Apr 292021

The last we covered Jason Horton was in 2019. He was interviewing for the Chief of Police Job in Yakima. Everyone thought he got the gig – well, nope.

I also saw Jason Horton at a CAGOP convention. I could not figure out why this 6’6″ tall walrus (literally 300 pounds at least) was glaring at me until I was close enough to see his nametag as the door of the elevator was closing. I never saw him again that weekend or I’d have attempted to chat with him.

Jason Horton was a Chief Deputy under deposed former Riverside Sheriff Stan Sniff. It was my belief that Horton was scum then and it has been reinforced today by virtue of an email from a well known fundraiser in Riverside County.

Ladies and gentlemen, the “Deucemobile” – the car Horton totaled under mysterious circumstances. Was he wasted?

Horton has one heck of a history with the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. I wrote about why I called him Jason “Deuce” Horton for over a year when I was eviscerating Stanley. (Sniff the corrupt former sheriff of Riverside County) A Deuce is a Law Enforcement term for a DUI.

Did you know that Jason Horton caused the County to Get Sued? Perhaps this is why the Corona Police Department turned his application down when he attempted to lateral out of the RSO? Oh, you didn’t know that either? Yup, we broke this news here on the Right on Daily Blog a month ago.

Did you know that Jason Horton’s alleged DUI may be a separate incident from this accident that resulted in a personal injury lawsuit? While I have no proof that Horton got away with a DUI, it is widely believed amongst the rank and file.

However, what I do have proof of is an accident where Horton was talking on his cell phone travelling at a high rate of speed when he climbed up the left side of a civilian’s car.

Read the lawsuit here.

On Page 3 is the first key element – The license plate of the Deucemobile is mentioned. 6EUH192. Please see the embedded photo, you will note that the recently discovered totaled 2008 Ford Crown Victoria matches the lawsuit complaint.

I suppose until we get more information of the allegedly covered up DUI, that we can say that “Deuce” refers to two injured civilians.

If you continue down page 3, you will see that Horton ran a Red Light while talking on his cell phone and hit the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. A check of records shows that Horton did NOT receive a citation for breaking TWO (another Deuce) traffic laws. Most be nice to be one of Stan Sniff’s Chiefs, similar to Stan Sniff flashing his badge to get out of traffic tickets… here we go again.

Normally, wrecking a county vehicle results in a “PERS” aka, a disciplinary hearing against the employee who wrecked the vehicle. As of the writing of this blog, there is no known disciplinary hearing or procedure against Jason Horton. Were it not for finding this lawsuit, the whole thing may well have been completely covered up from the public despite the lawsuit proceeding.

You can read even more about Horton’s checkered history here.

This is why the email I received today makes so much sense to me. Note that the email was sent to Stanley Sniff, Jason Horton himself, Mohammad Ali Mazarei, a couple of political consultants and community leaders as well. My source was not one of those on the CC line. I believe that Michael Williams may have sent this to thousands of people.

April 29, 2021

Dear Friends of Jason Horton….

  • As many of you know Jason was going to run for City Council here in Riverside….Then he wasn’t/then he was/then he wasn’t
  • Going back to January he took money from potential donors—one such for $1000 as of today…this and another donation have NOT been paid back.  (This is a FPPC violation).
  • In my case, he ordered printing and logos done.   On his word, I went ahead and did all of this.    My printer, based on our past relationship has extended him credit.   Fortunately, he reimbursed me for the stamps cost and has the envelopes in his possession with stamps on them.
  • However, besides friends he stiffed.    He has failed to pay a $744.00 printing bill to….THE PRINTING CONNECTION….THIS IS CURRENTLY OVERDUE BY OVER 100 DAYS.
  • I have sent him numerous reminders to pay this bill that he authorized.    No response/No payment….this goes back to January.
  • As a result, I am asking his friends to pay whatever they can to the Printing Connection…..whether it’s $25/50/75/100 etc.
  • Please mail your check(s) made out to
  • The Printing Connection
  • c/o 3711 A Arlington Ave
  • Riverside, CA 92506
  • Also, you as a friend should know that according to Transparency California, Jason’s annual retirement from the Sheriffs’ Department is $173,691.36

Should you have any questions,  please feel free to contact me…….Mike Williams….951 xxx xxxx

Any amounts received over $744.00 will be returned to you.    Thanks for your consideration.

Mr. Williams must not have read Right on Daily, because anyone that did would have known better than to do business with Horton.

For Mr. William’s benefit and the others CC’ed on his fundraising email – here is more on Horton’s alleged Deuce:

Note – Horton hit the victim’s car on the left side so hard that it was moved 20 feet from the collision. This is of course why the county’s vehicle was destroyed in the process. Did Horton get 2 DMV Points as a result of this (An accident with Bodily Injury is 2 points and causes you to lose your California Good Driver Status for 3 years)?

