Mar 312019

Some may be wondering why your intrepid blogger is making a big deal out of Platform Committee Membership for the CAGOP. Take a look at this manifesto called “Reframing the Message“. This was the result of a reputed $250,000 expenditure and this document was produced some time pre-2018 elections.

If you are a conservative that cares about the party. Download the document from the link. It is disturbing and the talking points of “New Way California” are taken completely out of that. This was also the basis for the rampage of Chad Mayes. This is a warmed over version of the we have to squish out to win message I’ve seen since my first day in the CAGOP in 1997.

It is the opinion of this blogger that “Reframing the Message” is the goal of several people suddenly popping up to run for Platform Committee. Many are known to your intrepid blogger.

Anyone with institutional knowledge within the CAGOP remembers that Deborah Wilder is from the Bay Area originally. Wilder ran at least 4 times for Assembly out there and was reliable to appoint delegates to the CAGOP that were avowed liberal GOP-ers. (see also Luis Buhler and co) I was able to find proof of at least two assembly campaigns and allusions to two more from internet searches. She also held a local office for several years.

As of right now, I am unsure of who her opponent is. I’ve been told Joseph Turner from Lassen County or Mark Wright from Placer County are going to step up and provide conservative opposition to Wilder.

The issues with Deborah Wilder are simple. I do know her, I have met her and I am not going to discuss the personal angle. Let’s focus on her lousy internal party politics and poor decisions:

She was an aggressive and outspoken defender of Chad Mayes, basically leading an unsuccessful attempt to stop the CRP Board from calling on Chad Mayes to Resign.

Wilder has voted against Conservatives 80% of the time in her two terms as CRP Secretary.

Wilder also spoke on the floor against Harmeet Dhillon’s By-Law Amendment to modify the proxy rules of the California Republican Party. Wilder was joined by liberal Republican overlord Luis Buhler in said opposition on the floor.

On the CAGOP platform committee, it is almost guaranteed that Wilder will advocate for the watered down party platform espoused in the document linked above. This is why your Intrepid Blogger is taking the time and space to identify players. Knowledge is power.


Mar 302019

Many of you that remember my work on behalf of Travis Allen’s campaign for CAGOP Chair remember one of my top potential issues is the 2011 effort to eviscerate the California Republican Party platform happening again in 2019.

I have learned via my extensive opposition research that Jessica Patterson is a Conservative Catholic and she personally would not support changing the CAGOP Platform from what it is now. I have also learned from calling several insiders that there is no organized effort – at least that they know of – to re-write the CAGOP platform in to a limp liberal rag.

I have known of Kevin Krick for a decade. Like so many others within the CAGOP, I have not met him in person. I do not know his character, I know his politics. His politics suck.

I remember Kevin Krick for two specific things: #1, he voted to shred the CAGOP Platform in 2011. See that here. #2 While he was chairman of the Marin GOP, he posted some insane on-line poll about supporting Gay Marriage pre-SCOTUS decision. I have to go on memory regarding item #2 as I did not screenshot that short-lived absurdity.

Krick also ended up with proxies in the 2011 delegate drill that were from central valley conservatives – gathered as part of a well-funded campaign to exterminate conservative values from the platform.

Kevin Krick sent out an email to AD10 delegates. I am calling BS on it. Krick is a complete liberal unless he has gotten more conservative in the last 4 years. He is also attempting to Invoke #MAGA to cloak his agenda as proven by his actions.

Dear CRP Delegates of AD10,

Every four years, our California Republican Party releases an updated party platform, espousing our viewpoints in order to encourage voters to support Republican candidates for office. At the September convention in Indian Wells, all delegates will have an opportunity to vote on the new platform but before then, we need to select a Platform Committee to present the document for consideration.

To that end, I am running for Platform Committee for Assembly District 10. 

Many of you may be familiar with my work on behalf of our party over the past decade.  From walking precincts to making calls, I’ve volunteered on numerous campaigns and served as the Marin GOP Chair, the CRP Bay Area Regional Vice Chair, and currently I’m the Chair of the California Republican Veterans Association as well as an elected member of the Marin County Republican Central Committee. 

Dear Mr. Krick – you missed a few key points about your background.

Outside of the party, I serve as a Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve and deal with numerous policy issues in my job heading up safety, security, and environmental affairs for the largest container shipping company in the U.S.  In my spare time, I serve as a Scoutmaster for a local Scout troop in Marin. 

It’s this broad swath of politics, policy, and experience with veterans and environmental issues that makes me uniquely suited to serve as the AD 10 Platform Committee Representative. 

