confirm who the members of the LLC are.

Public Square Partners, LLC – this is David Stafford Reade. He is Jessica Patterson’s campaign manager and goes back two decades with the whole crew. (Note: Reade works for Trump currently)

Ground Link, Inc – A political Canvasser connected to Duane Dichara via several local elections. I will pull their filings from the Secretary of State to see who the principals are. They have a lot of job solicitations for left-leaning / never trump Republican candidates campaigns in San Diego

Axiom Strategies – Duane Dichara (who is a Trump supporter since the escalator)

Bell, McAndrews and Hiltack, LLP – the law firm most GOP candidates retain + the long standing law firm that the CAGOP employs.

It looks like Whitman 2.0 is coming to California in 2022. It also looks like the leadership of the CAGOP have the deck chairs arranged on the deck of the titanic for said disaster.

Keep watching what they are doing – everything (candidate lynchings, excluding people from committees, ignoring county chairs, etc) is being done for a purpose. Jessica Patterson’s re-election in 2021 is a key part of arranging everything for Kevin Faulconer.

Nothing these people are doing is illegal, in my opinion it is an unethical abuse of the California Republican Party structure to benefit one candidate they are all receiving an income from. And, most of the abusers are trump-haters too.

Aug 272020

Get a good look at the privileged son who has been at the center of trouble for years.

Karm Bains is quite the character. In the course of doing research we’ve learned a couple of new things about him.

#1 Mr. Bains has been seen frequently by people imbibing at public functions. One example was a chamber of commerce function and another was on a taxpayer funded trip to Washington DC for Local Government known as Cap to Cap. Mr. Bains appears to be known as a heavy drinker. I am not sure of people knew that Bains has had legal trouble multiple times due to his drinking.

I can only surmise that the DUI’s and Alcohol Related incidents were expunged from his criminal record aided by cronies in local government.

#2 Mr. Bains has apparently attempted to bully people. Tamika Hamilton, running against Congressman Garamendi has had events in the area for her campaign. We’ve now been told by a couple of people that Bains was present at one event taking pictures of people in an attempt to intimidate donors to Hamilton. Note – Bains is a frequent donor to both Congressman LaMalfa and Garamendi. This appears to be a cost of doing business.

The information given to your intrepid blogger is confirmation of a profile I have been building of Mr. Bains. He is a privileged child who has lived a privileged life and he has a trail behind him that he has attempted to sanitize. Your intrepid blogger is on the case though.

I would not care about 15 year old DUI’s except there are two, plus two more alcohol related incidents. There is also a life pattern of erratic behavior, temper and disturbances. He’s been sued for not honoring contracts and the like. Add to this that Bains is known for being a heavy drinker at public events now, it shows that his life pattern has not changed from his youth.

More to follow.

Aug 262020

Further proof the CAGOP is run by incompetent fools. Just wow.


Good job Mike Cargile for introducing the world to this America-Hating Back Bencher Communist. Carry on despite the fools in your own party that are afraid of their own shadows.

Aug 252020

Do the right thing Placer County! Vote.

Please note that the following are the opinions of your intrepid blogger only and do not represent anyone else. (or any group for that matter)

It goes without saying I am voting to re-elect Donald Trump. I may think he is an asshole, but he is my asshole. For those of you struggling with President Trump being an asshole, imagine Right On Daily in the White House. There, see how easy that is? You can contact me at if you need therapy.

Speaking of assholes, We are endorsing Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock for #CA01 and #CA04 respectively. I am not a fan of either one of them, but LaMalfa is one of the 10 most conservative members of congress by voting record and Tom McClintock’s opponent is a Massachusetts liberal who came to Placer County Via San Francisco. Special. The last Massachusetts liberal for CA04 – Regina Bateson was so committed to CA04 that she moved back to Massachusetts. I’d rather drink bleach (see what I did there?) than support a communist to represent me. Go away Audrey and Brynne.

Now that I am done endorsing three fellow assholes – let’s talk about some other races:

AD-03 James Gallagher and AD-06 Kevin Kiley. I am not a member of Kiley’s fan club either – but the young man is FINALLY doing what so many of us told him years ago when he first got in to office. Kiley and Gallagher have taken the place of the feckless Marie Waldron and are dragging the GOP Assembly Caucus to the right places on the field of battle. Both are talking Fire, Water, COVID and the psychotic rampage of the legislature against business owners. I can forgive Gallagher being part of Jessica Patterson (and David Reade’s) crew as he and Kiley are doing what needs to be done. (Please keep going guys…)

AD-01 and SD-01 Megan Dahle and Brian Dahle. I worked for Brian Dahle for pay twice. I’ve never regretted doing so. (boy that’s rare) Megan Dahle has proven she is more than a last name and would be a compelling candidate in her own right. The Dahle’s put Prop 19 on the Ballot – we need that thing passed to help save family farms. The Dahle’s are two of the best people you will meet in State Level Office, they stick out like a sore thumb in that cesspool.

