Feb 292020

IT is always nice when a couple of older party stalwarts step up and tell me an unsolicited story about a candidate. In this case it was Carl being Carl and raging on the LAGOP. (Don’t feel bad Issa Staff you are not unique)

P.S. South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.

CA-50 Update: That Time When Carl DeMaio Raged on the LAGOP on the John and Ken Show. (Not exactly a way to pass Prop 6)

Then of course DeMaio is raging on Issa Staff too and talking openly about leaving the GOP if he loses. Start packing Carl.

CA-50 Update: Carl DeMaio is coming apart at the seams late in a campaign again. Also, has said in private conversations he is leaving the GOP

Public polls are showing that Carl is going down in flames

CA-50 Update: Why it Sucks to be Carl DeMaio. Reputable Public Poll Shows Him Flaming Out, Crashing and Burning, Biting the Big One, take your pick…

And of course we know why Carl DeMaio is trying to brand himself as a Conservative – because his life and his record are not even close.

CA-50 Update: Carl DeMaio in his own words: Called the National Border Patrol Council “the Swamp”, Supports Amnesty

CA-50 Update: Far Left and Trump Hating Republican Groups Pouring Money in to Carl DeMaio

What a disaster. Good bye Carl, please take your drama out of the GOP.

Feb 292020

It appears we have nuked another target. Note that the author of this site is writing in first person – could it be Deanna? Maybe they can write about Japanese Rope Bondage…

Which Deanna is it?

Read some of our greatest hits about Deanna Lorraine:

Then there is this one:

CA-12 Grifter Alert: Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero Talks About God By Day and Parties By Night, Criminal Convictions, Unpaid Debts

Feb 292020

As a public service to anyone looking for material to launch hit pieces against Bill Brough, the following is the comprehensive list of everything about Brough that will give you a window into the out of control alcoholic and “pig” that currently infests AD-73. Your intrepid blogger is here to help, I don’t care who gets the credit as long as the information gets out.

Update as of 2-6-2020

Please check out our post here detailing the swamp dwellers that continued to support William “Bill” Brough despite the mounting evidence against him. Part One naming specific donors was posted 12-30-2019. It also included the major Donor Group, New Majority formally endorsing Laurie Davies against him. Part two specifically named the OC Building Industry Association and the OC Realtors for Enabling Bill Brough.

On 1-23-2020 we tore in to Bill Brough’s 1-1-2020 thru 1-18-2020 mid term campaign report. It revealed that Brough was continuing to abuse his campaign funds in defiance of the public scrutiny. It also revealed that Brough had only raised $125 since 1-1-2020 despite the swamp still donating in December of 2019

Examples of abuse included: 3 Trips to Target. 8 Notations to Lyft 7 Notations to Chevron 3 Notations to Elite Black Car – totaling over $600.  Also noted was a batch of “strategy meetings / campaign meetings”: Dana Kai Sushi x1, Frank Fats x1, Good Choice Sushi x2, Shady Lady Saloon x2, Sol Agave x1, Simon’s Cafe x2, Tony’s Deli x3, Turk’s Dana Warf x2.

While claiming the the Toll Road people were responsible for every bad thing that has even happened to him, a check of Bill Brough’s Campaign finances revealed 66(!) notations of payments to the toll road’s FASTTRAK system.


Bill Brough Shows Everyone Who’s Boss. Too bad for him the California Republican Party endorsed Laurie Davies and not him.

Your Intrepid Blogger has been confounded by the weakness shown by Fred Whitaker and Marie Waldron (the Assembly Permanent Minority Leader) in the face of the blatant scandal. It is my belief that Bill Brough filed for re-election due in no small part to their weakness and refusal to lead. It was only in the days since Thanksgiving that Marie Waldron stopped defending her leadership vote and started relenting towards the onslaught. Whitaker had come around maybe a couple months prior when he had a chance to interview a couple of Brough’s victims himself, it was knowing that Whitaker had drawn the right conclusion that cause me to let off of him even as I continued to be frustrated by his lack of assertiveness.

Because of these obstacles, your intrepid blogger was forced to keep a fever pitch in the bombardment of Brough. We turned over every stone to make sure he was completely overhauled. The sad fact of the matter is that Brough will be completely destroyed and it will take years for him to restore his reputation IF he quits drinking and demonstrates a capacity to be honest.

