SCAM ALERT: Karen England, Capitol Resource Institute Fail Another Initiative

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Dec 272015

Five Years ago in October, Karen England alleged to have been visited by the FBI related to the finances of the Placer GOP Central Committee. This was on the heels of now Congressman Doug LaMalfa, and still sitting state senator Ted Gaines echoing the same lies related to financial malfeasance on the front page of the Sacramento Bee. Here we sit in Late 2015, no visits from the FBI, and no charges filed, no phone calls, no depositions, nothing. Doug LaMalfa Lied. Karen England Lied. Ted Gaines Lied. This is the only conclusion you can draw 5+ years later.

So it stands to reason that Karen England would continue to habitually lie.

We have documented here on the Right On Daily Blog the pattern of ideological and initiative fraud by Karen England and her crew. England now lives in Nevada and attempted to re-invent herself as a force in Nevada Politics. That did not work out well as all reports I am getting from Nevada are that they saw her coming and only a handful of people were taken in by her. Every bill her new fundraising group in Nevada attempted to run was killed.

Apparently, because California is more than 10 times as large as Nevada there is an ample supply of suckers.

Except for the Pacific Justice Institute. They are on the report for nearly $25k in to the latest fundraiser for the Capitol Resource Institute. This is what I have come to believe about all initiative and referenda she touches. As of the time of the posting of this blog, the CA SOS website is down – or I’d be able to link to more donations from the PJI which bring the total to just short of 50K.

Did Karen England and the Capitol Resource Institute use the Pacific Justice Institute as a front? Remember – England’s Reputation has to be toxic, quoting an expose’ I pieced together over the years:

We investigated and found out that the Stop SB48 campaign never filed a campaign finance report (and appeared more like a fundraiser than a real effort), so none of the donors will ever know what happened to their money. The Stop SB777 campaign did not raise enough to electronically file, nor did her Write in Campaign for Lt. Governor in 2010. Based on what happened with their severely botched AB1266 referendum campaign where insiders said that they were not serious about the effort until it started to get a life of its’ own… anyone that donates to anything that Karen England is leading is a fool.

The Coup D’Etat is the fake Prop 8 Website that the Capitol Resource Institute Ran. If you read the link, you will find that their shadow campaign raised some $120k, a large portion of which ended up in the coffers of the Capitol Resource Institute. There is also a link to 36 pages of emails proving the campaign existed, even though the website is long gone. There is also an analysis of the campaign finance and where the money went.

She has supported several candidates for office over the years. It was not until we started to look beneath the surface that we found a disturbing pattern. The ones she most aggressively supported were also donors. Then Candidate, Now Congressman Tom McClintock $6,000.Read this link and in it you will see: Then Assemblyman, now Congressman Doug LaMalfa$27,500. Then Assemblyman, Now State Senator Ted Gaines $7,000. There are others: State Senator Jim Nielsen, $1000, then candidate, now Assemblymember Beth Gaines, $1000 and Board of Equalization Member George Runner $6,000.

Did the PJI run interference because of the embarrassing failure of their AB1266 referendum that was followed by a failed initiative (that England was in the background of) for round three?

The SOS website also shows $20k from Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills (is this a Ben Lopez Connection?) and $10k from a Duane Doyle a business owner in So-Cal.

My surface analysis of the 6-30-2015 filing shows enough that I can level the charge that this was a scam to fund the Capitol Resource Institute like the above FIVE efforts were proven to be!

Out of about 40K reported raised as of 6-30-2015 – we have payments of $23,717 to the Capitol Resource Institute! (For “RENT”) CRI employees Danille Cullum $4,512 and — there she is again, $8625 to Karen England.

That is a total of $36,584 out of the less than $40k Raised paid to the CRI or its’ employees. Cozy. How the hell do you qualify a real effort doing this?

Karen England used the dog whistle of the “bathroom bill” and was too intransigent to understand in a liberal state like California that the better way to get broader support would have been to focus on youth sports and the unfair advantage boys could get if they claimed to be girls. (Could you imagine a 16 year old boy on a girl’s softball field and its’ 250 foot fences???)

There are many context clues people could get before they get ripped off – anyone serious about actually qualifying an initiative and overturning this insanity would have gone that route. Fairness stuff is a winner across party lines. This time, however, the Pacific Justice Institute got involved – I wonder if their donors knew that they just paid for the maintenance and upkeep of Karen England and the CRI?

CRA UPDATE: Arranging the AD68 Deck Chairs? Wait – is the OC Endorsing Convention Being Hosted Along With the CRA Convention?

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Dec 212015

Oh no, not Harry Sidhu. He is a RINO, we can’t have him. (Why he is a RINO is beyond me, but who cares…)

Oh no, not Stephen Choi, the tax raising Council-Member from Irvine.

