Feb 282018

Ryan Huizinga.

Huizinga ran unsuccessfully for President of the Riverside Sheriff’s Association. He was Stan Sniff’s butt monkey. It was clear that his goal was to prevent the funding of the Riverside Sheriff Association for Chad Bianco’s campaign.

Huizinga was also expelled from the RSA for his douchebaggery. He later took to facebook to solicit pity for his stupidity.

Sheriff Stan Sniff, however had other plans for the Huizinga Family.

Janelle Huizinga was recently promoted to correctional Sergeant after Ryan Huizinga’s maladies within the RSA. Anyone that thinks this promotion had no connection to that is delusional.

Janelle Huizinga just messed up #BIGLY. Sergeant (ahem) Correctional Sergeant Huizinga was on duty at the jail and a female inmate had some sort of medical issue that was serious in nature. Huizinga called for AMS, the Ambulance service to send a meat wagon to the jail and take the inmate to the hospital.

Problem. The sworn deputies were not notified, the inmate ended up in the hospital un-guarded and the Sheriff’s office had to scramble a deputy to go to the hospital to retake custody of the inmate. This is a major league no-no

Normally, such a screw up would cause disciplinary action. As of the writing of this blog the cover up is underway and there is no pers investigation opened. (The slang term for getting a misconduct investigation is getting “Pers-ed”) It was relayed to us from one of our many sources that Chief Evans is furious that the story leaked out to the rank and file. Now it is here in the anthology of Sheriff Sniff’s corruption chronicles.

Anyone with any information on Chief Deputy Cheryl Evans, her conduct and any other cover-ups she may be guilty of at the behest of the Sheriff is encouraged to reach out. You can remain anonymous.

Stan Sniff’s Riverside Trainwreck continues…

UPDATE an anonymous source added the following:

More to the story:

After realizing the inmate was not being escorted to the hospital by a deputy, they sent one ASAP to the riverside hospital in Moreno Valley RUHS. When deputy arrived at the hospital they could not find the inmate. After the deputy called back to the jail to let them know they could not find the inmate, they then realized the ambulance took the inmate to the downtown hospital RCH.
Newly promoted Lt. Kent, who was on duty and in charge at the time was informed of this mistake, but did not let anyone above him know until he was approached the next day.
Still waiting to hear if a Pers will be done on both Huizinga or Kent for failure to perform. Unlikely
Feb 282018

A couple weeks ago, we blew the lid off of the Sgt. Christian Dekker case. It appears that Dekker has been a cancer within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office (RSO) for years. Dekker is in the blue shirt at a fundraiser for Stan Sniff. (Dekker has written him two checks that we are aware of)

According to the staff in Jurupa Valley, they know who is robbing the county… Sgt. Dekker. Dekker is alleged to come in late and leave early. He is also known to manipulate his schedule to work 10, 12, 13, or 15-hour shifts to get more time off. The staff there say they have never seen an admin sgt getting so much time off, being allowed to come in late and not put in for vacation. They resent it. (It is also clear Dekker is not using the time off to work out)

Recently we were told that Dekker did his usual, magically showing up for work on President’s Day in order to get overtime pay for working on a County Holiday. The scrutiny of Dekker’s behavior is actually causing him to physically be in the office as of late, but we are sure if Stan Sniff gets re-elected that the PSB department will quietly cover this back up again?

Why do I make such a charge? Several deputies/employees of RSO have made it clear that Stan Sniff likes organizational cancers like Christian Dekker because they are “Whistle-Blowers”. Dekker is not a whistle blower about sexual harassment as women that speak out are transferred, separated from their spouses, deliberately scheduled to screw up their home life, pulled off of special team and relegated to the jail or ordinary patrol, or are documented so that losers like Mark “Investigate to Terminate” Bostrom can fire them. Nope, Sgt. Dekker according to accounts is a Whistle Blower for personal profit.

Nope, Sgt. Dekker has been tolerated, if not encouraged for years by the Sheriff.

I was told that Dekker used to solicit stories from inmates in order to get dirt on his co-workers when he “worked” in the jail. I was told another story that when a fellow investigator went to the bathroom and came back, there was Dekker searching his computer to try and get dirt on him. The investigators told their superiors and both were transferred, rather than Dekker being fired.

