Apr 302024

I hate the top two elections, but they are the law and were the law long before Prop14 in local elections.

In LA, George Gascon, who is being exposed for corruption, wrote Prop 47 and has been on a society-destroying rampage. He has drawn Nathan Hochman as his runoff opponent in the fall of 2024. Gascon is in the crosshairs because it appears he abused his office to dig up dirt on legitimate law enforcement officers and political opponents.

Hochman is a former Republican who left the party over Trump, amongst other things. What he is not is Gascon. In this circumstance, I can see no problem with Tim O’Reilly inviting him to speak to the LAGOP. Hochman is registered as a DTS. I might feel differently if he was a dem. Further, there has been no mention of an endorsement or an attempt at such.

I have gotten several emails about Keith Cascio’s situation. I blasted Cascio weeks ago for being a complete freak. The erstwhile Assemblyman loves him some Earth Day and Black Lives Matter. He may well be to the left of Hochman.

LAGOP Members:

I want to update everyone on some items that we will address at the LAGOP meeting on Monday, April 29, 2024.

1.       Our Treasurer, Keith Casio, has stepped down* from his office on the Executive Board. Notice was previously given that we will elect a new Assistant Treasurer on Monday night. According to our bylaws and given the vacancy that now exists in the office of Treasurer, whoever is elected as Assistant Treasurer will automatically become the new LAGOP Treasurer. We will then hold a second election for a new Assistant Treasurer to fill that vacancy.

2.       A pending bylaws change remains as to whether to count Ex-Officio members in determining quorum for meetings. This does not affect any one’s right to vote as members of LAGOP. Assuming we get the required 50% quorum, we will vote on this rule change.

3.       Last, I will offer a motion to ask for a decision on whether we immediately seat the Ex-Officio nominees-elect (now certified from the March Primary) or wait until December. There is a conflict in our bylaws. If LAGOP immediately recognizes the new nominees elected as LAGOP members, that action terminates membership for all existing (2-year term) Ex-Officio members. The conflict is that our bylaws state that we will follow Elections Code 7404 in determining Ex-Officio membership (those with a Certificate of Nominations immediately become members—prior Ex-Officio members immediately expire). At another point, the bylaws show that all new members (including Ex-Officio) are sworn in together at the Organizational meeting (in December or January). This is the way it has traditionally been done up until last term. I previously believed that state law pronouncements overrode County Party Bylaws. I recently learned that was incorrect. County Party Bylaws supersede state law in terms of political party organization. Current regular members and Ex-Officio members will get to decide what we do as a body.

Mr. Casio and I agreed that as Chairman, I would release the following statement regarding his stepping down as Treasurer:

“Earlier this month, I advised our Treasurer, Keith Cascio, that I had lost confidence in his ability to continue in his duties as the LAGOP Treasurer. I asked that he step down from his office. After due consideration, Keith has now reluctantly agreed to resign as LAGOP Treasurer, effective immediately. He remains as a valuable member of our Central Committee and will now be able to reallocate his time and efforts to his Assembly District campaign and his chairmanship of ADC55. We are fortunate that he will continue as one of our most brilliant minds in technology and as a CAGOP regional Data Captain. Keith leaves the Executive Board as a class act on good and amicable terms.”

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting,

Timothy L. O’Reilly
Chairman – LAGOP
Republican Party of Los Angeles County

Keith Cascio is widely loathed by people in the LAGOP political scene and the last paragraph in the above is absurd. In addition, Cascio has been circulating a 3 page letter to him from O’Reilly that is an indictment of an immature brat who got mad over something petty and attempted to shut down the LAGOP by abrogating his job duties. O’Reilly demolished Cascio’s behavior and if Cascio had any self-awareness would have taken measures to see that the letter never made it anywhere.

I sure hope David Hernandez and Steve Frank are not going to try to hold this guy up as a martyr. Cascio is 2200 degrees and is in the same class as Fennell and Grcar in the opinion of your intrepid blogger.

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Cascio had a chance to leave well and has not because his internal self-destruct mechanism runs faster than an Olympic sprinter. This email was hardly hours old and Cascio was emailing people claiming to be a victim.

On one hand, I am highly irritated at O’Reilly’s by-law proposals. But, on the other hand feel for him having to deal with Cascio. No one deserves that. Lastly, I agree with his decision to give Hochman a forum to convince Republicans who can’t endorse him to at least vote for him.

