Oct 312014

The Right On Daily Blog Commemorates 10/22 as FBI day. In the insanity that dominated my life surrounding moving, I forgot my annual post.

The train-wreck that is our current Placer County GOP Central Committee was facilitated by a chain of events set off by Conservative Fraud Karen England. England went on a rampage jihad, enlisting many of the very same tea partiers that are working with the liberals that control the Placer GOP Central Committee in her rampage.

At the January 2011 organizational meeting of the Placer GOP – Karen England said publicly that the FBI had been to her house in October of 2010 to talk to HER and (no one else) about the finances of the Placer GOP.

This led to a Central Committee Member who may or may not have been Cheryl Bly-Chester filing multiple FPPC Complaints against the Committee that were pointed to as evidence of corruption and a front-page above-the-fold article in the Sacramento Bee, quoting now Congressman Doug LaMalfa about the baseless charges.

These particular Tea Partiers have never apologized or backtracked from their claims of corruption.

A financial audit of the Cent Com revealed nothing. The FBI has visited no one. The FPPC never fined the Central Committee.

Four years have passed since Karen England lied in public about being visited by the FBI. Occasionally, I get reports back that some of the same insane tea partiers are still parroting the baseless charges as fact.

Karen England is still affiliated with the Capital Resource Institute. She is still unapologetic to this day about suing the CRA and continues to trash the organization.

This is politics folks – you lie and lie repeatedly, then double down and never, ever admit you were wrong.

Happy Belated FBI Day – more on the GOP Central Committee soon.

Rene Aguilera Update: Why have the Police Been to Rene Aguilera’s House 44 times since 1/1/2013?

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Oct 312014

You read that correct. 44 Calls for service since 1/1/2013.

There is an annoying thing called public records. The calls have come in batches – Here is Batch One and here is Batch Two.

Here are some statistics from the police logs:

11 references to Drug Deals / Drug Activity

4 references to Arrests Made

7 references to disturbances between 11:45PM – 4:20AM (juxtapose this with Rene Aguilera setting off the alarm at Roseville High at 4:30am)

There are references to probation searches, 3 times for warrant service, theft, trespassing and the like.

First of all – how is this guy on the school board? Should anyone take Rene Aguilera seriously or anyone he recruits?

Second of all – does anyone think Rene Aguilera can be taken seriously as a Councilmember negotiating contracts with the police department?

Third – DRUG DEALS, why hasn’t Rene Aguilera done anything about this?

Fourth – the police calls reference homeless people pitching tents in the backyard. This is something that I have been told about by informants repeatedly. Here is the corroboration.

What we have is a man who is completely irresponsible and is a complete nuisance to the community of Roseville seeking a seat on the Roseville City Council. Why this is not national news is beyond me.

So – ballots are in the mail? What are you going to do? Reject Rene. Reject his recruits for School Board – save Roseville.

#siseperder The Rene Aguilera Experience Part 2, Deadbeat, Abusing Public Trust, Public Safety Menace

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Oct 302014

If Rene Aguilera’s Racist tendencies weren’t bad enough, his entitlement mentality comes out loud and clear in the way he lives.

While using his expired corporation (expired because he failed to pay the filing fees and failed to file a tax return) – he also used your’s and my tax dollars to enrich himself.

1. He was planning a Cesar Chavez Day Event in 2013 using RJUHSD resources. He set off the Alarm on campus at 4:30 AM!

2. He sent out 12,000 emails from the RJUHSD Email system soliciting donations for his expired corporation.

Both the above actions are illegal by themselves, over and above using the expired corporation. If he was soliciting donations claiming them to be tax-deductible, then we have wire fraud in addition to the previously suggested issues.

3. Rene Aguilera defaulted on his mortgage.

4. Rene Aguilera’s lifelong pattern of not paying his bills continued with a default judgement being entered in against him for walking away from a $15,000 loan and simply stopping making the payments. The Judgement against Rene Aguilera sits to this day and has been sold off to a collection agency.

… yet somehow Rene Aguilera manages to go to Washington D.C. on junkets to advocate on behalf of far-left groups!

All the above and Rene Aguilera’s house has been visited by the Roseville Police Department a staggering 44 times since 1/1/2013.

Rene Aguilera even lets homeless people pitch tents in the backyard of his home – in addition to all the drug activity referenced in the police logs!

Rene Aguilera must believe he is above the law. He uses an expired corporation, travels America on phantom resources, looks like he is avoiding paying a judgement he owes and appears to be harboring a known narcotics dealer at his home!

… and he thinks you should vote for him.


SD-28 Update: Did Dave Gilliard Do Another Racist Mailer? Or Is This One Sexist, Or Am I Slamming the Kool-Aid?

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Oct 292014

The SD-28 Race is one of a handful of R vs R runoffs in California.