Why else would Dekker carry around recording devices with him and leave them in the work-spaces of colleagues? I am told that to this day, Dekker still carries recording devices with him and may well have a recording device on him as he is reading this blog post about him. This is why he is universally hated in the department and in my opinion why it suits Stan “retaliate against everyone” Sniff to keep him around. Dekker’s very existence on the county payroll is a gigantic middle finger to the honest rank and file that resent Sniff.

Any other Sheriff would have had Christian Dekker prosecuted for his behavior.

Dekker was on the Homicide unit for 7 months. According to accounts, during the 7 months, you guessed it, Dekker was not at work. He was most likely at home. When Dekker was actually working he was up to his usual tricks sewing dissension and nearly shattered the homicide team before being moved out of it.

Dekker has apparently filed several “Hostile Work Environment” Lawsuits. He has gotten settlements off of some of them. Why? “Whistle-blower”. This is reputed to be the reason why he has defined his career by snooping on fellow employees, while the PSB department (hand-picked by Stan Sniff) could not be bothered to cut this cancer out of the department.

IF you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you have been presented with a staggering array of stories about the rampant corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and a Sheriff whose policy is to cover everything up and not deal with the problems.

Sgt. Dekker has a backyard that was reputed to have cost some $50,000+ to install. I paid for that with my tax dollars while this man was ripping off the taxpayers of Riverside County falsifying his time cards and snooping for dirt to file his next lawsuit. (with the disclaimer that I am assuming everything I have been told about him is indeed true)

Apparently, Dekker is not aware that secretly recording people is a crime without a court order to do so. Apparently, Dekker is not aware that falsifying time cards is also a crime if indeed he is not at work when he says he is. What we do know about Dekker is that he is unethical by virtue of the accounts of his behavior. (which I believe to be true)

This gets me to 2009. Dekker was an investigator at the Southwest Jail. An Inmate was on the release list that was not supposed to be on the release list. Another officer of the jail told Dekker about the problem. Rather than fix the list, Dekker decided that they were going to release the inmate and then arrest him for escpaing the moment he was outside the walls of the Jail. Dekker believed he could play “Hero” similar to all of his frivolous “Whistle-Blower” Lawsuits he files to shake down the County of Riverside.

It is apparent that another ethical jail employee told the inmate not to leave the jail because of what Dekker had planned for him. The Inmate refused to leave his cell.

If true – Dekker is indeed guilty of a felony, “Entrapment”. It is likely that the statute of limitations has expired and that the situation would be Sgt. Dekker’s word against the others that were a party to the situation. I’d take Ali Mazarei’s word over Christian Dekkers given what I’ve learned about him.

I think the point of all this is, honest deputies have put up with people like Undertaker Diyoyo, Kevin Vest, Ray Wood, Jason Horton, Leonard Purvis, Captain Tripod, Lt Bostrom, Lt. Rose, Sgt Dekker and the list goes on for years under the tyranny of Stan Sniff. The department is overrun with corruption. As a sad footnote, since I’ve been tearing the cover off of the corruption of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office, a retired Lt. Committed suicide – a sad reminder of the decimated morale of the department.

If I did not have a strong respect for the badge, I’d look at people like those I’ve been writing about and completely lose faith in law enforcement. It also eviscerates any argument that Stan Sniff could even make about his budget. This kind of fraud and abuse is an outrage.

I am sure there will be PLENTY more stories like this one to tell as Riverside Confidential rolls on.

Feb 272018

Nothing tells your men what you think of them better than taking campaign cash from a criminal defense attorney defending a man charged with Murder with Malice – the Murder of Two Police Officers in an ambush with armor piercing rounds.

There he is in all his glory, Mr. John Dolan, a go to defense attorney for the worst of the worst. People have a constitutional right to a defense, but a self-serving Sheriff who does not seem to care who donates to him (as long as they donate) taking money from such a man is an outrage.

John Hernandez Felix gunned down two police officers and barricaded himself in a house before the Riverside County SWAT Team came and apprehended him. One of the officers murdered was the wife of a Riverside Sheriff’s Office Deputy! Are you kidding me Stan Sniff?

