Jun 292022

I need to start by saying that I love Eric Eisenhammer like a brother. I have known him since he was a teenager (literally 22+ years). Over the years, he has been a reliable political ally.

I can’t endorse him to run for office. This may be shocking to some as I have known that man for over half his lifetime.

In short, Eric does not understand why Roseville is one of the few liveable cities left in California. The very reason why Bay Area Liberals are re-locating to Roseville and the vigilance that the Placer GOP and others need to keep bad people from taking over the City of Roseville is one of the main reasons why I could not support Eric Eisenhammer at this time.

As Conservatives, we lament the fact that West Roseville is very purple because of Bay Area transplants. Has anyone taken the time to explain to the new residents of Roseville why it is such a good place to live? Has Eric Eisenhammer researched why Roseville is such a good place to live? Does he understand the planning that started 30-40 years ago (by a majority Blue-Dog Democrat City Council no less), that led to the city that Roseville is today?

When I spoke to Eric, he could not tell me what Boards or Commissions he served on. He could not identify community groups he participated in. He has been a member of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, but not active. This sort of activity are the basics of a run for local office.

The good news for Eric is that he can fix all of his deficiencies in the next four years. Right now, if he shared the stage with Pauline Roccucci she’d eat his lunch as she has intimate and detailed knowledge of how Roseville and the surrounding area works. Eric does not.

Eric Eisenhammer is a career political operative. He has a lot of political friends and boasts some endorsements from a co-worker in local office and friends in local office in Sacramento County. Speaking from my own personal circumstance, career political people make terrible candidates. We think we know how to drag votes out of precincts but because we are now the candidate there are blank spots. I believe that Eric is stepping out of his wheelhouse in to an area he is not strong in. When someone decides to take on a job or a project that is outside of their skillset, this usually does not end well. Again, Eric could fix this problem by spending the next four years sitting on boards and commissions, charities, chamber of commerce, etc.

I know Pauline Roccucci well. She was a democrat until 15 or so years ago. Like many Blue-Dog Democrats, she was driven out of the democrat party by the #wearadamnmask authoritarian socialism that party now represents.

Roccucci is Pro-Life. Roccucci is also Pro-Gun. She held these values even when she was a democrat.

While I disagree with her endorsing local Bond Measures, take a good look at who else supported them. Many known, local conservatives did as well. Pauline has reputation in the City and the Community as a fiscal watchdog often times admonishing her colleagues to exercise restraint in spending. Wrongly chided as too close to the Unions, Roccucci came down on the side of the City when the public safety unions hired bay area union thugs to try and bully the council in their contract negotiations.

This is why trusted conservatives like Bonnie Gore and Tracy Mendonsa have chosen Pauline Roccucci.

Pauline Roccucci is an old-school politician. She was born in Roseville, actually within the same district she is seeking re-election in. It is not common when you can elect someone that has actually lived in the sought for district their whole life.

Lastly, I want to address the Jack Duran issue. Pauline has been a loyal friend and supporter of Jack Duran for years. There is a personal relationship there. As the readers of this blog know, I proudly led the charge to run him out of office and overhaul him multiple times. The Roccucci family is allowed to pick their friends and I am not going to prejudice my decision for the future of Roseville because of one nimrod. (And I hope my conservative readers agree)

I will continue to be friends with Eric Eisenhammer for the rest of his life as well. I also care enough about Mr. Eisenhammer as a man and as a lifelong friend to tell him straight up why he should not make the mistake of running for Roseville City Council.

Just so you understand this better, all of the above reasons why Eric should not run for Council would be true if Aaron Park tried to run for Roseville City Council. (and I still lived in Roseville) I have no history of direct service to the city of Roseville nor a resume of being involved in any boards or commissions. I made a conscious decision that I would dedicate myself to influencing who gets elected and thusly have worked half of my lifetime (25 of 51 years) in the political campaign arena.

It is possible for Eric Eisenhammer to switch roles, but it takes time and a five month campaign sprint is not enough time to do so. In contrast, Pauline Roccucci knows the city of Roseville inside and out, has the experience and frankly a Republican record as a councilmember. The city remains well run, and the utility rates are among the lowest in the state. Despite the whining of the public safety unions, they are well-paid and the city is one of the safest in California despite the efforts of the crime coddling communists in Sacramento. There is no reason to replace Pauline Roccucci.

With that, your intrepid blogger endorses Pauline Roccucci for Roseville City Council.

P.S. Pauline told me on the phone that this is her last term in any public office should she gain election.