Too many people, including Brough got fixated on your intrepid blogger because it is easier to blame a straw man than acknowledge the brutal reality.

The female victims of Bill Brough have been re-injured so many times by people making political calculations to defend Brough, and others’ weakness that I have lost count. I hope they are able to get closure and recovery.

Don’t worry dear readers – I am going to stay put as long as it takes to clean up the mess I helped create when Brough was originally elected.

Before the Primary The best the OCGOP could muster was a weak, watered down resolution calling on Bill Brough to retire. The day after filing closed, the OCGOP set fire to Bill Brough, choosing Laurie Davies 37-6. Not a single vote was cast to endorse Bill Brough, Six months after your intrepid blogger started in on Bill Brough.

Your Intrepid blogger started in on Bill Brough 6 months ago. On Monday 6-17-2019, Lisa Bartlett, a Supervisor told her spellbinding story to an audience that sat in stunned silence about Bill Brough’s Harassment and unwanted advances toward her.

This story was broken on the Right on Daily Blog 40 hours later despite attempts by the OCGOP Leadership to “Keep it in the Family”. Then the cascade began.

Two More Victims Come Out Against Assemblymember Bill Broughto your intrepid blogger within just a few days. Ultimately, Bill Brough would “out” two of the victims in what I believe to be one of his many drunken rages. I wrote about a press conference headlined by the Crime Victims of Orange County with Patricia Wenskunas blasting Bill Brough along with three of his victims on public record against him.

In May of 2018, Bill Brough lied to my face, denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint when I asked him about itHe also appears to have lied to several other political leaders in the area in denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint. We now know there are at least four with insider political leaders indicating the real number could be two to three times that.

On 6-21-2019 The Orange County Register weighed in, quoting Right on Daily as a source. They also got bill Brough to confirm the existence of at least one complaint to the Assembly Rules Committee by a female victim, this is how we confirm that  a year before he lied to staff about its’ existence. Brough knew all along.

6-24-2019: The Sacramento Bee and the Voice of OC joined the chorus.

As of the writing of this summary – the California Legislative Working Committee on Sexual Harassment has interviewed at least a dozen people I am aware of. I can confirm 4 victims, and I have been told there may be well over 10 in total. The Statewide Media has confirmed the existence of said investigations.

In addition, I pieced together a timeline based on some opposition research I did against Bill Brough:

In 2011, Brough had a business fail – and the whole time he was on City Council appears to have never had regular employment.

In 2011, Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed/battered now Supervisor Lisa Bartlett.

In 2013, Brough went in to default on his home mortgage. (selling the residence in 2014)

In 2014, Brough is alleged to have laundered campaign money in to or out of a PAC that never existed.

In 2014, Bill Brough was his own treasurer and the financial issues are alleged to have started then. These include paying his entire family cell phone bill out of his campaign. We’ve now detailed almost $20,000 in payments to Verizon Wireless from Brough’s Campaign account.

In 2014, after selling his house to avoid the trustee sale, Brough is alleged to have begun renting an expensive Beach House in Dana Point.

In Feb 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually battered / harassed a woman who is employed as a political staffer. (I have copies of records and text messages related to this)

In March of 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed / propositioned yet another political staffer. (I spoke to this victim)

Bill Brough’s 2017-2018 Campaign Finance Records are replete with personal expenses being paid out of his campaign accountA second post is linked here. These include a portable bar and a cigar humidor listed as “Office Expenses”.

Bill Brough turns 50, no problem having a big fat party! – $7613 worth of donor money paid for it all!

Bill Brough’s Irish Caucus Slush Fund was highlighted here.

Then the OC TAX group gave him the 2019 Radish award for being a pork barrel spender.

Bill Brough even made the OC Weekly Scariest People List, checking in at #8.

The effort against Bill Brough marked a personal first. Usually, your intrepid blogger gets cited by media outlets without attribution. This time, because I took the lead on filing two massive detailed and documented campaign finance complaints, several media outlets cited www.rightondaily.com as a primary source.

The first blog about the FPPC picking up the complaint and formally notifying me of the investigation is here.

I amended the complaint to add even more to it after OC Register Coverage, and highlighted several stories quoting your intrepid blogger.

