Sep 282021

WOW – Marc Ang NAILED IT. He recognizes that Peter Kuo is a straw man and that the CAGOP itself is a shell to pay consultants. See the original article here.

CA GOP Convention
Swati Singh, Regional Political Director at Republican National Committee (moderator) Peter Kuo, Vice Chairman, California Republican Party, Bay Area Republican Activist Marc Ang, community organizer in Southern California and founder of Asian Industry B2B, and Jeff Wang.

LOS ANGELES, CA  – This past weekend, I was invited to be a “trainer” for the CA GOP convention for a session called Asian Community Voices. While I am disillusioned by the GOP, which has slowly become a toxic fringe party that plays politics poorly, focused on infighting, and can’t achieve real results or tangible outcomes, I see glimmers of hope for the future.

I felt it was a good first step and I should be slightly encouraging but more importantly I needed to show up and speak my truth. Will they learn something new, break out of old habits and become a true viable opposition party to give checks and balances to the one party Democratic state or maybe that is just asking for too much? Walk before we run, maybe? I also know that enough people inside the party structure are hungry for the truth, many who are my friends and people I respect who are trying to save the sinking ship, but who are earnestly and honestly fighting the good fight. So I showed up.

Unfortunately, party leadership remains emblematic of just where the party is and has been for the better part of the last two decades, stuck in 1995 style campaign messaging. The party seems to have no clue how the brand is even perceived, and that’s the worst part. I have, in the past, stood up for Republicans and will continue to do so, but I’m under zero delusion that I’m contrarian to where the culture is. The insiders in the political party don’t seem to understand this, and are completely delusional about their own importance and think that anyone actually cares that they have some title for a brand that was beaten down by 25 points in an off year special election, when the opposition made it about the same brand they keep peddling nonstop, with no critical thinking.

I also really dislike the idea of “training”. Our segment was really a panel and I knew enough people in the room that did not need to be talked down to like they were dumb on who Asians are. My great friend and co-panelist, Jeff Wang, touched upon this simple fact and asked the question to the audience, “who are actually friends with Asians?” If you knew how to cultivate relationships as regular everyday people, all these racial barriers wouldn’t need to exist and I thought we achieved this in California. But political California Republicans seem to be lacking on regular social skills so I can fathom why this is foreign to them. This “training” should have been billed as a conversation. The word “training” comes off condescending, like I know better than you, emblematic of the political Republicans.

Asian community voices should not be about cynically waking up the dumb, but instead, gently guide people to vote Republican based on our values, something I have done in my organization, Asian Industry B2B, with business owners and those who have a freedom loving entrepreneurial bent. It should also not be about uninspired voter registration efforts when the greater brand is dying. Amplify a bad brand, and you’re actually doubling or tripling your work. 

What the GOP has now attracted in the Asian community is those who are living in the past, or those who are interested in climbing some political structure or hierarchy. No wonder the Democrats have made so many inroads in the younger generation because they involve people and were previously low on condescension, though now, that is changing as they become more comfortable, lazy and hell bent on growing their power. Yet the GOP cannot take advantage of the opportunities of Democrats failing, because they themselves are doing similar things, unable to strike a real contrast.

But what gives me hope is that so many are registering out of Republican into Independent. Because in California, the NPPs are truly the “replacement” Republican party. Free thinkers who do not want to be associated with the party, which really is the “fringe” party playing politics instead of finding solutions. If you are intellectually honest, you cannot be a Republican or a Democrat, at this point. What finally made me register out of Republican was watching the good honest Republican grassroots donors donating $50 here, or a $100 there, sometimes, their own meager life savings, and then watching that same money spent ridiculously on salaries for consultants who actually were poor fiduciaries to the campaign and cause. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen this over the last few election cycles.

Right after our Asian Community Voices segment, the Vice Chair Peter Kuo, my co-panelist, posted his typical uninspired rantings on Twitter calling this training “historic”. It is this type of desperate hyperbole that turns off your average person. First of all, this is 20 years too late. The Democrats have made this outreach way back, and just now we are doing this? Second, do we even need to pander? I think issues like law and order, school choice, wildfires, affordable housing, etc., all affect all races equally. Using words like “historic” just made me cringe like I have never before. I reject this grandiose mentality – can we just be real?

