Jan 312016

Don Wagner had a fundraiser that was well supported. In said fundraiser, it was clear that Don Wagner has a ton of friends, way more than John Moorlach has.

It was also clear that Tim Clark, Moorlach’s Chief of Staff who was twisting arms a few weeks ago and getting people to cave in to the status quo in Orange County has not been able to make his threats work in other parts of the state.

I can understand Mr. Clark’s loss of control feeling, it is odd when you’re used to being able to roll people at will and getting told no.

So – the situation is the event is in a well-known and well-traveled Bar-Restaurant in Sacramento. Enter one Mr. Clark with his cell phone lurking around the outside of the building looking in and photographing people.

One should also note – right next door was a fundraiser for Bob Huff. However, Tim Clark apparently decided to spend his evening at Don Wagner’s fundraiser instead.

Apparently the gumby-looking Tim Clark knew he was not intimidating enough and thus needed to photograph people to create some sort of revenge list for John Moorlach.

I wonder if Scott Baugh knew these sorts of antics were going to happen when he cut a deal with John Moorlach? (Anyone that knows Moorlach knows you don’t make deals with him)

Well if he (Baugh) and the OCGOP didn’t, they certainly own it all now, but Tim Clark’s professionalism did not stop there.

Clark is fond of walking the halls of the State Senate and bragging to his staff about all the people he has f–ked. I am sure Baugh and others are in the work queue as I write this.

Clark went inside the building and sat at the end of the bar. Note – Clark did not order a drink or anything as he is a reputed cheapskate. He continued filming and photographing people and typing on his cell phone the entire time.

The participants in the event were laughing at him.

Undaunted, Clark stationed himself outside the fundraiser’s exit door to make sure everyone could see him as they were leaving. I am sure he thought he was intimidating – the problem is these are well-adjusted donors and business owners, not Republican party lemmings.

Please note, that Senator John Moorlach (and then Supervisor John Moorlach) does nothing to reign Tim Clark in. This is standard operating procedure for Tim Clark.

Maybe the OCGOP were afraid Tim Clark would show up to an event and film them for later persecution and that had more to do with their support of John Moorlach than Scott Baugh’s manipulation?

Our search for answers will continue as we try to stem the tide of slippage in Orange County despite the best efforts of their GOP leadership to continue it…

Jan 312016

There is a price to being right. The CRA attempted unsuccessfully to cover up the rampant membership fraud in their organization.

As of this date, several CRA units have collapsed, do not meet and about half the existing CRA units are fraudulent.

In Thomas N Hudson’s CRA – meetings and membership are optional. What matters is having everything looking good on paper.

The CRA’s board needs to be right at all costs. When CRA VP Dale Tyler was commissioned to investigate the fraud within the CRA, it was supposed to be a fair and impartial investigation. He had copies of the rosters and signed affidavits of fraud. Tyler chose instead to whitewash the whole thing and one of his fellow committee members, Greg Powers resigned from the CRA and its’ board due to the dishonesty of Dale Tyler.

Dale Tyler’s home unit, the Saddleback RA has a $12,000 problem.

Last year, the unit held a series of fundraisers where people donated their own personal goods and sold them – ostensibly to raise money for the club.

Instead, at the direction of former Saddleback RA Secretary and her friends that included noted activist Larry Gilbert – the money, all $12,000 of it was sent to the “Community Common Sense” newspaper / website. The CCS as they call it is a marginal publication that apparently has a small fringe following in Southern Orange County.

The current president found out that the $12k was missing only once elected and getting the bank records. Whoops.

Connie Lee went berzerk over being questioned an apparently she and Larry Gilbert began smearing the current leadership of the Saddleback RA. Gilbert has since disappeared from the CRA scene again and Lee has since resigned as Sec/Trez of the unit.

Enter Dale Tyler. Guess what he did? Attempted to cover up the disappearance and the unethical manner of the allocation of said funds. Even he had to admit that the end game of Lee was never clearly disseminated to those donating their own personal goods to raise funds.

But – it did not matter. Dale Tyler’s pattern is to avoid conflict at all costs and make it go away – similar to the OC GOP. At least the narcissists and nerds on the State CRA board had the internal fortitude to cover up their lie by throwing more people out of the organization.

It is my understanding that the Saddleback RA is growing once again with Connie Lee and Larry Gilbert gone – however, they still practice exclusionary membership practices and are small and insular.

The unethical behavior and the cover up by a man who served at least two terms as a CRA Vice President? That is the price of admission to be in the CRA itself.

… and people wonder why the OCGOP has slipped from 68% down to 56% of the vote?