So Deuce means, a 2 point accident, 2 victims, 2 violations of traffic law in the case of Jason “DeuceX3” Horton. Were Horton’s case properly handled, he’d have 4 DMV Points – a 2 pt Accident, a Red Light Ticket and a Cell Phone Ticket. I will lay odds that he shows nothing on his MVR and CLUE reports. (Remember, my day job is Insurance)

Officer Christopher Wilson and Officer Hatzidakes of the Riverside PD Responded to the Accident. While I am sure they had no idea that the stuff Horton did disappeared (I am basing this on the fact I could find nothing in records checks about Horton having any tickets in the last 3 years), I’d sure love to talk to them and see if they observed the presence of Alcohol on Horton’s Breath. Maybe there are other details they could tell me. Perhaps someone can find the Riverside Police Department Report about the accident?

The Civil Claim also indicates they are asking for an amount in excess of $250,000. Ouch.

The County and Jason Horton’s Defense? Absurd.

  1. I didn’t do it
  2. The Family Caused It
  3. Unknown 3rd Party Caused It
  4. I may have caused it, but family incurred risk of collision by getting in their car
  5. Family is partly to blame so damages, if any should be reduced
  6. Family didn’t do enough to mitigate their own damages
  7. Even though Horton Caused the Accident, he was careful and reasonable and did not do anything wrong so the family should not get any money.

Sounds an awful lot like the absurd and inane excuses the county uses to further injure injured employees by denying care and litigating Worker’s Comp Claims.

Where was the PERS on Horton?

Where are the two tickets he should have gotten?

Where is the DMV Record of the Accident?

Why was the destroyed vehicle hidden for a YEAR? (The accident was on 8-10-2017 according to the lawsuit)

I told Chad Bianco he’d be 10 years cleaning up the mess of Stanley. (Stan Sniff) This is Jason Horton ladies and gentlemen, at one time he was a top cop in Riverside County. That is truly scary.

Apr 282021

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I like Robert Ming. He is a good dude. But – he had all the endorsements in Orange County and Lost his race for supervisor in 2014 to the incumbent Lisa Bartlett. It looks like Diane Harkey, running for the exact same seat (Lisa Bartlett hammered Ming and is at the end of her two terms) is doing the exact same thing:

Harkey has a fraction of this list (I could have posted a second screenshot for those of Ming), but here we are. Also note, several of these endorsements lived outside of the Supervisorial district and could not vote for Mr. Ming anyway.

I should also note that Bartlett (who threw her fellow victims of Bill Brough under the bus by endorsing Moorlach), had Darrell Issa’s endorsement and not much else.

LISA BARTLETT 67,416 54.6%

ROBERT MING 56,164 45.4%

It makes you wonder about Darrell Issa’s Endorsement. It may be one of the few that actually moves the needle. However, he is one of Diane Harkey’s many straw men.

Now there is another dynamic in Orange County – the world-famous dual endorsement. Mrs. Harkey should look out for those as well. I’ve seen a lot of it in Orange County politics. Once Right on Daily is done with our expose, our guess is that several of her crew are going to be reconsidering and as well others may not endorse her in the first place.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Harkey is attempting to roll out endorsements to compensate for things she lacks as a candidate. This is not unique to her, it is actually quite common. Your intrepid blogger is simply stating the obvious – endorsements don’t mean much, they are fleeting and they tend to dry up when the winds of trouble blow.

To be continued…


Apr 272021

Today – I was graced with Diane Harkey’s latest installment of her 1990’s era consultant endorsement drill. In the 1980’s and 1990’s – candidates would announce one endorsement at a time in an attempt to muscle opponents out of the race against them. Along came the internet and an much more organized opposition and now endorsements don’t matter anywhere near what they did. Witness the number of “outsider” and anti-establishment candidates that are winning races.

In Harkey’s case – she announced the endorsement of former CA45 Congressman Mimi Walters who was blown out of office by Katie Porter. Side Note: Walters and her crew also aided in defeating Greg Raths the CA45 GOP nominee in 2020.

My Favorite part of the email:

Diane Harkey served from 2015-2019 as Orange County’s elected Taxpayer Advocate on the State Board of Equalization; from 2008-2014 as the South County’s State Assembly Representative; and from 2006-2007 as Mayor of Dana Point. In each of these positions, Diane capitalized on her business and public service experience. She fought for the rights and interests of Orange County taxpayers, families, employers and local communities. She always put the people first.

You have to love the hubris in all of the above statements, especially the two emboldened sentences. We have been and will continue impaling her with her own record of capitalizing on her life experience. (BTW – she was forced to step down as mayor of Dana Point due to a legitimate recall attempt against her)

That said, if she had properly capitalized on her life experience – she’d know that a sitting Congressman like Darrell Issa would be an endorsement worth having. Just sayin’

Oh well. Maybe on the next campaign for office #7 in 2024 after losing again in 2022 she can get that one right.