Peter also had the nerve to make a quip that I should return to the party and not “sit on the fence”. That is laughable, if you look at my record of work in the community and in the media promoting conservative values. But this is par for the course. Meanwhile, Peter is symbolic of an out of touch older generation. My heart actually went out for him as he talked about not having a connection with his daughter. In contrast, I know so many parents, including my own late father, who actually took time to listen. After being around so many Republicans in my activism, I found a common thread: many had broken relationships with children. There was a disconnect because they didn’t bond and connect, and were too rigid and didn’t evolve with the changing world. It doesn’t mean throw out your values, but at least know what’s going on and talk to your kids. And this goes beyond race. This seems to be common in successful Asian families. I can certainly admire Peter’s immigrant story but this is not what we need in 2021, especially with a 2nd generation of Asian Americans who are intermarrying and overwhelmingly Democrat, breaking with their parents and concerned about other issues. I encouraged the party to start embracing things like cannabis or bitcoin, or at least having a conversation about it, to get to this new bloc of voters, who are open to not voting lockstep with Democrats. Stop thinking you know it all, Republicans.

A title doesn’t make you a leader. The current GOP leadership may look outwardly diverse, with a Latina and Asian as chair and vice chair, but after many years of poor results and no change in trends, is actually more indicative of how the CA Republicans seem to only uplift “yes” men and women. Can we practice meritocracy in a party that claims it’s all about it and the free market, and performance? Can we bring up leaders who actually have solid community connections and tangible credentials? Not titles, but true accomplishments.

Another person who attended texted me and told me to turn down my “anger”, focused more on the animation of my voice, while missing the point that she was projecting her own to me and that no one likes to be told what to do or condescended to. Funny that the ultimate response to my words on the panel was overwhelmingly supportive, because in the end, the convention goers and hardcore activists needed someone to match the anger and frustration. Once again, Republicans need to learn some humility and maybe look at results versus “Karening” what others are doing. I certainly wouldn’t have the nerve to tell someone else what to do with their own public presentations. Hey, you do you. But I’ll do me.

Both Peter and Madame Critique need to understand how out of touch they are, in general.  The biggest takeaway is not that they are bad people, but that they are focused on being accepted by this dying structure and toxic political brand. I am not here to win a Mr. Congeniality award. I have never cared about that, and could care less about shallow accolades or titles, as I have turned down many opportunities to get involved in the political parties, because the community is my focus. There’s some serious work that needs to be done, in a state I have invested my life in. And the work doesn’t start or end in the political structures or elitist social clubs.

What the GOP has become is a cult of misfits, and has self-attracted myopic types of people, distracted by warped priorities, with a consultant class ripping flesh off the dead carcass of the roadkill. What is left are sycophants who are woefully clueless on how dead the brand is, and are busy brown-nosing other sycophants with titles that mean nothing, because the structure itself is compromised and is not even the 2nd biggest organization in California. The bottom line is the GOP in California isn’t even a viable party. Independents and NPP’s are higher in registration by 4 percent, while the GOP can’t even clear a quarter of registered voters, languishing in third place.

And this is not just limited to the establishment. The grassroots are just as misguided in a dying party.  While I earnestly worked hard to get the grassroots engaged on our Facebook group for the recall election and in real life rallies, nonstop talk about electoral fraud became a quick defeatist excuse for those who are low on action, and high on rigidity, and are not even open to understanding the simple fact that our state is culturally liberal. In addition, there are many grifters who live on dead-end candidacies sucking up the money and oxygen from well meaning donors, and fake self-fashioned leaders who end up playing their own political games in the grassroots, the moment they are given a little bit of perceived power. This was so evident in the Recall Newsom campaign and I highlighted this on my Newsweek op-ed.

The fact remains that our once conservative state has had a huge demographic shift thanks to affluenza. Nowhere more evident than the formerly hardcore conservative Orange County, where the older generation is dying off and the newer generation is polar opposite liberal. Bottom line: electoral fraud cannot account for a 25 point loss in California, so it’s time we start cleaning house on the conservative side.

It’s not just about showing up, it’s how you show up. While Asian vice chair Peter Kuo is a nice guy, his flamboyant red suits and violin-playing as his gimmick, is once again a distraction from the real impactful work that needs to be done on a daily basis. It is almost poetic how in the Titanic movie, you have the people in denial playing music, dancing and having fancy dinners as the ship was slowly sinking. When Peter plays the violin, I picture Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet sinking into the ocean. The type of sycophantic hierarchy-worshipping behavior is also what I have seen in the Chinese Communist Party’s ability to infiltrate the San Gabriel Valley, which I have discussed in previous op-eds.