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  25 Responses to “LAGOP Update: Two Things Tim O’Reilly is 100% Right About: Keith Cascio Quits as Treasurer (Before Getting Tossed) and Hochman Invite”

  1. Another veiled Trump hitpiece. I swear this blog exists to destroy all things Trump; and by proxy, America.

  2. Aaron Melody, you clearly struggle with reading comprehension.

  3. One thing the world, the party, and America does not need is slander and bitter haters! Stop being jealous because you’re not kind, intellectual, loyal, and fine! Only a bitter hater would slander a decent man and an example of what the Republican Party SHOULD BE! Shut up and sit down somewhere and stop being a hater and if there is more than one this goes for you too! Donald Trump has haters and look how powerful he is! This shows outright childishness and stupidity! America is up in smoke and you’re on some jealous behavior!

    Blogger’s Note: Keith, shut up.

  4. REALLY? WRONG ANSWER! The truth hurts doesn’t it! Once again do as you’re told sit down and shut up!

  5. Bloggers Note….. Telling Keith to shut up????? No bitter hater You and any other bitter hater running your mouth need to shut up! Respect yourself! What are you doing for the Republican Party except being an example of ignorance?!

    Real Blogger’s Note: Keith, get help now.

  6. Wow! Your demons are overpowering you. For slander and hostile jealousy YOU need help. Grow up and get a life!

  7. Sad. Your demons are overpowering you. You need a lot of prayer. For slander and hostile jealousy YOU need help. Grow up and get a life!

  8. Why on earth are you telling Keith to get help when it’s YOU that needs help. You’re filled with hate and cruelty and you’re slandering someone you should be supporting. No wonder the democrats always win. It’s because of people like you. You support power and money and you slander those that are dedicated to the party and the cause because you’re impressed with a fancy house or a job or an outer appearance. That behavior is not what the party stands for so see yourself to another party. A pathetic individual you are no life out side of slander. Have you read what you wrote???? Tell me is that civil? Is that mature? Is that the example you want to leave calling yourself a Republican and slandering another person in your party? Can you imagine if a Democrat saw this and was thinking about changing parties because of the evil the democrats are doing and then they see your rabies infested mouth posts?! What type of example is that?’ Sitting around slandering and doing not one damn thing to make change!

  9. Dear Aaron,

    back in the AOL days, we called this ‘phony ass people/names’.
    (belies my age, lol)

    To the fake posters, wannabe’s, hidden names, psuedonames, etc……..

    two words: F**** you.

    If you’re too chicken-sh***t to be on a site, use your actual name/info, then perhaps you shouldn’t be online. Obviously, you’re the very type of folks Mr Parks describes here from time to time, on his blog site: fake asses, Rhino’s, wannabe’s etc.

    If you’re a political hack? Wow. I hope we don’t ever meet.
    If you DO cross my path, please believe: Telling you to F*** off, will be as easy here, as it would be in person.

    I never did appreciate fake ass people. Thank the internet, for giving you idiots, the ability to hide, put on a fake smile/or open vile commentary, and then “PRETEND” to be a ‘true-blue-Republican/Flag carrying/red-=blooded American patriot!!!!


  10. I embarrass myself responding to the comment of a toilet vocabulary bearing, fossil from the stone ages! The same thing I told your Aaron I’m telling you stop being a bitter hater! Your choice of words shows you too have a lack of intelligence! What a low class embarrassment to Trump! This was an A and B conversation so C your way out!

  11. To the fake wannabe called, “loyal to God and America”:
    As I once told a SSG in my office, who tried to enlighten me with his command of the English language, and provided me with a Thesis explanation of WHY people who are/seemingly educated don’t need to use cuss/swear words………then smugly awaited my response……and after a pause, a deep breadth, I has to ask: What part of EFF-YOU don’t you understand? Two simple words, just expressed what your thesis drawn-out nonsense just asked.
    A- B conversation……..as Samuel Jackson is so fond of saying: B**** please!
    You’re on the internet.
    Personally, you’re already an embarrassment. Hiding your ID, pretty much sums up what and who you are. Coward comes to mind, as other comments are too inflammatory to state here.
    I’d love to banter with you all day, but I digress.
    Keep pretending to be relevant……..someone will fall for it someday.

  12. Wow! A real shining example of the Republican Party! Low class trash at its finest! Based on your vocabulary Jethro would be a smarter Republican!

    blogger’s note: Idiots are IQ 50-80, Morons are 20-50 and Imbeciles at under 20. You decide which category this commenter belongs in…

  13. Leo Of Sacramento??? So your name is Leo? Middle name is Of? Last name is Sacramento?? B**** shut up! Your blow up doll needs a bath!

    blogger’s note: Keith is having a meltdown. Sick ‘em Leo

  14. Harmony,

    It’s this kind of veiled atrack:

    “Hochman is a former Republican who left the party over Trump, …”

    My reading comprehension is slightly above average.

