Dec 312019

It looks like we have a disease in the body politic in 2020. It is the backside of Make America Great Again. Unqualified candidates with stars in their eyes are coming out of the woodwork like laboratory rats. Because, MAGA.

The King of the Grifters – Grifter of the Decade Tim Donnelly is running for Congress for a 3rd time. He’s also run for State Senate and Governor too. He can’t even get a majority of the local tea party anymore. This is CA-08. If you value sanity, Pick Jay Obernolte. (Note: Jay Obernolte is a Paid Advertiser on Right on Daily)

Congrats Tim Donnelly, you are the Right on Daily Grifter of the Decade 2010-2019

In CA-43 we have the runner up for Grifter of the Decade, Omar Navarro. The crazed Omar Navarro was recently sitting in Jail in San Francisco and has an arraignment on 12-23-2019 for stalking another Grifter Candidate for Congress. Navarro was second only to Donnelly because Donnelly has a longer and more thorough history of being a disaster. Unlike Donnelly, Omar raised a ton of money. (Like $1,000,000!)

Damn, Omar.

In CA-43 the alternatives are Joe Collins (an aspiring Grifter who is living large off of his campaign cash) and Mad Maxine Watters. Ouch. If I lived there, I would conscientiously object to voting.

In CA-12, Ms. “Make Love Great Again” Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero is running for Congress. Her campaign was likely launched via her 8 month long relationship with the Crazed Omar Navarro. We’ve been lambasting her for being a complete fraud and a charlatan. She campaigns on God by Day and goes to nightclubs partying like a rockstar by night. Add in her active financial issues and you can draw the conclusion she is running to pay bills. She also lives some 350 miles from San Francisco.

That’s Deanna (not the Woman with the flower) looking higher than a U-2

Your Choice in CA-12 (Pelosi) is John Dennis.

In CA-03, a different kind of Grifter is running. He is a musician that appears to be trying to channel the PTL Club. He is part of a well-known Church in Redding, which is easily 140 Miles from the population center of CA-03 and at least 50 from the extreme northern border of CA-03.

Who said the PTL Club is dead… Sean Feucht ladies and gentlemen

More will be written about Feucht later as he has a nice long trail of stuff too. But, he is giving Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero a run for the title of Grifter of the Year 2020.

Your Choice in CA-03 is Tamika Hamilton. (CA-03 is John Garamendi) Note: Tamika has the endorsement of The Lake, Solano, Yolo, Sacramento and Glenn GOP – Feucht has none, a sign that people in the district are on to his game.

In CA-28 (Schiff), another one of Omar’s Girls is running. Jennifer Barbosa could not even figure out how to register Republican. She is all over Omar Navarro’s FEC Filings as a payee for services rendered. Yikes.

Your choice in CA-28 is Eric Early.

Special Bonus – Before Moving to TX-32, CA-28 was graced with the presence of John Hollis.

One of my favorite opposition research finds of all time (Hollis is in the Blue)

IN CA-09 and CA-10 we have been graced with some marginal players who are within the standard of a Grifter. Marla “Trump Hater” Livengood is a candidate that ran for CA-09 in 2018 and is running for CA-10 in 2020. Her campaign is managed by a Trump-Hating political boss in San Joaquin County. In CA-10 we also have a sad sack, San Joaquin County Supervisor Bob Elliott. Note that CA-10 Candidate Ted Howze is an advertiser on Right On Daily and has nearly raised $1,000,000 for his campaign.

Bob Elliott folks.

CA-09 features a 70-something 4 time retread who was recruited by the same political boss as retribution for William Martinek and campaign not kissing his ring. Tony Amador has the multiple failed runs covered, but lacks the criminal record or financial issues usually associated with Grifter Status.

Your Choices are William Martinek for CA-09 and Ted Howze for CA-10.

The San Joaquin political bosses have spoken, so has Right on Daily. Choose well

One thing is certain, Right On Daily will identify more grifters as time goes on and 2020 is the year of the Grifter. Consider yourselves warned…

Dec 302019

This is what Donald Trump ran against. The Swamp. They are the donors, lobbyists and consultants that have gotten rich off of corruption. Let’s call it what it is – corruption. In the case of California’s 73rd Assembly District – we’ve gotten a front row seat to weak GOP leadership and once that was overcome the next layer are the institutions in Sacramento.

