Feb 262016

First of all – all seven candidates were there. Typical of a Republican Primary, there are far too many candidates in the field.

Notable, this was the first time Mik Mikaluco and Gabriel Hydrick were at an event that I am aware of. Suzanne Jones was also present at this forum.

The bulk of this update will focus on the three opponents to Bill Halldin that have some level of funding.

Cristi Nelson is positioning herself as the liberal Republican in this race. As a political insider, I remember when the massive independent expenditures that were financed in part by Chevron, PG&E, the Realtors, the dentists and a few others targeted safe Republican seats in hopes of helping elect tax-raising Republicans. My first thought is that someone has advised her that going full RINO jacket will get her that support.

It is the only possible reason why someone would openly talk about their refusal to sign the “no new taxes pledge” in one of the most conservative districts in California. It is the only possible reason why she openly talks about her country-club liberal social views.

The part that Nelson seems to have missed is that those expenditures were largely ineffective and in 2014, were quite sparse.

Cristi Nelson’s big moment at the forum was directly answering Ken Campbell telling him she had not and was not signing the “No New Taxes Pledge”. #epicfail

Kevin Kiley brought about 10 supporters with him who comprised about a quarter of the audience. Despite failing to achieve has lofty fundraising goals, the 30 year old Lawyer is continuing on with his campaign.

Kevin Hanley, who moved from Auburn to Roseville to run for Assembly had about the most flamboyant moment of the evening. He was railing on the PCTPA and their scheme to raise our taxes. (His words) He was waiving copies of the mailers as he was speaking. One of Hanley’s short list of endorsements is Keith Nesbitt who sits on the board and supports the effort to vet a local sales tax increase. Whoops. (Nesbitt’s Alternate Berlant cast the votes.)

The #AD06 Race is going to be intense and these candidate forums will be nice miniature train wrecks similar to the national spectacle that suffices for a GOP Presidential Primary.

Feb 252016

At a recent Placer GOP Central Committee meeting, Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell was absent and basically handed the floor of the meeting to Ken Campbell to trash Kirk Uhler while Vice-Chairman and deposed former Auburn Council-member Mike Holmes was holding the gavel. It should be noted that Holmes and other allegedly unbiased Cent Com leadership members huddled with the Pol-Pot Bellied CRA Information Minister Thomas N Hudson before said roasting.

Ken Campbell has a seething, firey rage for Kirk Uhler that dates back to 2004 when he was forced out as Chairman of the Placer GOP for torching several local officeholders over a dispute related to the finances of the committee. (Sound familiar?) Thomas N Hudson, once a target of Ken’s psychosis is now on the same side as Ken (for now) as Hudson’s ego is bruised over the dissolution of the Placer County RA Chapter.

At the aforementioned recent Placer GOP meeting, Ken Campbell extolled the virtues of commie-lib hippie Jennifer Montgomery, stating that “She can be worked with”. Jennifer Montgomery is an act-blue democrat who has been open about her democratic socialist views. Apparently, Ken Campbell has gotten more liberal with (r)age. At the same time, he talked about what a sell out Kirk Uhler was and how bad he is for the taxpayers of Placer County. Thomas N Hudson added his snide remarks for emphasis at the same meeting.

It was reported to me that some at the meeting were bemoaning that Kirk Uhler did not have an opponent. Why? Do they want another reasonable communist like Jennifer Montgomery? Do they want to make Placer County Great Again?

About a year ago, Ken Campbell’s buddies in Beth Gaines’ office attempted a smear campaign against Supervisor Uhler that was later exposed and debunked. Remember it? Then Beth Gaines Chief of Staff Dave Titus and her then district director and now Chief of Staff Jeff Short planted a lie in the local tea party basically asserting that Kirk Uhler was single-handedly attempting to raise our taxes via the Placer County Transportation Agency.

Fast-Forward to yesterday.

The PCTPA adoped a legislative agenda for 2016. For the benefit of Mr. Campbell and others that may still listen to him – let’s have a look at a key bullet on page one, “Support the establishment of a 55% majority threshold for the passage of a local option transportation sales tax…”

That would be gutting Prop 13.

And, on page 2 of the document is a reference to supporting AB 1591 (Frazier).

Yes – this is raising gas taxes $.22 a gallon and raising the car tax $38 a car. Frazier calls these moderate on his website.