This defense attorney tried to claim that this hardened gang banger had anmesia. Accounts of Dolan’s conduct indicate that he is fond of challenging deputies and investigators on the stand and is abrasive and arrogant. It also appears that Dolan is cut from the same cloth as Robert Mueller, just win at all costs no matter what the facts and circumstances are. I can arrive at that conclusion easily by reading several stories about the cases Dolan has been involved in.

IN 2007, Dolan got Hemet Dave Brown endorsing former DA Rod Pacheco to let a pedophile walk with just two misdemeanors after his arrest made an episode of COPS.:

Jim Philbrick, 45, reached a plea deal with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office Nov. 7.

He was in the midst of a preliminary hearing to determine if there was enough evidence for him to stand trial on felony charges of attempted lewd acts on a child younger than 14 and attempting to distribute harmful matter to a minor.

As a result of the deal, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor attempting to distribute harmful matter to a minor over the Internet and another misdemeanor charge of soliciting a lewd act in a public place, meaning he will not have to register as a sex offender.

He could get up to nine months in jail, but his attorney, John Patrick Dolan, said he doubted that would happen.

“I think probably the judge will put him on summary probation and impose a fine,” Dolan said, adding Philbrick pleaded guilty to what he termed “low-grade misdemeanors.”

“I’ve contended all along this was a drive-by sex crime,” Dolan said.

“It just goes to show the case was nothing to begin with because the judge dismissed the felonies.”

Philbrick, who previously worked for NBC affiliate KMIR-TV and CBS affiliate KPSP-TV, was arrested in March 2006 during a sting aimed at pedophiles conducted by Internet watchdog group Perverted Justice and the Palm Springs Police Department.

Video of several of the groups controversial operations have been broadcast on NBC’s “Dateline.”

(Jim) Philbrick, who is openly gay, admitted visiting a chat room for gay adults, but maintained that believed he was role-playing with other adults.

He chatted online with a Perverted Justice decoy, Sean O’Connor, 25, of Florida, who was pretending to be a minor, according to investigators.

After chatting online with O’Connor for three days, Philbrick allegedly agreed to meet the “boy” at the Palm Springs Tennis Center on East Baristo Road, where a young police employee waited.

As investigators watched, Philbrick drove by in his Lexus, but kept going after he saw the police decoy.

Police arrested him about 20 minutes later during a traffic stop later broadcast on the FOX television show “COPS.”

Following last month’s plea deal, Ingrid Wyatt, a spokeswoman for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office said her office agreed to the deal in part because of Philbrick‘s “lack of criminal record.”

Philbrick, who left the courtroom smiling last month, said he continued to maintain that he thought he was talking to another adult in a gay chat room.

“I think this is quite a victory,” he said. “We turned four felonies into two misdemeanors.”

Note: Sheriff Candidate Chad Bianco was actually in several of the Dateline NBC pedophile sting operation shows aired on national TV. What a contrast to Dave Brown and Stan Sniff. 

Sounds like a GREAT donor for the Sheriff to have, huh? Why not? Back to our regularly scheduled dirtbag, Felix.

Amnesia. Everything that says “Cont” in the embedded screenshot, means it is continued as in being tried.

Then there is this gem from the amnesia defense article about the “Doctor” Dolan called as a witness:

In addition to her career in psychology, Chalgujian is a fourth-year law student at Dolan’s California Desert Trial Academy, an Indio-based school where he serves as dean. She also works as a law clerk under Dolan. However, she said she is receiving no compensation for furnishing her report on Felix, nor was she promised anything with regard to her academic career.

Cozy. Win at all costs. Donate to the Sheriff.

In addition to allegedly killing Vega and Zerebny, Felix is accused of shooting a third officer, who survived, through the metal screen door of his home as the officers approached, then firing on two of their colleagues, who were not hit.

Prior to Friday’s hearing, Felix faced two counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder and special circumstance allegations of killing a peace officer and committing multiple murders.

District Attorney Mike Hestrin has alleged that Felix, who’s accused of firing armor-piercing rounds from an AR-15 semi- automatic rifle while clad in body armor, specifically targeted police.

At the preliminary hearing starting Friday morning, prosecutors are expected to present evidence detailing the shooting and subsequent 12-hour standoff at the Cypress Avenue home, where Felix allegedly barricaded himself before being flushed out by police at around 1 a.m. Oct. 9.

