Jun 302021
I am sending this statement on behalf of Larry Elder, who requested that I inform the media of his thoughts on running for Governor in the Recall election.
“Based on the calls, emails and discussion over the past several months I am in the process of seriously considering running for California Governor in the Recall Election.  At the early part of next week I will announce my decision and why it was made.”  Larry Elder
Oh mama, this would upend the race if it happened. (Please note that this statement was sent out by Steve Frank, I assume to a lot of media types.)
Jun 302021

Yep – that is the Chairwoman and her mentor.

Leave it to Stephen Frank, the man has impeccable sources.

Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views, 6/30/21


It has now been confirmed.  The California Republican Party is going to hold a SPECIAL CONVENTION in August—no date or location has been determined—staff is working on it.  The purpose is to endorse a candidate for Governor in the Recall—after the Executive Committee, NOT the delegates change the bylaws on July 24.

Just like the calling of the Executive Committee meeting on July 24, only SELECT members of the Board of Directors have been informed—and told to keep it secret.

The suggestion of an Executive Committee meeting and the calling of a Special Convention was NEVER discussed by the Board of Directors.  Never. Why would they conceal their motives and plans from the 22 elected leaders of the Party? I’d suggest that the recent successes of Conservatives electing more board members and the emergence of others asking uncomfortable questions has caused the insiders to go underground with their deceit.

The big question is will this be via ZOOM or in person?  Will people want to spend big bucks to travel to a convention in August and then go to the September convention, 9/24-26 in San Diego (btw—the Chair is keeping the location of that convention a secret till the last minute she can legally be forced to announce it.

Like the February convention with an un-auditable technology system, that disallowed many who paid their registration to vote, that forced the County Chairs to do a roll call vote instead of a technology based vote, questions will be raised as to the “accuracy” of the vote count.

This reminds me of how the Democrats in the past few days, using the budget, changed the rules for the Recall.  It reminds me of how union leadership operates without telling the members what they are doing or who they are supporting. 

Another question.  If they go through with a special Executive Committee meeting to change the bylaws, then go through with a special convention to endorse a candidate, will delegates be willing to attend a convention in September after seeing the problems of the February convention and now the manipulations by Chair Patterson, why would they waste money to attend.

I am not sure what the payoff is to the CAGOP, but we’ve proven repeatedly they are corrupt and this is the latest. If I was Kevin Faulconer I’d tell them to stop.

We will continue tracking the malfeasance of the party bosses and their consultants.

Jun 292021
As covered by Right on Daily, Western Placer Waste Management Authorty had been attempting to do a no-bid renewal with the ghastly overpriced NORTEC the current vendor.
20 years ago was the last time the WPWMA went out to bid. At that time, they hired NORTEC waste to manage the Athens Ave Dump.
Amazingly, given the outdated technology and pricing that was far beyond usual and customary, some board members and staff talked about the “great work” Nortech has been doing and seemed to allude to promises of big things to come if they are granted a no-bid multi-decade extension. As we highlighted, Bill Halldin and John Allard both rightly pointed out that the proper place for these types of proposals is through a public bidding process.
Because your intrepid blogger brought this to light, taxpayers and residents knew what was being attempted under cover of darkness.
Because of Allard, Halldin and your Intrepid Blogger, last September, the board did the right thing and issued an RFP, splitting the landfill and materials recovery facility (MRF) into separate bids.
So – here is the summary of where we are at:
    •    The landfill bids have not been announced yet
    •    The MRF bids were reported out in April.
    •    4 companies bid
    •    The current operator – who had been lauded for “great work” – Nortech came in dead last out of the four bidders. From what we’ve heard they didn’t even come close. In fact, they couldn’t even meet the state’s diversion requirements per SB1383!!!
Please refer to the Board agenda: see item 9b on page 59: https://www.wpwma.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/April-8-2021-Agenda.pdf
Taxpayers win when government services are put out to bid, generally getting innovation, better services, and competitive pricing.
We are looking forward to seeing what the landfill bids offer for taxpayers.
The board did their job and the taxpayers won. Taxpayers 1, NORTECH 0.
Jun 242021

I repeat Kevin Faulconer can’t win without the CAGOP endorsement. He has to have the ballot thingy and he has to have the bulk mail permit that will give him mass mail at a fraction of the cost. In addition, it will allow his tiny list of donors to max out 4 times due to the numerous accounts the CAGOP has.