    Blogger notes are gay. Just make a separate comment please, it’s confusing.

  15. You hateful low class wannabe Republicans I hear your blow up dolls calling your names! Note to Blogger: Get A Life beyond being a blogger! What an example for voter registration jerk off!

  16. You can run your rabid mouth but you need Leo to defend you now?! What a great blogger! The blog deserves more Emmys than any comedy says nobody! Admit it you run your mouth, you don’t get the response you want and then you get your guard dog Leo to fight your battle????? Common sense is the key that’ll open the door so feel free to get the key made! Loyalty not to Trump, not to America, not even to the party but to who has the most toys! What jack off funds this BS publication?!

  17. Republicans don’t leave the party over Trump.

    Read that again. Why do they leave the party? Why do we need to know?

    It’s a psychological word game.

  18. Oh, Keith is it?? I”m not sure. The blogger refers to you as a ‘keith’…so I’ll do the same. Is your last name by chance, Cascio? Or are you another keith? Either way, My name has been produced on here enough, that if you had an inkling of brains, you’d already know WHO/WHOM I am………so that’s that.

    Aaron defends himself rather adequately. He needs no help from me.
    I’ve been online for some years now; I don’t need Aaron’s help defending myself.
    I do that just fine.

    I have reread the bloggers posting of certain mails once more. Funny. This struck me as completely asinine:
    “Earlier this month, I advised our Treasurer, Keith Cascio, that I had lost confidence in his ability to continue in his duties as the LAGOP Treasurer….Keith has now reluctantly agreed to resign as LAGOP Treasurer, effective immediately……He remains as a valuable member of our Central Committee and will now be able to reallocate his time and efforts to his Assembly District campaign and his chairmanship of ADC55. We are fortunate that he will continue as one of our most brilliant minds in technology and as a CAGOP regional Data Captain. Keith leaves the Executive Board as a class act on good and amicable terms….”

    So, which one is it? You’re a buffoon or you’re a ‘great asset to the GOP community?”
    You have a brilliant mind in technology? HAHAHAHAHAH, okay, if they say so.
    Kept on as a “data captain”…hahahaha, sure, yea, very important position from Treasurer, lol.

    They should start referring to you as: Down Low Cascio.
    I digress………….enjoy your online time as a fruit loop on the net. I’ve seen the antics of Mr Grcar online. If, the Blogger is identifying you as a CLONE of Mr Grcar???? Wow.
    You got issues dude, seriously. Seek help. Contact “988lifeline.org”.
    Let em know LEO NARANJO IV sent you.

    on other topics, Elk Grove is opening up a new Zoo soon. One of the exhibits will feature RHINO’s!!!! (you didn’t actually believe I meant the 2-legged kind, did you?)

  19. AGAIN MY POINT PROVEN. Jealousy. Jealousy 100%. Sad that you have to behave this way and even more sad that there is a blog website dedicated to this bs! Is this jealousy solving any of the problems going on in America??? Is this making an impact on the Republican Party to gain more voters?! Let me answer the question for you. NO IS THE ANSWER! Please do me a favor Leo and Arron. Use your time and energy to try and solve this issues in America and help get Trump elected. All this is is a skit for people to realize just how useless you both are as humans. Aaron, you’re way too obsessed with Keith that’s gross and creepy at the same time. I don’t blame you he is eye candy but this is creepy on your end.

  20. IT said: “Aaron, you’re way too obsessed with Keith that’s gross and creepy at the same time. I don’t blame you he is eye candy but this is creepy on your end.”

    wow……….lol………someone is obsessed with themselves, lol.

  21. You are pathetic You just can’t stand the fact that Keith is admired for many qualities and by many people and you’re jealous because you are doing NOTHING but being jealous of Keith and outright bitter! Shame on you!

  22. qanon.pub

  23. Leo, down, roll over and play dead! Let your rabies infested mouth friend fight his own battles! He made a choice to use this useless blog platform to slander someone with more integrity, dedication, and class in his pinky nail than either of you have in your whole body! You, Leo need to head back to the pit of hell you came from with all your mouth foam!

