Aug 252011

I agree. Lawsuits suck. The legal system sucks. Using it for political means only makes one look like a nimrod.

Today – the LA Times covered former GOP Governor (and the spiritual leader of the RINO’s) Pete Wilson rising up out of retirement once again to lend his support to the upcoming referendum against the State Senate lines drawn up by the “Citizens” commission. Pete Wilson is right on this one.

… So is the Yolo GOP.



Davis CA – August 25th, 2011. The Yolo County Republican Central Committee met at its regular meeting and debated the merits of potential legal challenges to the Citizens Redistricting Committee final maps by the State Party.  After much discussion and debate the motion was made to recommend to the California Republican State Party our opposition against all such actions.  The motion was passed without opposition with one abstention.

The motion reads as follows:  This committee recommends that the California Republican Party refrain from a direct lawsuit by itself against the Citizens Redistricting Commission.  While agreeing there were flaws in the remapping, the Central Committee commended the hard-working Californians who served on this project.  “To our knowledge we are the first and only Republican Central Committee to take this action” said Glenn Holderreed Committee Secretary.

Vice-Chair Kirby Wells stated, “The Yolo Republican Committee believes that this Redistricting Committee reflects that Californians are demanding a fair approach to redistricting; not the normal “back door deals made under the previous legislative control of the process.  We need to work on solutions for California and certainly not block forward progress.”

The Yolo County Republican Central Committee is the official Republican organization in Yolo County.

For more information about the Committee please visit or contact Kirby Wells Vice -Chairman at (916) 215-4291

Ray Nutting (AD-05 Prospect) Gets Some Ink in Local Media

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Aug 242011

The article from the Mountain Democrat is here.

Ray Nutting is the 2011 chairman of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. He spends 80 to 90 percent of his work week on county business. Mountain Democrat photographer Pat Dollins remarked on the way back from a visit to Nutting’s South County ranch, “That guy needs about a 72 hour day — and he’d probably have it filled.”

Nutting, unfettered by suit and tie, is a whirlwind of energy, physical, mental and emotional. He lives on a nearly 700 acre ranch off Happy Valley Road in the South County. The property was homesteaded by his great-great-grandparents who migrated from Pennsylvania in the 1850s.

Now this is the stuff candidates are made of, I remember Ted Gaines and his family that traces back to the 1850’s in Roseville.

Typically, articles like this start to surface when Candidates are organizing campaigns… I am sure more will follow.

Aug 232011

First off – John Garamendi is the incumbent. He is pond scum.

Garamendi bailed out on being Lt. Governor to run for Congress – Garamendi has never faced a full-force or sustained attack for his grotesque record as California Insurance Commissioner – as it is, he’s a tax-raiser and has followed Barack Obama off the cliff.

Kim Dolbow-Vann is the Establishment candidate. She is a former staffer of Doug Ose – one of the most liberal Republican Members of Congress at the time he served. Dolbow-Vann is also a tax-raiser / fee-raiser and appears to have ties to land owners that want to sell water rights to Southern California. Dolbow-Vann featured all of her Ose-ites as early supporters on the endorsement roster at her announcement.

The Consultants are swirling – it appears that Wayne Johnson is going to have a client in the race as well. (Maybe it is Dolbow-Vann?) We are expecting as many as six candidates as Republicans have demonstrated a pattern of stupidity – both in the form of the establishment squishes always recruiting a candidate for every seat, regardless of merit. The idealogues love to flock regardless of merit.

However, there is Retired Marine Colonel Charlie Schaupp – first off, he pulled 44% of the vote with a lightly funded campaign against liberal Republican Jim Nielsen in the previous Assembly Primary. (Nielsen recently led an effort to attempt the gutting of the Republican Party Platform) Schaupp has a following, name ID and most importantly – he opposes higher taxes and sending Northern California’s water to Southern California.

The new CD03 Race should be a whirlwind.

Update: I have been retained as a part-time consultant to the Charlie Schaupp Campaign.




Placer Cent Com Update – Take it to the DA

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Aug 172011

That is where I am at. After all the crap – including Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff single-handedly scuttling the results of a productive meeting last Wednesday – I am convinced that the situation at hand will never be resolved.

