RNC Appoints Moderate Attack Dog as California Grassroots Chair?

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Jul 252013

The Republican National Committee announced Wednesday that Clinton Soffer will become its first California state director. Credit San Luis Obispo Newspaper.

Who is Clinton Soffer? He was an outspoken supporter of the Jim Nielsen-Abram Wilson – Charles Munger Financed – effort to annhiliate the California Republican Party Platform.

He signed every letter and email in support of the so-called 21st Century Platform.

Clinton Soffer appears to be heavily connected to the Kevin McCarthy squish machine in California. He was a past President of the CR’s – a young Republican group with a socially liberal bent they control.

Soffer also worked for Moderate Turncoat Nathan Fletcher when Fletcher infested the Assembly. Fletcher left the GOP and became an independent when he thought it could help him gain an advantage over fellow Liberal Republican Carl DiMaio in the 2012 San Diego Mayor’s race. (Embattled current San Diego Mayor Bob Filner won that election)

Soffer is only 23.

While we could care less how young he is, the problem for Mr. Soffer is experience dealing with a state as enormous and diverse as California.

The second issue we have with the RNC’s choice is why they chose someone with a history of aggressively fighting against the Conservative base of the California GOP.

We have to conclude that Kevin McCarthy and likely Charles Munger had something to do with this choice by the RNC. The RNC has long preferred Moderate Republicans to their more Conservative Counterparts. Soffer fits that mold.

Soffer has also served McCarthy and Munger well in his short tenure of “service” to the GOP.

Count us as skeptical about Mr. Soffer’s ability to unite and organize – especially once the Conservative base finds out about his pedigree.