Park said he believes he helped Brough get elected to a first term in the 73rd Assembly District after he publicized information about one of Brough’s opponents. Now, as claims mount about Brough’s campaign finances and allegations that he’s made unwanted sexual advances against several women, Park said he feels a “sense of duty” to help get him out of office.

“He turned out to not be who he said he was,” Park said. “He needs to go now.”

A major Donor Group in Orange County – the Lincoln Club issued a Press Release Withdrawing their endorsement. It has been made clear that most, if not all in the OC New Majority have as well even though it is not public. Later, the Lincoln Club unanimously endorsed Laurie Davies for Assembly to replace Bill Brough.

Bill Brough is in serious trouble. There is a full blown state level investigation in to his sexual misconduct. The FPPC has nearly 250 pages of documentation from your intrepid blogger that they are combing through as the web of Bill Brough’s personal life and abuse of campaign funds is becoming clear.

Bill Brough has lost the OC GOP, the OC Lincoln Club, the OC New Majority and the OC Crime Victims have called on him to resign. Dozens of local electeds have endorsed other candidates for AD-73. Diane Harkey, Mimi Walters and other female leaders have publicly opposed Bill Brough.

But true to the form that has led his life to a disheveled mess – Bill Brough is right and everyone else is wrong, just ask him. Perhaps his last three remaining supporters Sex Robot Sean, the Crazed Art Sanchez and Senator Pat Bates can help lead him back to the promised land of free booze and donor-funded junkets once more.

I leave you with the words of the aforementioned Art Sanchez from 2014:

… and a candidate who proclaims he is a successful businessman, when in fact he is a lobbyist who had his personal residence go into default to the tune of around $16K. Sounds pretty successful. This candidate is not even endorsed by the elected official who he served as chief of staff for. This candidate just recently formed a consulting company in Feb. 2014, I believe, so he could actually state that he is a businessman. It appears his wife is the real breadwinner. This candidate’s biggest achievement is he voted against a ban on plastic bags. Wow.

No kidding. Tick Tock Bill Brough, tick tock…

Feb 282020

I am going to be rather blunt. I got the notification of this event forwarded to me and all I could think of was that it was a tail-covering because Assembly GOP Leadership were content to let Andrew Kotyuk swing because they were too cowardly to take on the swamp that have poured over $1 Million in to Chad Mayes. If Andrew Kotyuk does not make the runoff, the rank-and-file GOP Activists will be livid and Jessica needs to be able to claim she did something.

If Andrew Kotyuk does not make the AD-42 runoff, you can make bank Jordan Cunningham, Tyler Diep and maybe one other bolt the GOP because the NPP Precedent will be set.

Jessica Patterson has helped Kotyuk a bit, but it is clear that Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh is the total fixation of the Senate Caucus, Leadership, Consultants and the like.

If you care about the future of the GOP – you may want to show up and ask Jessica Patterson whose decision it was to spend $250,000 of the Senate Caucus’ limited resources trying to pick a winner in a primary? (referring to SD-23 where Oil Interests have poured $1Million in to Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh and the Party another $250K)

Where was the big money for Andrew Kotyuk in AD-42?

Where was ANY help at all for GOP Endorsed Kelly Seyarto in AD-67?

What are you going to do when Jordan Cunningham, Tyler Diep and others go NPP?

What is the plan to avoid a loss of as many as 8 legislative seats this fall?


Please join us and CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson for Get Out The Vote weekend this Saturday in Yucaipa.

Date & Time: Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

Location: White Rabbit Coffee Company, 35256 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa, CA 92399

We are asking that all volunteers commit to at least knocking 100 doors.

Now is the time to act to ensure that our endorsed candidates make it through the Primary Election.

If you can’t walk but you are willing to make calls, please let me know. I’ll get you setup for that instead.

If you want to carpool, please contact me. I will match you up with other volunteers.

Thank you for your help!


Regina Santamaria

P.S… Check out our list of endorsed candidates here.

Think it through, she called Andrew Kotyuk and basically told him who to hire. The implication was he would not get supported unless he played ball and guess what? Kotyuk got very little support as it is.