(Yes on Prop 19 by the way)

Which gets me to Placer County Local Races.

In Loomis you have a simple choice for Town Council.

Jennifer “Jenny” Kinsley – Loomis Business Owner, former Loomis Chamber of Commerce President
James “Danny” Cartwright – a former marine sniper. Need I say More?

The third candidate is a #DEFUNDTHEPOLICE #BLM #ANTIFA college professor. I may chose to burn his (ahem, Political) house down later, but for now we will leave it here.

Roseville City Council District 1 (yup, the City went to Districts): Tracy Mendonsa, I’ve known him for several years. Good Dude. (Also endorsed by the Placer GOP)

Roseville City Council District 4 Bruce Houdesheldt (also endorsed by Placer GOP)

Roseville City Council District 5 Gary Johnson (also endorsed by Placer GOP)

Similar to Loomis – I may reserve the right to hammer the opponents of any of these three. The other guy running in District 1 is not a match for the City of Roseville in any way shape or form.

Placer County Office of Education – Area 1:
Susan Goto – The immortal loser Rene Aggielairuh is running against Susan Goto. Apparently, this is the office Rene decided on this time. He has run for supervisor, city council, two school boards and is now running for office of education. It appears that the cops visiting his house 56 times in 6 years (that we know of) has had no impact on him.
Roseville Joint Union High School District:
Pete Constant
Julie Hirota
Heidi Hall
Roseville City School District
Julie Constant
Meghan Krafka
This gets me to Rocklin. Oh mama, this is going to be a mess. The extreme left-wing homosexual activist Rick Miller is seeking to keep his 3 seat ruling Junta on the Rocklin USD Board. Apparently, adopting the most extreme LGBT indoctrination agenda in this conservative city was not enough. Rick also convinced Camille Maben to run for her 8th(!) term on the Rocklin USD Board. Maben was on the Rocklin USD BEFORE I MOVED TO PLACER COUNTY and now that I am gone SHE IS STILL THERE. I lived in Placer County 23 Years!!!
So here are the parent and family friendly alternatives to “Team Miller”:
Rocklin USD:
4 YR Julie Leavens-Hupp,
Rachelle Price
2 YR Tiffany Saathoff
The psychotic nutjob (at least that is what I think of her based on my research) Theresa Landon went berzerk because she felt entitled to the seat that Rachelle Price now holds. It is clear that she has resisted therapy (more than she resists President Trump) and is on the rampage path again.
If I am Rick Miller, I am not liking my life very much right now having to feature the support of the #ANTIFA #BLM left in a local election in Rocklin. (However, I am sure Theresa Landon hates me for reasons other than being a white male, but I digress)
Then there is the Rocklin City Council. I am quadruple endorsing. I will explain why in a bit. It is always said if you want to piss everyone off, dual endorse. Well guess what, I am doing it in a vote for three at large race. I guess I am getting my money’s worth.
#1 Joe Patterson. He is one of my favorite squishes in politics. I can recall few issues I have ever disagreed with him on as he has been a councilmember. I also helped him get elected in the first place and have never regretted it. Go Joe.
#2 Challenger Candidate Josh Rolph. I like Josh. I know him to be a full portfolio conservative. Can he convince people in Rocklin they need change? Will he have the resources to be competitive? I think he will. If he can not raise the money he thinks he can, he won’t win.
#3 Rocklin Mayor Greg Janda. I helped get Janda Elected to the Rocklin City Council in 2012. I have not regretted doing that either. Janda had trouble with the conservative base because he threw in with the Rocklin establishment supporting a couple Trump-Hating liberal democrats for local office. However, I have seen Janda on the right side of issues like working with Kirk Uhler to oppose the massive proposed Pioneer Energy Rate Increase that failed to carry.
#4 Ken Broadway. The quintessential nice guy. He went one step further going out on a limb actively supporting Jim Holmes re-election. For this, Broadway was the odd man out in the Placer GOP endorsement process. I supported Mike Murray with no reservation and do not disdain Ken for supporting his incumbent supervisor – he was just wrong for doing so. I like Ken as a human being, and I always have. This is why I chose to quadruple endorse rather than not endorse Ken.
Both Ken and Greg were railed for their support of local democrats and I believe Ken had better answers. I am also aware that Mr. Broadway has been a man on fire since the Placer GOP chose Josh Rolph over him.

And, we’re off. Hopefully your intrepid blogger does not need to annihilate anyone in Placer Politics this cycle, but we still have 10 weeks to election day.