Dec 302009

The most Corrupt Union in America. Obama’s thugs. The Purple Shirts that protest every year when Republicans try in vain to stop tax increases.

The SEIU. They believe that the taxpayers of California are duty-bound to give them everything they demand.

But they screwed up when they donated to Roger Niello.

Around May of 2009 – Roger Niello stood up against the SEIU’s sweetheart deal negotiated in the background with the Governor.

Based on Roger Niello’s Opposition, the Contract was denied and then renogotiated at a later time.

Undeterred – the purple shirts showed up at a Niello dealership nearest you to whine with their pickets (while getting paid, of course) about how unfair Roger Niello was to them.

Question – do you know how many in the Assembly could pull that one off? Anyone?

Roger Niello did.

Looks Like the Doug LaMalfa Campaign has crawled out of its' spider hole…

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Dec 172009

So LaMalfa invested in a headquarters in Lincoln. He also has amassed largely the same endorsement list as Doug Ose before him.

Remember how LaMalfa steadfastly supported Ose, appearing in his ads.

However, the strategy of David Reade – employed so effectively in the past with Dan Osterander (Former Butte Dem Chairman who re-registered to run for assembly), Dick Dickerson (One of the original budget sell-outs) and Sue Horne – is going back to the well again.

The David Reade formula: Go get 2/3 or more of the local electeds to endorse your candidate and hope that substitutes for grassroots activity.

Funny how the candidates that work end up winning – endorsement lists do not a candidate make.

Meantime – it looks like Doug LaMalfa is unraveling himself. Is David Reade going to dip in to LaMalfa’s checkbook – or is Reade going to cut bait for his gig with Whitman?

Abel Maldonado's Campaign Attacks Placer County Republican Party!!!

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Dec 162009

Just hit the wire from the San Francisco Chronicle – another of the usual articles seeking to make it look like the GOP is missing the boat with Latinos. The writer assumes that Latinos are going to support Maldonado solely because he is Latino. (sigh) Their evidence – immigrant workers at an SF Hotel that wanted their pictures taken with Maldo.


Sorry – once people look at their tax returns, Maldo is dead. They will either vote for a real Socialist (Dem) or Sam Aanestad for Lt. Governor.

Look at the end of the article, ”

“I’m tired of seeing the Orange County and Placer County axis try to run the Republican Party in this state,” says GOP consultant Patrick Dorinson. “They should be happy to get a Latino Republican in that job.”

Patrick Dorinson, like most liberals runs to the old reliable race baiting. Note that Dorinson was a lifelong Democrat before taking Arnold as a client.

Where do the Governor Candidates stand? (quoting the Article)

The differing positions of three Republican candidates for governor underscore the GOP’s quandary:

Former South Bay Rep. Tom Campbell strongly backs Maldonado’s confirmation, saying, “he’d be an excellent lieutenant governor and most importantly an excellent partner” for Schwarzenegger.

State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner opposes Maldonado’s confirmation, his spokesman Jarrod Agen said, adding, “They have a total disagreement on taxes, given that Abel supports tax increases and Steve Poizner wants to cut taxes.”

Sarah Pompei, Meg Whitman’s campaign spokeswoman, said Friday that “Abel Maldonado is Gov. Schwarzenegger’s choice. Meg believes the Legislature should move forward and confirm him.”

Just one Blogger writing here – but I think the Orange-Placer Axis is going to have a lot to say about both the Guv and Lt. Guv race. Maldonado ain’t it either.

Placer County Republican Central Committee Gets "Ruffaloed" – Auburn Journal Style

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Dec 162009

Scary, isn’t it.

The left-wing media hates the Placer County Republican Central Committee. They had Tom Hudson in leg irons and an Orange jumpsuit before the FPPC came in and said, “We have no evidence” (bureaucrat speak for you did nothing wrong).

Like the Chris Beckman “whistle-blowing” against Robert Weygandt and Kirk Uhler – there is no there, there.

Now Jim Ruffalo has it on good authority that Tom Husdon is on the outs and there is a Lynch Mob forming.

Quotting Ruffalo: “In fact, we’re reliably told that several high-power Republicans are starting to lean on Hudson.

Really? Who? Assemblymembers? Congressman McClintock? That would be news to me, Hudson or George Park(s) my Brother and First Vice-Chair of the Central Committee. (Note the spelling please, Jim)

It’s probably just coincidence, but Hudson’s Facebook site — which had been open to one and all for viewing in order to see just how high-powered his “friends” are — now is restricted to viewing. And the California Republican Assembly Web site, which had listed Hudson in several places, now has grayed-out the spots where his name once was able to be viewed.