The 4 person minority on the Central Committee will not stop their disruptions until they impose their will.

So – the perfect solution in my mind is to turn the whole thing over to law enforcement.

Therein lies the rub. I have been suggesting as such in email threads amongst the Central Committee and the responses have been astounding:

Carole Valliancourt who is Ted Gaines’ Representative to the Cent Com and she sent me the following reply when I suggested that those accusing needed to go to the DA:

I think you either are smoking something or are drunk! I will not accept any more e-mails from you

PS don’t you have something more important to do but send out stupid e-mails

I guess this means she doesn’t have any evidence to present to the DA to substantiate her charges.

Then Cheryl Bly-Chester sent me a long email reply parroting a lot of the charges + a bunch of new ones I had never seen before… but the money quote from her email is here:

Your requests for me and others to bring our concerns to the DA or AG bypasses the resolution process established and clearly would not be helpful.

That says a lot – bypassing the resolution process? Like going to the tea Parties, the local media, sending out emails, parroting charges of an FBI investigation. I think the resolution process was bypassed months ago.

The only help at this point is to turn the whole mess over to the DA and see what the law has to say about the whole thing.

Finally, former Placer GOP Chairman Ken Campbell had his own input:

Why in the world would I say anything about a felony?  A felony is a crime, and you need to be convicted of that.  I don’t know what is in PCRCC Headquarters Partnership, you guys are the only ones that know what is in it… and you guys are fighting like crazy to keep it secret.  Why would I go out on a limb to call it a felony when I don’t know what is in there??

Ken admitted in writing what we all know – those accusing the HQP and the Cent Com have no evidence. They are lashing out at and fighting against suggestions to approach the DA as a result. I did respond to Ken to answer the part about Felonies:

Felonies in the context that I used the word Felonies is a pronoun. Aka a substitute word for other words – in this case: Money Laundering, Graft, Extortion and Embezzlement. All are felonies leading to my use of the term “Felonies” for efficiency of communication.
It is similar to using the term “Idiots” to refer to a group of people to save one the time of listing them all out individually.
Sorry folks – because of the water that has flowed under the bridge – the only resolution to the current situation is to go to the DA.
Not only do those pointing the finger appear to not be confident in their evidence – I don’t really think they want to solve the problem. They need a political hammer with which to try and gain control.
Remember – if you can’t control it, destroy it.


Aug 162011

You can’t predict tomorrow – especially if the Unions and their whores in the media come out fangs bared to stop a referendum.

Here are the final Districts in Placer:

SD04 – LaMalfa has Roseville and Western Placer.

SD01 – Ted Gaines is moving and has the rest of Placer all the way up to Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta. Ted Gaines wins, get over it – even if the unions, RINO’s et. al. come after Gaines.

AD06 – Beth Gaines has Roseville, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Rocklin, Penryn, Loomis, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park.

Beth Gaines is in serious debt from her recent race – there is some question with the new districts if the “third house” is going to give much to Republicans since it seems that soon they will be completely irrelevant in state government. Will Beth draw a Republican Opponent in this +20 district?

AD05 – this is the State-Level District that will breed the fireworks in Placer. First off – this district has Newcastle and Auburn in it from Placer. It has ElDorado minus Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills + all of Amador, Calaveras, Alpine, Mono, Toulumne, Mariposa and Madera Counties in it.

The rumored candidates as I understand them are El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting, Auburn City Councilmeber Kevin Hanley and Madera County Supervisor Frank Bigelow.

I know Nutting and Hanley well – I do not know Bigelow at all.

AD-01 – Dan Logue has moved in to Nevada County. This is his race to lose. The RINO’s and the Labor Unions are rumored to be looking over some Shasta County liberals like Stan Statham (who is now a DTS) to run against Logue.

CD-04 – with a recent Bee article, this district that takes in 90% of Placer and stretches down the foothills to rural Fresno County is McClintock Country – but the Bee stated emphatically that Dan Lungren could move in to the district and take on McClintock.

If that happens – it will be Ose V. McClintock on steroids. I predict that should Lungren run against McClintock, it will be national news all the way to the wire.

CD-01 – Herger. This takes in roughly 10% of Placer and goes all the way to Siskiyou. Herger wins.

Situation Normal.