Aug 312016

71413245So you want an endorsement from the Placer GOP?

If you have not figured out that it is a fool’s errand, let me continue to introduce you to the players.

I used to talk to Deborah Jackson infrequently. This ended abruptly when she was caught on the failed Non-Republican Moron’s campaign finance report. This was confirmation that she had drank the Thomas N Hudson / Ken Campbell Kool-Aid.

I had actually spoken to Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) on several occasions about recruiting and running a slate of people for Placer GOP Central Committee in order to help her get elected Chair of the Placer GOP. Yes, I screwed up big time – which is why I am (gasp) admitting fault, something that is impossible for any of the jihad leaders on the Placer GOP Cent Com. I call this Ideological Narcissism – when the belief that you are so right on so many issues is so strong that you’re impervious to reason. I, on the other hand will freely admit I am wrong on occasion. (Even as people like Thomas N Hudson seek to use said admissions for political advantage)

I should have understood there was a problem with Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) when I suggested she call a few people (one of whom was Kirk Uhler) to get names of people that may have been interested in running. I gave her a few myself (some of whom actually ran and won). Deborah Jackson did not call any of the local leaders I referred her to.

Given how the lynch mob of rabid dogs treated Bill Halldin – who was an actual elected member of the Placer GOP Cent Com – during his Assembly Race, it did not surprise me that Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) did not call him either.

It appears that Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) was looking for people that were a special kind of crazy or otherwise. Some of those aligned with her on the Placer GOP Cent Com are normally adjusted people. This dynamic should add to the chaos on the Placer GOP Cent Com. Normally adjusted people can’t stand people like Ken Campbell or Thomas N Hudson.

Having these people opposing Measure M is like having a sex offender run for school board.

As of the current date, Dennis Revell, the current Chairman of the Placer GOP has started reaching out to people as it is clear that there is a full blown insurrection. Revell was installed by an orchestrated effort by David Stafford Reade. It also appears that the Tea Partiers he used in 2012 caught on to the drill and rebelled.

My biggest issue with Dennis is that he did not assert himself until recently when Thomas N Hudson’s behavior became nearly psychotic. Revell had 3 1/2 years to lead and appears to have done nothing. Rather, it appears that Revell believed being appointed by Congressman Tom McClintock along with the fact that he was married briefly to one of Ronald Reagan’s daughters would be all he needed.

When you’re dealing with a pack of rabid dogs, your resume does not matter. When dealing with a pack of rabid dogs, the only thing they understand is getting their asses kicked repeatedly.

Those that joined Reade in his effort to purge the Placer GOP are probably sorely disappointed in their investment. Most of them support Measure M and now the upcoming endorsing convention is being turned in to a public lynching and a purity test by the Campbell-Jackson cabal.

IF you’re a Republican candidate for office and you go to the Placer GOP for an endorsement, you have three choices. #1, lie about your support for measure M… #2, try to argue with ideological narcissists over measure M and #3 accept the fact that you are going to get shredded. Oh and in all cases – you won’t get endorsed, so why bother?

Back to the race for Placer GOP Chairman, between Deborah Jackson and Dennis Revell? I am glad I do not have a vote in that one.

Revell? Installed in to the Chairmanship of the Placer GOP after an effort in 2012 designed to meet out punishment on the opponents of Beth Gaines, Revell was backed by Gaines, Gaines, McClintock, Nielsen, LaMalfa and the brainwashed Tea Partiers who were led to believe there was corruption going on. (Note – 5+ years since the alleged FBI investigation, no visit from the FBI and no FPPC Fines ever. This will repeat until those responsible for the lies are humiliated or unseated or both.)

Now Thomas N Hudson has gone from a Tea Party Target to their loudmouth advocate. Amazing things one does to stay relevant. (More on the CRA’s Box-Wine Guzzling Information Minister soon…)

Jackson? She is a stone-cold liar. Don’t tell her that, she’s right don’t you know. She’s a former Police Detective who apparently was terrible at doing her job or she’d have recognized what disasters those she is aligned with are.

It is kind of like picking between the Chargers and 49ers in a Football Game.

To be continued.

Aug 302016

Man on FireKen Campbell. I’ve written about him ad naseum.

Ken Campbell is a coward. He talks trash in private and prefers to let people like the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister swing the sword.

Ken Campbell is permanently butt-hurt over being forced to resign as Chairman of the Placer GOP. Many years ago, after a slew of op-eds in the local cat pan liner attacking the late Kathy Lund, Susan Rohan, then supervisor Bruce Kranz, then supervisor Ted Gaines, Kirk Uhler and a slew of others he was forced to resign.