I had to also laugh at affirmative action hire, Latina Chair Jessica Patterson’s attempts to strip the California College Republicans from their charter status because they put out a few memes to make fun of her. I’m sorry but if you want to be a leader, you better learn how to laugh at yourself and maybe look at some harsh truths of why we are not succeeding in growing our movement. Humor does go a long way. Suppressing it is as bad as censorship in China.

Once again, we are post partisan and the GOP is playing catch up 20 years later, and now they’ve once again missed the pulse of the average person. The fastest growing bloc of voters in California are those with “no party preference”, mostly disaffected Republicans and Democrats, who don’t need to be boxed into partisan food fights and who actually want to work towards solutions. I am glad I went to the GOP convention to see exactly where the baseline is, but I see the enormity of the work that needs to be done. I will be fighting for my conservative values and commonsense solutions outside of their dysfunctional structure, but wish them all the best.

Sep 262021

The September 2021 CAGOP Convention was indeed the worst attended I have ever heard of since my first CAGOP Convention in 1999.

There were about 500 bodies and 300 proxies. I believe that someday there will be more proxies than bodies at a convention. That day could be sooner than I’d have imagined. On that subject, Tom Hudson, everyone’s favorite windmill charger took an amendment to limit proxies to one per person (at that Associates only ones eligible to carry) to the floor and it was just a few votes short of a majority.

One of the major issues of the convention was Andy Garakhani, forever known as Andy Gimmecandy. Gimmecandy was said to be having anger outbursts the whole weekend. He was said to have stomped out of the proxies and credentials committee meeting when the Yuba County issue was brought up. (Remember Yuba was one of three county parties given delegates by the crooked CAGOP Leadership despite violating California Election Law)

Drew Mercy, a legislative staffer (and a friend of mine) is the chair of the committee. No legislative staffer or consultant should have any position of responsibility in anything state party, but I digress. Mercy and his crew ignored requests from the new and legitimate leadership of the Yuba GOP to undo the illegally selected delegates. Remember also, that Glenn and Tehama are in the same boat, but have both been given a pass because there was no effort to undo the cabals in those counties. Also note that illegitimate members of both Glenn and Tehama are on the proxies and credentials committee – while the same CAGOP Leadership talk about election integrity.

The crooked CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson is alleged to be in line to become RNC Chair. This is the underpinning of the systemic and gross violations of CAGOP By-Laws and election law. Kevin McCarthy is alleged to be trying to line up all of his proxies in party leadership positions everywhere. While the same leaders talk about election integrity.

Perhaps the Yuba GOP issue can become a national issue – especially with the insiders reloading to re-sell what is left of the CAGOP to Faulconer once again. What did Patterson and crew do to Yuba? Told them to go to hell multiple times and is making them wait until April for a hearing and even should they prevail, the 6 illegitimate delegates will be able to fill out their full term due to the delays. Imagine what kind of game playing and corruption will come to the RNC should McCarthy succeed in anointing Patterson.

(P.S. More specific details about McCarthy-Patterson coming later)

So – for those of you scoring at home, the summary of CAGOP Corruption under Jessica Patterson:

22 illegally appointed delegates in LA County Districts in violation of CAGOP By-Laws
Tehama / Glenn continuing to have delegates appointed in violation of state law
Yuba County
Several County Parties that got bonus delegates with zero oversight from the committee
Proxies and Credentials populated with conflicted delegates and consultants (and allowing bad proxies to stand at that)
CAGOP Committees run by political consultants and staffers
3 separate attempts to rig CAGOP Endorsement for Kevin Faulconer

Perhaps this is why Jessica Patterson was getting roundly booed from the floor of the convention repeatedly.

Of further note – the CAGOP Rules Committee, controlled 100% by Patterson loyalist consultants, staffers, donors and insiders killed all meaningful proposed CAGOP By-Law amendment proposals.

They killed Rule 10 to restore the permanent charter of the CCR – California College Republicans. I believe this is because the rival organization is aligned with Kevin McCarthy.

