May 092024

By now, you’ve been treated to emails calling Tim O’Reilly and everything under the sun. I stand behind my criticism of his by-law amendments. That said, those criticizing him are lying about the Keith Cascio situation.

Steve Frank has had a copy of the three-page letter sent to him by Tim O’Reilly when the extremely dense Cascio demanded to know why he was facing removal as Treasurer. Suffice to say, the list is damming and 100% true.

Steve Frank owes us all an apology for turning Cascio into a victim and for lying by omission about the state of affairs in Los Angeles County.

When you read the letter, posted in its’ entirety – remind yourself that Steve Frank has had this at least a week longer than your intrepid blogger and did NOTHING with it even though it would have provided much-needed context surrounding the bizarre actions of a man who appears to be disturbed (in this case I am referring to Keith Cascio and not Mr. Frank). This breach of journalistic ethics is what you expect from CNN, not a respected conservative leader. But when have ethics ever gotten between Steve Frank and a good smear?

Now, ask yourself why Steve Frank refused to publish this?

Ask yourself who the actual victim is here?

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In the words of Tim O’Reilly: “Your decisions have been confusing to myself and your colleagues on the board…”, in the case of Steve Frank his decision in not confusing at all. His decision to not post this stuff shows you what he is willing to abrogate to win a political fight.

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  14 Responses to “LAGOP UPDATE: Missing from the Tom-Toms, the TRUTH About Keith Cascio and Why he Was Removed as Treasurer”

  1. AAAAAAAAH, the name Steve Frank. Interesting.
    (I digress)

    Cute article. Interesting impacts, if any. I’m still at a loss however, on the so called, intellectual wisdom/ experience of someone in the party who states:

    “Earlier this month, I advised our Treasurer, Keith Cascio, that I had lost confidence in his ability to continue in his duties as the LAGOP Treasurer….Keith has now reluctantly agreed to resign as LAGOP Treasurer, effective immediately……He remains as a valuable member of our Central Committee and will now be able to reallocate his time and efforts to his Assembly District campaign and his chairmanship of ADC55. We are fortunate that he will continue as one of our most brilliant minds in technology and as a CAGOP regional Data Captain. Keith leaves the Executive Board as a class act on good and amicable terms….”

    WHY on EARTH would you keep this so called, keith person, on as ANY capacity for any office, duty, endeavor or otherwise, ESPECIALLY campaign stuff? Especially when you charged the following:

    1) failing to maintain a positive and cooperative relationship with other board members and committee members;
    2) in short, Failure to basically DO the Duties described in the position of Treasurer.

    Yet, you still stand by the decision to TRUST this man/person/whomever, to function better in another capacity? You stated in your email/letter:
    “A loss of confidence refers to a situation where the leadership or peers can no longer trust or have faith in a member’s ability to fulfill their duties effectively and completely.”
    Then went on to say: “None of this is intended to be personal, as I hope we can remain friends.”

    Is it me, or do you sound extremely Stupid on this topic? You stated numerous times, ‘don’t take it personally.” ahahaha, oh, please, thank you for clarifying that it’s NOT me.

    wow. Just, wow. I maybe many things, and to some, ‘politically naïve, but this???
    You’re putting “trust” in a person, to perform his duties on a County Committee and’/or assist with election materials as well as help to develop DATA campaign efforts????
    wow. This is what I mean, when I say the Party has been infected with Newsome disease:
    Successful Failure.
    If the man can’t be trusted to do the Treasure’s job, WITF do you think he’ll do in a DATA campaign job? Promote it or sabotage it??
    smh………………Thank you, for it NOT being me, that sounds STUPID on this topic. smh.

  2. This is so bubble headed! Why is this public record? This should be between two people. The person who wrote it and the person it was written to. Childish! This is an act of slander almost as if you’re trying to Salvatore and election! Honestly, how EVIL can one be?

  3. This is so bubble headed! Why is this public record? This should be between two people. The person who wrote it and the person it was written to. Childish! This is an act of slander almost as if you’re trying to sabatoge an election! Honestly, how EVIL can one be?

  4. Keith. Breathe. Wax on, Wax off…

  5. Why are you so obsessed with Keith outside of jealousy Aaron?! Just admit your childish and go get a life!

    Blogger’s Note: Keith, my man… you are acting like a nutbag. You are proving those that think you are a nutbag right… breathe man, chill out, see a shrink and most of all wax on, wax off, exhale, repeat.