In order for us to have a useful document that aids all Republican candidates and represents the interests of AD 10, we need to ensure that our CRP Platform:

Define “Useful Document”

Is unabashedly firm on the Republican tenet of limited government,

Recognizes the sacrifices made by our veterans through support to our military and those who have served,

Denounces government over-regulation to keep California’s economy growing and taxpayer dollars in the pockets of those who earned them,

Welcomes all legally registered California voters that support our ideals, and

Supports President Trump’s efforts to continue Making America Great Again.

Really? Where are gun rights? Right to Life? Freedom of Religion? Immigration?

Platform ballots drop on Monday April 1.  Between now and then I’ll be reaching out to each of you to answer any questions and to hear your concerns.  You may also reach me at XXXXXXX

Both Jason Clark, the CRP Bay Area Regional Vice Chair, and Jack Wilkinson, Chair of the Marin GOP, have endorsed me in my race for Platform Committee.  I hope you will consider joining them as it would be an honor to receive your endorsement.

Note: Both are known liberal-moderate Republicans

Together we can draft a new California Republican Party Platform to help put our party and the Golden State back on track!


RINO Alert Issued. In AD-10 Vote for RON SONDERGAARD.

Mar 292019

When in doubt pick up the phone. I spoke with someone close to Madam CAGOP Chairman, a Congressional Chief of Staff and a Member of the CAGOP Board of Directors.

Remember: I do not write anonymous blogs, emails, social media posts, text messages, etc. I sign my name to everything I write / do.

Here is why the CAGOP Platform is important – it is a statement of our values and reading the CAGOP Platform is why I identified as a Republican when I first registered to vote in 1997. Every 4 years, and 2019 is the year, the CAGOP sets out to write and adopt a platform.

When you sell something, typically people want to look at what they are buying. If the CAGOP Platform is a milquetoast un-inspiring mess, then there is not much of a compelling reason for someone to choose GOP over NPP.

In 2011, there was an serious effort to shred the CAGOP Platform and moderate it. This effort lives on in my political consciousness and there is a dedicated group of liberals who want to change the CAGOP Platform to make it indiscernible from the democrats.

I am going to address the email I received from leftist Republican Kevin Krick in a separate blog. Krick was a combatant in the 2011 platform evisceration saga and he is part of the small minority that want to shred the GOP’s Values. Krick, Luis Buhler and others have had a life goal of “Yank the Plank” and eviscerating family values out of the core of the GOP.

I became aware that at least one member of the CAGOP’s “Swamp” was making calls and still others like Krick were popping up as candidates for platform committee. It appears that person making calls is looking to maintain the status quo – as in adopting the existing platform for another 4 years. your Intrepid Blogger would be in favor of an “As-Is” re-adoption.

Before engaging in mortal combat, your intrepid blogger picked up the phone. As of today, based on the integrity of the folks I spoke with (and my relationship with them), there appears to be NO ORGANIZED EFFORT to shred the CAGOP Platform.

We still need to be vigilant and elect conservatives in each Assembly District to represent real Republican values. Your Intrepid Blogger will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates, such as the coming update on Kevin Krick.

Conservative Values Matter.

Mar 282019

One of the key things I have written about are efforts to shred the California Republican Party platform that occurred in 2011. They were driven by big money from a previous mega donor to the CAGOP and Luis Buhler.

Someone tell me what is going on please…

With the Donor no longer writing massive checks, it remains to be seen how much funding a full-fledged drill to re-engineer the California Republican Party platform receives. It has been made clear to me that Buhler, while influential is not driving the bus like he once did.

Your intrepid blogger has now received three contacts that some of the powers that be (of what is left of the CAGOP) are making calls seeking to influence the outcome of platform committee elections.

When I wrote an expose’ of my 20 years in CAGOP politics, my biggest concern over several of these folks “taking over” was that I saw a full-fledged effort to eviscerate the CAGOP platform.

In a post following the convention I indicated that I was hoping I’d be meeting with / talking with some of the folks on the inside. Save two phone calls, not much response as of yet. However, a lot of intel has come in. In the absence of information and direct contact with some of these folks, I have to assume the worst.

Anyone with any information on the upcoming platform drama is encouraged to reach out – I do not want to engage in another intra-party brawl if it can be avoided.

Blogger’s Note: Every four years the CAGOP adopts a party platform of values. There are elements that believe if we water down our values that somehow this will improve our prospects. This battle has gone on since the day I got involved, and likely for years before that.

Currently, the CAGOP is preparing to elect a platform committee that will draw up and submit a platform to delegates. Calls are being made to recruit candidates, ostensibly to get people willing to do what they are told.

Mar 272019

Kevin Kiley hoarded $480,000 in his campaign account, while Brian Dahle raised and spent $1 Million trying to help his colleagues survive the 2018 election. Kiley had $200,000 more in the bank as recently as 6 weeks ago, yet at best managed a tie with Brian Dahle.

