Diana Ruslin Mailer #2 Last one in Race and Solid Offering + my prediction for Rocklin Outcomes.

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Oct 312010

Diana Ruslin Mailer #2 is better than mailer #1 for a couple of reasons:

1. It does not have a long endorsement list on it. Greg Janda’s second mailer still did. In this election where people are looking for the “establishment” and the “boogie man”… that could be a huge difference.

2. It was smaller. Smaller is good. Both of Janda’s Mailers were the 6 1/2 X11 and Diana’s Mailer #2 was in this format as well.

I still think Diana Ruslin Wins. This Mailer gets an 8.0 for an A-. The reason – it replaced the endorsement list with a resume’ a very, very smart move.

I also believe that Greg Janda could knock off Scott Yuill – which was not the intention of the folks that recruited Janda.

Janda raised a lot of Money. So did Scott Yuill.

Scott is an incumbent. Janda is not.

All of them visited my house – but the reason why Diana Ruslin will finish first is that her people were knocking and talking to all the houses they visited. I have that confirmed by several. Ruslin has also knocked on more doors than all the rest of the candidates combined.

In my home precinct – there are Four Diana Ruslin Yard Signs, and One Scott Yuill Yard Sign (The one in my front yard). No Janda signs at all.

I have endorsed Scott Yuill and will be voting for him on Tuesday along with Diana.

The reason Greg could beat Scott rests with Mark Klang. I have friends convinced that Klang has done the work necessary – I am also aware that Klang has walked a ton of precincts (knocking and talking).

People dismiss Mark Klang way too fast in every election – Klang is a hell of a campaigner.

Every vote Mark Klang gets takes a vote from Scott Yuill in my opinion.

In the end I think that Diana Ruslin finishes first, Yuill and Janda will be in a photo finish for second…

… but do not be suprised if Mark Klang makes a really strong showing. I mean strong.

Rocklin School Board?

Steve Paul finishes fourth.

The evidence? People have tried to roll out the fact that Amanda Tingler went to Obama’s inaguration – they forget that she got the tickets from Tom McClintock to do so.

The late mailer sent by the three incumbents – while I loved it and thought it was great – indetified them as incumbents, guaranteeing that one of them will lose.

The recent spate of sign destruction and the fact that the incumbents bought the California Voter guide slate mailer late shows they were caught flat-footed and did not take Tingler seriously.

Finally – the late hit peice put in the Rocklin Cat Pan Liner (aka the Placer Herald) in the final indicator that Both Amanda and Glenn Moeller got traction.

The communist left-wing Democrat Alex Ferriera will win re-election as his buddies spent about $10K on his behalf.

Cari Dawson Bartley wins her race for Sierra College Board

Howard Rudd wins his race for Sierra College Board as he spent $10k of his own money over Kelli Gnile whose campaign was effective and grassroots… but not enough to compete with Rudd’s Money and connections.

Let’s see how many of these I got right?

Oct 312010

Nice huh? Most in the Tea Party are not insane or so consumed with rage they can’t see straight.

The three brain surgeons that decided to windshield cars in the Bayside Parking Lot were the exception. Out of the Ken Campbell school of spreading God’s love the older woman with long grey hair cussed out the CFO of Bayside in the parking lot when asked to leave.

That same woman was on the corner of Sierra College and Douglas waiving a Barbara Alby for Senate sign earlier.

I would assume that Barbara Alby would not approve of such behavior – just like she would not approve of Lt Gov “Candidate” Karen England spreading a lie regarding the CRA endorsement of Ted Gaines.

The subplots are as follows: These Tea Party members only cared about the Per-Diem and claimed that Gaines got it tax-free. They did not seen to care about Roger Niello raising taxes 12.6 Billion.

This further suggests collusion between Alby and Niello. And those Tea Party members were also lying as Gaines indeed paid taxes on that money.

Again – how does $94K compare to $12.6 Billion?

Subtext number 2: Ted Gaines was a founding member of Bayside Church 15 years ago. This is why it is equally absurd when I see blog comments and facebook posts about what a scumbag Ted Gaines is. But, Rick Keene, who helped found a church in Chico was subjected to the same treatment.

It seems that elements of the Tea Party in in this area of California is way different than in other states.