While Jessica Patterson may not have had any hand in the decision by party bosses to jam down the endorsement of Ochoa-Bogh and the decision of Matt Klemin / Shannon Grove to dedicate a disproportionate amount of the meager resources of the Senate Caucus in to Bogh, here she is nevertheless leading a precinct walk in a contested GOP Primary.

Meantime, AD-38 Suzette Martinez-Valladeras, nothing. AD-67 Kelly Seyarto, nothing. AD-73 Laurie Davies, nothing. Ling Ling Ling Chang, Scott Wilk and John Moorlach – 3 vulnerable senators who have received less caucus money combined than has been poured in to Bogh.

Make sure you show up in Yucaipa and start asking questions about the decisions being made behind closed doors – because conservatives and real party activists have been almost completely exterminated from Party Committees and having any voice in the decisions at all.

Feb 282020

Who Vetted Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh (Bogh)?

According to the family’s lawsuit, Superintendent Binks approached Rosalie’s parents at a vigil before her death. “We dropped the ball on your daughter,” Binks is quoted as saying in the lawsuit. “Can you please forgive me?”   [Redlands Daily Facts, 9/24/2019]

It sure looks like the Yucaipa-Calimesa Unified School District anti-bullying policies were hollow and far from effective.

“We have six lawsuits and one more pending against this school district,” Pasadena lawyer Brian Claypool wrote in a text message on Tuesday, Sept. 17. “This district is a train wreck.” Claypool’s lawsuits include one on behalf of the family of Mesa View Middle eighth-grader Rosalie Avila, 13, who killed herself in late 2017 after years of alleged bullying. Rosalie’s death sparked an outpouring of support for her family, who believed her suicide could have been avoided with more intervention by the school district. “Their purported anti-bullying policies are window dressing with no teeth or substance,” Claypool said of the district. “They also have ineffective suicide prevention policies and scant training on how to handle kids who are desperate and contemplating suicide.” [Redlands Daily Facts, SCNG, 10/1/2019]

Your Intrepid Blogger has been hammering California Republican Party Leaders for weak, feckless leadership. Based on what I am seeing from research on Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh (Bogh) she will fit right in. Many times she had an opportunity to speak up and did not.


“Four of the cases that we have right now against this school district involve students who have been physically assaulted. The fifth student is dead. The sixth student was mentally traumatized so much that she was suicidal,” said attorney Brian Claypool.  “How many kids have to die or suffer over them (YCUSD) not taking bullying seriously?” said Freddie Avila, father of Rosalie Avila who committed suicide after suffering ongoing bullying at her middle school. [Redlands Daily Facts, 7/8/2019]

Freddie Avila, Rosalie’s father, said school officials denied they had the power or responsibility to do anything about the bullying. That includes when a boy shot a video of Rosalie during lunchtime, calling her an “ugly girl” and comparing her to prettier girls in the cafeteria, Avila said

“The first thing (the principal) told me is ‘I can’t do anything about social media,’” Avila said. “I said ‘Hey, it’s happening in your school, during school hours. What do you mean, you can’t do anything?’” Before Rosalie’s death, Avila said, his family reported concerns to Yucaipa-Calimesa school officials over and over again. But nothing changed. “There were things that should have been documented, that were reported, that were discussed, and now they say ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about,’” he said. “Nothing (the district) did or failed to do was a cause or contributing cause” to Rosalie’s death, attorneys for the district wrote in an August 2018 response to the Avila family’s lawsuit. [Redlands Daily Facts, 9/24/2019]

But, it gets worse. The School Administrator that apologized to the family whose daughter committed suicide, was honored by Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh.

On Saturday, Nov. 2, The Yucaipa Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints presented the “Standing for Something” award to Cali Binks, Superintendent of the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Uni!ed School District, a position she has held since July 2013.
Relatives, friends, and co-workers of Binks joined school board members as well as members of the Yucaipa Stake to celebrate the accomplishment. Guests were treated to a delicious dinner before the award ceremony.
This church, which is Mormon is Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh’s home church. The date of honoring of the administrator was well after she apologized to the family of the dead student, saying she dropped the ball on dealing with bullying that led to the kid’s suicide. Why was the administrator honored in this manner? The name: Standing for Something award is just a sad irony for what happened.
I am flabbergasted, this is simply not a good look for the Republican Party and is an opposition research gold mine.