Jan 302016

I don’t care what the hair-splitting legal nuance is. Scott Baugh is a hypocrite. Did he call Congressman Dana Rohrbacher before taking out FEC papers to open up a committee to run for that Congressional seat? Even if he did – why then was it wrong for Greg Raths to pull a jacket to run for Mimi Walter’s seat?

Don Wagner? He had the integrity to stand up from jump street and say – I am going to restore SD37 from the grips of self-serving narcissism and make that seat represent the people once again.

Not Scott Baugh. Note how fast he and John Fleischman are spinning. And this is the same John Fleischman that called Don Wagner’s run for State Senate Quixotic. Well, guys – you look like hypocrites and as the old saying goes – if it takes longer than 10 seconds to explain what you are doing in politics, you screwed up.

When Scott Baugh betrayed his friend of many years (Wagner) he knew 100% what he was planning. It appears that Baugh was trying to re-insert himself as a player in OC GOP Politics. When Scott Baugh was helping run the drills to get Moorlach a string of punchless endorsements, it had nothing to do with Moorlach, it was about Scott Baugh’s own self-interest. I guess in that regard, Baugh and Moorlach are ideally suited for each other.

Meantime, the members of the OCGOP got rolled by Scott Baugh, and any that made their decision to endorse based off of Scott Baugh’s words at the meeting got played.

People wondering why the OCGOP is slipping and why Orange County is turning blue should look no further than to people like the former Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Scott Baugh and Jon Fleischman who is out there apologizing for him.

It looks like the OCGOP is full of cancer and the tumors have metastasized everywhere.

(68% of the vote in 1992, 56% of the vote in 2012 and falling)

Jan 302016

The event people have waited for, for years has finally happened. Team Gaines attempted to make it happen quietly, but your intrepid blogger has excellent sources.

Someday, I do hope to tell the back story of how it happened as Steve Davey’s out of control life pattern appears to have been central in his ouster.

No – Ted Gaines did not fire Steve Davey. This is as far as I can comment.

Years ago, most people that Ted Gaines spoke with told him not to hire Steve Davey. It appears that since then, Davey through Ted has sought revenge on all of them. The list of local electeds that Ted Gaines has abused is legion.

Ted Gaines appears to have been well suited and quite a match with Mr. Davey as the pattern of political paranoia and betrayal has been consistent and few have not been affected by it.

Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff Dave Titus now works for Ted Gaines. Similar to Beth Gaines discarding her constituents in favor of her next campaign, the morally and ethically challenged Dave Titus had to find a new gig. Steve Davey’s ouster made that easy.

Ssssteve Davey and Dave Titus met while working for Rico Oller. In 2004, when Rico Oller ran unsuccessfully for Congress, I saw firsthand Dave Titus have an affair with a 20 something staffer who is now his current wife. Titus discarded his then wife of 20+ years in favor of this much younger woman and reputedly he has cheated on her as much as he did on his first wife – while Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines do nothing.

Ssssteve Davey learned well. Too well. According to several ex-staffers of Ted and Beth Gaines, Steve Davey is a monster who is reputed to have been subjected to multiple claims of harassment. I have first hand knowledge that Davey used to make crass sexual comments about local elected women. Ted Gaines did nothing.

Steve Davey sexually harassed female staff. This is a fact repeated to me several times by former staff. Ted Gaines did nothing.

Steve Davey directed a former staffer to move his ball at a golf tournament in order to steal a putter for the best ball tournament. Steve Davey is in the process of getting a divorce and while I have no direct proof – I am sure Mr. Davey copied his mentor’s pattern of infidelity and again former Gaines staff told me she had left him at least twice before.

I have seen Steve Davey take off his wedding ring at CRP conventions for years in order to aid his efforts for horizontal refreshment at said conventions. Ted Gaines had to know about all of this and he did nothing.

Ted Gaines has demonstrated that he lacks the judgement to be in office as he has tolerated and even encouraged Steve Davey’s behavior for years.

Now – Ted Gaines has endorsed Cristi Nelson for Assembly. Nelson has no connection to the district and neither does Ted or he’d have fired Steve Davey years ago.

If you have any question about Ted Gaines’ encouragement and approval of Steve Davey’s rampage – When Senator Dave Cox was dying, Ted Gaines and Steve Davey used to laugh about it in their office jokingly keeping track on a calendar and taking bets with one another on when that day would be.

Yes – I have spoken to many former members of Team Gaines staff. My contempt for the Gaines has been earned, this is not simply a matter of sour grapes over past elections. Soon, the people of SD01 will get a chance to judge Ted Gaines again. My fear is that his well-meaning opponent will not have the resources to get his own message out.

Soon, the voters of El Dorado County will have a chance to reject Beth Gaines. It is more likely in that tilt that another candidate can gain traction and beat the coronation that Beth Gaines expects to have happen… more on that soon…

Jan 282016

When I posted something similar to this in Wagner V Moorlach Round 1 – John Moorlach’s supporters derided the money donated as being donated to “Lackluster” Candidates in an attempt to justify John Moorlach’s self-centered laziness. This is emblematic of the attitude I have seen in John Moorlach as well.

