Jan 302011

Please note El Dorado is 26% of the Vote
Sacramento County is 13% of the Vote
Alpine is .5% of the Vote
Placer is the remaining 59+% of the Vote

This explains why all candidates execpt Matt Williams are from Placer.

ElDorado Supervisors Ray Nutting and Ron Briggs – both of whom were rumored candidates themselves have endorsed Beth Gaines.

The Nutting endorsement is posted on Gaines’ website.

Beth Gaines campaign operative Rodney Stanhope posted on his facebook page (you’ll have to scroll down to Jan 25th) that Gaines also picked up Briggs and three Placerville City Councilmembers.

El Dorado County endorsement list for Beth Gaines for CA State Assembly!!!
El Dorado County Supervisor & Chairman of the Board Ray Nutting, El Dorado County Supervisor Ron Briggs, Placerville City Councilman Carl Hagen, Placerville City Councilman Dave Machado, Placerville City Councilwoman Wendy Mattson!!!

January 25 at 4:08pm

I think we are caught up on endorsements now…

AD-04 Update: Beth Gaines Rolls out some GOP Legislative Endorsements of Her Own

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Jan 302011

Leading conservative Republican legislators have endorsed Republican Beth Gaines for Assembly in the 4th district special election on March 8th. Senator Mimi Walters, Senator Tony Strickland, Assemblyman Dan Logue, Assemblyman Steve Knight and Assemblyman Jim Silva have endorsed Gaines.

Link to post here

For those scoring at home – Dan Logue has endorsed both John Allard and Beth Gaines.

Jan 282011

I couldn’t agree more.

Calpeek did a blurb on the AD-04 race that featured John Allard mostly with mentions of the other candidates.

The third paragraph in the entry was the best…

…Allard seems to be distributing the most news releases. His
most recent ones tout the endorsements of Assemblymembers
Dan Logue and Kristin Olsen; former Assemblyman Rick Keene
and former State Senators Sam Aanestad and Tim Leslie.
perhaps Allard’s best endorsement is from the Calif. Republican
Assembly (CRA)
CRA is the state’s oldest and largest GOP
volunteer organization
. Haven’t received any news releases
from Beth Gaines in the last two weeks. The other candidates
must not have press operations. Stay tuned…

The CRA is not the largest – the Women Federated is… but we are the largest that will pre-primary endorse and we (the CRA) are noted to be staunchly Conservative.

Stupidity Alert: California Wants to Tax the Internet (again)

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Jan 282011

So, the heroin addicts in the California State Legislature want to tax the internet.

Not only is it a violation of interstate commerce – but it will run even more businesses out of California.

Nancy Skinner – whose most recent accomplishment was participating in giving Cal-Osha Pharoh-like powers over businesses in California… is at it again. Like an addict whose life is 100% dedicated to getting another fix – she has brought her tax-the-internet bill back.

Now that Jerry Brown is Governor – she thinks he will sign a bill so bad that even Arnold vetoed it.

Heaven forbid we get rid of overpaid government workers with outrageous benefits or cut welfare…

AD-04 Update: Good Endorsement Alert – John Allard Bags the Coveted CRA Endorsement

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Jan 252011

Blogger’s Note: This came over the transom. This is an example of a good endorsement that has little baggage in a Republican district.

John Allard Receives Desirable CRA Endorsement

Roseville – As a testament to his conservative leadership principles, small business owner and State Assembly candidate John Allard has received the endorsement of the California Republican Assembly (CRA). Allard is running in the 4th Assembly District.

“The CRA’s endorsement is monumental in my campaign and I am honored to have the confidence of its distinguished delegates,” said Allard. “The solid credibility their support gives to my record of conservative values cannot be underestimated, and I look to implement our shared beliefs in limited government, lower taxes and less spending in the Legislature,” said Allard.

Former Assemblyman Ted Gaines, who resigned from the Assembly seat that John Allard seeks to fill after his election to the State Senate, expressed his own excitement upon being endorsed by the CRA, saying in a released statement, “It is a huge boost for our campaign to be endorsed by the CRA, which represents the heart and soul of the Republican Party.”

Chartered in 1934, the California Republican Assembly is the state’s oldest and largest Republican volunteer organization. President Ronald Reagan called the CRA “the conscience of the Republican Party.”

Allard has served on the Roseville City Council since 2003 and served as Planning Commissioner from 2001 to 2003. With over two decades of community service, Allard has served on the Board of Directors of Acres of Hope Shelter for Women and Children, Roseville Chamber of Commerce, Roseville Community Health Foundation, Sacramento Valley Lincoln Club, South Placer Transportation Management Association, and The Gathering Inn, Sutter Health’s Placer County Community Advisory Board, and William Jessup University’s Community Relations Board.

Having previously served as the Chief of Staff to former Senator and Assemblyman Tim Leslie, Allard is a familiar name in the region with relationships established over several decades.  His long list of endorsements and work ethic make him the immediate front-runner for this seat.

In 2005, Allard and his wife, Lisa, purchased a service-related franchise and have grown the business by over 400%. The parents of three children, the Allard family attends Bayside Church of Roseville.