Jan 312017

Do not lose focus. Trump has gotten more done in 1 1/2 weeks than some politicians do in their entire terms.

The democrats have chosen the race card and the muslim card as the hill they will die on. The election proved that the Race Card has lost its’ punch and is losing its’ punch.

Somewhere in their eminent brilliance they have convinced themselves that they have to abandon everything to “get” Trump. This includes procedural delays on confirming his Cabinet Picks and of course filibustering the next Supreme Court Pick.

As I wrote previously, they are also creating riots again in order to try to cower linguine-spined moderate Republicans in to bailing out. (They need three in the Senate)

The Democrats have a lot of problems, chief amongst them is having 24 US Senate Seats to defend in 2018 and reduced minority voter turnout that always happens in a mid-term election.

The dems will not be able to run to latino voters to tell them they will get deported if Trump wins. The dems will not be able to run their usual talking points to Black Voters. Trump tripled Romney’s share of Black Americans, and it will get higher as the economy starts to escalate.

The facts really don’t matter here – Carter, Clinton and Obama did travel bans. In fact, Obama slammed the door shut on 1100 Cuban Refugees in the waning days of his Presidency when he was on a narcissistic rage.

The Democrats have positioned themselves in to a bear trap. Trump releases the shackles on businesses – the scream “rule by decree”. Trump follows through on campaign promises to build the wall and curb immigration – “He’s a Racist!”. What is good for America is bad for the democrats.

And the democrats are in the embarrassing position of rioting and screaming for the rights of Muslims, while Christians are being massacred all over the world. 70+% of Americans have a negative view of Muslims and even more support the temporary ban. Whoops.

So then predictably, the pollsters came out with their polls saying that Donald Trump is the first President in History to go in to the negatives on Approval this soon in to his presidency.

Ummm, as I recall he was “disliked” by over 60% of America when he won the election!

Then there is this neat tidbit – Trump was allegedly losing to Hillary Clinton by 10-13 points as late as 10/26 (three weeks before election day after people had started voting in many states!)

For Trump to be unpopular this early in to his term, it means that people dislike him for keeping his campaign promises. Let that sink in. The number one issue most average people have with their electeds is that they don’t keep their promises. The Media is stuck in a bear trap they will double down on until they die.

Remember, Clinton won by 2.8%, but without California, Trump wins the popular vote.

Don’t take your eyes off the ball people. Trump is winning and the media and the democrats can’t stand it.

He is doing a few unprecedented things – he is checking off his campaign promises like a to-do list.

He is immune to his critics, insofar as he continues with his agenda despite them

And Trump has 22 Million and climbing following him on Twitter who he can go to directly to circumvent the media. How sweet it is.

Jan 232017

Will Thomas N Hudson roll for another Term as CRA President or not?

This is the question swirling around the CRA political toilet bowl. Or, will Tim Thiesen smoke him?

Your intrepid blogger has received information that Mr. Hudson has spoken to several people looking for a delegate appointment to the CA GOP. He has told people that his Term as the CRA’s Pol Pot Bellied Information Minister is coming to a late-term abortion in March. This means his automatic appointment to the CA GOP would self-immolate similar to a suicide bomber.

Why would Tom Hudson be rolling to the ends of the earth for a delegate appointment? Is he tired of being king of a leper colony? Does he know he is going to lose re-election? Or, is it something more complicated and related to his current deteriorating life circumstances?

It gets worse, the Chief Bathroom Boy of the CRA, Mark Gardner whose chicken s–t complaint over an email led to our ouster from the CRA has seen his third wife leave him, divorce him and now he is talking openly that he is not long for Fresno. Hopefully, Gardner finds his way to a nerd colony where he can live out his golden years with people as socially retarded as he is.

As written previously on this Blog, Carl Brickey, another long-time CRA officer has become a pariah in political circles as a result of consistently poor performance working on campaigns and his inability to play well with others.

CRA Executive Vice President Craig Alexander, another self-righteous warrior against his own cause, resigned from the CRA’s Board of Directors after losing a pissing match – and still has not been replaced. Is this because Thomas N Hudson knows that he lacks the board votes to install his own person, or has the brain drain from the CRA finally been so severe that the zoo is empty?

