Sep 302016

I remember 2002 like it was yesterday. Then Congressman John T Doolittle and others raised and spent thousands on slate mail cards to defend the Placer GOP from an attack of the “liberals”. The beneficiary of that effort was none other than Ken Campbell, who was re-elected chairman of the Placer GOP.

Within 4 years of Congressman Doolittle basically getting Ken Campbell re-elected chairman of the Placer GOP, Campbell was deposed as the party chairman for publicly attacking a slew of officeholders with his title and had then Mr. Campbell completely turned on Doolittle.

Despite the fact that the opposition to Mr. Revell is being led by Tom Hudson, Campbell is up to his neck in it and has been an agent of chaos in the years since sanity prevailed and he was ousted as Party Chairman.

I want the Ken Campbell that donates to local charity and volunteers time for local charity back. That guy is useful and helpful – not the vengeful self-righteous puritan zealot that pillories friend and foe alike. The Ken Campbell I see is a cowardly rage-ball that disappears from combative meetings that his rants and manipulation set up, preferring instead to let surrogates take the public heat.

No better an example there is than when the since vindicated Courage Worldwide got attacked publicly by Thomas N Hudson, Ken Campbell was nowhere to be found to defend Courage Worldwide from the attacks he knew were false. Yet, Campbell had flown to their Africa location and had donated thousands to their efforts over the years! This is not the behavior of someone who is trustworthy or a leader.

I’ve written ad-naseum about the foibles of Thomas N Hudson. He is the vocal and vicious leader of the opposition on the Placer GOP Cent Com. For the 18 years I have known him, he has been in the middle of dozens of political fights. His demonstrated character defects disqualify him from leading anything at anytime anywhere.

Both Campbell and Hudson play fast and loose with the truth and as I have learned in my years of knowing them both, and will outright lie if needed to “win”.

Deborah Jackson who is the candidate against Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell is a complete disappointment to me. Repeatedly, in politics, I’ve attempted to give people the benefit of the doubt and about 4 out of 5 times am utterly disappointed.

I had been warned about 3-4 years ago by another Tea Party operative about Deborah Jackson. I had a positive impression of Jackson when I met her, I was working well with Jackson despite my knowing of her affiliation with the above two. I don’t usually judge people in politics because they have friends I don’t like.

What I was warned about was that Jackson was a “Black Widow” type of person that gets involved in groups and then takes them over. Dennis Revell actually appointed her as a delegate to the state party, see what it got him?

Jackson is a retired police detective, I figured that it would make her more discerning and that discernment would allow her to see people accurately. I am sure it did.

The only conclusion I can draw is that she did indeed figure out who the players were and sought out those that would help her accomplish her goal of taking something else over.

What clued me in to who Deborah Jackson really was, was seeing her $100 check to the feckless non-Republican liberal opponent of Kirk Uhler. No real Conservative or Republican activist would attempt to take out the most Conservative Republican leader in Placer County unless there was an end game. In this case, it was Ken Campbell’s decade old grudge and Thomas N Hudson’s desire to assuage his bruised ego over the collapse of the Placer RA unit.

When the leaders of the Conservative movement on the Placer GOP are Ken Campbell, Deborah Jackson and Thomas N Hudson, it makes you want to have an abortion.

I have to admit, I was not a fan of Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell. The circumstances surrounding his ascendance to the Chairmanship of the Placer GOP started with $47,000 of independent expenditure money that was directed in to Placer County by David Stafford Reade. It has gotten back to me from sources that within the inside of the State GOP that “they” still brag about taking over the Placer GOP.

If having a nearly 2/3 majority of Tea Partiers that are being led by Hudson / Jackson and Campbell is a takeover, I’d hate to see what a loss looks like.

Revell seemed to be the logical choice at the time for Chairman of the Placer GOP. He was one of Ronald Reagan’s Son-In-Laws, he had no real enemies and seemed to be a consensus choice as David Stafford Reade had a relationship with him through the Lincoln Clubs. Tom McClintock knew Revell for years and all the Gaines’ cared about was anyone not aligned with any of their adversaries.