The real issue is that Ken melted down over Measure H, an advisory measure about development in 2004. If you try to build anything anywhere near Ken Campbell’s multi-million dollar ranch, he won’t like you very much. So, it makes sense that Ken would join the coalition of the insane in opposing Measure M.

Mr. Campbell has also been prone to preforming truth abortions repeatedly in his op-eds. But, this is part of the package when you live the Ken Campbell experience.

But why isn’t Ken running for Placer GOP Chairman? Why is it Deborah Jackson? I believe it goes beyond Ken’s Cowardice. Many years ago, Ken Campbell served on the board of the Capitol Resource Institute with none other than David Stafford Reade.

David Stafford Reade is a gun for hire and is a power broker within the CA GOP. He is also State Senator Jim Nielsen’s Chief of Staff. David Reade was involved in the massive expenditure of money in 2012 and again in 2016 to attempt to elect capitol staff and others loyal to Reade to Placer GOP Central Committee. Reade managed to direct about $120k in total by my calculations over the two cycles.

The 2016 Placer GOP Central Committee election did not go as planned. People that Reade once used in 2012 in his effort to eliminate political enemies were discarded in the 2016 effort. (this is felony stupid)

It is clear to me that the 2018 election will bring retirements and a deep, inner need for Reade to attempt to control party endorsements in order to influence the elections in 2018. (more on that later) Ken Campbell and David Reade remain friends to this day, in fact, they sat together at the 2016 candidate forum for AD06.

Given that I have seen Ken Campbell turn on people multiple times, and his relationship with David Stafford Reade, I do not believe that he stands up for Deborah Jackson at the moment of truth.

If you have any doubts about Ken Campbell’s voracity – consider that recently the CRA’s Box Wine Guzzling Information Minister Thomas N Hudson sent out an email attacking Courage Worldwide, a leading Sex-Trafficking charity. The State of California because they are bureaucratic morons are attempting to treat Courage like a foster care agency and are trying to shut them down. Almost on queue, an extremely biased story appeared in the Sacramento Bee that I believe was planted by the state agency accusing Courage of being Fraudulent.

Tom Hudson, whose twin idols are money and being right jumped on this Bee Article calling Courage a Bogus Charity. Ken Campbell is a major donor to Courage Worldwide, and has physically traveled to their facility in Africa.

Has Campbell attempted to defend Courage from Tom Hudson’s attack? No. Anyone who aligns themselves with Ken Campbell can expect the same courage from him on their behalf.

Strange and sad things happen when you form a coalition of the deranged and enraged.

Aug 292016

71412749Hey everyone! Did you know that the Placer GOP is having an endorsing convention?

Please note that if you support Measure M, you will be subjected to ridicule and scorn by the Tea-Soaked fringe of the Placer GOP for heresy. If you are a Republican Running for Office and you want to enjoy an inquisition – you, too can join the Placer GOP on 9/17!

And just who are the revolutionaries, these patriots in said junta?

One Deborah Jackson – she of the Placer County Tea Party, and a donor to non-Republicans seeking to unseat Republicans wants to be your next County GOP Chairman!

Deborah Jackson, the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister (Thomas N Hudson) and the crazed Ken Campbell  (who is a failed former GOP Chair) are the leaders of the Placer GOP Lynch Mob. They also include luminaries like Crazy Ed Rowen and Damien Fussell who was paid $500 a month by 6th AD also-ran Kevin Hanwey.

Also listed amongst the pack of rabid dogs is my favorite AD06 failure, suicide barbie. Yes, the one and only Suzanne Jones who was recently removed from the Granite Bay MAC. (It is felony stupid when you’re out walking precincts for the opponent of the man who put you on the MAC, especially when said opponent was a the same non-Republican moron Deborah Jackson donated to)

I did find out that the Placer County Planning Commission approved the 55 unit housing development that borders the property of the failed non-Republican moron. That development was the entire reason he ran for county supervisor and Suicide Barbie railed against it in a vain attempt to get votes from anyone that could tolerate listen to her.

The parallels to this fall are also there. The CRA’s box-wine guzzling information minister wrote the ballot argument against Measure M and to no one’s surprise (well anyone whose IQ is above plant life, anyway) the argument mentioned the Supervisor Pay Raise in it!

Nice to know that even the allegedly conservative watchdogs, the keepers of all that is small government and lower tax aren’t about a little… (check that, a lot) of self serving revenge. They sound like RINO’s to me. No true conservative would prostitute principle to base an entire effort on revenge.