Another of the leaders of the effort to oust George and I from the CRA, Wendy Albright, fresh off of a $10,000 fine from the FPPC for being a screw up… is now a resident of Arizona.

Lastly, fresh, juicy information that your intrepid blogger has confirmed from inside sources indicates that the CRA’s Black Widow, Alice Khosravy (who was behind splitting the leadership of the CRA up and playing them off against each other), is moving out of California as well! I am sure the Republican activists of Santa Clarita will be celebrating.

Pictured here is a copy of a mailer for the City Council Campaign of Bob Kellar and Cameron Smythe for Santa Clarita City Council. Previously we in Placer had helped the CRA unit in Santa Clarita (which was later exposed as a colossal fraud) run mail against these guys. The council-member that the CRA had helped elect 8 years ago was unseated by Mr. Smythe. You will see that the CIR endorsement is featured prominently.

So – the two coup leaders from Santa Clarita who led the effort to oust George and I from the CRA to cover up their fraud are both out of California (or soon to be out of California). And, worse, their council candidate Tim BenBoydston was unseated.

I have written sparingly about the CRA as these things usually take care of themselves. The other leader of the Coup, Tim Thiesen is in Fresno, where ironically the CRA Convention is being held. Will the CRA Convention turn a profit? Or will the CRA lose its’ tail?

The CRA lists 51 units on its’ website. I know firsthand that 18 of them are defunct and at least that many more do not meet and may have less than 10 members each. In my estimation, the entire state organization has about 900-1000 members. (85 of whom are on their board of directors)

It is no secret that Mark Gardner (who is still in the Fresno area for the moment) and Tim Thiesen do not like Thomas N Hudson. Is one of them running against him or have they found a sock puppet? With the Black Widow leaving the state, how much faster will the CRA Implode?

How do people in the CA GOP at large see the CRA? Is the CRA still relevant? Should I even bother writing blogs about the CRA anymore?

These are questions your intrepid blogger will find answers to at the political buffet line of disaster.

Jan 222017

IF you follow me on Social Media, you will see me referencing the 1990’s era playbook.

This is the concept of running “Media Drills” in order to control the narrative, or to create one. I refer to the national media as whores because they willingly participate on those run by the left, and even do some of the lying themselves.

The 1990’s era playbook involves repeating the lie until it becomes truth. One such lie was “Bush Lied, people died”. Because George W Bush was deign to respond to his critics, the lie stuck to him and when, years later George W Bush was vindicated, no one cared.

Another lie was about the Angry Mobs in 2000 – that was later transferred to the “Tea Party”. I never saw them trashing the venues they protested in. However, the photos of the “Occupy” movement showed widespread property damage and litter everywhere. See these photos of the recent inauguration protest aftermath.

Thankfully, 200+ protesters are going to get prosecuted. This is a marked change from the Obama administration that seemed to be encouraging the protests while they destroyed property and attacked people.

Another 1990’s era tactic, claim your Conservative Opponent hates women and roll out accusers. It is apparent that the Trump campaign saw this coming and in the surreal environment, no one believed Trump’s accusers or Trump’s protestations of his innocence! This is a welcome change from the 1990’s when sexual harassment accusers were deified by the media despite evidence they lied. Gloria Allred, the famous leftist glory-seeking lawyer has been forced to sue Trump for defamation in order to protect herself from the exposure several of her clients got. (Remember, some of the accusers were tied to Clinton’s campaign and/businesses and/or known left-leaning political groups? Details of others were proven to be impossible)

Another 1990’s era tactic, divide by race. Obama did this masterfully, and in 2016 latino turnout was driven by the Dems with lies about mass deportations coming if Trump won the election. The truth? Under Obama, there were more deportations in history, while they were importing Muslims en masse. I saw this in person when I worked in Nevada.

Due in large part to social media, these tactics ran their course. Sometimes within minutes of lies being promoted, counter evidence was hitting social media.

This is an overriding reason why the Obama admin was pushing so-called “Net Neutrality”, they understood how they manipulated Social Media to trounce the GOP in two elections and also its’ power to overwhelm the media.