  24. Speaking of………………………CA GOP…………..is this true or does it have ANY credibility??
    I’d love to know the HOW did THIS happen, portion of the story:

    Betrayal: How the CA Republican Party Helped Gavin Newsom Win Prop 1

    The California Republican Party took a shocking “neutral” position on Governor Newsom’s scam Prop 1 ballot measure in the March Primary Election, which ultimately passed by just a fraction of a percent. Reform California says the state Republican Party is to blame for Newsom’s victory — and that’s why we need to clean house!
    The results are finally in for California’s March Primary Election, and Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 1, passed by an extremely narrow margin — 28,000 votes out of 7.3 million cast. That came down to less than a fraction of a percentage point.

    The close vote could be seen as a referendum on or voter fatigue with Gavin Newsom, who tied the measure closely to himself throughout the campaign. The CA Governor spent $25 million on Prop 1, only to nearly go down in defeat.

    But Reform California’s Carl DeMaio is noting that the measure likely would have failed — if not for help from an unlikely source: the California Republican Party.

    In fact, the state party inexplicably took a “NEUTRAL” position on Prop 1 in the election.

    DeMaio, chairman of Reform California and a candidate for State Assembly District 75, argues that the party betrayed its voters and handed the election to Newsom with their position.

    “A ‘neutral’ recommendation meant millions of Republican voters in CA were given the impression by their own feckless party that Prop 1 wasn’t too bad and they should consider voting for it — an INSANE position to take,” said DeMaio.

    Prop 1, which was written by state politicians, deceptively suggests that the measure is a $6.4 billion bond to build treatment facilities and housing units for the homeless.

    However, Prop 1 actually raids mental health treatment funds and approves new taxpayer debt — and all the funding gets awarded to Democrat politicians’ rich housing developer friends to build welfare housing projects. These developers then pay these politicians back for the contracts by donating to their political campaigns.

    “Prop 1 effectively funds Democrats — and the California Republican Party refused to stand against that in an epic failure and betrayal of their Republican voters,” said DeMaio.

    DeMaio says that the Party’s failure to provide effective opposition to the Democrats’ agenda is why he founded the Reform California movement — to organize and actually win on these issues. And that’s why DeMaio and Reform California are already strategizing for November 2024 to roll back some of the effects of Democrats’ recent efforts.

    DeMaio outlined a 3-part plan:

    Protect Prop 13: Prop 13 was a signature 1978 measure that helps keep property taxes low and makes it harder for the government to raise taxes — features that tax-and-spend Democrats are eager to repeal in November 2024. The California Republican Party has so far neglected to join the fight to protect Prop 13 in November, but Reform California is already leading the fight by supporting the CA Taxpayer Protection Initiative, which will protect Prop 13 and block the Democrats costly tax hikes in November!
    Create a Reform CA Caucus: DeMaio and the Reform California movement are on track to elect enough principled fighters to the state legislature to create a real “opposition party” again in Sacramento – and have a real shot at breaking the Democrats’ Supermajority!
    Take Over the CAGOP: Every federal and state candidate endorsed by Reform CA that wins a primary gets to appoint board members to the CAGOP. DeMaio intends to use those appointments to take back control of the party in 2024.
    “I’m going to take a lot of heat from CAGOP political insiders for revealing the truth about Prop 1 to you — but I have always pledged full transparency and honesty to you as we fight to save our state, and if that means criticizing our own party and demanding they do better, then that’s what I need to do,” said DeMaio.

    DeMaio says that if the Party were serious, they should have organized “NO on Prop 1” campaign efforts like Reform California’s website that opposed Prop 1 and informed the public on why it was a disaster: http://www.CleanUpOurStreets.org

    “Bottomline: had the CA Republican Party joined Reform California in opposing Prop 1, Gavin Newsom would have suffered a humiliating defeat on Prop 1 – not getting to use our taxpayer funds to help elect more Democrats,” DeMaio explained.

    DeMaio says Republican voters should not trust the CAGOP to lead the fight this November and should consider supporting Reform California and other grassroots efforts instead — until the Party gets its act together.

  25. I agree novel writer. Trust in CAGOP is now questionable. Let’s face it, the CAGOP is NOT Republican. There is only America First and MAGA. Unite behind Trump or be left behind. It really is that easy.

    There is still a lot of work to do in CA to flush out those who pretend to be Republican, and the largest nest of these RINOs in CA is within the established framework of the CAGOP and those claiming they are rehabbing the CAGOP. Dissolve the CAGOP now and openly unite around Trump. BTW, US House won’t be cleansed until 2026-which is about the time we run Newsom out of any public office.

    If Americans want to save our country, they have to wake up to the fact that Trump is heaven sent and if you are still holding onto mainstream media’s image of him as a bad person, you are asleep and hypnotized. Leave the cave. Now before it is too late.

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