Jun 272022

Check the CAGOP’s Social Media. You will see a tweet from Scott Wilk (along with Matt Klemin cost the GOP SD04) and other tweets about Gas Prices and Inflation.

Why are you scared of major national news?

It appears that the disease that has infected Scott Wilk and Matt Klemin is not unique to them. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure Virus is rampant among the “elite” of the CAGOP.

Don’t take my word for it – Check the CAGOP Facebook and Twitter Accounts. As of 9AM 6-27-2022, there is nothing there. The decision was handed down on 6-24-2022 and was the biggest story in quite a while.

I will say one thing in closing. I do not like Donald Trump as a man, and I think his behavior is way beneath the office he held. I decided years ago that I’d never hold office to have the freedom to do what I do in politics. However, I loved Donald Trump’s policies, with few exceptions. He has turned out to be the conservative everyone said Reagan was. Roe V Wade was rightly overturned because Mr. Trump appointed the kinds of Judges he promised he would. For that, Donald Trump deserves credit. (FYI – If Trump is the nominee in 2024, I will support him as I did in 2016 and 2020)

And that is the second reason why I believe the CAGOP Oligarchy is hiding from the issue. #1 is a social issue they are terrified of, and #2, it makes Donald Trump look good. Why expect any different from the crew whose Chairwoman is a #Nevertrumper and whose leaders were too cowardly to intervene in #SD04 the right way?

P.S. Don’t look now, but BOE #4 will be another bright shining example of failure to lead and cowardice.

Jun 192022

Captured forever by your intrepid blogger.

Someone came forward this weekend with info from 6-13-2022. The source is known to your intrepid blogger but is concealed because of very real fears of retaliation. 

Hello, I’ve been reading your past couple of blog posts about the sheriff’s race and Bean’s stubbornness when it comes to a concession. While Bean has been refusing to concede, he has been out partying in his brother’s honor, let me explain. I was at the golf tournament for Bean’s brother who was sadly killed in the line of duty. (syntax deleted to protect source) and the purpose of it is to honor Bill Bean and raise money for his foundation. This year’s annual tournament occurred last Monday 6/13 and boy was it a show. Brandon Bean came screeching up to the tee box nearly crashing his golf cart. After exiting, it was obvious he was pretty intoxicated as he was stumbling and slurring his words. He was definitely too intoxicate(d) to be driving a golf cart, as he was putting others safety at risk. He then began to walk up to one of the sponsors of that hole, grabbed a bottle of liquor, and chugged it. Throughout this whole fiasco he had somehow lost his shoes. After chugging the liquor, and while shouting expletives, he hopped the fence and began to walk barefoot on the side of New Airport Rd. It was definitely an experience witnessing this. All I was thinking while watching this go down was that just a week prior this man was vying to be the sheriff. Regardless of the fact that the day was meant to honor Bill Bean, a candidate, or anybody for that matter, should never act like that in public. I found the behavior to be inappropriate and downright offensive given the circumstances.

In the end, I figured I’d write to you just to explain the continual “professionalism” that has come from the Bean Campaign. If you happen to write a blog, I’d just request that my name and email remain anonymous. The Bean mob is extremely loud and will harass non-supporters and I would like to avoid that harassment moving forward.

It certainly makes these incredible words from the court filing in the harassment lawsuit against Brandon Bean appear to be even more credible.

Great Job Sheriff’s Union.

Current as of 6-17-2022. Placer dodged a bullet, big time.

Jun 172022

Please note: Joe Patterson, who is headed to the assembly, won election in Rocklin with about $30k.

Matthew Oliver, Your Intrepid Blogger, Pete Constant

Your intrepid blogger received a press release from Pete Constant, who is Matthew Oliver’s Campaign Manager:

Local Business Owner Matthew Oliver Announces Campaign for Rocklin City Council


Rocklin, CA – In a highly anticipated announcement, local businessman and restauranter Matthew Oliver launched his campaign for Rocklin City Council to a cheering, overflow crowd at his Lincoln restaurant, Oliver’s Brewhouse, last night.

Over 200 people filled the room, including numerous elected officials, as Assemblyman Kevin Kiley spoke of Oliver’s persuasive and effective advocacy for local businesses and families during the COVID pandemic. Kiley praised Oliver for his strength, commitment to community, and effective leadership, saying, “what it took was people who are willing to speak up, take a stand, and fight back, and no one did it with greater courage or greater effectiveness than Matthew Oliver. It was his example that inspired so many others and allowed Placer County and Rocklin to chart it’s own course and get us through this, way better off than the rest of the state and that is the leadership he is going to bring.”

