Apr 142021

You have GOT to be kidding me. I had a confidential informant reach out to me to inform me that Diane Harkey held not one, but TWO events for Gene James!

I guess we should photoshop Diane Harkey in place of Pat Bates? Irony: Bates is said to be looking at running against Harkey for supervisor as well…

It gets better – Harkey who at one time employed the accused rapist and proven serial sexual harasser Bill Brough has been palling around with Mr. Gene James in San Clemente. Perhaps our exposes’ on stale endorsements were a harbinger of where Mrs. Harkey would have to go in order to shore up support as the vultures are circling around OC Sup D5.

But Gene James? Similar to Harkey his background looks like threemile island:

Click here to view a video of two homeless victims of Gene James and others blowing exhaust in to their shelter. They clearly describe the pattern of abuse and harassment by Gene James.

Click here to see Gene James in the middle of a celebration where residents of San Clemente are flipping off, waiving goodbye and otherwise mocking the homeless people that were being moved.

Click here to see yet another video of Gene James harassing homeless people, this is six minutes long and is undeniable.

If you visit the Right on Daily facebook page – there are several videos featuring Gene James. What a terrible look for the OCGOP. The abusive behavior alone would be a black eye, but the lifetime pattern of judgments and liens is even worse. See even more in an expose from one of Gene’s Exes that is backed up with proof and evidence.

He was extremely racist and bigoted; spewing insults at different ethnic groups consistently, regardless of present company. At a backyard BBQ with a group of Little League players and parents, he made a very derogatory comment about Mexicans.  John M. took offense, stating his wife was Mexican and worked at Ralph’s. There was another insult by Gene and an exchange from John.  Gene instantly lunged at John, pushed him back in the chair, put his hands around his neck and started to choke him out.  It took 3 men to get Gene off John as he was starting to lose consciousness. John didn’t have Gene arrested at the time, fearing that it would make matters worse for Diane.

The Diane referenced is ANOTHER of Gene James’ exes. He has several and is known to cheat on his currents as well based on what I have been told but have no direct personal knowledge of.

We are going to expand upon the maladies of Gene James in a bit – but here is a post that details his violent patterns and abusive patterns against women. Why is Diane Harkey so attached to this guy?

Diane was trying to stay in the relationship until she could get her money back, foolishly thinking that was a possibility.  Gene and Diane started to see a MFT in San Clemente.   The therapist advised Diane separately that she felt Gene was “mentally unstable and extremely dangerous” and when he was finally moved out of the house, she told Diane it wasn’t safe to ever be alone with Gene.  Gene was also very homophobic.  Diane had a party at her home with about 20-30 Catholic school mothers in attendance with a gay man who dresses as a woman character from Alabama who sells kitchen products in a direct sales company.  It is a very funny show and he is a top salesperson.  He now tours nationally doing his shows.  Gene came home early in a rage, threatened the entertainer and scared and intimidated the guests.  Several women stayed behind until Gene appeared to settle down and they were able to escort him out safely.  Gene later tracked down the entertainer, contacting him with through emails and phone calls, threatening to physically harm and/or kill him.  The entertainer contacted Diane to notify her of this as he too was very concerned for her safety.  Diane had to go out of town for business for several days and had her sons stay at their prior nanny’s home.  Gene was infuriated and did not come home when Diane returned.  She packed up his belongings and he was out.  Diane contacted an attorney for legal advise; sold the engagement ring and hired the attorney.  Gene still owed Diane $25000 for money loaned him to pay off creditors.  Gene responded with numerous threatening phone calls and letters to both Diane and the attorney.  The attorney told Diane that Gene was clearly mentally unstable and dangerous (as the MFT had as well) .  The attorney recommended Diane accept the $12000 Gene finally offered and Diane agreed to settle.

What a great endorsement for Diane Harkey. If Harkey is helping a monster like this raise money, and she has a clear personal pattern herself of being in legal trouble, garnishments, questionable judgement, drama and the like… why would any sane, rational person put her back in office?

To be continued…

Apr 132021

Did you know that Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff went to Shasta County and trashed Placer County? On the heels of the Placer GOP leading an effort to clear the democrats off of three school boards, electing Danny Cartwright to Loomis Town Council and defending Tracy Mendonsa in Roseville, you’d think someone as politically savvy as Spannagel would recognize the success?