With Brough under serious scrutiny for campaign finance issues that may well be felonies and several documented and valid incidences of sexual misconduct – your intrepid blogger has uncovered that the legislative democrats may well be playing games with the Assembly Rules Committee report that was completed earlier in December.

Read the article carefully and cross-reference it with what I have been told from several political insiders: The Bill Brough investigation will be completed sometime around mid December (now) and sent to the joint committee. What they do with the information and investigation is up to the leadership (as in the dem majority) of the Assembly. I’ve been told that Anthony Rendon and the other Democrat leaders fancying a complete wipe-out of Republicans in Orange County will be forestalling the release of the report.

It is apparent that the lobbyists, consultants, PAC donors and other associated swamp creatures know that the report is going to be delayed (or at least they are acting like it). This means in their mind that William Bill Brough may well survive the primary. Add to this, the fact that Ed Sachs filed, thusly diluting GOP votes. This makes Laurie Davies’ job more difficult getting in to the top two with a crowded field. Click here to see the campaign finance reporting of Brough’s recent donations.

Enter the Building and Trades Council. This group opposed Prop 6 because they do a lot of government projects (they of course were immediately screwed by Newsom who redirected prop 6 money), they have dumped in $9300 of beer money to William “Bill” Brough. This will pay a couple bar tabs at Brio and some of the retainers his high-priced staff are charging. Note that $4700 of the money can not be used until the general election.

Brough also got $2000 from UPS. You’d think a firm that is centered around driving would think twice before donating to a man who is reputed to be a frequent drunk driver, but I digress.

The United Auburn Rancheria donated $4700. Their Consultant, Doug Elmets spoke at the DNC convention in 2016 attacking Trump. Elmets thought he mattered because he once worked as a low level staffer in the Reagan Administration.

So Cal Edison donated $4700 to the scandal-marred Bill Brough. Given their public image at the moment, you’d think they would use more discretion in their political dealings.

Lastly, Zuffa LLC donated $1500. They are a UFC promoter and have a lot of gigs in the new taxpayer-funded Arena in Downtown Sacramento.

The bottom line is this proves my point about the swamp and incumbents. Bill Brough is one of the lowest form of political scum I have dealt with on the GOP side, and yet he can still raise $22,200 from a few PAC Donors. These people either don’t care about the scandals or the donations are coming with an expectation of performance from the vulnerable and thus susceptible to backroom deals Bill Brough. The good news is that this is a pathetic haul for an incumbent.

IRONY: Bill Brough was at one time whining about “the Swamp” coming after him. Now they are literally trying to keep him in office. (or at least paying his bar tabs)

The new Majority in Orange County did indeed tell the Sacramento Swamp they are not playing anymore:

AD: 73 News : The New Majority Endorses Laurie Davies for Assembly
Davies momentum continues to build as the Republican Party
coalesces around her candidacy
For Immediate Release
Contact: Peter Towey,
Laguna Niguel, CA – Last week, the New Majority endorsed Mayor Laurie Davies’ campaign for State Assembly District 73. This is another endorsement that shows how the Republican Party has coalesced around the Davies campaign and distanced itself from the scandal-ridden incumbent Bill Brough. In the past few weeks, the California Republican Party, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, and the Republican Party of Orange County have all endorsed Mayor Davies.
“The people of South County deserve to have a representative in Sacramento that has a proven conservative record and serving both honorably and guided by the highest moral standard. I am humbled to have the support of the New Majority, and I look forward to taking my message to the voters in the coming weeks, As people learn about my record I am confident we will be successful and South County will again have the representation they deserve,” said Laurie Davies.
“Laurie stands out in this race,” said Richard Reisman, New Majority Political Affairs Co-Chair. “She has dedicated nearly 20 years of her life to serving her community. As Mayor and two-term City Council Member, she has a deep understanding of the issues we face here in Orange County and will represent us well in Sacramento.”
“The New Majority is pleased to join the groundswell of support for Laurie,” said Steve Prough, New Majority Political Affairs Co-Chair. “She is motivated to work hard for the needs of our community.”
Timeline of Bill Brough’s troubled time in office
About the 73rd
The 73rd State Assembly District covers South Orange County – including the cities and communities of Aliso Viejo, Coto de Caza, Dana Point, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Wagon Wheel, and Trabuco.
Laurie’s List of Endorsers (partial)
U.S. Representative Mimi Walters, ret.
State Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey, ret.
Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, ret.
Mayor John Mark Jennings, City of Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Fred Minagar, City of Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Elaine Gennawey, City of Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Robert Ming, City of Laguna Niguel, ret.
Councilmember Linda Lindholm, City of Laguna Niguel, ret.
Mayor Diane Dixon, City of Newport Beach
Mayor Mike Munzig, City of Aliso Viejo
Councilmember Jamey Federico, City of Dana Point
Councilmember Barbara Krogerman, City of Laguna Hills, ret.
Councilmember Anne Figueroa, City of Rancho Santa Margarita
Mayor Pro Tem Tony Beall, City of Rancho Santa Margarita
Councilmember Mike Vaughn, City of Rancho Santa Margarita, ret.
Mayor Christina Shea, City of Irvine
Councilmember John Taylor, City of San Juan Capistrano
Mayor Mike Posey, City of Huntington Beach
Councilmember Barbara Delgleize, City of Huntington Beach
Mayor Chuck Puckett, City of Tustin
Councilmember Scott Voigts, City of Lake Forest
Mayor Tara Campbell, City of Yorba Linda
Mayor Pro Tem Beth Haney, City of Yorba Linda
Councilmember Craig Young, City of Yorba Linda, ret.
Board Member Jim Reardon, Capistrano Unified School District
Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Kuo, City of Irvine
California Republican Party
Lincoln Club of Orange County
Republican Party of Orange County