They killed a rule change that would have made county party secretaries automatic delegates similar to Treasurers. It is clear that they want to keep the party small and moribund in order to control it.

(and they were talking about election integrity at the same time)

In my opinion the most egregious issue was the re-election of GOP insider and mega donor Howard Hakes. I have written about my low opinion of Hakes and his apparent superiority complex and dismissive treatment of any convention attendees he thinks are beneath him. IN the case of the election Hakes beat David Hernandez 48-35.

With a margin like that why did it take 6 RECOUNTS? Did they change votes? Did Andy G. bully people in to changing votes? Why was Andy Gimmecandy running around the empty convention in a panic while the LA Regional Meeting was in session?

WHY DID IT TAKE 6 RECOUNTS to get a result?

Oh, and how many of the 22 delegates appointed to LA County Districts in clear violation of State Party By-Laws voted in that race?\

(and they were talking about election integrity the entire weekend)

From the dais, Jessica Patterson (the erstwhile future RNC Chair) said we can’t mention the “F” word because it will decrease voter turnout. Perhaps the Party of Election Integrity making a mockery of its’ own rules is the fraud that Jessica Patterson does not want to mention?

6 recounts.

Garbage delegates from Yuba County.

Rules Committee outcome pre scripted and determined.

Consultant-run proxies and credentials committee.

A party at 23% and falling. Quite the resume for RNC Chairwoman.

Sep 212021

Capitol Weekly wrote an article about the death of Scott Lay.

Scott Lay was a good dude, a democrat, but a good man. He ran a publication that aggregated articles and was widely read by insiders. I knew that Scott had an off and on problem with substance abuse. I knew that Scott had a big heart but he was a lost soul who was always trying to do good but could not chase his addiction.

That generosity and passion was evident in much of Scott’s pursuits. I know from experience the amount of hours he would dedicate to a new passion project, not because he expected some big financial reward, but simply for the sake of doing it. Of course, he was motivated at least in part from some of the rush that comes from putting something out into the world that other people read and react to. For all of his talents as an advocate and budget guru, Scott was a generous spirit who lived to publish. His biggest rush came from informing and entertaining others.

But he also struggled with demons that created distance with even his closest friends. While he would post enthusiastically on social media about his latest score from the farmers market, or the taco stands in front of Southside Park on Sundays, those who knew him best knew that Scott was sick.  Over the years, many of us tried to support him in efforts to confront some of those demons. We failed.

Like anyone who passes too soon, it is impossible not to look back on Scott’s life with some sadness and regret. But it also demands celebrating his generous spirit, his willingness to help others, and the role he played in helping shape and inform the Capitol community.

The people at the Capitol Weekly pretty much told people that Scott’s death was related to his substance abuse and possibly suicide.

The author wrote: Over the years, many of us tried to support him in efforts to confront some of those demons. We failed.

To the folks at the Capitol Weekly – I want to share something that is part of the “How it Works” portion of the AA Big Book

Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Those who do not recover are people who cannot or will not completely give themselves to this simple program, usually men and women who are constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves. There are such unfortunates. They are not at fault; they seem to have been born that way. They are naturally incapable of grasping and developing a manner of living which demands rigorous honesty. Their chances are less than average. There are those, too, who suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders, but many of them do recover if they have the capacity to be honest.

I’d posit that Scott missed something in his program. Alcoholism is self-diagnosed. Only Aaron Park can admit he is an alcoholic. Only Aaron Park can ask for help and weather or not that help is effective is contingent upon Aaron’s ability to be honest.

I know this does not make it hurt any less. I can not imagine what my father in law felt when he found my Brother in Law dead at age 46 in a halfway house. My wife still cries occasionally for her brother Casey. But, when she and I talk (Jodie is also public about her sobriety of now 16+ years) about it we are reminded that Casey never surrendered his will to his higher power nor was he able to be consistently honest.

So to those of you at the Capitol Weekly – you tried to help. Many people try to help addicts and alcoholics. I am closing in on 19 years of sobriety without a relapse. The odds of reaching 5 years without a relapse are 1.4%. It is a tough road for even the strongest among us.

Remember that we deal with alcohol — cunning, baffling, powerful! Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power — that One is God. May you find Him now!

It is not your fault, Capitol Weekly. Please let go of Scott, he is gone now. Please move on without guilt, Alcoholism/Addiction kills without regard to much of anything and only God has the power to stop it.

