Jun 292018

It is not just your intrepid blogger that knows Stan Sniff is seriously if not mortally wounded politically. 

His donors appear to be abandoning him. He raised a whopping $8K at his “Campaign Kickoff”.

Consistent with his taking money from a criminal defense attorney who is defending a cop-killer, whose surviving Husband is an RSO deputy, Sniff took $1k from the Zucker Law Firm.

The Zucker Law firm specializes in personal injury and wrongful death. Translation – this is the typical field of law that “Ambulance Chasers” indicate for their practices.

Of note – Mr. Zucker advertises that he represents a lot of law enforcement personnel. Given the issues that this blog has uncovered, I am not sure any RSO employees should feel comfortable if this guy is handling their case given that he just gave the Sheriff whose policies they are suffering under a large campaign check. It would appear that this is a conflict of interest if this firm is handling any worker’s comp, harassment or wrongful termination cases for individual RSO employees.

Both Zuckers clearly indicate their former employment with the Riverside DA.

Not included in this blog is a $5K check from a Texas Investor.

Raising $8K at a campaign kickoff is pathetic for a County-Wide race in a large county. It is even worse when you account for $5k of the money being from Texas.

In case you doubt my analysis of Sniff’s fundraising failure, look around social media for photographs of it. That’s right, there aren’t any. Hard to photograph an event when no one is there.

Tick Tock Stanley. Tick Tock…

P.S. The name of his committee is “Friends of Stan Sniff”. Referring to the word Friends in the plural sense is false advertising, but I digress… false advertising in a campaign, who knew?

Update: The other Donor Listed? (Leeland, “Lee” Tainter)

Jun 292018

When we say Stan Sniff has been seriously wounded politically, we make this claim with evidence.

Witness LIUNA, a union that has normally given Sniff amounts of up to $10,000 at a time was only good for $1000.

These things aggregate and this is a clear indicator that the wheels may be coming off of the Sniff train with the donor community as well.

However, an even better indicator of how badly wounded Sniff is, was let out by the normally Pro-Sniff Riverside Press-Enterprise, who appear to have banished an editor to Rancho Cucamonga for having the audacity to report about Bianco being retaliated against. (Note, Miguel Garcia has not been retaliated against for his run against Stan Sniff giving further credence to my theory he was put on the ballot to be a foil by Sniff)

Witness this quote from their recent article:

Worried incumbents?

Another county office headed to a November general election is sheriff.

Incumbent Stan Sniff will face sheriff’s Lt. Chad Bianco after none of the four candidates on the primary ballot secured a majority.

There are troubling signs for Sniff as he heads into November. Bianco finished first in the primary, beating Sniff by more than 14,000 votes. Roughly two in three voters chose someone other than the incumbent sheriff, who also faced challenges from retired Hemet police chief Dave Brown and sheriff’s Deputy Miguel Garcia.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Stanley is on the left. Recent reports indicate Stanley is nearly completely Grey and has lost a loty of weight.

Bianco, who four years ago lost to Sniff in a two-candidate race, has the backing of the union representing sheriff’s deputies.  And, after the primary, he also got Brown’s endorsement. Sniff has attacked Bianco as a union puppet, while Bianco said Sniff has mismanaged the Sheriff’s Department and allowed morale to plummet.

The P-E couldn’t help themselves with the union swipe and using an old photo of Sniff to make him look way better than he does currently though. However, that said – these comments in the article are a glaring admission of what everyone on the ground knows, Sniff is extremely vulnerable and has an uphill race in the fall.

The Sniff-Endorsing Desert Sun had their own spin. It kind of felt like literary Twister as I was reading the article

In the June primary election, Sniff’s opponent, Lt. Chad Bianco received over 14,000 more votes, or almost 5 percent, than Sniff.

Bianco rallied supporters by attacking the Sniff and accusing him of mismanaging the budget, antagonizing the Board of Supervisors and letting problems like the concealed-carry-weapons permit backlog fester.

“I think there’s been a lot of political comments made that were pandering and misunderstood how the budget works,” Sniff said of the criticisms leveled against him. “The elected constitutional officers have a responsibility to speak the truth to the board, as far as the ramifications of the decisions they’ve made. But once they’ve made a decision, I’ll execute it whether I like it or not.”

You will note that Sniff suddenly is talking cooperation with the Board of Supervisors and is attempting to tout his fiscal management. Nothing like getting hammered at the ballot box to learn some false humility to try and regroup. It is going to be a fun 4 1/2 months. See below for evidence of Sniff’s fiscal management:

Jun 282018

There is a disclaimer I will start out with – Correctional Deputy Tammy Smoak who went on the record with me – has a pending case against the department. Similar to Gabe Dennington (who won his, but is getting stonewalled) and Donald Vincent Brooks, there is a clear clear clear case of malfeasance. Regardless of Tammy Smoak’s actions or alleged part in the situation – what the subjects of the complaints did far outweighs any misdeeds of the victims.  I am being purposefully vague about some facts in order to not compromise her case(s) against Sniff’s department.