Oh no – not DUI Deborah Pauly.

No, no, no – the CRA can not endorse any of them was the decree from Boss Hog, via a series of phone calls from his Dana Point Law Office. Boss Hog is now the #2 material of the CRA.

Whilst Sir-Round was sitting on his throne in Elverta, Boss Hog was hard at work trying to arrange the deck chairs in the southern fiefdom. It is hard work attempting to keep the dwindling population of serfs happy after the Northern Cossacks were run out of town.

Could it be that Sir-Round is soliciting more tribute? Might people have to once again ring the toll booth at the doorway of the CRA to again receive the once-coveted signet?

The Assembly District 68 race is a hot ticket in the southern fiefdom and may well be the last real drama until several districts are forced open in 2024. Sir-Round and Boss Hog – two members of the CRA’s 900 (and soon to be 3 for a half-ton club) have to struggle to keep the CRA relevant again.

Which leads us to the next irony – when Sir-Round was the #2 material of the CRA he opposed combining the CRA’s endorsing conventions with the state convention. Boss Hog – who was in a self-imposed exile in Dana Point cried foul about the CRA’s attempts to gain sponsorships and the combining of the conventions.

It appears that the dwindling population of serfs and the ever-expanding population of lower nobility within CRA is unable to sustain such lavish affairs. What, with the price of admission going up dramatically and the sudden reversal of policy on the local endorsing conventions – it appears that Sir-Round is the duke of the Kingdom of Id.

In addition to the sudden combination of the Orange County endorsing convention with the state convention – there is a wrinkle in AD68 – former CRA VP Alexia Deligianni has also thrown her hat in to the ring.

Ms. Deligianni has been friends with Boss Hog for a long time. It would appear that the orders will be handed down to the serfs to endorse Ms. Deligianni.

Whether tribute is paid to the crown or not, it looks like the toll booth has been reset at the front door of the Kingdom of Id. Would-be travelers beware.

Coming Soon to Rocklin – A Home for Violent Mental Patients?

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Dec 142015

No wait – here you go again with inflammatory titles. Is this another RightOnDaily fantasy?

Nope. The only fantasies are those in the heads of the would-be patients of this would-be facility.

Universal Health Services is attempting to build a facility that will house a variety of mentally ill patients including – profoundly dangerous psychotic cases (of the ISIS 5150 kind) 597 feet away from Whitney High School!!!

It gets worse – as in way worse. A member of Rocklin’s City Staff – a Troy Holt is all over emails turned over to this blogger attempting to ram this project through the process.

I don’t know Mr. Holt. But – What he is doing is wrong. The storm that has been blowing in Rocklin is 100% over an out of control city staffer that got caught. Worse, others as it appears are attempting to avoid conflict and are making the situation worse.

The bottom line – Mr. Holt has been misrepresenting the facility, its’ goals and the support from it by police and fire. When Police and Fire were contacted – the initial response was surprise and then the bureaucratic line closed ranks. This is clear from the emails I have been sent that were turned over in Public Records Requests.

Here’s my issue – I know people on the planning commission. I know most of the councilmembers. This thing is going to die. If it does not – I’d be mortally shocked and would watch Rocklin burn down in a citizen riot. I will not accuse anyone on the planning commission of wrongdoing or anyone on the City Council. However, they are going to have to act and risk making someone mad. Most in local government try as hard as they can to keep everyone happy – it is not possible here.

Universal Health Services appears to be a disaster. There is a website dedicated to the maladies of this corporation.

The site has a decidedly left-wing slant but the following items are factual are are beyond the anti-capitalist hysteria of the site:

Numerous investigations in to Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

21 Locations owned are under investigation for substandard care.

They have settled lawsuits for persecuting whistle-blowers.

So – this is why your intrepid blogger has taken this case up. I detest liars.

I hope I don’t have to start getting in to gory detail – but the emails I have seen have what I believe to be outright lies and lies of omission in them. The UHS people are attempting to downplay the severity of the patients this facility would be housing.

But – take a step back – this facility for mentally ill people would be 597 FEET FROM WHITNEY HIGH SCHOOL and would be next door to a senior living complex. But, wait – there’s more – It would have 12 foot “walls” with some sort of special (unclibable) fabric on them.

Insane, violent patients 597 feet from a high school and a senior living complex – and 12 foot “walls” with some sort of special (unclimbable) fabric on them in the middle of a residential district.

It appears that Mr. Holt’s ego is involved. This is the only explanation for the continued spin after the absurdity of the situation was exposed. In the mind of Troy Holt, the City of Rocklin needs the mental hospital right in the middle of a residential neighborhood and he has committed himself to a self-destructive rampage to see that he gets his way. This is what I am reading in the emails I am seeing.