IN Honor of Scott Lay, Mike Spence and a list of others I have known in politics, I am linking

This link will be on the blog permanently. Help is out there but you have to want it and be willing to do whatever it takes to stop using or it won’t work.

Sep 202021

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Gene James experience. 100% Credit to the San Clemente Times and several fine folks from San Clemente that sent me all kinds of stuff. I had to wait until the Recall Election was clear and the recriminations before I could get to this. I am reprinting the SC Times article un-edited and with no commentary. We all know Gene James is a disaster with liens, judgements, several busted marriages with abuse… so this fits right in. Recall this loser, people.

By Shawn Raymundo

An audio recording of a June 25 traffic stop involving Mayor Pro Tem Gene James made public by a local media outlet has the elected official taped in a “confrontational” encounter with a deputy sheriff.

In the nearly 11-minute recording of the stop first published by Local Story TV, James, who campaigned on a pro law-enforcement stance, denied any wrongdoing, and was—as police describe in subsequent written reports—“confrontational,” “visibly upset” and “defensive,” while also accusing Deputy J. Medina of ulterior motives.

“I stopped you because you came off the freeway offramp without stopping before you made the right-hand turn,” Medina explained to James in the parking lot of the McDonald’s off Avenida Pico and the 5 Freeway. “Did you see the red light?”

“Look, of course, I saw the red light. If you think I didn’t stop, let’s just go with that. OK?” responded James.

“Because I know what this is about,” James added.

Replying, Medina asked the councilmember, “What is this about?”

“Your (expletive) boss, (Edward) Manhart,” James said, referring to San Clemente’s then-chief of police services.

After a brief pause, Medina said he didn’t know what James was talking about, nor did he know who the elected official was.

“All I know is, you ran that red light,” the deputy said.

San Clemente Times made multiple attempts to reach James for comment over the phone and through email, but as of this posting, he had not yet responded to those requests.


In the run-up to last year’s city council race in which James was seeking reelection, he campaigned for standing “with our sheriff deputies.” His campaign materials also touted the construction of a new OCSD substation at City Hall as an accomplishment.

“Under my leadership as your councilman, a new sheriff substation was approved and a new Public Safety Committee with community representation was created,” his website stated. “Let’s strengthen the bonds between our city and OCSD and not weaken them.”

The city on Tuesday, Sept. 21, is set to host a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the new substation.

James demonstrated support for law enforcement during an April 2019 council meeting in which he, speaking then as a private citizen, slammed Councilmember Kathy Ward, the city’s current mayor, for making critical remarks about OCSD’s handling of the homelessness issue.

Responding to an interview request with the “John and Ken” radio show on KFI AM 640, Ward had stated in an email that “Our Council cares very much about the situation. It wasn’t until the sheriff’s ‘wussed’ out on us that programs stopped working.”

Irked by the use of the word “wuss” to describe the “brave and dedicated men and women” who serve as officers in San Clemente, James had demanded Ward issue an apology for her comments, which he called “grotesquely beneath contempt.”


“Blaming our deputies for inadequate measures and actions of the previous council is grotesquely beneath contempt,” he had said, later adding, “Ms. Ward, you owe the men and women of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department an apology. It’s called courage, class, ethics and leadership.”

Those comments and demands for an apology, however, contrast with James’ behavior as described by a pair of internal OCSD memos. Following the June 25 stop, Medina, along with his superior, Sgt. M. Hudson, filed reports directly with Manhart that outlined the elected official’s confrontational and defensive manner.

“I explained the reason I stopped him. Gene admitted he saw the red light and became confrontational and visibly upset,” Medina, recounting his experience with the councilmember, wrote in the memo.

“When Deputy J. Medina approached his vehicle, James was immediately on the defensive, making statements about knowing why he was pulled over,” wrote Hudson based on his own listening of the audio recording. He added that “James continued to raise his voice at (Medina).”

Hudson had been listening to Medina’s radio communications during the stop, when he overheard police dispatch confirm James as the owner of a gray pickup truck. He requested that Medina contact him immediately after the stop.

“I recognized the name as possibly San Clemente’s Interim Mayor. I waited for Deputy J. Medina to clear the car stop and advised him to call me asap,” Hudson wrote, later praising Medina. “I listened to Deputy J. Medina’s PVS audio. Deputy J. Medina was professional and explained in detail to James what he needed James to provide to him, and why he was stopped.”