In the case of Tammy Smoak, she is a gym rat and at age 47 is likely at less than 20% body fat. I am 47 as well, and considered to be in the top 10% for my age in a physical fitness test, but I am at 26% body fat as I am about 20 lbs overweight. This should give you a mental picture as to her appearance – she is “ripped”.

When you are attractive there are certain advantages and pitfalls. In the Riverside Sheriff’s Office (RSO), it is kind of like wearing a target. This is one of the reasons why I have shied away from writing a diary of who is screwing who unless it directly relates to the corruption.

In this case, Smoak with one exception claims to have never slept with anyone that has been part of the history she outlined to me. In 2008-2009, Smoak had a complaint against a Sgt. Scull who had been previously terminated by San Diego, then was allowed to retire by RSO in lieu of disciplinary action for harassing her. Scull’s behavior included spying on the locker room, leering at her and cat-calling her over the radio and in person.

Once Scull was allowed to retire to escape termination, it appears that the Good ‘Ole Boyz club got involved and made sure that Smoak was made to pay for having the audacity to get Scull (ahem) “retired”. Given the extreme nature of stuff your intrepid blogger is told about on a daily basis, doing stuff so bad that you get (ahem) “retired” over it means you really screwed up.

In keeping with the time-honored tradition of corruption within the Ratt-Squad (aka PSB), there exists no evidence or documentation today related to the Scull Sexual Harassment Issue.

There was an issue in 2011-ish where an inmate was brought in to the jail. Despite being arrested and taken to Lake Elsinore Station, the scumbag had a gun hidden in his penis area. When the scumbag reached the jail, there were 5 male employees sitting around, leaving Smoak to search the guy. It was not until a janitor came in to the drunk trank and that employee found the weapon.

Guess what happened? Nothing to the incompetent boobs from the station, or the 5 guys sitting on their asses. Smoak was the focus of the PSB investigation. Similar the 6 hours of videotaped interviews that disappeared in other cases, PSB’s focus was on trying to stuff the case…

…Then some years later, a Correctional Deputy Wemberly was part of beating the crap out of some scumbag in the jail. (he is alleged to have been the main aggressor) After Smoak accurately described the incident, Wemberly wrote a letter to PSB accusing Smoak of being a tramp. Based on this un-vetted, un-verified letter PSB focused on Smoak and basically let everyone else off the hook. Sound familiar? This has been the pattern for years, find one fall guy and cover up the incident.

CD Wemberly beat the mess out of an inmate, Smoak reported it and it should also be noted that other people who were a party to the incident attempted to cover it up.

It gets better, Smoak’s interview with PSB which she thought was going to be about the beating of the inmate instead turned in to 5 guys asking her about her sex life. Amazingly, no documentation appears to exist related to the sexual inquisition within the files of PSB. So, this was an open invitation to dishonest people within the RSO to smear people that have the courage to come forward with misconduct. It is unclear if Wemberly was ever held accountable for beating up the scumbag.

During this time period, then Lt. Cheryl Evans (Now part of Sniff’s second floor, welcome to Right On Daily Chief Evans!) threatened Smoak. She told Smoak who had completed the modular academy that she’d never be “sworn”. (you go to the police academy in order to become a sworn officer, as in full fledged cop, versus a prison guard)

Now I understand how Cheryl Evans qualified for her promotion to the second floor. Cheryl Evans was Sgt. Scull’s mentor and sponsor in the department. In the time honored tradition of 2nd Floor staff she appears to have participated in a retaliatory measure to protect (or avenge) the guilty.

Other incidents include Sgt. Mongle kicking her on duty. Similar to Scull, Mongle was allowed to retire and escape accountability.

No documentation is alleged to exist within PSB related to Sgt. Mongle kicking Correctional Deputy Smoak.

The most recent incidents include threats of physical violence, sexual harassment, a supervisor taking overtime away and garden variety sexual harassment. This incidence was reported to Undertaker Diyoyo and then Lt. Misha Graves (referred to as Misha Benjamin in my interview with Smoak) reacting with condescending dismissiveness.

All involved in the latest incident, including Lt Vernal and Misha Benjamin/Graves were/are good buddies with the harasser.

Similar to Cheryl Evans, I now know how Misha Graves/Benjamin came onto Stan Sniff’s radar screen for a promotion. (think retaliation, personal compromise)

There is a current worker’s comp case and harassment case actively being litigated. Suffice to say, it was put to me that there were Depositions with major errors in them that are having to be re-done and once again PSB has put Smoak in the crosshairs and not the alleged harassers.