Aside from Ruffalo’s cheap shot over the security settings on his personal Facebook account, Tom Hudson is a regional Vice-Chairman for the California Republican Party itself. The By-Laws and customary traditions when you hold CRP office dictate you minimize your affiliations with groups whose membership are a subset.

Had Ruffalo done some research, he’d have spelled George’s name correctly and known about the CRP By-Laws and its’ affect on volunteer club titles.

I am looking for some honesty and journalistic integrity here – we all know the FPPC story was pushed from one end of the state to the other by disgruntled consultants. However, was this column more about the annoyance that the Central Committee was exhonerated and has over $43,000 in the bank?

AJ editor Deric Rothe was treated far better by the criminal justice system and he is a convicted felon for Pete’s sake!

P.S. On a personal note, Ruffalo goes on to suggest that Hudson will resign and George Parks will take over – read:

But I won’t be surprised if he steps down as chair, remains on the executive board and has somebody such as George Parks assume the chairmanship.

Of course, if that happens, look for Hudson’s lips to move whenever the new chairman speaks. …

Anyone that knows George Park knows he is no one’s sock puppet. Mr. Ruffalo needs to use more than Auburn electeds / Political club members as his sources.

Placer County Republican Party Attacked by Sacramento Bee for Opposing Taxes

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Dec 162009

That’s the bottom line – their editorial board decided to back up the rantings Peter Hill. I posted Hill’s self-centered rant that he blasted out to several people the other day. Hill and others are angry at the Placer County Republican Central Committee for involving itself in the affairs of local government. I have a news flash: IT’S OUR JOB – and what the voters who elected the Central Committee expect!

Read the Editorial Here – they suggest that Conservative values could have been promoted by supporting the renewal of the Rocklin Park Tax. I kid you not… and that we DESERVED to have Peter Hill leave the GOP because of it. They also imply that the Central Committee is the reason why Republican Registration has flatlined in Placer County.

Ironically, they point to the renewal of the Rocklin Park Tax as a reason to show how the Cent Com is out of touch. A low-turnout special election that was fully funded where an overwhelming minority of Rocklin’s Citizens voted 83% to renew the Park Tax. I voted against it – and I had decided to let the matter go. But, the Bee and Mr. Hill pointed to the Park Tax and Omitted the fact that Hill in the 1980’s, then a Democrat, voted to put the original tax in place. They also neglected to mention that the Park Tax failed in 2008 regular election because Hill and others jacked it from $30 a house to $45 and inserted indexing in to it – the Central Committee opposed that measure as well. But, Note that the first rendetion of the Park Tax was not supported unanimously by the Rocklin City Council.

Again – the Bee Aborts journalism in their zeal to stick it to Conservatives.

Start with this paragraph: “That isn’t the only sign that the Central Committe’s hard line isn’t resonating, even on Placer County’s GOP-friendly turf. Placer’s Republican registration has been basically flat the past three years. The Democrats are up modestly. But the nonpartisan category Peter Hill joined this week is up sharply, and now makes up nearly 20 percent of the county’s registered voters.”

The person who has been feeding the Sacramento Bee their data – (the FPPC stuff, the E-Mail from Tom Hudson, etc) must have also fed them their talking points.

According to what our volunteers have told us – people left the GOP over Bush, Arnold, McCain. Tax-raising Moderates, all.

According to data we discovered after the election – there was substantial election fraud committed. That could also artificially lower the Registration percentage… ACORN workers came across the border into Eastern Placer County / Truckee etc for a time in the last cycle. When we called the new registrants – we got dozens of “he doesn’t live here anymore” answers and still more, “Who is that?” answers. Curious, isn’t it? Since that doesn’t fit the paradigm of the Bee, the above facts are Omitted.

At a time when brutal choices loom everywhere to bring spending and revenue into balance, when the Democrat Party too often acts like a compliant subsidiary of public employee unions it’s desperately important that Republicans have something to offer besides “No.” By drawing the line at a park maintenance fee, it appears Placer’s Republican Central Committee hasn’t gotten that message. It’s an attitude that could be tragic for a region and state that badly need a responsible conservative opposition.

Actually, we have gotten that message. This is why Peter Hill took his ball and went home. The unfortunate legacy of the past is that the Central Committees looked the other way as local Republican officeholders raised taxes and fees. The aforementioned Park Tax – was originally supported by then Democrat Peter Hill!

When Local electeds raise taxes and fees consistently – there is nothing left to do other than oppose and attempt to recruit candidates to run against those raising taxes. Since, the Bee generally supports liberal tax-and-spend policies and bigger government… it is easier to put the Central Committee in to a box.

The Tea Party movement and results of November 2009’s elections show that Americans are demanding leadership. Obama fooled people into thinking he was the one who could lead, as McCain looked like Bush only 10 years older.

Now Obama’s supporters in the Bee are attempting to tell the Central Committee how to do business. Absurd.