Donald Trump’s admin is blazing new ground. One of Trump’s primary assets and sources of support is his willingness to look the media straight in the face and call them liars. His press secretary while stumbling all over himself lit them up. Predictably, the Media immediately shot back trying to defend themselves with parsed words.

It is a brave new world, the political rule book is being re-written and there are a lot of people late to the gate and/or deliberately refusing to understand the totality of what happened.

Donald Trump, even if he accomplishes nothing else has cracked the wall of division and confusion the left has attempted to use in order to hold a vice grip on power.

To be continued.

Jan 182017

Some may say it was a #YUGE victory for the little people last night.

Some may say it was a victory for the partisan Republican Electeds last night.

After an estimated $100k was spent attempting to influence the outcome of Placer GOP Party elections, the results of said elections were uncertain.

All over the North State, from Sacramento all the way up to Butte County, the Partisan Republican Electeds and Political Consultants who up until 2016 were rarely interested in Central Committees for anything other than an endorsement have been engaged in mortal combat. It appears that until Placer’s meeting that the massive expenditures had taken their toll on the little people as most all Central Committees are now controlled by Staffers, Consultants or the Families of Partisan Electeds.

When Dennis Revell (who I supported) got re-elected 21-20 last night, it had the beginnings of another good evening for the elections. But, instead, it was a disaster.

Pictured is the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information minister, who along with the cowardly, neurotic Ken Campbell made last night’s Placer GOP Organizational meeting a joy for all involved.

Speaking of Crazy, Suzanne Jones – she of the failed assembly campaign and the joint campaign with liberal DTS NIMBY-BANANA Victor Bekhet is now the First Vice Chair of the Placer GOP. Apparently, due to the failures of the GOP we need to support candidates for party office who work to unseat local Republican Electeds.

Ironically, Suzanne Jones decried the fact that there were three democrats on the Placer Board of Supervisors! She may need intensive therapy and special education in a local charter school to ascertain the facts. But, for the benefit of her and her supporters, let me list the supervisors:

District 1 – Jack “Chief Ganja” Duran, DEMOCRAT (funded by labor unions and booster of turning Placer in to a Pot Farm)

District 2 – Robert Weygant. REPUBLICAN (Pro-Choice, Pro Gay Marriage)

District 3 – Jim Holmes. DTS (Pro-Life, all over the place on other issues including pot farms)

District 4 – Kirk Uhler. REPUBLICAN (PRO-LIFE, PRO PROP 8)

District 5 – Jennifer Montgomery. DEMOCRAT (the Sierra Club loves her more than Victor Bekhet)

Hopefully, this will provide the necessary education for the Devil and Mrs. Jones.

2nd Vice Chair Mark Wright and Secretary Beth Wright are good people I have known for years.

However, the Treasurer is none other than Deborah Jackson. She was a last minute replacement for the cowardly, neurotic Ken Campbell.

Last night featured Mr. Campbell waiting until Congressman McClintock left the room to lambaste him. That’s right, your intrepid blogger gets to bask in the glory of another pyrric victory as I accurately predicted that Campbell would indeed turn on McCintock. I guess a 30 year friendship with Dennis Revell does not count in Ken Campbell’s mind, as McClintock was apparently expected to abandon Revell because that is what Campbell wanted.

All in all, last night’s meeting is a recipe for another 4 years of gridlock. There are 4 members of the executive committee who are opponents of the Consultant Oligarchy and the local partisan electeds. (Even though I hear that the electeds may not have been unanimous in all their voting)

People will get a front row seat to the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister and his brand of inclusion. They will also get another 4 years of Ken Campbell’s neurotic rants via email. But like Campbell and Hudson, most on their side have done little real work. Over a decade later, Campbell is still taking credit for other people’s actions and Hudson is still living in the past.

Thomas N Hudson is indeed as effective as any member of the Consultant Oligarchy at running a drill in a small universe. This is why they won last night.

Most on the Consultant / Elected side haven’t done much to help matters, either.

This leaves Dennis Revell who has attempted to provide a vision and leadership, to rely on a group of people who prefer to debate, email and fight wars on facebook.