Apr 262021

Screenshot taken 2-7-2021, Harkey should hire a social media consultant asap

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At best, Diane Harkey is completely clueless and has no self-awareness. She got herself elected Chairman of the Board of Equalization while it was in the midst of a scandal. Perhaps she felt empowered that a Judge let her out of community property in the Dan Harkey scandal before her divorce so she needed a replacement scandal?

The California Board of Equalization got blown up in 2017. It has had a long, sordid history of corruption. Diane becoming chair of it gave the partisan liberal democrats in the legislature the motivation to actually do something about its’ corruption for sure, but Harkey spoke out publicly against reforming the Board of Equalization!!!


“Overall the collecting, the assessing and distribution of taxes and fees is accurate. I think they do a good job,” Harkey said to The Times. “I think the current structure of the BOE is really very good.”

What in God’s green earth was that!?

The turmoil at the agency reached a boiling point April 13 when Gov. Jerry Brown signaled he had seen enough finger-pointing. Brown took away the board’s power to hire and approve contracts, and requested that state Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra launch an investigation of the many “serious problems” identified in a recent Department of Finance audit.

“The report uncovered issues of inappropriate interference by the board that undermines its ability to carry out its core mission: the collection and administration of sales and use taxes and other revenues,” Brown wrote in a letter to Becerra.

Oh man, there it is again, blaming others.

Even the building the agency was based in has spent years in disrepair. The elected board members once had main offices on the 23rd floor of the Board of Equalization headquarters in Sacramento, but they were moved out in 2007 to make room for repair work amid safety concerns. The high-rise has a history of toxic mold, dodgy elevators, leaky pipes and shedding parts that include a glass panel that fell eight floors onto the sidewalk below. Officials estimate $40 million in repairs are needed.

The synergy between this and the failed business of Dan Harkey is staggering as I read reports about state of the failed developments that precipitated the $12.5 Million Dollar judgement. Mr. Harkey got himself sued/sanctioned by a couple of jurisdictions related to that caper.

The departure of the board members from a building where 1,800 of the agency’s workers remain has also been a point of controversy. There are currently nine lawsuits against the Board of Equalization by employees who have remained in the dilapidated headquarters. Those legal challenges and lawsuits settled with 30 other plaintiffs allege the building is making workers sick and is a health and safety risk, according to Anthony M. Perez Jr., an attorney for employees who have sued.

The state says the building is safe. Perez said that claim is wrong and hypocritical.

“When the BOE Board members became aware of the mold, they high-tailed it out of the headquarters building to a safe working environment,” Perez said in one of the lawsuits.

Beyond this embarrassment, Diane Harkey got blown up by the auditor for having her fingers in the cookie jar:

Horton, a Democrat from Inglewood, and current Board Chairwoman Diane Harkey, a Republican from Dana Point, are facing heat from the report, which questioned conferences held in their districts staffed in part with employees from the other offices.

The report said employees were reassigned from the tax auditing positions to supplement the district staffs of board members in a way that violated state rules requiring notification and approval by managers.

“Certain board member practices have intervened in administrative activities and created inconsistencies in operations,” the report said.

Although each board member receives dedicated staff and $1.5-million office budgets, the report found some board members routinely supplement their staff, taking employees whose jobs were to collect taxes and transferring them from the main office to help board members reach out to constituents.

For example, a conference last November in Harkey’s district called “Connecting Women to Power” brought in 98 board employees usually assigned to tax audit and compliance work, whose monthly salaries range from $2,384 to $8,450. The employees performed duties including “registration, parking lot duty, and break area facilitation,” the report said, adding the redirection was requested by someone on Harkey’s staff.

Yee and others said the conferences held by other board members are improper because they are promotion tools used to elevate their profiles with constituents.

Now, get ready for the usual from Diane Harkey:

Harkey concedes that there has been a perfect storm of controversies, but she maintains that the problems are being addressed, and said she thinks the current structure can be made to work.

“There have obviously been some breakdowns in policy. I think there has probably been some board member overreach as well as some laxness on the part of the staff,” Harkey said. “I think nobody is totally guilty and nobody is totally innocent.”

Oh dear Lord. How can someone who sees Bill Brough clearly be this selectively stupid. Was it the paycheck (now that she was divorced from Dan and in theory did not have access to his money)? Was it the title?

Harkey said the agency is already taking steps to address problems identified in audits, but acknowledged “fractures” in the board, and a rank-and-file staff that she described as “pretty demoralized.”

The agency has been hampered by an outdated, 40-year-old computer system and turnover among senior staff.

Let that last line sink in. Broken, dilapidated buildings, misappropriation of funds and an outdated 40 year old computer system? Mike Levin only used a portion of this against Diane Harkey in 2018. However, events that went on between 2013 and 2018 got very short shift by Levin and the DCCC. As we continue, we are going to finish the job and tell the rest of the story.