To do so would be a tacit admission that the controlled franchise system set up by David Stafford Reade in the North State is a failure. (except for those all important convention delegates of course) Spannagel literally told the Shasta GOP that the Placer GOP is a failure because the Placer GOP does not raise money for their Republican Members of Congress. This is selfish and stupid – yet consistent with the 20 years of negative history I have with the Reade/Nielsen/LaMalfa regime.

Remember the end game folks. As I type this, the CAGOP “leadership” are trying to figure a way around the by-laws to endorse Faulconer.

Steve Frank got an excellent scoop from Shasta County:

  1. Shocked to see that the Chair of the Shasta County Republican Party has left the GOP.  Instead she has decided to join the cult of personality. 

Read her email carefully—she is not supporting folks on her committee for their promotion of REPUBLICAN principles and values.  Instead, Cathy Kneer is promoting the Cult of Personality—either you support certain people or you can not be a member of the Committee.  No free speech, no diversity of IDEAS—just either support a couple of elected officials and a State Chair that does not register voters, does not run candidates for office, takes credit for the work others do without any support or direction from her.  Like Moscow and China, Cathy Kneer supports the Cult of Personality—not the values of the Republican Party.  Any wonder folks no longer participate with the official Party?  The Party has decided it does not want independent thinkers, just drones who do what they are told—even as the Party is diminished. 

Did I mention the Shasta County Republican Party had only three people file for the Committee?  The rest were “appointed”, so you know no GOP’ers were appointed who were not willing to support the Cult of Personality instead of the Republican Party.—who would run for Central Committee or ask to be a part of it when the Chair says you will support certain people—otherwise leave the room and do not come back.

Then you have GOP County Committees like L.A. and Ventura that hold their meetings in secret and do not allow registered Republicans to even attend unless they are members of the Committee!

I would hope the the Dahles, LaMalfa and Patterson demand Kneer retract and apologize for her email.  If they don’t, it shows they are supporting turning the GOP into a Cult of Personality–thanks to the person in the LaMalfa office for alerting me to this email.


The Shasta County Republican Central Committee will meet next week on April 15th at the Salvation Army Headquarters.

I want to let you all know that our bylaws have been updated and are being processed as we speak.  I believe they will be available by then.

As to the filling of vacancies on the committee, we have to be very careful as there is a faction out there trying to take over Central Committees to change the focus.  So, as we get settled, I will be talking with folks to see if their support lies with our Republican Leadership, including Jessica Patterson, Megan Dahle, Brian Dahle and Doug LaMalfa.

I will be sending out an agenda soon.


Cathy Kneer

(sad to see a political Party in America run for the power of a few over the principles of many)

Remember – only 3 people filed for Shasta County GOP Cent Com. When LaMalfa’s crew had a 4-2 majority, (3 elected and 3 ex-officio met to organize) they abused that majority to appoint 18 Doug LaMalfa staffers and donors to that body. It is fascinating that Cathy Kneer put the agenda of Spannagel in such plain terms in her email – but this has been the M.O. of every David Stafford Reade franchise County Party and “volunteer” Club they have created and maintained to create paper endorsements for their paying candidates.

Butte County? Same stuff. Their Chair Saolo Londono who is a staffer himself has been noted for raging on people he disagrees with (perhaps he is next in line for chair as he shares that key attribute with Jessica Patterson) and he has refused to share any information with anyone he does not like. Several people within Party leadership have noted no one outside Saolo, Spannagel and Reade know who the members of the Butte GOP are. Given that Butte is now a purple at best county (Chico is only 27% Republican and Paradise Burnt causing many Republicans to leave Butte County), you’d think there would be more cohesion there.

Nope – command and control is the order of the day.

Then there is the curious case of Yuba County. One person filed. Somehow, Stephen Heter who works for David Stafford Reade is the Chair there. Yuba did not have a legitimate organizational meeting and when your intrepid blogger called Yuba out on it – the response of Jessica Patterson was to appoint several people from the contested counties on to the proxies and credentials committee in order to cover up the violations of the by-laws. I will type again that I have spoken to a couple of attorneys who agreed that I’d beat the CAGOP in court for the blatant violations of their by-laws but would get little if anything in a settlement. This is why the corruption is so rampant within the CAGOP.