The preliminary hearing, which is intended to enable a judge to determine if there are grounds for trial, was originally scheduled seven months ago but was delayed when defense attorney John Dolan declared doubts regarding Felix’s competence to stand trial.

This is John Patrick Dolan.

Read more here about the slain Palm Springs Police Officers.

Meantime, Sheriff Sniff took money from this guy. What kind of message does this send to his men and the community? When you add to this the myriad coverups, the intimidation, threats and the mismanagement you have a complete moral outrage. It is all about Stan Sniff trying to save his shredded legacy.

We’d ask Sniff to return the money, but he has taken $50K+ from Ali Mazarei that he still has.

Meantime, the stories about Sniff’s Sheriff’s Department are piling up.

BONUS UPDATE: Dolan is also defending the murderers of a Retired Lt’s Kid in the infamous Pinyon Pines triple murder case.

Feb 272018

This is a post, word for word of the Banning Informer Article dated 5/20/2014. It was prophetic as everything described has gotten far worse, as you’ve been reading here on rightondaily:


A Closer Look at the Sheriff’s Race

5/20/14 – On June 3rd, 2014, Riverside County voters will elect their Sheriff. Two candidates are on the ballot : incumbent Sheriff Stan Sniff and Sheriff Deputy Lt. Chad Bianco.

In many such elections the candidates are interchangeable and very much alike. Not so in this one : there is a world of difference between Sniff and Bianco.


Sheriff Stan Sniff is a politician in uniform. He is of the opinion that the right of the people to bear arms is a privilege (which can be denied), rather than a fundamental constitutional right.

Sniff’s attitude is reflected in the number of CCW’s (concealed weapon permits) issued in Riverside County : of the estimated 650,000 gun owners, only 771 have a CCW issued by the Sheriff’s Department. With this policy, Sheriff Sniff appears to be right in line with the current mainstream gun grabbing agenda, courtesy of the likes of Senator Diane Feinstein & Co.

Challenger Chad Bianco believes that Sniff’s policy is fundamentally wrong. Bianco has stated that every law abiding citizen – as long as he or she has no criminal record – should be entitled to carry a concealed weapon. Bianco recognizes the right to bear arms as a constitutional, God given right, rather than a privilege handed down by the government to its subordinates.


In Banning’s 100 year history, no public official has ever raked the taxpayer over the barrel more than former Banning Police Chief Leonard Purvis. Last year, Purvis walked away from Banning with an obscene $ 300,000 in taxpayer cash – without ever filing a lawsuit.

December 11, 2013 : Sheriff Stan Sniff swears in former Banning Chief Leonard Purvis, despite his claim of mental impairment just 5 months earlier

Prior to being Banning’s Chief of Police, Purvis was a Riverside Sheriff Deputy ; it was during this time that Purvis and Sniff formed a very close relationship. When Purvis was Chief, Sheriff Stan Sniff is said to have frequently visited him at the Banning Police Department.

Readers of this website will remember the turmoil Purvis created, when he accused Council member Don Peterson of having caused him undue “severe anxiety and stress”.  To compensate him for his “suffering”, Purvis made a demand for $ 250,000.   –  Purvis’ real problem : Peterson – a former Police Sergeant himself – had the audacity to ask Purvis a number of questions (listed here) , none of which Purvis felt like answering.

Only 5 months after Purvis declared himself mentally impaired, and only a few weeks after he left Banning, his good buddy Stan Sniff arranged for Purvis to get re-hired by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Sniff has failed to answer any questions about the hiring of a – by his own account – mentally unstable Purvis.

How could Purvis pass the required psychological evaluation ? Did Sheriff Sniff override the standard POST requirements, because he could ?


Sheriff Purvis was sworn in on December 11, 2013. There is every indication that Sniff engaged in backdoor dealings when he hired Purvis : according to reliable sources, former City Manager Takata was scheduled to meet a Sheriff’s Corporal on December 12  at 2 PM, for the purpose of collecting background information on Purvis from the City of Banning . But since Purvis ended up being sworn in the day before, this meeting is said to never have taken place.

It therefore appears that a full background check was never done by the Sheriff’s Department with the City of Banning, in circumvention of standard hiring practices.