To be continued…

Dec 302019

SJ County Supervisor Bob Elliott has some explaining to do. Over $200,000 in annual compensation and a haul of gifts fit for a king?!

Elliott needs to answer more than the obvious question of why he at his age and after 10 years as a Supervisor is wanting to run for State Senate then Congress.

Your intrepid blogger wants to know who airbrushed this photo.

I will give the folks in Bob Elliott’s camp credit for truth in advertising. Bob Elliott does know politics. Bob Elliott is earning $134,000 a year off of the government + benefits. Health Insurance alone for a man his age is easily $24,000 a year.

Beyond the roughly $175,000 total value of all of Elliott’s compensation from the taxpayers of San Joaquin, he gets another $4K a year in stipends from various boards he sits on.

On top of this, Elliott is accruing a third pension courtesy of his service as a San Joaquin County Supervisor. He has a pension from prior federal government service and from General Electric.

Got all that?

$134,000 base salary
$40,000 in Benefits* (estimated value)
$4,000 in stipends

AND – a Pension guaranteed for life and automatic as of assuming office. My estimate is that at 2.5% x 10 years of service, Elliott would receive $33,500 a year from the taxpayers of San Joaquin County for the rest of his life.

Is Bob Elliott bored? Is he having a later in life crisis?

This is likely the best job Elliott has ever had. He is literally getting over $200,000 a year (equivalent value) from the Taxpayers of San Joaquin County, what a massive haul from government.

It gets better – a look at Bob Elliott’s Form 700 Financial Disclosures from his (2013 Form 700) and (2014 Form 700) show that Mr. Elliott was getting a ton of Free Meals, Booze and Event Tickets.

Mr. Elliott got 62 Gifts in 2013 that he reported and 61 more in 2014. That is 123 Gifts in just two years! Is Bob Elliott abusing the public trust due to the frequency with which he accepts gifts from people? Did those gifts come with any strings attached?

What were all those gifts? About half were gifts of meals and/or wine. It looks like enough wine to make Pete Buttgeig or Elizabeth “Pocahantas” Warren Blush. The total number of meals reminds me of scandal-riddled AD73 incumbent Bill Brough who likely just paid for his excesses out of his campaign account because there are strict limits on gifts for legislators. The parallels between Bob Elliott and Bill Brough are clear.

Another large chunk of Elliott’s gifts were event tickets – at least 40 in total. It must be nice to be a supervisor and never have to pay your own way to anything.

This works out to 5 free meals / bottles of wine / “gifts” a month for Bob Elliott. This is a problem.

Since the incumbent in CA-10 Josh Harder is all about Impeachment, fanciful violations of non-existent laws and late-night paranoid fantasies about President Trump’s tax returns – imagine what he’d do should Bob Elliott make the runoff! Imagine what Josh Harder’s cheerleaders in the local rag would do with this information?