So – If you believe Ken Campbell, then you could make bank that Kirk Uhler supported both of these items in the PCTPA legislative agenda.

Once again, the Pol-Pot Bellied CRA Information Minister and Mr. Campbell flew straight in to a brick wall of truth:


1)      Adopt the State Legislative Program for 2016 as shown in Attachment 1 (see attached State Leg Program)

AYES:                    Berlant, Hesch, Nader, Rohan, Ruslin

NOES:                  Holmes, Trebess, Uhler

ABSTAIN:            Wheeler

2)      Take a position of support for AB 1591 (Frazier):

AYES:                    Berlant, Hesch, Nader, Rohan, Ruslin, Treabess, Wheeler

NOES:                  Holmes, Uhler

ABSTAIN:            None

For those of you reading this that have been conditioned to believe I am a liar – go get the minutes of the most recent PCTPA meting.

For those of you not familiar with all the names on the list:

Daniel Berlant  – Auburn Councilmember

Tony Hesch – Colfax Councilmember

Stan Nader – Lincoln Councilmember

Susan Rohan – Roseville Councilmember

Diana Ruslin – Rocklin Councilmember

Ron Treabess – Member at Large from the Public. Works in Tahoe Resort Association

Dave Wheeler – Loomis Town Councilmember

Jim Holmes – Placer County Supervisor District 3

Kirk Uhler – Placer County Supervisor District 4

Perhaps the move to supporting gutting Prop 13 is due to the fact that the mass mailings and the thousands in consulting fees have not been able to move public opinion on the issue. Ironically, I just got one recently, see here and here for a lousy scanned copy. I was sent a copy of the summary of a recent poll that only shows 63% support for the tax increase – which any seasoned observer knows will collapse once campaigned against. (You need 66.67% to pass it)

I know most all the people on this board. I am absolutely befuddled that they would support gutting Prop 13 and the massive tax hike of Jim #Epicfail Frazier of AD11. There has to be an explanation.

However, Ken Campbell’s psychotic rage against Kirk Uhler is destructive for all of us. He and Thomas N Hudson are so blinded by their rage that they are attempting to raise our taxes in their rampage to unseat one of the apparently few true fiscal conservatives in local government. I wonder what the California Taxpayer Protection committee would say if they knew Thomas N Hudson was trying to run Kirk Uhler out of office? Whoops, it is as fake as the CRA. #facepalm.

Feb 252016

HalldinAssemblyLogo2#1 Local Business PAC Endorsement. 

#2 ONLY Candidate to make the cut for Trailblazers.

Excerpted from an Email I received recently:

Good morning. I am excited to announce more positive news for the campaign.
The Political Action Committee of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce, the largest local chamber in Assembly District 6, has unanimously endorsed our campaign. I am honored to have the support of this important group. Please see the news release pasted below. 
Also, California Trailblazers, an influential program to train and support up-and-coming Republican leaders, has awarded our campaign its “Pathfinder Status” — the only candidate in the Assembly District 6 race to be recognized. Click here to see the California Trailblazers news release.
While we are building momentum, I remain focused on raising the money necessary to be successful in the June 7 primary. As we close out February, we are trying to hit some key fundraising goals. I would greatly appreciate any contribution of any size you could make online today.
Below is an invitation to my next fundraising event, coming up on March 9 and hosted by DF Properties and Denio’s Farmers Market in Roseville I hope you can join us. 
Thank you again for your interest and support!
Roseville Chamber PAC Endorses Small Business Owner Bill Halldin for Assembly
ROSEVILLE – The Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee has unanimously endorsed longtime local small business owner Bill Halldin (R-Rocklin) for the 6th Assembly District, which includes South Placer County and parts of Sacramento and El Dorado counties.  
The Roseville Area Chamber is the largest local chamber in the 6th District. Assembly District 6 is currently represented by Beth Gaines, who is not seeking re-election due to term limits.
“Bill was the unanimous choice of our Board because of his broad experience in business and his commitment to bring real reforms to California,” said Kirk Taber, Chairman of the Roseville Area Chamber’s PAC. “Bill has proven himself as a local business owner for nearly 17 years and his passion for serving our community. He has the skills to represent and bring strong leadership for our region at the Capitol.”
Bill’s firm, Halldin Public Relations, has been recognized over 20 times for innovative and outstanding work by the Sacramento Public Relations Association. It was also named one of the 100 fastest-growing businesses in the Greater Sacramento area by theSacramento Business Journal. Bill was selected as Business Person of the Year by the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce for his commitment to excellence and is a past recipient of William Jessup University’s Faith & Service Award.
Bill currently serves as a Trustee for Sierra College and on the board of a number of civic organizations, including Blue Line Arts, the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Sacramento Region Feed My Starving Children MobilePack Steering Committee and the Sierra College Foundation. He is a past chairman of the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce and the William Jessup University Community Relations Council. 
“I appreciate the support of the Chamber’s PAC and the local business community as I work to represent the people of Roseville and the rest of Assembly District 6,” Halldin said. “As a business owner, I understand the challenges businesses face and will work to reduce the overregulation that is killing jobs and forcing many to relocate to other states.”
The Roseville Area Chamber’s PAC is the second business PAC to make an endorsement in Assembly District 6. The Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce PAC also chose Bill Halldin.
Bill and his wife, Susan, live in Rocklin and are the parents of two children, Kathryn, 18, a freshman at Wheaton College, and Michael, an 8th grade student at Spring View Middle School in Rocklin..
To learn more about Bill, please visit: www.BillHalldin.com.
(Then This…)
Election Day is closer than you think! We need help to ensure a victory in the June 7 primary.