Heter for his trouble screamed like a little girl on a zoom meeting at the CAGOP Convention about being persecuted (while the FBI was coming to my door, mind you) and has subsequently stonewalled local activists looking to get involved.

Yuba County, another franchise of Reade, Inc. Similar to Butte, the rules of engagement have been changing weekly as both Londono and Heter are trying to stave off any attempts from undesirables to get appointed or involved in their committees.

Shasta, Butte, Yuba – establishment franchise county parties. They are not even coy about it. Watch them all closely.

Apr 122021

Now we know that Diane Harkey and her enablers have a real problem.

(Context – this is about an upcoming OC Supervisor Race) NOTE: www.rightondailyblog.com is the new URL. We are not sure how much longer www.rightondaily.com will point to this blog.

If we are to believe Diane Harkey, she has the Sheriff’s Union in her back pocket. It is my belief that she has lassoed the OC GOP establishment in to trying to clear the field for her.

With the entry of Joe Kerr in the race, it sets up the OC Firefighters to go head to head with the OC Sheriff’s. However, the Sheriff’s are on a badly flawed horse. (More on that soon)

Now add a couple levels of complexity here – Greg Raths from Mission Viejo is running. I did not know this when I started my expose’ on Diane Harkey.

Will the Orange County Sheriffs bail on Diane Harkey given the baggage she is carrying in to the race? Joe Kerr looks like a good, safe Democrat recruit for this race. Kerr does not have an overly liberal name like Petrie-Norris. Kerr is not easily outed as a democrat either.

When you google Diane Harkey it is like an EPA superfund site. The Cops have to know. It is also clear the Firefighters are reading this blog as are others.

Harkey has been stuck in the 1990’s running the one-at-a-time endorsement drill to try to make herself look like the heir apparent. She has done such a great job that I’ve heard a dozen names looking at running against her. I guess those that tried to savage Kevin Muldoon for running against John Moorlach (who got shredded himself) are going to have to attack half the local electeds in that district as Harkey’s weakness is leaving tons of real estate for erstwhile suitors to come in to that race.

One rumored suitor is Steven Knoblock from San Clemente. I do know that extremely disturbed Gene James is quite close to Diane Harkey.

The book is far from closed on the coronation of Diane Harkey. We are going to continue our series on her as Joe Kerr’s entry and support indicates that people need to start taking a good look at Diane Harkey. She could lose.

Apr 062021

Norma Torres-Barillas is quite a piece of work. She got in to an extended twitter fight with the President of El Salvador.

It is clear that Norma Torres-Barillas is completely out of touch. Perhaps she has been snorting some of the nasal dust that her countrymen have been transporting to the US through the southern border.

MEXICO CITY — El Salvador’s president is urging voters in a California congressional district to vote out its U.S. representative in the latest back-and-forth spat between the Central American head of state and one of Congress’ most vocal critics of the region’s leaders.

President Nayib Bukele and Democratic Rep. Norma Torres have been exchanging very undiplomatic barbs on Twitter this week.

National Palestinian Radio had an interesting take on Torres-Barillas sparring with the President of El Salvador

After the crazed Torres-Barillas (who hails from the home of MS-13 and has several associates that are communists) tweeted a cheap shot at El Salvador over video of two toddlers being thrown over the border fence by coyotes, the President of El Salvador lit her up:

El Salvador’s Bukele, an avid Twitter user, hit back fast with his own Spanish-language tweet. “Look ma’am, did you read that the children are from ECUADOR and not from EL SALVADOR? Also, this happened on the border of Mexico with the United States. What does El Salvador have to do with this?”

The Salvadoran president then told Torres that she should buy some glasses with a portion of her “financier’s checks.”

That appeared to be a reference to billionaire financier George Soros. Bukele has often blasted U.S. lawmakers critical of his administration for taking donations from Soros’ Open Society Foundations, which says it works on multiple projects throughout Central America to build “just, inclusive democracies” and has been at odds with Bukele.