I did not like Revell as I saw him as a squish and a part of the Establishment, and I viewed the assistance of him by Congressman McClintock as the latest McSellout of Conservatives.

For the last 3 1/2 years, I have gratuitously taken shots at Revell and have enjoyed the turmoil and the ineffectiveness of the Placer GOP.

What I have since learned about Revell is revealing. Unlike many, I try not judge people by all of their friends as I expect well-rounded people to have a quiver of relationships across the spectrum. I got a glimpse of why Revell has as many friends as he does. It is not about Ronald Reagan, it is about a disarming, charming and sincere man. Meeting Revell allowed me to separate him from those that got him in to the mess of being Placer GOP Chairman.

The hubris that I once misread in Revell was actually his shyness and quiet exterior. Revell means well and indeed wants to see the GOP win more elections and register more voters. It seems that those two goals have escaped his detractors as it is all about control. Revell has attempted to negotiate with and engage the opposition. They are not interested.

Getting expelled from the CRA by people like Thomas N Hudson and others similar to him has helped me finally lift the veil of self-righteous pseudo-conservative stupidity that once blinded me. Their current leadership makes me embarrassed to be a Social Conservative as they could not stop a nosebleed let alone an abortion, but man they will tell you how right they are…

It used to be a case of “How Conservative Is He/She?” was the first question I asked. This led to repeated cases of ideological fratricide over feckless, moribund marginal candidates (or hurricanes). It led to the emergence of charlatans like Tom Del Becarro, Chuck DeVore, Karen England, Tim Donnelly and others who fund-raise and rip off naive unsuspecting people while engaging in personal behavior that is horrendous.

It has led to the legitimization of people like Hudson/Campbell/Jackson and given credence and rise to a generation of destructive operators who believe that since they are right and all those squishes are wrong that anything they do to advance their cause is justifiable.

Dennis Revell may not be as Conservative as I am, but his heart is in the right place. He is a real man with a real heart and he wants to help. I believe that he deserves re-election as Placer GOP Chairman because of who HE is, not because of my disdain for the excuses of Conservative leaders that are on that committee. It is high time we had servants instead of arrogant narcissists and cowards in leadership positions in the Placer GOP, and in office everywhere.

I sincerely hope that the legislative staff that David Stafford Reade and others paid to help elect in 2016 to the Placer GOP stay put. I hope that Kevin Kiley and other partisan electeds take a direct interest in helping right the crazy train of the Placer GOP. Dennis Revell is a good man, but he was left to fend for himself after 2012 and the crazies will once again bring the committee to a standstill unless Mr. Revell has backup.

Sep 292016

Did you know that the Placer CRA wants to be known as the Reagan Republicans of Placer County?

So – I took a look at their latest endorsement list. I see a lot of Social Liberals on it and even some democrats!

Recently, they had a meeting somewhere in Roseville and a handful of candidates came to their meeting. But, their endorsement list appears to indicate that they did a poor job of vetting and that some of their decisions were affected by personal beefs. (Imagine that)

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister is a member of this local skeleton chapter. He of all people would know that section 17.05a of the CRA’s By Laws is explicit about the following:

“Only Registered Republicans May Be Endorsed for ANY Office”

However, since only the CRA’s Pol-Pot bellied information minister can invalidate endorsements done in violation of the CRA’s By-Laws, I doubt that he will do the right thing. (The CRA’s by-laws state that the State President can invalidate local endorsements after an investigation) However, It is still appropriate to point out the hypocrisy of the PCRA.

There is a second layer – they (the PCRA) are also allegedly socially conservative.

In the Roseville Joint Union High School District – there are 5 people running, yet only 3 are Republicans. Only 1 of the 5 running is a social conservative and he was not endorsed in favor of a democrat who is not. The two Republicans who actually did get endorsed are not social conservatives.

In the Roseville City School District – a labor union leader democrat was endorsed amongst two Republicans.