We have recently updated our “Get Involved” site. Please sign up — or update your sign up — to volunteer, endorse Bill, donate or host an event. We are currently scheduling informal coffees at homes throughout the district — a great chance to invite your friends of meet Bill.
District 6 stretches from South Placer to Orangevale, Fair Oaks and Folsom in Sacramento County and El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park and Latrobe in El Dorado County. Click here to see a detailed map of the district. 
Don’t forget to like our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/BillHalldinforAssembly and follow Bill on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/BillHalldin
Feb 222016

Why is it that the only endorsements he has gotten are the ritual endorsements inside of Orange County?

I have written ad-naseum about Scott Baugh’s own self-serving angle for running his part of the drill. But – it goes deeper. Most of the GOP organizations inside Orange County are shrinking and insular, their endorsements are pretty much pre-ordained. These are what Moorlach is left to rely on for support.

The CRA, a group that once wielded power in Orange County used to be Moorlach’s base of support, now it is scandal-ridden and aging.

The OCGOP has presided over a running 20+ year disaster where cities are turning blue and the number of Democrat Districts is increasing.

The handful of legislative endorsements John Moorlach have gotten are only those within Orange County – but where is Janet Nguyen, Pat Bates and Todd Spitzer?

They all served with John Moorlach on the board of supervisors and they all can’t stand him.

Every capitol staffer I have talked to in Sacramento Can’t stand John Moorlach.

As I have researched his record – I see a man who has served himself at the political altar and at the trough of big government and no one near him can stand him.

Perhaps this is why he (Moorlach) lacks the endorsement of a single fellow State Senator?

Not one of his colleagues has endorsed him. The above three OC Political figures appear to have been bludgeoned in to silence by Scott Baugh and the cadre of lemmings at the OC GOP Cent Com Meeting – but none stood up for Moorlach either.

There is a consistent theme John Moorlach is ineffective and he is not even a true conservative.

Steven Greenhut understood this in 2008, when he wrote that John Moorlach isn’t even recognizable as a conservative anymore.

When you add in Tim Clark, his Chief of Staff and Consultant, who is equally as reviled within the building… it gets even worse.

As I continue to write about John Moorlach, continue to ask yourself why those that know him best can’t stand him and then you will understand that those in Orange County either endorsed a position or a reputation.

Positions and Reputations get you a decrease in vote share from 68% to 56%. When you lose your message, you lose your soul and your appeal to voters.

There is a reason why Tim Clark is acting unhinged, he knows how vulnerable John Moorlach is. Like Scott Baugh, I am certain that Tim Clark’s personal nexus has been driving his bizarre actions as well.

The sad irony is that John Moorlach has a massive pension and a fat 401(k) account courtesy of the Orange County Taxpayers and is reputed to hate his job in Sacramento. Is it Tim Clark running for re-election or John Moorlach?

There are a lot of unresolved issues here, but what I am certain of is that there is cancer all over the OCGOP establishment and it has metastasized.