Jul 192022

It would be really fun and simple to think that Jessica Patterson, David Stafford Reade, et al put Guerra and Brown up to this.

I was informed that Dan Brown was a key booster of Jason Empty Hat Paletta, he of the coup attempt against the Placer GOP and the man who is anti-everything now that his quest for office was vanquished. Brown was making calls and attempting to wield influence on behalf of Paletta.

Then, later we received this. Michelle Guerra sent out an invitation to a film called “Rigged”. Sounds Good, huh? I mean Donald Trump was robbed, right?

Wait a minute – this is a different kind of “Rigged”.

So, last week the Solano GOP had a free screening of a far-left movie about attempts to suppress the black vote. This farcical lie is pushed by the Left to argue against any true election security measures. Did Michelle even understand the movie she was supporting?

So now, we have some further evidence that both suffer from impaired judgement. Why would team Jessica even bother with these two? #FACEPALM

Jul 182022

First of all, the General Election is in 3 1/2 months. The CAGOP Officer elections are not until March of 2023. Question one – why so early?

Secondly, I have been getting conflicting reports about Dan Brown’s allegiance to conservatives for years and Michelle Guerra has established her self-serving pattern. She stabbed conservatives in the back and was rewarded with Choice Committee assignments by her majesty after twice betraying the conservative opponent to Jessica Patterson.

Therefore, any reasonable person would look at this email sent by Dan Brown and Michelle Guerra to a handful of county chairs and ask what the hell is going on. Several of the most staunch conservative chairs were not on the list, but stone-cold Patterson loyalist Cathy Kneer made the list. (You will recall the establishment drill that was run to elect her in Shasta County and then they filled the empty committee slots with moderates and donors)

I can only assume that Fred, Mark and Randall were put on the email in order to attempt to lasso conservatives to co-opt the movement early before the opposition organizes against the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

Have these two have gone on a complete ego rampage thinking they can gain election to major CAGOP office, thus betraying Jessica Patterson? Or, have they been dispatched to engage in this operation to disrupt the opposition to the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure?

Another context clue is point three. True leaders do not talk in terms of controlling people, that is what the establishment does.

The syntax of this email also suggests that these two are attempting to mimic the messaging and organizing of the previous two Chairman campaigns against Jessica Patterson.

Given the pattern of these two – I am open to the more conspiratorial suggestion that David Reade / Andy Gimmecandy put them up to this. One major consideration is that Dan and Michelle would lose their plum committee assignments. However, I can not discount their pattern and the potential for a double-cross of Reade/Gimmecandy/Jessica and crew.

The last thing to mention is if this is indeed a hubris-fueled drill, will the establishment just laugh at them or will they retaliate against them? (Or both?)

Ever wonder why the CAGOP can’t walk and chew gum? The people in charge have failed miserably as the CAGOP loses market share and the opposition is full of people that pull stunts like this.

Jul 172022

All hat and no cattle.

Did you hear that Jason Paletta has a new website? Did you hear that Jason Paletta is going to hunt down corruption? He and his best buddy Brandon Bean have formed an alliance from what your intrepid blogger has been told.

Paletta – proving his brain is a vacuum is labeling the Placer GOP, Kiley, Patterson, The Milkman, the Dog Catcher and anyone else that has bruised his ego as corrupt. We’ve seen this before in Placer County, Karen England, Doug LaMalfa’s staff (think David Stafford Reade) and a bunch of dupes in the tea party teamed up to run the Placer CRA members out of the Placer GOP leadership. The Tea Party people were looking for someone to blame after the 2008 election of Obama and LaMalfa/England gave them a straw man to tilt at.

Paletta and Bean appear to be attempting to perpetrate the same lie in 2022. The rhetoric is the same as the psychotic rants I saw in 2009 and 2010. Your intrepid blogger has confirmed that Paletta/Bean have been attempting to insert people onto the Placer GOP.