My favorite part of the NPR article is the following:

A spokesperson for Bukele told NPR, seeking comment, that the president’s tweets speak for themselves. And a spokesperson for Torres said the congresswoman was traveling Friday and unavailable for an interview.

In addition to being a communist that supports human trafficking via open borders, Norma Torres-Barillas is a coward.

Apr 052021

Please note: The URL is changing to www.rightondailyblog.com soon. rightondaily.com will still point here for a while longer.

If you’ve read the first  eight parts of our series on Diane Harkey, you are probably wondering how a good conservative could be surrounded by so much drama and legal issues. This is why when I started calling people and digging up articles, I was fascinated in a bad way by what I was finding. I always knew Harkey completely differently than what I have been learning.

This is the $5,600,000 house Dan and Diane Harkey live in

I am also convinced that the DCCC did not do a thorough job of research on her in 2018. The reason had to be because they knew Levin was going to win easily. I am not sure if the DCCC or other political opponents uncovered everything I have found. The volume of information is staggering and Diane Harkey is not who she says she is. I can prove and defend that statement definitively based on what I have learned. In today’s blog, I am going to lay out the leading edge of the evidence that substantiates that statement. I don’t make that statement lightly as I know Harkey will use the legal system to settle a score.

It is my clear opinion that Diane Harkey has lied about her personal situation many times. One such occasion is related to the humiliating wage garnishment that punctuated her exit from the Assembly in to the corrupt Board of Equalization.

On August 5th 2014, Diane Harkey sent a letter to then California Controller John Chiang.

In it she made a couple of stunning requests and equally as stunning claims.

The claim: She is legally separated and thus should not be garnished. Based on my research, this claim was misleading at best and likely was an outright lie. I found no evidence of legal separation despite extensive research.

The Second Claim: Former Husband. Dan and Diane Harkey were still married at the time she wrote the letter. I will follow up in a bit with even more evidence of how profound this lie was and is.

The request: She asked for her legislative pay to stop alltogether. I can only describe this as a completely callous disregard for the victims and a desire to win at all costs. I believe this mentality was also at work in the bungled lawsuit against Mark Wyland.

We learned that indeed Diane Harkey’s wages were garnished for three months. On 8-12-2014, the OC Register reported the humiliating response to Harkey’s request to escape the consequences:

Diane Harkey, who is running for the state tax board, wrote Chiang on Aug. 5, asking him to suspend her state salary in order to avoid the garnishment.

Chiang’s office responded Monday, saying it could suspend pay to her, but was legally required to surrender the court-ordered garnishment of 25 percent of what remains of her $95,000 annual pay. She leaves office at the end of the year because of term limits.

Questions have arisen over the couple’s marital status. Timothy Aires, attorney for the investors seeking payment of the judgment against Dan Harkey for breach of fiduciary responsibility, said he could find no record of a legal separation in the Orange County or Sacramento courts.

Harkey’s office referred media calls to her campaign consultant, Tim Clark.

Clark said the couple had been separated “for some time” but didn’t know how long, and declined comment on Aires’ inability to find documentation of the separation. He said Dan Harkey moved out of the couple’s Dana Point oceanview home and Diane Harkey remained.

Well it looks like Tim Clark lied again, similar to how he is lying (and has lied) in 2021 to protect John Moorlach in the midst of the rape cover-up scandal. Did Tim Clark simply repeat the lie from Diane Harkey about the separation and Dan’s living situation or did Clark know the truth when he lied?

Lloyd Charton, who lives two doors away from the Harkey home in the gated, exclusive community, is among investors owed money from Harkey and his bankrupt investment company. He said he’s seen Dan Harkey at least once in recent weeks.

“I wouldn’t say that I see him often, but I saw him a couple weeks ago when he had his usual Friday luxury car wash, with some of his luxury cars lined up in front of their home for the washer,” Charton said, adding that a Bentley, a Ferrari and a Porsche were among Dan Harkey’s vehicles.

Diane Harkey, 63, previously filed for divorce from Dan Harkey in 1998, with the filing dismissed in 2008.