Dear Modesto Newspaper – Dinner is served

Elliott reports getting Flowers for his wife 5 times and there is a reference to a Necklace and a scarf given to his wife as well. I suppose the positive spin would be that Elliott is enlisting his donors to bolster his home life as well. Perhaps the Nativity scene he accepted as a gift would also fall in to that genre’?

Bob Elliott attempted to use his military title on the ballot and was slammed by the Local Registrar of Voters who informed him that was not allowed. When Elliott was separated from service, he was given a briefing about not abusing his title in private life. It appears that Elliott forgot the briefing 123 times in 2013-2014 and again in 2019 when he filed his candidate paperwork.

Your intrepid blogger may well avail himself of more of Mr. Elliott’s Form 700’s given the 123(!) gifts he took as a sitting supervisor in just two years as this appears to be a top story of the 2020 CA-10 Race.

End note = CA-10 refers to California’s 10th Congressional District. It is currently infested by Democrat Josh Harder. It includes some of San Joaquin County and all of Stanislaus County in Central CA

Dec 282019

I have railed on CAGOP Leadership for years. They do the same things over and over and over again. Jim Brulte could at least claim to have raised a ton of money. Ron Nehring was a failure. Tom Del Bacardi was a complete trainwreck. Shawn Steel’s tenure was marked by a lot of drama (I was brand new to the game when he was chairman). Duf Sundheim was way too close to Arnold.

I want Jessica Patterson to succeed. It is a frustrating feeling as I am seeing what is happening from the inside and am watching patterns and history repeat themselves.

Pandering is back. Like highlighting a fake holiday created by someone with ties to the Black Power movement who is alleged to have murdered several rival gang members of the Black Panthers.

Where does it stop? Happy Ramadan? Celebrating Winter Solstice?

Karenga created Kwanzaa in 1966[10] to be the first pan-African holiday. Karenga said his goal was to “give Blacks an alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and their history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society.”[11]

Whoops. Similar to Ramadan that is almost always marked by violence and terrorism, Kwanzaa was founded to divide society along racial lines by the former leader of a hate group.

This is the sort of face planting I’ve seen from a generation of consultants and control agents who have been unwilling to roll up their sleeves and do the real work on the streets. (They call it “The Block” in most inner cities) So instead of “Bringing it to the block” we get half-baked face-plants. (Even President Trump learned from the infamous “taco-bowl incident” and his ethnic outreach since then has been fantastic)

The Kwanzaa face-plant was not a surprise given the body of data I’ve been accumulating.

I am being told that the puppetmaster David Stafford Reade is retiring from his legislative job and will be moving to Nevada. My supposition is that he will continue his manipulating and controlling of elections. (see also campaign management) It is in his blood and people like that usually have to die before they are done.

I use David Stafford Reade like a ragdoll – but he is just one of a whole crew of people that live in the command and control paradigm. It is all about having a network of people under direct control. It is not healthy – rather it is a recipe for a shrinking decrepit organization that is inbred and rotting out from its’ core.

Your intrepid blogger has been made aware there is a CAGOP Blacklist again. Some have denied its’ existence. Others have seen it and told me about it, while others have told me it went away and came back.

This is the significance: It means that anyone that supported Travis Allen or Steve Frank will be viewed with suspicion and certain specific people will be targeted for isolation. This seems like an absurd thing to do in a party that is less than 24% of registrations and in third place in California.

Specific Names on the Blacklist: Steve Frank, Emanuel Patrascu, Travis Allen, and Nathan Miller. (My assumption is that I am on the list too as I was there many years prior) There are others that I am aware of on the list that have a lower level of confidence in their residence on said list.

I do wish the list-masters luck in isolating your intrepid blogger, as it’s been attempted since 2002. In 2019, RightOnDaily will be very close to if not over 750,000 hits after gaining about 2.4 Million in 2018. Lifetime since its’ inception on 12-16-2009, Right On Daily has received in excess of 6 Million hits.

In the mind of the 90’s era Command and Control Oligarchy – aka the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure – merely talking to or acknowledging political opponents means they are being given power. This idiotic thinking ensures that the conflicts will be permanent and there will be no reconciliation. 20 years of dealing with David Stafford Reade has taught me the pattern well. This is why I have continued to attack David Reade consistently for years, and of course the fact that he continues leaving a political body-count all over the North of California and people keep asking me for help when all they are trying to do is get involved.