Matthew Oliver, joined by his wife and children, took the stage to a roar of excitement. Oliver shared his passion for the Rocklin community and highlighted his priorities of protecting quality of life, preserving Rocklin’s culture, and promoting the business community.

“Twelve years ago, my wife and I fell in love with Placer County, moving to Rocklin for better schools, safety, and community. We fell in love with the family culture, a strong faith-based community, and the idea that people help one another, supporting each other. What we love is being attacked. Our safety is in jeopardy as crime rates going up. Our schools and education are threatened by state mandates. Our small businesses have defended an all-out war against them. For my wife and I, we feel that what we Love is worth Fighting for.”

Oliver called on the crowd to join the campaign by sharing their time, talent, and treasure to the extent they each were able. Within three minutes, nearly $25,000 was raised setting the tone for the evening. At the end of the event, over $65,000 was raised for the campaign.

Matthew Oliver summed up the event, saying, “tonight, people showed that this is not about a person or a party, but that they are ready to be heard. They are not going to allow anyone to take what they love away from them, but that they are willing to stand and to fight for what matters most and they are willing to put their money where their passion is! I am humbled that they believe I
am the right person to represent them.”


About Matthew Oliver: Matthew Oliver has been a member of the community living in Rocklin for the last 13 years. Married to Siobhan Oliver his wife for 23 years, together they have raised 5 children, including Auston Oliver their eldest adopted son.

As a small business owner of House of Oliver and Senior Pastor of the Family Church in Roseville, Matthew knows the tough challenges facing our local community today.

Matthew has stood strong for our local businesses, working to partner together to make our community stronger.

He has stood for our children and their health and education, fighting hard both locally and at the capitol to get our schools open and to get the government out of our children’s health.

Matthew has been a strong advocate for continued safety in our city and throughout placer county.

As a pastor for over 23 years, Matthew knows what it means to serve his community. From outreaches that included feeding the hungry, providing blankets and resources to the hurting, school supplies for students in need and community events throughout the years, to counseling families, working with troubled teens and hurting parents. He knows what it means to bring people together and work together for a greater good.

Jun 162022

Rhonda Baldwin-Kennedy claims to be a conservative but 100% of the time appoints and hands her delegates to Jessica Patterson and CAGOP Leadership.

I was told that Patterson and crew got the foul-tempered Baldwin-Kennedy who has lost several races in other districts to run against Adam Schiff. It is my belief that the nexus was to make sure Johnny Nalbandian did not get any delegate appointments. Nalbandian endorsed Steve Frank and appointed two delegates for him in the last cycle.

I was re-acquainted with Baldwin Kennedy in this election cycle when she was up to her old antics. She was heckling another Republican candidate while they were on the stage at an event. When that candidate came off the stage and asked her what the hell her problem was, the all too familiar refrain of “You’re a racist” came out of her mouth. It was later repeated by grifter in chief Joe Collins – he who raised $10 Million against Maxine Waters and spent a bunch of it on travel and luxuries.

Note that Joe Collins is listed on the CAGOP Website as an endorsed candidate again in 2022 despite the documented scandals. He did his duty and endorsed her majesty as well.

What a nice group of grifters the CAGOP establishment use to keep power.

Well, in this case, Baldwin Kennedy will go from five delegates plus herself to one (herself only) While Nalbandian was beaten, thus eliminating 3 delegates (Johnny +2) from the opposition, the loss of 5 by Baldwin Kennedy’s failure will leave a mark with a net loss of 2. I take the time to write these things because people like David Stafford Reade, Andy Gimmecandy and others are paid a lot of money to manipulate outcomes in order to keep the oligarchy of controlled failure in power.

Baldwin-Kennedy failed so badly that she did not make the runoff, losing to G Maebe a Girl Pudlo.

Adam Schiff’s opponent.

The sad irony is that Maebe a Girl does a very good job of looking like a girl. The below is a photo of Baldwin Kennedy at the event where she heckled the other candidate and called him a racist for being upset over the way she treated him.

Maebe a Girl appears to be more attractive than Baldwin-Kennedy.

Baldwin-Kennedy also tweeted on election night not realizing how California Elections work. She has not had the presence of mind to remove the following tweet:

No Rhonda, you’re not.

I am getting tired of hearing about Baldwin-Kennedy and her foul temperament – and I can only conclude that she is kept alive by the establishment to produce delegates for the regime in charge of the CAGOP.

As a post-note, I take it as a badge of courage when losers play the race card against your intrepid blogger. Baldwin Kennedy has left a trail behind her over the years and she finished third behind a freak-show. She should never be taken seriously by anyone again, including any hyperbole that comes out of her mouth.