A concerning angle is that it appears Eric Eisenhammer has been aligning himself with the Paletta/Bean crew. If this is true, this would be a dramatic departure from Eric’s past pattern. Eric has a reputation as a reasonable conservative who avoids extremes.

Secondly – the obvious question is, if Paletta is concerned about Corruption, what does he have to say about Brandon Bean’s abhorrent behavior? Or, is the desire to vent a grudge superior to any sort of ethics, integrity or real corruption?

Brandon Bean sure made a difference – read more about the lawsuit here in which Bean threatened to rape a co-worker.

Speaking of integrity – read here the corroborated story of Bean’s Drunken escapades.

Finally, when Jason Patella announced his “New” website to fight corruption, he called Joe Patterson, the AD05 GOP Nominee for Assembly a democrat.

Apparently, Moonbat central missed Paletta’s Memo. Or perhaps, Paletta is just a butthurt idiot, you decide.

Please note as of 7-17-2022, almost 6 weeks after the primary Bean has refused to support Sheriff-Elect Wayne Woo and Paletta is refusing to support Joe Patterson. These two have earned themselves permanent residency on the therapeutic patient list of Right on Daily.

Mr. Paletta – when you read this blog, understand that your intrepid blogger has MANY friends on the Placer GOP. If you attack them, you are attacking me.

Not to be outdone, another of Placer County’s finest Moonbats decided to sortie out of it’s spider hole:

Thanks for the endorsement Connie.

True to form for the left, they would not be able to understand stone tablets from God. (as they deny the existence of God as a breed) Worse, this one likes to twist people’s words. So your intrepid blogger paid it a visit on twitter. (Note, I did not assume Connie’s gender… perhaps it is tree sloth, who knows)

Right on Daily for the win.

There must be a general election coming! The idiot/moonbat infestation is in full swing.

In case you are wondering, here is a photo of Matthew Oliver, Your Intrepid Blogger and Oliver’s Campaign Manager taken on 6-7-2022:

Party time in Placer, baby.

Jul 062022

It is quite a gamble. If you read no further, that is the punchline of this post.

I know Suzette Valladares. She was a long-time member of the CRA. She has always been pro-life until voting to put the Write-Abortion-in-to-the-California-Constitution measure on to the ballot. Why did she do this? She was drawn from AD38 which was about D+1 to AD40 which is now about D+12.

Will this protect her from the expected attacks of being part of the anti Roe V Wade Party?

Nathan Hochman also tweeted the following:

Hochman’s play is that he supports abortion on demand and thusly, Rob Bonta can not use that dog whistle against him in the General election. With that issue resolved, Hochman says, the focus can be on smash-and-grab robberies and the apparently deliberate action of Bonta’s office to expose all the private data of CCW Permit Holders. (I happen to believe that Bonta did it as a temper tantrum over the SCOTUS decision, I am willing to back away from this given evidence to the contrary. Bonta is getting sued and rightly so over this)

But Lanhee Chen went Next-Level Left. Lanhee says, not only am I out there on the abortion issue, but I also hate Trump!

Lanhee Chen has a few confessions to make.

The Republican candidate for California state controller, who will face off against Democrat Malia Cohen in the November general election, told me in an exclusive interview on Thursday that he did not vote for Donald Trump for president in either 2016 or 2020 — and doesn’t plan to support Trump if he runs in 2024. “There are a lot of people who I believe would be better for the job than the former president,” he said.

Chen has taken pains to distance himself from Trump — in an April interview with CalMatters, he described the Jan. 6, 2021 siege on the U.S. Capitol as an “abomination” and “an attack on democracy” — but has never before publicly revealed whether he voted for the former president.

So why now, a few weeks after the June 7 primary when California voters made him the top vote-getter for controller?

“He’s still an issue in our politics,” Chen told me. “I’ve been watching these hearings that have been going on, on what happened on January 6th … and I think it’s disgusting. The more I look at it, the more disgusted I am with the kind of behavior we saw that day from people. … I believe that the former president bears some culpability for what happened on January 6th, and I think now we’re discovering the extent of that culpability.”