The following is the text of an email sent to Alby’s Campaign by a friend who first-hand witnessed what happened:

Ms. Alby, you may want to reign in some of your more vocal campaign hacks this weekend.  The ones putting your campaign fliers on private church property, especially the older lady with long gray hair and loud foul mouth, didn’t make you look very good tonight.  It’s kind of ironic to have someone passing out materials with Bible versus on them while also dropping 4 letter words on senior church staff and hail false accusations. This is not how Ronald Reagan would want good Christian Conservative leaders to behave, or Jesus Christ for that matter.


Greg Janda Mailer #2 hits – looks like mailer #1 with a twist

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Oct 302010

Greg Janda has run an aggressive campaign for City Council.

As I have said before – I like Greg, I think he has made a couple mistakes, but for a first campaign has done well.

He has raised enough money to buy the California Voter Guide for $3k. He has also been able to send out two mailers.

In addition if you check your “junk mail” he’s had two inserts in that as well. Not a bad showing at all.

The second mailer incorporates the Male Chauvanist Sacramento Bee endorsement in it. (I can’t help myself – the Bee sucks and if they ever endorsed me, I’d hide it)

It also has the Roseville Cops and Fire – now that is a big deal. Brett Storey’s quote is shortened and there are a few stylistic changes.

This is a solid offering at 7.5 gets a B+.

IF you Vote Yes on 25 – the Joke’s on You

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Oct 302010

Want the Democrats to have unfettered access to your wallet? Vote yes on 25 – I know the deceptive ads are talking about how you can “screw the man” if you vote yes. That “man” would be you. Prop 25 would effectively end Prop 13 in California — Consider the following:


Prop 25 Actually Rewards Legislators for Passing Sham Budgets


The Legislators behind Prop 25 are lying to the voters! They won’t forfeit a dime under Prop 25.  In fact, Prop 25 actually rewards them for passing sham budgets, AND makes it easier for them to increase their own tax-free expense accounts.


Would all the Sacramento politicians supporting Prop 25 be doing so if it actually threatened their pay?


Recent polling shows a concerning level of support for Prop. 25 among Republican voters, in part, because they are so angry and frustrated with the Democrat-controlled state Legislature that they want to believe it will hold legislators accountable. They are being fooled!


The Democrats and public employee unions that have put $10 million behind Prop 25 are lying that it will punish legislators if they don’t pass a budget on time.


Prop. 25 doesn’t do anything to ensure that a budget is signed! Prop. 25 would only require the legislature to pass a budget – no matter how gimmick-filled and out-of-balance it may be – with a majority vote, to keep their taxpayer funded pay and perks flowing. After that happens, it could be months and months until a real budget is signed by the governor!


Even Mac Taylor, the legislature’s non-partisan analyst, said the punish-the-legislators provisions of Prop. 25 “can be very easily circumvented by just passing some budget by June 15 even if it is not signed by the governor.”


Republican voters need to know that Prop. 25 is the ultimate Democrat-Union power play. And if Jerry Brown wins there’ll be nothing to stop them from increasing taxes, pensions and enacting their extreme agenda for California…and doing so with a majority vote.


Remember what happened the last time Democrats and the Unions controlled Sacramento? They created the budget crisis we’re in now!


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Oct 292010

They know who will cut the deals to raise spending and taxes to keep their candy flowing.

The allegedly conservative Roger Niello is the beneficiary of an IE by the Teacher’s union. The people who think Harvey Milk should share the stage with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln… the people who think your daughter should have an abortion without you knowing about it… have endorsed Roger Niello. Note – there is a Democrat in the race, Ken Cooley – but the CTA know who will deliver the goods for them.

This is what will happen in the Prop 14 world of elections – Unions will start unloading wads of money in Republican districts to influence the outcomes of elections. Roger Niello helped make that happen by voting to put Prop 14 on the ballot.

Take a look – Roger Niello the choice of the Teacher’s Union.

And of course on the front, the Teacher’s Union pet project – driving more jobs out of California (than Niello’s votes already have) with supporting Prop 24 to repeal corporate tax breaks given in that Feb 2009 budget.

So Roger Niello + Yes on 24, the choices of the Teacher’s Union? Nice.

This is what not signing the No New Taxes Pledge looks like – gotta keep the options open so that you can keep your supporters happy.

Good Lord – California is in a bubble from the rest of the nation.