The Rocklin City Council should fire Troy Holt.

The people that are attempting to build this facility admit that there have been several escapes. In their terminology – they call them “Elopements”, if Universal Health Services can’t even call the escape of a violent mental patient an escape – what else have they lied about?

Look at the website of their Sacramento Facility:

Attached are two screen shots of Sierra Vista’s website containing the “admissions criteria.”  One is from December 1 and one is from several days later.  Please note the removal of “Violent, Impulsive Behaviors” (changed to simply “impulsive behaviors”) and “sexually acting out” (changed to “acting out behaviors”).

PastedGraphic-1 Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.28.53 PM







This is disgusting. I really feel for the members of the Rocklin City Council – they have an out of control staffer that has enraged the citizens with his actions so bad that they will be threatened at the ballot box.

Unfortunately, this situation has been on local media all over the area and I believe that not only will the City Council have to kill this facility (if the planning commission does not) – but they will also have to publicly terminate Troy Holt.

Did Congressman McClintock Just Endorse a 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Increase in Placer County?

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Dec 122015

Much has been made about the Placer County Transportation Agency hiring a local PR firm to send mail and conducting town-hall meetings floating the idea of a Transportation Sales Tax Increase measure on the local ballot.

We have written here several times that our local Partisan electeds have been absolutely useless in helping local government with anything. Until recently, all of south placer was under the dark cloud of Gaines. (Roseville has a different Senator now)

While the “third house” poured money in to Beth Gaines at the behest of the failed former Assembly Permanent Minority leader – Placer County got nothing out of the deal. (but the donors got their vote and the failed former permanent minority leader got her leadership vote)

Placer County got less than zero. I believe because some had the temerity to stand up and ask why our Assembly-member was so incompetent that she had to vote against her own amendment on the floor of the Assembly and why our State Senator is rarely seen at any events that are not fundraisers or self-promoting appearances – Placer County has received the only thing either Gaines are of average intelligence at doing, getting even.

In this case – their revenge is doing nothing to help Placer County with the highway 65 problem. You know the nice four-lane freeway that ended up with several traffic signals on it and an abrupt lane reduction at the Lincoln City Limits? Yeah, not an extra dime from the state, that is why there aren’t interchanges – instead, the low-budget traffic signals. But – there were Ted and Beth posing for the pictures of the grand opening of the additional miles in Lincoln.

Where did the money for the recent inadequate additions to the Lincoln part of Hwy 65 come from? (besides out of the strapped budgets of local government?)

Part one was raiding 20 years worth existing, long since budgeted state money, without a single extra dime brought in by our incompetent duo of Gaines… and the rest?

… evil earmarks from our former congressman John Doolittle – who the Gaines helped run out of office. (Doolittle was one of many that helped build the political career of the Gaines, only to get screwed over like so many others – now we all get our turn)

Who is our Congressman now? Well – he voted no on the 5 year Highway Bill.

Why is this an endorsement of a tax increase by he who is our Congressman now?

I-80 is a disaster. Hwy 65 is a disaster. But – we can’t afford to fix it because the state raids local government funds and spends 80+% of the budgets of local governments due to state mandates.

Highway 65 needs to be three lanes and the traffic signals north of Lincoln need to go + it needs to be widened to four lanes to the county line. (Like it should have been years ago until Jerry Brown killed funding in the 1970’s for it and the Highway 99 freeway in the north state) I-80 is still backed up and the interchange with Hwy 65 is a 50’s era engineering boondoggle – forced by NIMBY’s who refused to grant right-of-ways when what little of 65 was built forcing the bizarre angle of it.

That Congressman – Tom McClintock is nowhere on this issue like the Gaines – but, worse if anyone from local government asks for help, they get a lecture about corruption in government and a foot in their back out the door.

When given a chance to actually do something about the problem – he chose the paradigm of demanding ideological perfection in the bill – (HR 22) rather than attempting to amend it or help South Placer County. His No vote likely means we will not receive a dime – but we deserve that dime, because I-80 is a federal highway.

The irony is that the PCTPA has been doing all the environmental impact BS and the planning for said projects. How have those reports been paid for? Earmarked money brought in by John Doolittle. Doolittle has been out of office for 7 years, yet that money (That self-righteous ideological zealots attacked him for bringing home) is STILL paying our bills!

Please note – there is no more state money for 20 years unless someone does something. Now where is the money we need going to come from if our Congressman, and the Gaines Dynasty could not be bothered?

