May 172024

Sloan needs help. He is right and everyone else is wrong don’t you know…

Dumpster Dan on the Dope Rhyme

If you received a copy of the Dan Sloan dossier in February when it was circulating, you were treated to his now ex-wife talking about his obsessive need to be right. She also talked about the myriad of abusive methods he employed. Fast forward to 2024, and it looks like Sloan has learned nothing.

Just this AM on the heels of losing a 16-2 Vote (the second time, mind you, the first was 15-5) he is still sending out emails as if he is still the Chair of the Shasta GOP.

The Shasta GOP met in the basement of the Methodist Church, a meeting Sloan claims is not valid. Let’s introduce Sloan (once again) to Robert’s Rules of Order…

50%+1 of a body can call a meeting any time, anywhere. Shasta GOP’s by-laws are silent on special meetings, thus Robert’s Rules applies. This is the second such time that the rank and file membership of the Shasta GOP have properly followed Robert’s Rules regarding expelling Sloan. But, don’t worry Sloan will go to his grave protesting how right he is and refusing to accept reality. He will continually come up with new reasons why he is right and everyone else is wrong.

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My advice to the Shasta GOP is to take a 2/3 vote and expel him from the committee completely so you can move on with your business and cut him out of the communication loop. The local elections office will recognize the new officers as will the State GOP, anything else Sloan says is irrelevant.

Once again, a tip of the cap for the way Garrett Hall took his lumps and moved on. What a contrast.

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  One Response to “Shasta GOP Update: Sloan Meltdown Continues. After 16-2 Ouster (Version 2.0) He Still Thinks He is Chairman”

  1. If one didn’t know any better, you’d think that the Intrepid Blogger, was discussing Dolton IL.


    you LOST a vote, 16-2?? And you STILL think you’re in charge?
    Someone lose their binky??

    I agree. Take the vote, expel the member in question. Ban/bar him/her/it/them/whomever, from attending any further meetings. Remove said person from ALL official files, communications, etc of your organization. Keep records of ALL your actions, and follow the rule/laws/bi-laws accordingly. You have a Sgt-at-arms, employ them should ‘someone’ try to force the issue. I would also suggest, making sure you keep/have/use video recordings of who/what/where/when/why, for your own protections/safety.

    Shame, that a person’s personal, um……ego-maniacal manifestations?……have gotten so far out of control, that they seem to be purposeful to discredit that particular Republican Party bastion/group. I would challenge, WHICH part of your Bi-Laws is that ‘person’ breaking or flagrantly disregarding?, that is 100% shameful to the group?

    Speaking of…………………………….have you heard the news today about what Mitt Romney is spouting???? WOW.

    talk about a sell-out…………Mr Limbaugh??? You were right about him as well!!!


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