I’ve watched in the Sacramento Capitol building how two very well known Republican Political Consultants have seen to it that various people have been targeted to be shut out of legislative jobs despite their heritage. I witnessed this in 2014, and 2016 specifically. I’ve also personally witnessed David Reade attempt to destroy the careers of two people I know well (A District Director and a Legislative Chief of Staff).

Since I have been smeared in almost every way imaginable over 20+ years – AND my wife has been attacked multiple times even though she has zero to do with my political work – the pattern repeating in 2019 against others is disturbing and quite familiar.

Your intrepid blogger has second hand (as in I spoke directly to the campaign people but did not witness the events myself) knowledge related to 4 top line Republican Races in California where “GOP Leadership” and “CAGOP Leadership” have effectively been dictating to the candidates who their campaign managers should be. The threat is loss of endorsement and funding unless the desired political consultants and/or operatives are hired. The dictating comes in the form of lists being floated to candidates – that include several of the usual suspects that have been running Republican races for years (and losing like everyone else). The threats, implied and otherwise are always done verbally in order to call people like me a liar when we air them publicly. (see also deniability)

However, many of the top names in GOP consultants are missing from the “2019 list.” The given reasons change given who my source is, suggesting that some of the omissions are personal in nature. This appears to be the case when Nathan Miller helped qualify Andrew Kotyuk for the ballot driving around the county Thur-Fri and helping him file his papers. Once the wheels were put in motion to endorse Andrew at the party level on Saturday, Miller was over the side despite having spent almost 24 hours getting Andrew on the ballot. It was put to me that Jessica Patterson has major league personal issues with Nathan Miller. How nice. I think Nathan was able to find another job, but this is just awful.

This sort of behavior violates several of the key principles of leadership and successful communications. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure has repeated these patterns time and time again over the years.

In 2019, it is worse as the playing field has shrunk and those playing on the shrinking team have deluded themselves in to believing that President Trump is the CAGOP’s biggest problem. They are giving the President public lip service while privately seething over his nationalism and blue collar appeal that defies their best ideas for campaigns. I know, I have first hand knowledge from people in the building and in the know that this is a fact. This metric was a key part of Chad Mayes, and Brian Maienschein’s decisions to bolt the GOP.

I want Jessica Patterson to succeed, this kind of stuff makes supporting her extremely difficult. I respected her position in the Bill Brough drama while being frustrated immensely by the inaction of “leadership” (more on that soon, by the way) and some of the other actions she has taken behind and out front (aka torching Chad Mayes after having defending him and taking his endorsement and support), I am also aware that she is also standing up behind some party endorsements that were controversial. These are all good things.

What needs to stop is the command and control crap. Unless, of course the goal is to kill off the party completely. I sometimes wonder. Don’t worry though, David Reade has his next CAGOP Chair candidate waiting in the wings – Deborah Wilder. #FACEPALM

Dec 272019

With the sudden filing of Janet Nguyen vs Tyler Diep in AD-72 – the Democrats believe an already competitive race may be an easier pickup. Diep is vulnerable and his personal conduct before and since being elected is the subject of legend and may end up on the pages of Right on Daily (and maybe local media outlets). Don’t forget that this is overlaid by the CA-48 race (Michelle Park Steel) that will draw a likely $10 Million.

Tyler Diep

In AD-74, a democrat is holding an R-leaning seat and there is a massive schism in the OCGOP that deadlocked an endorsement. While Kelly Empty has limited resources, a handful of people still trying to wield influence are attempting to push the volatile Ernby over the line in to the March runoff. This increases the level of difficulty for the GOP significantly let alone for Diane Dixon who has at least triple the resources of Mrs. Ernby but will be forced to expend them all to deal with the stubborn challenge.

Kelly Ernby.

AD-68: Stephen Choi is considered extremely vulnerable and he hurt himself by attempting to defend his colleague William “Bill” Brough. Brough’s spiraling scandal is affecting the entire area. Choi’s troubles are compounded by the vulnerable John Moorlach SD-37 and the Congressional Race where Katie Porter could have $10Million come in on her behalf. Choi’s opponent was fundraising off of his AD-73 related gaffe.

AD-55: Phillip Chen is also considered vulnerable now. AD-55 is overlaid by the Ling-Ling-Ling Chang Senate Seat (SD-29) and millions coming to avenge the recall of Josh Newman. Ling-Ling-Ling is viewed as the next most likely to bolt the GOP as she is as liberal as Mayes or Maienschein are. The CA-39 Race (Young Kim) is also overlaid on this and will be drawing massive outside money as well.