The pursuit of pious self-righteous ideological narcissism is indeed destructive in many areas of government, and in this case it is going to force the citizens of Placer County to tax themselves in order to not be threatened with death and/or injury from driving on our only two freeways (which are woefully inadequate). In my mind’s eye – freeway safety is a pro-life position and a quality of life issue. (you know that oft-used word Liberty)

… and we were told, and lectured about how wrong the primary challenge to Beth Gaines was by some of the very donors whose businesses are adversely affected by her lack of action. … and we were told, and lectured about how wrong federal earmarks are. Now, we’ve went from wrong to nothing at all – and now to less than zero, a 1/2 cent sales tax increase in order to do the job ourselves that our local partisan electeds won’t do.

The fact that we have a debate on the Tax-Increase Measure because we did it to ourselves by refusing to stand up for Andy Pugno, John Allard, Les Baugh – and anyone else not named Gaines who demonstrated that they did want to govern versus reign.

Perhaps Tom McClintock may have cared if he actually had to drive through the I-80 / Hwy 65 area – but he still lives in Elk Grove (as he has the entire time he has been our congressman). Perhaps the Gaines no longer care about Placer County Issues – as they live in El Dorado County.

The sick irony is that the causes of this pending tax increase won’t even have to pay the tax as none of them live here.

While I agree with Tom McClintock on almost all issues, he has been a colossal failure as a representative – and that failure is going to raise my taxes (not his).

Psycho DA Vern Pierson is Getting Recalled Along with Ogre Joe Harn

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Dec 092015

Please note: Rumor has it Vern Pierson has endorsed a candidate in the AD06 race. However she has not posted it on her website yet, I wonder why?

For those of you that don’t read Right on Daily often – you should know that Vern Pierson is one of my favorite losers. He is up there with a certain non-college graduate Assembly-member with a hyped up resume. (Which may explain Pierson’s affinity for another such candidate – but I digress)

Joe Harn is legendary for his temper and abuse of staff. Vern Pierson is a loser District Attorney who abuses his office to get what he wants and also let a felony domestic abuser walk because it did not suit him to prosecute. Friends of Pierson get hand-slaps. Enemies of Pierson get assaulted with his abuse of the legal system.

Don’t forget that both Harn and Pierson rake in thousands in “Bonuses” over and above their bloated annual paychecks for abusing the taxpayers. Should you ever meet them, don’t bother shaking their hand – they both seem to have forgotten how to grip a handshake. (an Amazing irony, given they are a couple bullies)

Please note – the above is called commentary. I think the above of Harn / Pierson and am not alone. Eventually everyone else in El Dorado County will agree with me. Or, they could just resign and the beatings will stop.

Attached is a Press Release from a group seeking to cut Vern’s Hair a little shorter and to give Joe Harn some anger management counseling:


Placerville, CA – Clean Government advocates uniting under the newly formed “Neighbors Against Corruption” served embattled Auditor-Controller Joe Harn and District Attorney Vern Pierson with a Notice of Intention to Recall under California Elections Code division 11, Article 2, triggering a recall petition drive.  Under State law, recall proponents must formally serve targeted elected officials with a legal notice that includes legitimate reasons or grounds for removal from office.

The proponents cited the following grounds for the removal of Harn:

Failure to make authorized payments for reasons of personal and political motivation in violation of California State Government Code Sections 424 and 425. (Both felonies)

Participating in an immoral scheme whereby some County Elected Officials receive non-performance bonuses increasing the amount of both their six figure base salaries and retirement pensions for reasons such as simply being re-elected or possessing the certificates required to hold office.

Failure to protect the fiscal integrity of the County by willfully refusing to prepare a complete Cost Allocation Plan.

Failure to produce and submit required County bill payment disclosure reports to the Board of Supervisors in violation of County Ordinance Code Sections 3.16.130 and 3.16.140.

Engaging in inappropriate conduct including; harassment, bullying, and disrespectful conduct towards County employees, vendors, and staff of other agencies.

The proponents cited the following grounds for the removal of Pierson:

Abusing the power and resources of office to pursue criminal prosecutions and civil litigation against innocent persons and businesses for personal and political reasons, such as, generating career building publicity and punishing political enemies.

Participating in an immoral scheme whereby some County Elected Officials receive non-performance bonuses increasing the amount of both their six figure base salaries and retirement pensions for reasons such as simply being re-elected or possessing the certificates required to hold office.

Participating in an immoral scheme whereby the District Attorney receives extra pay as “County Chief Technology Officer”, thereby gaining access to all e-mail messages moving through the County internet system including the Public Defender’s Office.

Abusing court rules to discredit Judges for personal and political reasons.

Recall petitions will be available for circulation in the next few weeks.  Approximately 10,500 valid signatures are required to force a recall election of a County-wide elected official. Proponents also believe that Pierson’s continued failure to prosecute his political ally Harn for felony violations of the State Penal Code will prompt County voters to sign the recall petitions.

Is Vern Pierson a Nazi? Or, is he just a facist? Harn? He is just a garden variety moron. This should be fun.