I also repeat that John Cox wishes he had the same crew he had in February helping him now. Cox has been cancelling events as he prefers to run around with the bear instead of dealing with the little people. I worked for Cox in Feb and helped kill the Rule 5 effort while PROUDLY working for Steve Frank against the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

So – we get noticed that the CAGOP are continuing the shredding of their by-laws, with well over 50 dubious delegates all poised to vote to endorse Faulconer. What is the “leadership” of the CAGOP conspiring to do? Amend the by-laws to endorse in the recall with 50%+1, about the only way they can rig an endorsement of Faulconer.

Just a few days after the abomination was exposed, enter the patron RINO himself:

The first sentence of this email may be the most colossal lie of the Faulconer Campaign. We’ve proven that the CAGOP is a complete joke with conventions and results pre-scripted in the back rooms of the overpriced headquarters of political consultants.

What this does prove is that the CAGOP Staff are in the bag for Faulconer (I’m SHOCKED I TELL YOU SHOCKED…) and that the CAGOP are working with his campaign to coordinate responses.

Because John Cox discarded all the good operatives that helped in Feb, he and others are going to be left with few options to stop this effort this time.

Jun 222021

Did you know that Lisa Bartlett is up to her old self-serving tricks again? Remember when your intrepid blogger took off after Bill Brough and people accused Lisa Bartlett of standing up and telling her story to benefit herself? (Brough was to have run to Bartlett’s right for State Senate)

Now – today we have a screwy coalition opposing Lisa Bartlett’s latest move:


This luminary is on the same side as Jon Flash and Diane Harkey. This caused my bs-o-meter to redline.

You see, Lisa Bartlett has had a string of felony stupid, yet self-serving actions. She endorsed John Moorlach despite the fact that John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff covered up the rape of Trish Todd while waiting for $44K in consulting fees to be paid by Brough. (Conclusion I drew from known facts) Bartlett told Brough’s victims they don’t matter anymore now that she got Brough out of the way.

Now – Lisa Bartlett is pushing a “term limits” measure for a special election ballot. This means if the measure passes, those in office are exempted and get to start over at 0 terms like everyone else. If passed, the Measure gives people three terms lifetime with no 4 year sit-out provision. As it stands now, you can serve two terms, sit out four years and then serve two more.

Did I mention I HATE Term Limits? You’ve gotten a generation of special interest produced puppets and egomaniacal narcissists that are always thinking about their next run for office. If it was not for term limits, I’d have a harder time finding material for this blog.

Now, back to Orange County: Perhaps Lisa Bartlett no longer wants to run for State Senate, instead preferring the larger paycheck of an OC Supervisor?

Whatever my opinion on Term Limits is, this measure is garbage. Now enter my favorite Supervisor Candidate:

Well gheez, isn’t that special. It appears Harkey has taken a break from hiding her assets and living with her (ex) Husband to take up a new self-serving venture…

Grandstanding on Term Limits! She is about the only person that should put a sock in it over this measure. You see, if Bartlett’s measure passes, Diane Harkey would have to run against Lisa Bartlett. Given how Orange County Politicians are lemmings for the status quo (well most of them), Harkey’s support and once-a-week endorsement emails would evaporate in favor of the incumbent.

Yep – the same incumbent who bravely told her story of abuse by Bill Brough, then threw the other 6 known victims of Brough (one who was raped) under the bus when it was time for her next political move.

So – Bartlett is wrong. Harkey finally gets something right, until you look under the surface and see the self-serving motives.

Oh and the speaker at the meeting? Just call him Ma’am and vote no.