Which brings us to AD-73. There is zero incentive for the legislative democrats to play this straight. With Bill Brough being on a rampage to prove himself innocent (and everyone else around him wrong), the democrats want him to make the fall runoff. If Brough makes the AD-73 runoff against a democrat the FPPC investigation and the sexual misconduct investigation are all but guaranteed to drop. If they were baseless, they would be coming out whenever and no one would be talking about them in the halls of the legislature.

William “Bill” Brough

The refuseniks on the OCGOP who refuse to endorse anyone for any reason and any time before filing can thank themselves for enabling Brough to feel comfortable filing for re-election. Other groups and other people took action before the primary – but the OCGOP whose voice was the loudest waited until the day after filing to finally stand against Brough. I had criticized Fred Whitaker until around mid September as it was clear then that he had arrived at the conclusion that Brough’s victims were legitimate and that Brough was a problem. Unfortunately, Whitaker is not a strong or persuasive person and had to wait until filing closed to get Brough dealt with.

The democrats did not miss this dynamic. While the Orange County Republican world is (finally) aligned against Brough – the democrats know the weakness and knew that Republican “leadership” as in Marie Waldron protecting a leadership vote, were running interference for Brough. (All while knowing at least 3 weeks in advance Mayes was going to bolt parties) The significance of Chad Mayes leaving the GOP is that he was a leadership vote for Waldron, so all this sandbagging to protect Brough was for naught.

Think it through – it took 6 months of relentless pounding by the Right on Daily Blog AND dozens of other state level media articles to finally get the movement that has only happened in the last three weeks! (Regarding AD-73) It is as if some were hoping against hope they’d never be forced to act!

From Ben Adler Capitol Public Radio and Stephen Frank:

The California Legislature spent nearly $2 million last year investigating sexual harassment accusations involving lawmakers, staffers and lobbyists, and received 15 new allegations — including four against state senators and two separate complaints against an Assembly member.

This newly released data, obtained by CapRadio as part of a Legislative Open Records Act request, is from 2018 and the first month of 2019. The response includes no names, which is consistent with the same data released in the past.

But CapRadio’s request for data on all allegations made since January has so far been denied.

That means these newly released details about sexual harassment at the state Capitol will be the last ones the public ever sees — unless the Legislature chooses to disclose information from its newly formed, joint Senate-Assembly Workplace Conduct Unit.

Read the article carefully and cross-reference it with what I have been told from several political insiders: The Bill Brough investigation will be completed sometime around mid December (now) and sent to the joint committee. What they do with the information and investigation is up to the leadership (as in the dem majority) of the Assembly. I’ve been told that Anthony Rendon and the other Democrat leaders fancying a complete wipe-out of Republicans in Orange County will be forestalling the release of the report.

The failure of GOP Groups to act decisively earlier and take out the trash could bite us yet again. We’ve seen Bill Brough’s issues spill over in to AD-68. With the air of scandal barely below the surface in AD-72, you have to wonder if your intrepid blogger has connected the dots correctly between the rumored delay of the Brough Report and the refusal of the legislature to release records to the Capitol Public Radio crew whose lawsuit victory allowed us to see the #MeToo stuff that we actually did see.

I am thrilled that the OCGOP endorsed an opponent, Laurie Davies against Bill Brough. I am also thrilled that the OC Lincoln Club did as well a couple days before filing closed. I am waiting on the OC New Majority to do the deed as well in public. I now hope this effort is enough to overcome name ID and incumbency – especially with Ed Sachs deciding to file in what looks like a Brough-level temper tantrum when the OC Lincoln Club picked Davies over him. Ed Sachs has increased the level of difficulty exponentially to get Brough out of the top two.

Bill Brough will affect every single race in Orange County: SD-29, SD-37, AD-55, AD-68, AD-72, AD-73 and AD-74. The 4 Congressional Races were being doubly impacted until Duncan Hunter Jr. pled guilty and bailed out. (The four are CA-38, CA-45, CA-48 and CA-49)

Remember one of your intrepid blogger’s old adages – NEVER EVER RELY ON A JUDGE OR AN INVESTIGATION TO DO WHAT YOU COULD NOT DO AT THE BALLOT BOX. This means to everyone reading this from Orange County – make sure you join your intrepid blogger and make sure Bill Brough gets buried. Please.