It sounds once again like business as usual in Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office. In this story, we have elements of several themes… the Ratt-Squad, multiple cover-ups, scapegoating, sexual misconduct, and two now members of Stan Sniff’s senior management in the middle of it all.

It needs to be cleaned up. Fire Stan Sniff Now.

P.S. If you care more about the rumors about Smoak’s personal history than the above incidents, retire now, you are part of the problem.

No one should have to put up with this and watch as those covering up the misdeeds are promoted while you stay a deputy for years. Second, the cover up of the jail violence, especially in light of the handful of incidents that actually did make it in to the local media is reprehensible. Third, allowing the guilty to retire instead of facing accountability is a sissy cop-out and is emblematic of the cover-up culture and the moral absence of the atheist Sheriff.

Jun 272018

Elections have consequences. Jack Duran got HAMMERED 62-37/with rounding and write-ins factored).

Kirk Uhler, the lone Conservative on the current board of Supervisors has taken the lead with a Resolution.

It is the understanding of this blog that some within the halls of county government had been attempting to stonewall or forestall this resolution. At a time of my choosing I will fill in the details.

Kirk Uhler studied the County’s By-Laws and Robert’s Rules and rightly came to the conclusion that he did not need anyone’s approval to agendize an item.

See the attached letter from Placer County District 4 Supervisor Kirk Uhler as sent to the Placer County Counsel, and others within the County Government.

The money paragraph is here:

I am formally requesting that an item be placed on the July 10, 2018, agenda relative to SB 54, specifically, “Should the Placer County Board of Supervisors: recognize the primacy of the federal government and the United States Constitution on matters regarding immigration and naturalization; advise all Placer County departments and agencies that they, too, will recognize the primacy of the federal government and the United States Constitution on matters regarding immigration and naturalization; file an amicus brief in support of the federal lawsuit against the Sanctuary State law?”

Please note that Bonnie Gore, who drubbed Jack Duran made this a key issue in her campaign against Jack Duran. So did I when I designed and targeted the mail for the Placer County IMPACT Republicans against Jack Duran.

For those of you wondering, Kirk Uhler was a prime mover behind Bonnie Gore’s Campaign to unseat Jack Druan. Now, he is taking the lead on the Sanctuary State issue in Placer County. Not long ago some activists in local tea parties led an effort against Mr. Uhler, supporting a bay area transplant who is not even a Republican. Perhaps these sorts of occurrences will help them change up their stripes, back to where they should be…

Jun 272018

See how that works?

The Sheriff is a magician! Suddenly in April of an election year he figures out how to make some promotions that look good on camera and POOF! there is suddenly money to deal with a 5-6 year old, 2+ year long backlog of CCW applications (which can all still be denied, by the way).

Pictured is Sniff with a newly identified groupie on the left and two other employees of the second floor – Robyn Flores (promoted over other applicants with superior qualifications) and Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela. (Not in this picture, Lenny Purvis or Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood, Kevin Vest, Christopher Brandon Ford or the usual suspects sent out in to the wild to intimidate people or chaperone the Sheriff)

This is how they roll in Sniffyland.

But HEY! We need to raise rates by 10% for all those people getting fed-kicked out of the jail! 30,000 of them from 2012-mid 2015 (The last time period your intrepid blogger has numbers for).

Kinda like Contract Cities getting hosed, everyone gets a chance to get hosed by the Sheriff!

This is a cut and paste from City News Service as this did not appear in the Desert Sun or the Riverside Press-Enterprise… (imagine that)

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — The Board of Supervisors next week will consider whether to approve Sheriff Stan Sniff’s request to hike the jail access fee charged to cities and other entities that book arrestees for misdemeanor offenses into one of the county’s five detention facilities.

The sheriff is seeking a 10 percent increase in the booking fee, raising it from $514.58 to $561.61 per detainee, according to sheriff’s documents posted to the board’s policy agenda for Tuesday.

Officials noted that fees are not always applied thanks to state allocations under the Public Safety Realignment Act of 2011. The county received more than $3 million in the current fiscal year to cover some jail processing costs, netting a savings to municipalities, college and special districts that use the county jail system.

However, when those entities exceed predetermined booking levels, based on three-year rolling averages, they owe the county, according to the sheriff’s department.

“Applicable cost elements for the fee include all expenditures incurred during the booking … including but not limited to searching, wrist- banding, bathing, clothing, fingerprinting, document preparation, medical and mental health screening, warrant service, inventory of an arrestee’s property, laundry and storage of the arrestee’s clothing and inmate classification,” according to the sheriff’s department.

The county bills entities once a year for the aggregate amounts due.

Felony bookings, as well as misdemeanor bookings specifically related to domestic violence and traffic violations, are not factored into the fee schedule, saving entities even more money, officials said.

The fee has elicited criticism in the past. But it’s unknown whether anyone on Tuesday will be addressing the proposed increase.

Oh mama. Someone needs a reality check, bad.