Brian Dahle is married with Children and has thousands of acres of ranch land. Kevin Kiley is single, never married and started a fake Cattle Company with Doug Ose (IMO), specifically to fabricate a background.

Brian Dahle owns a Gun. Kiley does not. Dahle owns a Home, Kiley does not. But Kiley stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once.

STOP STOP STOP Everyone!, I won. I am invincible.

If I got 28% of the vote, I would not be claiming victory. It comes across as arrogant and an attempt to overcompensate. The correct way? Hey! We’re in the runoff against “(insert hyperbole here)”.

So why is it not surprising that the ambitious Kiley is already making calls to people just hours after election night? It is not. It is not bad strategy, but does indeed underscore the differences between the candidates – Kiley is ambitious and seeks a lifetime in office (namely Congress) and Brian Dahle is a citizen legislator with a real business and family.

While Dahle was on his ranch in 2016-2019, Kiley was out campaigning. It appears to this blogger that Mr. Kiley has chosen a political career over a family.

Perhaps the above reasons are why Rex Hime has signaled clear support for Brian Dahle?

Perhaps your intrepid blogger is not alone in disdain for the calculated scheme? If you still have doubts after our series in the Primary – take a look at his email claiming victory. Take a look at the emails he sent out of his state assembly account promoting the special election.

Again, I ask where do the voters of SD-01 or AD-06 factor in to this? Similar to Ted Gaines, who I have hammered for years, it appears that Kiley has locked in to the same pattern. Shop till you drop for another office. At least Kiley will not have to sell a house to office-shop.

Speaking of Calculating, Note that at least the Placer GOP and El Dorado GOP Central Committees were not aware that Kevin Kiley’s proxy ended up in the hands of Kevin Eastman (a Jim Nielsen staffer), making him a Jessica Patterson Supporter. Two cent com members I spoke to were quite surprised to learn that Kevin Kiley did make a choice in the Chairman’s race despite trying to be clever and not endorse. It is this sort of pattern that works in the short-term, but not long term. I was told that Dahle’s support of Patterson was a factor in those two GOP Cent Coms endorsing Kiley. It looks like they were both lied to – I worked for Travis Allen, I know who supported who. No one representing Placer County supported Travis Allen, including Congressman McClintock and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.

Three things Kiley does not own – land, a gun or a dog

Now that Kiley is in the runoff – will the fake cattle company, sending mailers about being the “endorsed candidate”, etc. resonate? Or will the brutal reality about his lack of life experience and work history – including his 2016 ballot title of “Deputy Attorney General” come in to clearer focus? It was clear that tying Kiley to Kamala Harris was devastating, a fair shot given that he centered his 2016 campaign around his work for the AG’s office.

This is why Kiley has to fake a resume. Dahle’s family and his ranch / equipment. (Three more things Mr. Kiley does not have)

As I type this, Kevin Kiley is nervously making phone calls to all of the supporters of Rex Hime. Kiley intuitively knows he is in trouble as his clear campaign strategy was to play for the runoff against the wicka-loving Silke Pfluger. Now Kiley is in the fight of his young ambitious political life.

We watched Kevin Kiley come unscrewed in the last four weeks as he was starting to buckle under the weight of the scrutiny over his background (or lack thereof). The fact that some cent com members did not know about his double-dealing on the CAGOP Chairman’s race shows there is still work to be done.

Perhaps Kiley’s donations from Yelp!, Google and Facebook should be talked about, beyond the coven of Bay Area Antoino Villariagosa supporters who also donated to Mr. Kiley?

Perhaps the fact that Rex Hime picked up almost all the local government endorsements on the natural in Placer County (instead of Kiley) needs to be discussed?

The runoff is going to be quick, brutal and intense. Kiley has to defend a record of trying to avoid the tough issues and having little or no resume. He has to defend the resume he has. He is also going to have to make the case to the establishment, most of whom disdain him, that he is their option over Brian Dahle.

Then, what does Kiley do in an attempt to woo the handful of Democrats that will vote in the runoff? He is after all the “Endorsed” Republican Candidate who enviously pointed out the Prison Guards and Realtor’s Unions helping Brian Dahle with expenditures in the primary.

The problem for Young Mr. Kiley is that he can’t get to Brian Dahle’s right. While he may be younger and prettier than Dahle, he does not have a family to post photos of. (Let alone a House or a Gun)

I’ve been 100% clear about my issues with Mr. Kiley. He made poor choices. He has not been forthright. He has been selfish. He continues to try and create a false narrative about himself. I can’t trust him to legislate and govern without self-interest. Neither can you.