He (The Great Moloch) could not be bothered to help build the party and his supporters dismissal of the importance of recruiting and funding good people for office is disturbing. Even more disturbing (but not surprising) were some of the beneficiaries of Wagner’s largesse voting to endorse Moorlach over Wagner for round 2. Most people I know in Politics are selfish, many to the point of psychosis and precious few people I have met in the 18+ years I have been doing campaigns have done ANYTHING near what Wagner has done to help build the GOP.

Now – in Round 2, the denial of the New Breed of John Moorlach supporter is to the clinical stage where a former legislator actually stood up to minimize the importance of raising money to elect Republicans. I suppose Mr. Baugh should tell congressman Steve Knight – whose district turned Blue underneath him and who has a Beverly Hills Lawyer and $3 million to contend with that fundraising does not matter. Perhaps Assemblymember Eric Linder, Young Kim, Mark Steinorth, David Hadley, Kathrine Baker and Tom Lackey don’t need any help. They must be too lackluster – the dems will have limitless resources to take target practice on all the above.

Maybe Scott Baugh and other has-beens have become weak in the years since holding office and it is rubbing off on the entire OC GOP?

Or maybe it is just as simple as the OC Establishment is happy seeing the Congressional Seat once held by Bob Dornin firmly gone forever. Maybe they like having a 50% dem Assembly Seat right in the middle of the county – it might take work to win hearts and minds.

The Orange County GOP got 68% of the vote for HW Bush in 1992. The lemmings that have taken over large parts of it have overseen a deterioration to the point of 56% of the vote for Romney in 2012. Maybe their fealty to the Moloch despite his pattern of doing nothing for anyone other than himself is a pattern of familiarity, like some victims of abuse get toward their abuser?

Don Wagner gave $2000 to Donnelly for Governor. Yes, THAT Tim Donnelly. Don Wagner was anti-establishment before the establishment endorsed the Great Moloch.

Leaders help others, often times at their own expense. Don Wagner has given over $300k to other Republican Candidates for office in the last two cycles. Wouldn’t he like to have that money in the bank right about now?

While Team Moorlach derides these below mentioned Republican Candidates as “Lackluster” – when it comes time for tax increases and they stop them dead, thank people like Don Wagner for doing his part to help us all.

A search of records shows that John Moorlach has made a single donation of $200 to Prop 38 some years ago. I could not find his name on campaign finance records in the last two cycles, except on his own Committee.

Take a look at Team Wagner’s loads of money to help expand the reach of the GOP in California. Let’s start with $15,000 to the OC GOP in just the 13-14 Cycle alone.

Then remember – Wagner was repaid for his service to the OCGOP with the comments at the meeting about how what he did to help did not matter.

I ask again – what incentive is there for anyone in office in Orange County to help anyone other then themselves? They all sat in that meeting and basically did just that in front of each other. With all that selfishness, there is nothing to give anyone else – much less any sort of compelling message to draw new voters in. Maybe the entire GOP needs to be burnt to the ground in order to restore hope for leadership to combat the socialists in power?

But wait, there is so much more:

$50,000 to the CAGOP – specifically to help elect Katherine Baker in the BAY AREA! John Moorlach? Not a dime.

$25,000 to the California Republican Leadership Fund! John Moorlach? Not a dime.

$4100 to Young Kim? John Moorlach? Not a dime.

$4100 to Janet Nguyen X 2

$4100 to Andy Vidak – who held a State Senate District with a 20 point Dem Registration Advantage

$4000 To Catherine Baker – who picked up a democrat leaning Assembly District in the Bay Area.

$2000 to David Hadley – who picked up a democrat leaning Assembly District in the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

$4100 to Mario Guerra – a socially conservative businessman/lay pastor who nearly won a 20 point dem state senate district in East LA. John Moorlach? Not A Dime.

and a host of other contributions to candidates running around the state – including $1000 to former CRA VP Craig Alexander.

And, have a look at the over $100,000 Don Wagner gave to other Republicans in 2012.

This matters if you care what kind of state we are going to have in the future – it is so much more than the right rhetoric. John Moorlach? Not a Dime.

We need to break the cycle of lone wolves that sit in safe seats doing nothing to expand the party – this is one of the main reasons why I support Don Wagner. John Moorlach first took office when I was in the military. He is the poster child of a career politician.

The Great Moloch has had ample opportunity to lead since his one and only accomplishment. However, has sat idly by in his temple committing Ideological Harlotry whilst the OC GOP has been sacrificed on the electoral altar repeatedly.