Diane Harkey’s political career has been beset by a series of awful decisions, drama and scandal. She has also distinguished herself, always having an answer and a scapegoat for everything.

Apr 202021

This screenshot was taken from Diane Harkey’s Linked In on 2-7-2021. She probably needs to hire a consultant to update her stuff

Please note: The URL is changing to www.rightondailyblog.com soon. rightondaily.com will still point here for a while longer.

When Diane Harkey was on the Board of Equalization it was rocked by scandal. In fairness, I do believe that the democrat supermajority in the legislature decided to finally do something about the corruption only after Diane Harkey was elected Chair for partisan political purposes. However, before you think I am letting Harkey blame someone else, a lot of stuff happened at the BOE that she did nothing about or worse, participated in.

Her single term in the BOE started out gloriously:

We still can’t believe how many Orange County Republicans continue to support Diane Harkey.  She was elected in November to the California State Board of Equalization.

But we can’t forget what Diane and her husband Dan are accused of doing.  They have to be the richest, most scandalous, and most Teflon-coated couple in California. Dan claims to be broke but he is a multi-millionaire, and she claims to work for the people of California.

The Harkeys were supposed to appear before a judge Friday in OC Court for an Examination hearing subsequent to his guilty verdict for Elder Financial Abuse, bankruptcy, etc.

However Dan Harkey didn’t show. His lawyer claimed that Dan was in chemotherapy. A bench warrant was issued to compel his attendance. Diane showed up but she did so without the requested documents. Her exam was rescheduled for early February, according to Kurt Sipolski, a retired investor with polio who lost everything due to his investment with Dan.

Diane was by the way just got swore in to the Board of Equalization–which handles the State’s money.  PCF investors say they will act to garnish Diane’s new salary with the State Board of Equalization and try to get those wages garnished as well.

Harkey was in office for 2+ years when the Nepotism scandal broke. She was in office for 2+ years when all hell broke loose. Instead of joining the calls for reform, she pushed back and played the victim. Let’s start with Dan Walters:

Four of the five members are directly elected from immense districts and the board, which collects sales and gasoline taxes and acts as an appellate body for income tax cases, has become a landing spot for politicians – ex-legislators, usually – with nothing better to do.

While recent scandals revealed in the political media and highly critical audits of the board’s dysfunction finally goaded Brown and lawmakers to act, the board’s highly politicized approach to handling tax disputes has been evident for decades.

In the 1970s and 1980s, for instance, it was well known that if you had a tax case pending before the board, you could guarantee a win if you hired a certain Southern California lawyer – a former legislator, in fact – to represent you.

I have been told that is no different today. I’ve also been told that campaign donations are frequently solicited when cases are pending. I have no proof Harkey did either – but she did nothing to change that culture or blow the whistle.

Then, enter Breitbart:

In a letter sent to the board’s five elected members, The Democratic governor announced the tax agency will not be able to hire key personnel or issue most contracts without approval from other state departments he controls.

His letter also announced his intent to ask the Human Resources Department and Attorney General Xavier Becerra to investigate complaints from civil servants as well as an alleged misuse of public resources.

Brown’s letter follows a recent audit from the Department of Finance that found the Board of Equalization had allowed its elected members to “redirect” staff for promotional events. The audit found the agency could not explain how it corrected accounting failures identified in a 2015 audit.

It described reports from employees who feared they’d lose their jobs if they displeased elected officials. The report also suggested that board members inappropriately “intervened” in administrative decisions, creating inconsistencies that are “contrary to state law.”

Harkey’s excuse was that the audit was in 2015, her first year in office. Yet, inexplicably she got herself elected Chairman of that Board knowing it was engulfed in scandal! She is impervious to understanding the world around her. Similar to her husband’s business dealings, she had no self-awareness… it was about the title and building a resume. This is the best I can glean from this.

If I was her political consultant I’d have wrung her neck as she walked in to another scandal and took complete ownership of it because she wanted another title. And there’s more…

In a letter to board members, Brown also said he would ask legislative leaders to come up with new laws to address “serious problems” with the agency that were identified in a recent state Department of Finance audit. The audit uncovered mismanagement in the agency, which is responsible for collecting $60 billion in taxes annually.

“The report uncovered issues of inappropriate interference by the board that undermines its ability to carry out its core mission: the collection and administration of sales and use taxes and other revenues,” Brown wrote. “Other serious personnel allegations involving the board were uncovered during finance’s review that warrant immediate investigation.”

The Department of Finance review found tax board employees assigned to revenue-generating jobs were reassigned temporarily to help elected board members with public outreach events to boost the board members’ standing in their districts.

And this is where we pick up when we continue the Right on Daily Diane Harkey series…