As a new friend to Revell and someone who has learned who he really is as a person, I am not sure whether to laugh or cry over the results of last night.

Jan 152017

Update – here is a nice angle, Tim Donnelly takes to Breitbart to support Peter Thiel. This would put him at odds with a lot of his core supporters. Was/Is there a nexus for Mr. Donnelly in this?

Peter Thiel would be the next Meg Whitman. A loaded, Bay Area Republican seeking the governorship of the State of CA.

GOP Consultants are salivating for a paycheck, who in their right mind wouldn’t be?

By the time Politico, the Hill or any other mainstream hard-left media outlet gets the news, it is months or years old.

When one sets up a run for statewide office there is usually a large-scale plowing operation in advance of it where potential obstacles are neutralized in advance of said run.

I have been vacillating that the activities in the North State are related to a possible LaMalfa / Nielsen / Gallagher and others office shuffle. James Gallagher’s wife is pregnant with twins due in May. These would be children 4 and 5. I believe that the notion of Gallagher wanting to go to Washington DC anytime now or in the immediate future is extremely remote.

Without getting deep in to the weeds, let’s have a look at the circumstances as I know them right now:

Large amounts of money spent to gain control of dozens, if not hundreds of delegates to the CAGOP.

Large amounts of money spent to gain control of county party central committees.

Those ousted are a collection of old-time Conservatives, Tea Partiers, State of Jefferson People and a handful of disruptors that needed to go. Again, not all those that were ousted were a bad thing.

All this said, as I looked across the paradigm, the increase of GOP Staffers and well-known and well-established GOP Consultants suddenly engaging in Local Central Committee politics exploded. My first reactions back in March of 2016 when I was seeing who was filing for County Central Committee in various areas was who, what and why?

The first thought was the Nielsen and/or LaMalfa retirement angle. While there is an increasingly slight chance of those being real, there is still a nexus for why dozens of people that are ordinarily annoyed with Central Committee Politics took a sudden interest.

A paycheck.

This leads me to Peter Thiel.

In 2010, a who’s who of GOP Consultants in California made thousands, some as much as $15,000 a month working for Meg Whitman. Peter Thiel has similar resources.

There is another complicating factor – while Peter Thiel was a a huge supporter of Donald Trump, he is gay. This is going to be an issue for about 15-20% of the voters in California.

The results of the 2016 GOP internal party elections represent the wholesale slaughter of Conservative / Tea Party Activists / State of Jefferson people. The leadership elections have seen a removal of the hardest of hardcore Trump supporters in favor of a group of establishment types many of whom were #nevertrump while others advised their candidates to stay away from Donald Trump.

Further, some Central Committees knew that loads of money would be spent in an effort to unseat them. They went to a caucus system in order to defend themselves from the large money. The by-laws of the state party were modified to strip those committees of their delegates. This was done in 2015. Did these people see a Peter Thiel coming back in 2015?

The people most likely to see Peter Thiel’s Gay-ness as a chance to gain more democrat votes are indeed those in power in most places of the State GOP. I could care less who Thiel sleeps with, but many of my friends in the establishment are obsessed with the Gay Marriage issue.

Lastly, there has been a movement to mid-term change the GOP platform to remove the support for traditional family values / marriage from the platform. The chatter about that has arisen in the last 6 months, this suggests that the Peter Thiel effort may well have had its’ genesis around July or 2016 when he spoke at the RNC Convention.

Plot all of this stuff on a straight line

By-Laws Changed to force Central Committees on to the ballot

GOP platform adopted that has less conservative language regarding Gay Rights

Consultants and Staffers file for Central Committees en masse

Millions spent on elections

Peter Theil arrives on the scene

Chatter begins about modifying GOP Platform

Post election aftermath with Staff and Consultants in open warfare with activists.

You tell me what this means?

Maybe it was not for Peter Thiel per-se, but it sure was about control and a paycheck. I am sure time will tell who, what, when, where and how much.

BTW – allow me to finish by saying, I am not opposed to Peter Thiel at this time. A lot of those Consultants and Staffers are Friends. A lot of those Activists are Friends as well. This is an attempt at a report on insider action and a search for context for it.