  6. Gaslighting 101. Tell someone they are crazy? We can do better.

    I’d like to know more about the legal interpretation about this slander accusation though…

  7. Blogger Notes are gay. Stop doing that please.

    Blogger’s Note: My wife is very much female and is still a smokeshow after all these years!

  8. LTGAA (Keith?): Slander is defamation that is communicated verbally. I think you are looking for libel. But if it was libel, you would have to prove it was untrue. I’m assuming you are saying the letter is libel, since this blog is merely publishing the letter, which I think we can stipulate exists outside of the mind of the intrepid blogger. Either way, readers eagerly await the legal complaints to follow. I think our blogger is planning on using legal complaints as wallpaper in his third house.

  9. Needless to say, POLITICAL know-it-alls, came up with this idea, from supposedly EDUCATED people:

    Local Government………smh……..we’re being run by the asylum population, but the focus is on Trump. Wow.

  10. ‘Caved to the far-left’: Entrenched red state GOP incumbent loses primary after PAC hammers him on key issue (Fox News reporting, Story by Andrew Miller)

    West Virginia GOP State Sen. Craig Blair, the president of the state senate who has served as a state senator since 2013 and in the legislature for years before that, lost to his primary challenger Tom Willis on Tuesday night, WV Metro News reported.

    Stand For Us PAC, a group that put $1 million into defeating incumbents who they deemed weak on illegal immigration, says Blair lost because of his support of subsidizing healthcare for illegal immigrants.

    Hmmmmmmmm, Rhino’s beware??

  11. This article is interesting:

    One mention of an R candidate, LOOKING to join the race. (pppppffffftttt, scoffs)
    The report said: “Republicans are unlikely to win the office but could play spoiler to Democrats by securing a spot in the November runoff.”

    That’s the best we can do? Spoiler??
    Wow………everyone is wanting to run, but they don’t wanna SAY until…………………..what?
    Trump wins? Let’s say, he doesn’t, then what?
    Let’s say he does, then what?

    There seems to be a political calculation going on here…………..why?
    Who’s termed out, and needing a job?
    Who’s about to be termed out, and needs a job?
    WHO, has nothing better else to do, and needs a job?
    If politics is WAR by another name, then people better START looking at the challenge:

    There’s the hill……..occupied by 100K hostile forces. YOU, only have 1000. Your mission , take the hill.
    Outcome for the pensive thinkers: No way. Can’t be done. Nope, too hard. Automatic loss. Oh well, we tried, sorry.
    Outcome for Leaders: Hmmm, tough one. Okay boys, we have a job to do. Give em hell!

    clocks ticking………….

  12. Sacramento County Republican Party
    Stay in touch with the State Legislators who represent you.

    We appreciate the important role of our Republican elected legislators, and they deserve our thanks for representing our views. It is also important for the Democrats to hear from you. The votes of your Assembly Member and State Senator impact your finances, your work, your health, your kid’s education, and your safety.

    Use the contact information below to reach your Assembly Member or State Senator.

    Click on the district number to view a map.
    If you’re not sure who represents you, just click here to search by address.
    State Senators
    Bill Dodd (D) Termed 2024
    District 3 Includes Isleton and other counties.
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    Sacramento, CA 95814
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    Roger Niello (R) Termed 2028
    District 6
    1021 O Street, Room 7110
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 651-4006

    Angelique Ashby (D) Termed 2034
    District 8
    1021 O Street, Room 7320
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 651-4008

    Assembly Members:
    Kevin McCarty (D) Termed 2026
    District 6
    1021 O Street, Ste. 4250
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 319-2006

    Josh Hoover (R) Termed 2034
    District 7
    1021 O Street, Ste. 4540
    (916) 319-2007

    Heath Flora (R) Termed 2028
    District 9 Includes South/east Sacramento County and other counties.
    1021 O Street, Ste. 4730
    (916) 319-2009

    Stephanie Nguyen (D) Termed 2034
    District 10
    1021 O Street, Ste. 5150
    (916) 319-2010

    Lori Wilson (D) Termed 2034
    District 11 Includes Isleton and other counties.
    1021 O Street, Ste. 5150
    (916) 319-2011

    WTF………………..are we stumping for the DEMO’s now? They want the R-public to let their D legislators to, hear from them? Hear what? What have they been listening to all this time so far? Not a GAT-DANG thing that I am aware of.
    Would one of you so called, political hack know-it-alls, please explain this one to me. Cause they sure as hell, don’t seem to do this on the DEMO website………I mean, wtf????
    WHO’s side are they on??

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