If you look at their flyer, it gets even more absurd as it highlights “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Taxpayer” candidates.

All but 2 of the people endorsed for City Councils Support Measure M.

All of the people endorsed for Roseville School Boards support Measure D and all but one of them are pro-choice, and over half support Gay Marriage.

Strange things happen when you are trying to send a message, it is kind of like detonating your bomb vest in your own living room. (and getting wine everywhere)

Sep 282016

Rene Aguilera is a train-wreck.

He lists no income and no assets on his form 700 – yet he travels extensively lobbying for blanket amnesty and against modernizing the voting rights act.

He has run for 7 offices in Placer County since 2000.

His personal conduct is the stuff of legend – including the expired corporation he is still using to this day. Hispanic Empowerment Association of Roseville (HEAR).

This far-left three-time DNC delegate appears to be a regular nuisance at Roseville High School. (In 2016, he was a Hillary Clinton Delegate to the DNC)

Rene Aguilera set the alarm at Roseville High School off at 4:30AM on 4/12/2013.

According to the above hyperlinked file – Mr. Aguilera was inside a classroom when he set the alarm off.

The report has some interesting tidbits: “He’s (Aguilera) been in here off and on for the last couple of months; however, last week beginning on Monday, he (Aguilera) was in here from the time I came in at 8:00am and was still here when I left at 2:30…. He (Aguilera) used the computer at (name deleted)’s desk and his cell phone. He (Aguilera) used our copy machine, [and] the printer. It sounded like he (Aguilera) was working on the Cesar Chavez event at UCD.

Here is a link to a mention of said event. This is from the UFW website. Please note that the event occurred the following day, 4/13/2013.

If you read the report on Page two – it says that Rene Aguilera told the security guard he was working on a trip to UC Davis for Students.

First off – why was Aguilera in a classroom all night?

Secondly – it is clearly suggested from these documents that Rene Aguilera misappropriated Government Funds and was using the resources of the School District to plan the Cesar Chavez Day event. This is a felony if proven in court.

Third – Rene Aguilera lied to the Security Guard. A couple phone calls from sources confirmed that there was no district sanctioned field trip to the Cesar Chavez Day Event in 2013. Why am I not surprised that Rene Aguilera plays fast and loose with the truth?

You can rest assured that your tax dollars have been subsidizing Rene Aguilera in more ways than just him using the RJUHSD’s resources to play community organizer.

It should also be noted that HEAR – Rene Aguilera’s expired corporation/charity is mentioned in the blurb from the UFW. Remember – Aguilera let this expire in 2004 because he failed to pay the corporation fee, do not forget this as the story of Rene Aguilera unfolds.

Ask yourself why was Rene Aguilera on campus at 4:30 in the morning? It would certainly call his judgement in to question for one and for two, I’d wonder about his commitment to the safety of students given his own behavior.

Sep 262016

IMG_4693 (1)Despite what Gary Miller and others would tell you, the Republican Party and Donald Trump are stronger advocates for Gay Rights than the democrats could ever be. We believe that people have a right to their life despite our personal feelings about what they are doing.

Gary Miller’s version of Gay Rights is fining a baker 130k for not baking a cake or the “human rights” commission in New Mexico telling a photographer it it their civic duty to photograph a gay wedding. No freedom for those that disagree.

Miller, by virtue of this facebook post is practicing the Far-Left Alinsky tactic of “Shaming”. He believes that because he thinks I am a bigot that everyone that associates with me should stop doing so. Not only is that bigoted in its’ own right, it is extremely arrogant.

Hillary Clinton, for her part has made it clear she will be an enemy of religious freedom:

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she explained. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed….”

Sounds eerily similar to Gary Miller and his diatribe on “Cristocentric” religions.

Hillary Clinton did not even wait for the bodies from the Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre to get cold before she was calling for gun control.  (she wasted no time in taking to twitter)What about the 50+ dead homosexuals, murdered by a Muslim because they were gay?