He added, “As more is revealed, people are gonna want to know” how he voted.

  • So here’s how he voted: Chen said he’s “pretty sure” that in 2016 he wrote in Mitt Romney, on whose presidential campaign he had previously worked. And in 2020, “I actually left my ballot blank,” he said. “I didn’t feel like I could vote for either President Biden, nor could I vote for former President Trump.”

Chen also shared his stance on abortion in more specific terms than he has in the past. Cohen, who has vowed to “do everything under my power to uphold funding for our reproductive freedom,” has repeatedly called on Chen to disclose his views on abortion. Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling last week striking down the federal constitutional right to an abortion, Chen pledged to “never restrict nor interfere with a woman’s ability to get an abortion or access to abortion services.”

But he went a bit further in our Thursday conversation. “I support women’s reproductive freedoms,” he told me. “And that includes access to family planning services, to contraceptives and abortions, as allowed under California law.”

Chen stressed that he’s sharing his views on these topics not because of pressure from Cohen, or because of the mathematically uphill battle he faces in solidly Democratic California — a challenge he plans to tackle with sustained outreach to Asian American, Latino and African American voters — but because “it’s just a sense I have” that “they continue to be questions that people are asking.”

  • Chen: “Let’s answer them, let’s make it clear kind of where the perspective is, and then let’s move on to talk about the issues that the controller really has control over. And, you know, by the way, abortion is not one of them. And nor, by the way, is who’s president in four years.”

Here’s the thing. I knew Hochman was a social liberal when I decided to help him. His resume’ and record is impeccable as a prosecutor and he has a host of issues to run for office on that relegate Abortion down the list. Can Hochman raise the money to successfully sell California on Law and Order? Will the Republican base bail on him over his abortion comments? I am not convinced that being Pro-Choice loses that many votes anymore. I just don’t think it has an up-side either. People vote for Democrats if murdering unborn children is that big of a deal to them. I also contrast what Hochman did to the out-of-character move by Valladares that makes her vote look like obvious politics. Hochman has been consistent for years on his values.

I am not convinced that Valladares’ vote to put that horrific amendment to the California State Constitution on the ballot gets her a thing. If anything, the small Republican base in that district might be upset by that as the action is beyond just the words of Hochman.

I do believe that Lanhee Chen punked the CAGOP. He went further than the other two in to trashing the president and by extension the core of the GOP who love them some Trump. He also demonstrated some severe hubiris in his comments. I believe that Mr. Chen has disqualified himself from serious consideration as a candidate. The CAGOP leaders that helped clear the field for him should once, again be run out of leadership on a rail. There is a part of me that believes that Patterson, Reade, Ross, Gimmecandy, et. al. actually planned to have Chen make this move once nominated. If I can prove this, I sincerely hope it results in a complete cleansing of the GOP. This is unprincipled harlotry and the willingness to crap on your own base for political expediency is appalling.

IN conclusion – Hochman told us the truth. Chen Lied to us. Valladares made a move she thought might get her favor in a D+12 district. We are going to find out in November which strategy worked the best. I will be sure to follow up then. (I wrote my predictions 7-3-2022 on a piece of paper as well)

Jul 052022

The CAGOP is not doing ANY voter registration. For example, instead of spending money on Voter Registration, their leaders are busy sending idiotic mail into SD04 watching it go into a Dem vs Dem runoff.

Many of us in opposition to the current “Leadership” of the CAGOP have been screaming for Years about voter Registration. Read the numbers and weep:

In particular, look at all the Blue States where the GOP is gaining. Only Colorado and California have gone in reverse. The CAGOP leadership should be purged over this. In case you are wondering about Colorado, it is the #1 state for leftists to move to.

When Dark Blue States like New York with a 223,000 gain, and when others like Oregon and New Jersey are showing registration gains, this is proof that the CAGOP Leadership are trying to lose. They all need to be fired.