So if you want to relieve traffic congestion in Placer County, you’d better wear a flak jacket, because Ken Campbell will send mean emails out about you. If you believe in economic development and removing the barriers (namely I-80/65 traffic) to business relocating to Placer County, beware because Tom Hudson does not want more people coming to Placer County. If you recognize that the state government has been so badly broken, with budget deficits and insane spending decisions then conclude that Placer County needs to take matters in to its’ own hands… then beware because Deborah Jackson and a band of keyboard commandos will excoriate you (on Facebook or the easiest medium they can access) as being as un-American as that idiot quarterback from the lamest team in football who refuses to stand for the National Anthem.

Yes, you too can have a front row seat in Placer County’s game of thrones where a pack of rabid dogs seek to re-write a psychological manual in their journey to achieve ideological perfection. The rest of us will vote yes on measure M.

To be continued

Aug 272016

The first clue there may be a problem was that the idea was allegedly suggested by NBC that Trump attend a candidate forum hosted by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The Forum is Scheduled for September 7th.

Just who is IAVA – a look at their IRS Form 990 gives us some clues.

Look at their major donors – several foundations whhose websites show their tilt towards coddling criminals (aka Justice Involved People), social justice and green initiatives.

You can look up the four family foundations listed and see for yourself their carefully worded websites that yield several left-wing talking points. A search of the principals on Open Secrets type campaign sites yields the predictable donations to a variety of Democrat Candidates for Federal Office.

You can look at the website of IAVA and if you read carefully – you will see that they advocate for more Government programs for Veterans and have a section for LGB veterans. Most veterans groups do not go that far.

Some more skeptical people may dismiss my above statements because I am a Donald Trump supporter or because they may not see the same left-wing buzzwords in the information that are so clear to me.

CaptureI decided to some research on the Consultant that this group pays $140k a year to.

Mr. Dorman is a left-wing liberal democrat whose past list of clients indicate that he is a consultant that you hire if you are a front group for the left.

So – you have a veteran’s group that lists a who’s who of donors from the left, with a San Francisco based MoveOn.Org Alum as a $140k a year consultant, and a website replete with a liberal grab bag of social justice initiatives holding a candidate forum? Trump may as well request Donna Brazille to moderate.

Oh and leave us not forget, they are a 501(c)3 non profit with an associated 501(c)4. Cozy, I bet Lois Lerner fast-tracked their applications as opposed to all those right-leaning Vets Groups.

This seems to be as objective as CNN’s election reporting. I am not sure how Donald Trump’s campaign staff allowed him to get roped in to this as this seems like a setup.

My source for this tip was a Gary Johnson supporter who asked that I remind people that this group has not invited Gary Johnson to participate in their September 7th Forum. If you are so inclined, you can sign their petition.

Aug 212016

The slow motion #trainwreck continues in the leper colony known as CRA. It appears that Alice Khosravy, the CRA’s Black Widow is slowly starting to weed out CRA Board Members.

Craig was described as a “Disgusting, Sweaty Pig” by Khosravy deputy Wendy Albright (she of the $10000 FPPC Fine). (I have the screenshots of the texts somewhere, but how could I forget this?)

When I first heard the news, I was hoping that maybe some time away from Politics would help Craig deal with the pious, pompous, self-righteous arrogant streak that has characterized him for years. Maybe a more balanced and mature Alexander would transform from a pariah to someone who used their talents for productive good.

Then I read his resignation email. While he had valid points, the highlights of his character flaws were evident.

Craig pointed out that the CRA needs to get younger and get more members. Alice and crew will never let the CRA grow, a larger organization will be more difficult to control. The two most recent CRA units are fraudulent shells in my opinion and are already beset with infighting.

Craig Alexander was indeed ideally suited for CRA. It appears that Craig has come out on the losing end of an internal pissing match and has decided to take his ball and go home. Such is life in the ineffective debating society known as CRA.

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Tom Hudson – who was recently at the CRA’s OC BBQ (attended by roughly 30 people despite representing 7 remaining CRA units) – is finding himself increasingly isolated.

Hudson, as you may recall is the executive director of a shell organization that is effectively a PAC that endorses and does the usual pay-for-play crap that “Republican Taxpayer Groups” do. While Hudson is emptying the boxes of wine at home, his business partner Mike Spence got in to a major accident and appears to be in major trouble.

Craig Alexander was, until yesterday, Tom Hudson’s firewall and biggest ally in the CRA.

Hudson is privately disdained by most people on the CRA’s board that I know. Most of them lack the character to be honest and open about it until, of course the opportunity arises to participate in the next purge. The Game of Thrones has nothing on the CRA – because at least some of the characters portrayed in the Game of Thrones can function in normal life.