For James, the late-June traffic stop wasn’t his first open disagreement with members of the sheriff’s department.

In a Facebook post in December 2019, weeks after being sworn in to office, James publicized his frustration with Sheriff Don Barnes, accusing the sheriff of failing to answer questions related to the enforcement of “service-resistant” homeless people.

James had written then that he saw Barnes make “conflicting statements” related to OCSD’s position on the subject, which “only muddied the waters further.” He added that communications with Barnes had the councilmember “pondering the city’s relationship with OCSD.”

“I have spoken with Sheriff Barnes, and there is no doubt in my mind he has an extreme level of frustration with San Clemente,” James had written in the Dec. 29, 2019 post. “His words to me in a recent meeting at his office were, ‘I have no obligation to provide law enforcement services to the City of San Clemente.’”

This past June, during a city council budget workshop meeting, an exchange between James and Manhart got heated when the councilmember cut the former chief off from finishing his objection to an idea James had floated moments earlier.

“When I look at one deputy costing us about … $325,000—I don’t want to send shockwaves through OCSD—but it appears, to reduce by one deputy, that would give us some leverage in the budget to do some other things,” James said.

Citing the protests that San Clemente and other cities throughout the nation saw last year, Manhart opposed such a proposal and explained that he was concerned with the thought of eliminating public safety positions.


“I don’t know if you were paying attention last year to all the civil unrest issues and how many deputies,” Manhart said. “Additionally, I would never support anything like that, but you’re going to do what you’ve got to do, but I would absolutely never recommend that.”

“Capt. Manhart, I was paying attention,” James later responded.

“Then that wouldn’t be an issue then,” Manhart said, “because we would not be talking about losing a deputy if you saw the challenges that we have …”

“OK, I’ve had it,” James interjected, holding his hand up. “OK, that’s enough.”

It would be a month and a half later when James would find himself in the parking lot of San Clemente’s McDonald’s challenging an officer’s decision to pull him over for an apparent traffic violation.

During the recording of the stop, James reaffirmed his innocence, stating that he did stop at the red light before again inferring that Medina had pulled over the councilmember because of Manhart.

“I stopped, but I know what this is about,” James said.

“You did not stop, sir. I would have had no reason to stop you if you had come to a complete stop like you were supposed to,” Medina responded. “I don’t know what you’re inferring.”

“Yes, you do,” James said.

“If you’d like to enlighten me, I’d be glad to hear it,” Medina said.

“Listening to James yell at Deputy J. Medina and accusing him of pulling him over for ulterior motives, as well as having to be told multiple times to provide his insurance information, made me thankful the interaction was recorded,” Hudson concluded in his memo to Manhart.

In an emailed statement regarding the incident, OCSD spokesperson Carrie Braun described the relationship between James and Manhart, who was reassigned to OCSD’s air support in mid-July, as a “professional working” one.

“Captain Manhart’s relationship with Councilman James was a professional working relationship,” Braun said in the email.

Answering a question on whether Manhart’s reassignment out of San Clemente had anything to do with James, Braun said, “Captain Manhart’s reassignment to the Air Support Unit was in no way related to this incident, and in fact was planned prior to the traffic stop.”

Braun declined to provide further comment related to the incident.

Since July 16, Capt. Tony Benfield has taken on the role of the city’s police chief.

Sep 182021

Two College Republican Clubs Emailed your intrepid blogger. It looks like the leadership was brow-beat in to sending a second release after the first well-circulated release blasting Jessica Patterson for her failure.

This sure beats a couple of weenies calling the cops on your intrepid blogger, but it also shows the glass jaw of the oligarchy of controlled failure. Don’t worry kids, your intrepid blogger has your back. The leadership of the CAGOP hate me more than pretty much anyone else in politics for exposing corruption and ineptitude. I’ve been told if I was homeless and they had a dozen cheeseburgers in the passenger seat they’d drive right by me. Just remember who you are dealing with and it will all be put in perspective – there is no making nice with these people once you’ve crossed them. That is my message to the kids that sent this second release, you will gain nothing from it at all.

There are some master meme makers in the California College Republicans.

This is the meme of Controlled Failure. Well done by the kids on this one

Keep ’em coming kids… You have a GenX Fan #REALTALK #MEMEWARS