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone is facing off against Former Assembly-Member Bonnie Garcia.

I am seriously torn in this race. Bonnie Garcia was and is one of the most Liberal Republicans to serve in the last several years. Her lifetime 61% CRA Score is below Abel Maldonado (64%).

Jeff Stone is clearly more Conservative – and I advocated on his behalf at the State CRA Board Meeting. This race ultimately is too hot and ugly and the State CRA Board decided to punt.

Subsequently, Stone and many of his allies have gone on a near-psychotic rampage to try and derail the City Council Campaign of Jonathan Ingram, a fellow CRA Vice President. The attacks have been so ugly, vile and vicious – I could have sworn it was a Congressional Race.

Worse, the information that has come out on Mr. Stone suggests that he has enriched himself at the trough of government successfully for years through a variety of arrangements that should give anyone pause.

So here we are, late in the race. As I have documented previously – Dave Gilliard, Jeff Stone’s Consultant has had a pattern of sending out late haymakers when he believes the race is close or his candidate is losing.

In 2012, he beat up eventual Republican nominee Peter Tateishi so bad that Democrat Ken Cooley walked all over him in the fall in a majority Republican Assembly District. Part of the beating was documented in this blog that featured screenshots of a mailer making Tateishi look like Emporer Hirohito.

I recently was sent screenshots of a mailer attacking Bonnie Garcia. It is all about the Immigration Issue. It lights Garcia up good for several bad votes she made as an assembly-member. It calls her a flip-flopper. I am not going to argue the nuance, because white people laying in the street to stop busloads of illegal immigrant children from being processed looks really bad.

However, here is the mailer. Side one, Side Two.

My analysis is this – this mailer has racial overtones, but is nowhere near as bad as the Peter Tateishi attack that featured bamboo lettering and a black and white photo, etc. However, there is an implication that since Garcia is Mexican that she wants to throw the border wide open and open up the state piggy back to “them”.

Of greater concern to me is that the photo chosen on side one makes her out to look like some sort of Women’s-Libber.

It is likely that most of the recipients of this were male and women identified as conservative that would react negatively to a “woman with sass”.

I am of the opinion then that this latest effort by Gilliard is a solid hit that is legitimately sourced, with obvious racial overtones. However, I believe Gilliard went too far in the sexist direction on this mailer.

That said, unlike the Tateishi attack mailer that was just plain mean-spirited and overtly racist, this mailer is much more issue-centric and less so racist.

What do you think? Is it racist, sexist or am I slamming the Kool-Aid?

#SiSePerder: Rene Aguilera, a Man Who Does Not Pay His Bills

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Oct 282014

This is not a tax lien. This is not some sort of “Misunderstanding”. This is a default judgement against Rene Aguilera. The attached documents are from the County of Placer.

Rene Aguilera is proving by his life’s pattern of behavior to not be a good person at all, and certainly not deserving of office.

A default judgement occurs when you refuse to do something and usually occurs when you choose not to defend yourself from the accusation of those seeking said judgement against you.

Here are the facts as I read them from the documents:

Rene Aguilera took out an $18,000 high risk loan with Beneficial Financial for an interest rate of 28.9%. Somehow, he was able to do it without putting his home up as collateral.

The documents indicate multiple attempts to communicate with Rene Aguilera by the creditor.

The documents indicate no response from Rene Aguilera whatsoever.

The documents indicate that the debt was sold off 3/28/2014 or simply assigned to – to a collection agency in Walnut Creek, California. The County of Placer filed the documents in June.

So, Rene Aguilera appears to have failed to file a corporate tax return nor paid corporate filing fees causing H.E.A.R. to get suspended by the California Secretary of State.

In 2009, he defaulted on his first mortgage

In 2011, he defaulted on this loan and got a default judgement entered against him

In 2013, Rene Aguilera got fined for concealing free meals off of his form 700

In 2014, Rene Aguilera’s current form 700 lists no income and no assets and has nothing indicating how he is paying for multiple trips to Washington D.C…

… yet here sits this $18,000 judgement against Rene Aguilera that has gone unpaid, un-acknowledged and not acted upon at all.

I have written previously that my investigations of Aguilera indicate that he appears to have little or nothing in his name and that the sources of his income, if any, appear to be hidden. I believe this is a deliberate act and this $18,000 judgement is why.

That’s right – it looks like Rene Aguilera is attempting to hide from a creditor that he ripped off for a $15k loan. Yes, I wrote ripped off – when you borrow from someone and then don’t pay it back, that is stealing.

When you raise money for a non-profit with an expired corporation license and don’t tell anyone that non-profit is expired, that is lying aka fraud

When you use the school district’s computers, etc. to plan non-school district events, that is called misappropriation of government funds.

When your Nephew is dealing dope out of your home and you do nothing about it, that is called being an accessory.

More on the Rene Aguilera experience to follow…