The assemblywoman is favored to win the Board of Equalization’s 4th District in November. Her campaign spent $622,000 in the six-person primary and she finished first. She’ll face off against Democrat Nader Shahatit, an auditor with the tax board. Shahatit said he plans minimal fundraising and has declined to criticize Harkey, saying he is running a positive campaign.

Aires said the investors he represents will pursue Harkey’s tax board wages if she wins in November. Beside the wage garnishment, investors have asked the courts to give them $100,000 Diane Harkey loaned her campaign and an estimated $25,000 worth of horses owned by the couple.

There’s that Bentley again. I will lay odds if I was to speak to Lloyd Charlton, that he’d tell me he has seen a lot of Dan Harkey over the last several years at their $5,600,000 home.

As you can see from this Orange County Register story, the drama followed Diane Harkey in to the Board of Equalization. Except, we will learn that the Board of Equalization was a disaster in and of itself and Diane Harkey enjoyed the perks of office while the BOE spiraled out of control. And, she played the victim when challenged on it.

The San Diego Union Tribune actually endorsed Shirley Horton for the Board of Equalization over Diane Harkey and their words were damming:


Shirley Horton for Board of Equalization


MAY 27, 2014 5 PM

The Board of Equalization is an important if obscure agency that collects state sales and use taxes and dozens of other taxes and fees. It also referees disputes between taxpayers and governments.

It’s crucial that this agency has an appropriate balance between revenue-hungry bureaucrats and residents who deserve fair treatment. Which brings us to the decision that voters in San Diego County, Imperial County, Orange County and much of the Inland Empire have on June 3: They will be asked to choose among six candidates to represent the region on the BOE’s five-member governing board.

Only two of the candidates, both Republicans, are running serious campaigns. They both emphasize their determination to be a taxpayer advocate on a board otherwise dominated by government interests.

But only one has the requisite character to deserve election. That candidate is Shirley Horton, the former Assembly member and Chula Vista mayor. Horton has been a consistent supporter of lean, smart, business-friendly government and championed legislation to get information about sexual predators online.

Horton’s support for AB 32, the state’s deeply problematic 2006 law forcing a shift to cleaner but costlier forms of energy, was disappointing. But it would take acres of newsprint to list what’s been disappointing about the other serious Board of Equalization candidate, Assemblywoman Diane Harkey of Dana Point.

It was in 2009 that fraud allegations first emerged against Point Center Financial, a real-estate firm led by her husband, Dan Harkey. Though she has been listed as both a public officer and an employee of the company, she says she had nothing to do with the actions that led to three fraud judgments against Dan Harkey and Point Central Financial awarding $12.5 million in damages to about 80 investors.

Other facts are crucial and damning. As The Orange County Register reported in 2009, Diane Harkey spent $135,000 to launch her political career in 2004 with a successful bid for the Dana Point City Council. She spent $2 million more on a failed state Senate bid in 2006, a successful Assembly run in 2008, and on other political campaigns. Given that her campaign disclosure forms showed limited personal assets at the time, it is obvious that people would wonder if her career in politics is based on a family fortune built at least partly through fraud.

Yet for five years, Harkey has seethed that this question is “sexist” and amounts to “slander”; she even briefly sued state Sen. Mark Wyland, R-Solana Beach, for his related criticism. Harkey has done so even though she has changed details on her original story — actions that invite further media scrutiny. She has done so even as dozens of other political figures faced similar tough questions about their families’ finances.

Both Harkey’s refusal to answer basic questions about her family scandal and her decision to depict herself as a victim are unconscionable. She is unsuitable for public service.

A final note: The decision to endorse Horton was made by the newspaper’s owners in consultation with some members of the Editorial Board. Editorial and Opinion Editor Bill Osborne, who has a conflict of interest, didn’t participate in this process or in the writing or editing of this editorial.

The SDUT missed a detail, the suit lasted until late 2015 when the appeals court let Harkey out of having to pay Mark Wyland’s legal bills, then she dropped the suit.

Diane Harkey walked in to the Board of Equalization with a 747 full of baggage, and what happened at the BOE only added to it. But, she is a victim and none of the scandals were her fault according to her. Oh and she had to fight two separate garnishments – one in the assembly and another attempted while in the BOE. Unreal.