Clinton did indeed meet with families over a month after the massacre. She has yet to talk about radical islam and their hatred for anyone they disagree with.

CrUYRzkUIAIUygCPerhaps Clinton is deign to rip in to the real villians, and take notes Gary, who are Muslim (not Christian or LDS) because of the cash flow.

Well look here at the major Donors to the Clinton Foundation – a who’s who of the oppressors of Homosexuals everywhere.

Perhaps the correct label for Gary Miller is extreme left-wing hypocrite activist. If Miller was really all about Gay Rights – he’d sternly condem Hillary Clinton for profiting off of the barbarians in the middle east that throw gays off of rooftops or hang them in the streets.

Of course we will never see that.

What we did see, was Omar Mateen’s father sitting in the VIP section of a Hillary Clinton Campaign appearance in Florida. Imagine Gary Miller’s outrage if Mr. Mateen was seen at a Trump rally instead?

Gary Miller was a Bill Clinton delegate in 1992 to the DNC Convention. He is fully invested in the corruption of the Clinton family, perhaps this is another reason why he needs to run around the community trying to invoke pity over all the mean homophobes trying to hold him accountable for his intolerance of Christians?

Once again, Gary Miller is demonstrating that he is not qualified for anything other than private life. He can’t even be consistent in the single most important thing to him – while attempting to scapegoat Christians and Mormons for every bad thing that has ever happened to him.

Perhaps Miller should move to a Muslim Country as he appears all too willing to give them a free pass. Let’s see how that works out for him.

Sep 252016

Let’s dive right in to some of the most recent polls as of 9/25/2016

The Washington Post / ABC poll showed Hillary Clinton with a 2 Point Lead. When you take a close look – the sample they chose shows that Barack Obama has a 55% approval rating. This is high by about 7-10 points.

Then you take a closer look at the partisan makeup of the poll: 33 Dem/23 R/36 I. Whoops. This is a poll with a dem +10 Sample and Hillary Clinton is only at +2. Now you know why her campaign has not been pushing polling numbers, only the media.

It gets better – take a look at McClatchy / Marist. Marist has historically been favorable to democrat candidates. This poll wants you to believe that democrats will outnumber Republicans by 5 points. 37-32 with 30% Independents.

This alone does not suggest how they got Clinton up to a 7 point lead.

Strong Dems go up a point to 26-20 over Strong Republicans. The poll wants us to also believe that 12% of Republicans are going to vote for Hillary Clinton. 22% of the sample are under 30 voters. That is awfully high on both accounts.

Take a look at the Morning Call poll in Pennsylvania that shows Hillary clinging to a 2 point lead – it is 47% Dem 39% Republican with only 10% Independent. Now you know why her campaign is in a panic.

Add in that 17% of the Sample was under 30 (2 points high) an only 24% was over 65 – you can see graphically that the pollsters are either deliberately under-sampling groups favorable to Donald Trump or they are stuck in some sort of a turnout model from 2008.

I also took a look at a series of state polls – Virginia, Colorado and Missouri as done by CBS.

IN Colorado – they used a +2 Dem Sample, while the state registration is almost even. They also limited older voters to only 18% of the sample. There is no historical precedent for that at all. Even with this manipulation – they only got Hillary Clinton a 1 point lead.

There was a consistent thread with all the CBS polls – “Strong Dems” outnumbered “Strong Republicans” by at least 6 points in each sample.

Virginia was +8 for Clinton according to the topline result.

Strong Dems outnumber Strong Republicans 26-17 in the sample. VA is almost evenly split – Strike 1

Only 15% of the sample was over 65. Strike 2

Dems outnumbered Republicans in the overall sample by 4 points – meaning that of the Republicans sampled 60% were considered “Soft R” voters. Only 13% were considered true independents. – Strike 3

Now you get an idea of how the media is manipulating the polling results. Be vigilant, nothing is as it seems.

P.S. I mentioned Missouri – it had Trump +9 with an equally as absurd sample, I bet he wins by 15 or more.