Sniff’s “right hand woman” is Undersheriff Colleen Walker. Walker’s husband is Wayne Walker, a retired RSO Lieutenant, who now owns and operates an investigation firm.

Former Police Chief Purvis funneled 10’s of thousands of taxpayer dollars to Wayne Walker, hiring him for internal investigations at the Banning Police Department. The majority of these contracts were given on a no-bid basis.

In short, the dealings between Wayne Walker and Leonard Purvis appear to be anything but “arms-length transactions’. Rather, their relationship seems to indicate an insider culture, in which Sheriff affiliates funnel each other lucrative contracts – without oversight.


Interim Chief Alex Diaz gained popularity with the public when he changed the direction of the Banning Police Department to a more citizen-friendly approach. Chief Diaz  extended lobby hours to 4 days per week, rather than 3 hours per week under his predecessor (see full story).

Chief Diaz has come to the conclusion that Lt. Bianco will make the better Sheriff. He has endorsed Chad Bianco. Way to go Chief !


At this time, Stan Sniff’s campaign may be outspending Chad Bianco’s 10 to 1 – but if voters pay close attention, Bianco may have a real chance.

If you cherish the Constitution and/or resent dirty back door deals, the likes of which Sniff pulled off with Purvis, your choice will be very clear : Chad Bianco for Sheriff !

Feb 272018

Joseph Cleary (Sent the infamous email we obtained a copy of ordering people to campaign on taxpayer time)

$100. 9/17

$100. 11/17.

$100. 12/17.

$100. 4/17

$100. 5/17

$150. 6/17

Christian Dekker, Sgt (He of the manipulating time cards and off time)

$150. 9/17

$100. 6/17

Christopher Brandon Ford. $100. 5/17 <<< A Chief Deputy outed in the campaigning on public time scandal.

Roy E. Grace. $150. 4/17 <<< The captain at Thermal station who also shows as giving $300 (as a Lt.) on 4/25/14

Lisa DiYorio

$150. 12/17

Bill DiYorio <<< This is undertaker Diyoyo the undersheriff

$150. 10/17

Robyn Flores. $150. 10/17

Jerry Gutierrez <<< An Assistant Sheriff, who is not even a sworn officer, yet makes Asst. Sheriff Money (can you say Pension Spike? I knew you could…)

$100. 7/17

$100. 10/17

$100. 12/17

Daniel E Hedge, Jr. $100. 7/17 <<< This is captain hedge whose station Sgt. Dekker works at and and who is alleged to have been promoted to captain because of his service covering up the cheating scandal.

Valerie Hill. $100. 12/17

Jason B Horton Sr. $100. 10/17 <<< This a Chief Deputy, who like the others is despised by the rank and file. Horton is alleged to have gotten away with a recent DUI. Please also note that Horton has given Sniff $1,650 lifetime in a series of small checks dating back several years.

Jason Huskey. $100. 11/17 <<< Jason Huskey is the Captain of the Palm Desert Station. He and a LT recently spied on Chad Bianco’s speaking event at the Indian Wells Rotary Club while on duty. Morale at his station is in the toilet.

Michelle Larson. $150. 9/17

John mcBrearty. $100. 7/17

Mike Portillo

$150. 9/17

$100. 12/17

$100. 5/17

Leonard Purvis. $100. 6/17 <<< Yes THAT Leonard Purvis who tried to destroy the Banning PD on behalf of the Sheriff. Please note that Purvis has written Sniff 3 other $100 checks as well.

Chris Reinhardt $100. 12/17

Donald Sharp. $150. 10/17

Ray Wood. $250. 11/17 <<< This is Chief Deputy Wood, who has been a frequent target of this blog. (see Wood in action here and here trolling Chad Bianco events)

$200. 10/17

Raymond Gregory. $150. 4/17

$100. 6/17

Aaron Kent. $150. 5/17 <<< we may have more to say about Mr. Kent soon as he appears to be involved in a few issues of his own.

Jeffrey Kubal. $150. 5/17

John Magnan. $150. 5/17

Not included: Mohammad Ali Mazarei $50,000+ as he is not a County Employee

If any of the readers of this blog have any information on any of these folks (or others who are doing Sniff’s bidding, please contact us YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS)