May 252021

Trish Todd was raped by Bill Brough. (I believe this 100%) I also believe that Tim Clark covered up the rape and at the time he covered up the rape, he was still owed $44K in consulting fees by Brough who had just won a tough election to the Assembly. John Moorlach was Trish Todd’s employer at the time, and when confronted with the consequences of his management style he made a bad situation so bad for himself that he lost another election. (Tim Clark is a political consultant who was John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff when Mrs. Todd was raped by Bill Brough)

Brough is out of office as a direct result of what Right on Daily exposed about him. The job is not done, I believe Tim Clark should be held civilly liable for his corruption and Bill Brough should be in prison for 15-20 years for the rape. Then, Brough can experience daily happening to himself what he did to Mrs. Todd.

I am being told that the Sacramento County DA Ann-Marie Schubert is stuffing the prosecution of the case and the file is “sitting on her desk”. It is time for Mzz. Schubert to do her job, prosecute the case or explain publicly her cowardice in declining to. (Note: Schubert is running for California Attorney General, is she making some sort of deal with the legislature on this? One has to wonder)

Get a good look Tim Clark and Bill Brough. I am not going to stop until there is accountability for what you both did.

Bill Brough was the Assemblyman in AD73, he lost his primary in 2020 due almost 100% to his pattern of sexual misconduct and validated allegations against him. Mrs. Todd came forward after Brough lost that primary and was a lame duck officeholder.

John Moorlach lost his re-election to State Senate in 2020, he then immediately attempted to run for supervisor to replace Michelle Steel who was elected to congress in 2020. He was defeated almost 100% due to the fact that one of his staff was raped, his chief of staff covered it up and he did not know or care.

May 202021

It is never surprising that the loudest advocates making moral judgements in Politics are themselves pieces of garbage. (Remember Bill Brough’s public persona?)

IN the case of Mike Madrid and his near psychotic hatred of President Trump (and other Republicans) he was deign to tell us all what an immoral reprobate President Trump is. It turns out that Madrid was able to recognize Donald Trump’s bad behavior all too well…

Note that Sarah Larchmont is a leftist and her hatred of Trump is posted all over her twitter account. This gives her posting of DM’s between her and Madrid even more credibility.

Nice job Madrid, trolling twitter for a BJ? Targeting Married women? Nice Job dude, now I think I get why you went to your second home in Mexico. Too bad for Madrid, if there is more of this stuff and it crosses the criminal line, Mexico does have an extradition treaty.

It seems that Madrid may need the $1Million or so he made trading on Trump hate for legal fees.

May 172021

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In a disasterous interview with the San Diego Union Tribune in the days leading up to her equally as disasterous Congressional Campaign, Harkey snapped back at the San Diego Union Tribune, “That Dog Don’t Hunt’ when they were asking her about the Harkey family scandal. It does hunt. I believe I had laid out sufficient evidence to demonstrate that Diane Harkey had knowledge of her husband’s business dealings, benefitted from them, participated in financial and legal transactions to protect money for herself and the lynchpin is the sham divorce.

The divorce was filed on 12-12-2014 Case 14D010906 and was final 5-1-2015. There is no evidence anywhere that there was a legal separation filed, ever. For a divorce between spouses married nearly 30 years with a ton of assets to take a paltry 4.5 months is absurd. There is no rational person that would look at that as anything other than abusing the legal system, therefore I am calling their divorce a sham.

Note the date of the divorce filing – after they dumped $4.5 Million in property. She filed the divorce AFTER she moved property in to an LLC. None of this is illegal, but it is immoral and unethical. By moving the property in to the LLC, it simplified the divorce further and appears to have been done to avoid any collection activity from Dan Harkey’s Lawsuit.

That dog does hunt. There is a trail of real estate transactions in 2014 that tell the whole story. I am still unsure as to where the DCCC, the SDUT and others were. It did not take much effort to find this information and connect the dots.

In 2018 she raged on the San Diego Union Tribune:

Union-Tribune: Do you want to answer conclusively where your money came from that built your career?

HARKEY: My money came from my income, okay? Check the court records. I don’t really think we have to go into where my money came from. I don’t… I don’t ask you where your money came from. I think it’s more important to people to know that I was cleared and I don’t expect the U-T to ever report anything kindly about me, but you know, I have a long record of serving the community.

I have won elections through this litigation and I won elections after, and the reason being is because the people who know me and the people that have worked with me and the reason I get endorsed all the time is because they know the truth. I know the truth and I know who I am and I think that’s very important because in politics you never know what’s coming at you, but if you’re clear in your conscience and you know the truth and you know who you are it… it says a lot. I never got really terribly depressed because I knew that somehow this would… this would end, but it was… it was a very long situation.

She gave this answer to the SDUT 3 1/2 years after the above transactions knowing she had also filed a sham divorce. Similar to when she lied to John Chiang, at least about filing a legal separation, she appears to have lied outright to the SDUT. It also looks like your intrepid blogger has done the job the SDUT never finished.

Note that in 2009, Harkey said this to the LA Times:

“I’ve been married for 25 years to my husband,” said the Dana Point Republican. “We have personal income. He has income. I have income. Sometimes it was my income. Sometimes it was his income. Sometimes it’s both of our incomes. And I’ve saved him financially many years. So I’m not going to get into whose, yours, mine, ours. Who knows after 25 years?”

Um, Diane what changed?

About the sham divorce? Dan Harkey still lives in the same house as Diane Harkey. It took some digging to prove with a private investigator friend, but it is true to the best of our knowledge. In 2017, The IRS slammed Dan Harkey with a $1,000,000 Tax Lien, but the address on that is a commercial property. I am also sure that Dan Harkey’s assets are equally as hidden as Diane’s are.

The original charge was did Diane Harkey’s $2.1 million worth of self-funding come from her husband’s business dealings? I believe we have proven that. I believe I have enough evidence to call her a liar when she denies that no part of it came from Dan Harkey’s business dealings.

Is Diane Harkey a victim? Absolutely not. All the way down to the sham divorce, dumping property, moving property, her own statements, court records, public records and her own conduct show the absolute truth. There is no way a reasonable person could conclude that she did not have some knowledge and some benefit from her husband’s businesses.

Good Lord, she still lives with him! I also can not believe that Dan Harkey still lives with Diane, given that she threw him under the bus repeatedly – or perhaps that was also part of the game to hide the assets from the plaintiffs just like the sham divorce.

People in the Orange County political establishment need a serious dose of reality. I am not surprised to have caught Diane Harkey in several lies, this comes with the territory when you have someone that constantly blames others for their own maladies.

I am also not surprised at discovering a long string of what I believe to be unethical, yet legal abuses of the court system in her life as well.

Now I understand the mentality behind a woman who was reputed to stay at home rather than attend campaign meetings, would not reach out to donors, was known to drink heavily on the campaign trail, was prone to angry outbursts and when it all came crashing down – there was Darrell Issa to take the blame for it all. Just like the mean newspapers, Mark Wyland, and Lord knows your intrepid blogger too…

Diane Harkey needs to be retired from Public Life. Too much drama, too many questions, too many ethical issues and zero personal ownership of anything. You can not rely on a person like that or trust them to lead or govern.

May 132021

SUTTER: With the entrance of the Caitlyn Jenner Freakshow and the bizarre meltdown of John Cox – it is possible that Kevin Faulconer may end up being the adult in the room by default. To that end, I was tipped off that the Sutter GOP (which was squarely in the Jessica Column, but more legitimate than surrounding counties) is sending the CAGOP’s Board of Directors a resolution asking them to unify behind one candidate in the recall. (Implied is Faulconer)

Enter Steven Frank:

California Republican Central Committees, one by one are being closed.

  1.  Kern County Republican Central Committee on May 10 held a ZOOM meeting.  Two new California Republican Assembly charters, in the county have been charted.  The new Presidents attended the Central Committee meeting to introduce themselves and to tell the group they are looking forward to working in unity with the rest of the GOP in the county.  The chair announced that since they were not members of the Committee they were not allowed.

When asked where in the bylaws that was said, it was told that the CRP General Counsel Ashley Titus, famous for claiming that sending 440,000 live ballots to the dead and those who moved out of State was NOT fraud or corruption, claimed the CRP bylaws mandated it.  Titus was not at the meeting, the alleged quote came from the Chair.  In the past Titus had been asked to cite the CRP bylaw closing County Central Committee meetings to just members—never a reply.

If true, than San Diego which gets upwards of 500 people to their meetings, San Luis Obispo’s that gets up to 100 at their meetings, and many other counties—like Lake County which welcomes ALL registered Republicans to their meetings, are violating the CRP bylaws.  Of course this is not in any bylaws.

  • San Francisco Central Committee has had several resignations.  John Dennis fired the Executive Director and a couple of months later had that person removed as Secretary of the Committee.  At least four people in the last couple of months have deiced to leave the Committee due to the desire to have Team work—which is not happening.

Allow me to add that there is another side to this story, but John Dennis and Steve Frank do not like each other very much. The SFGOP actually functions better than most county parties despite all the challenges. Richie Greenberg led the exodus from the SFGOP and he refuses to play well with others.

  •  The Yuba County Central Committee, chair by Sen. Jim Nielsen staffer may be the worst of the lot.  At the monthly meeting a few nights ago, on the agenda was the addition of new Committee members.  Currently there are 21 VACANCIES on the Committee.  A Committee member made a motion to fill the vacancies.  The Chair of the Committee, Stephen Heter, announced “we do not need more members, the motion is out of order.”  He also refused to replace the Secretary of the Committee, who does not show up for meetings.  I should mention the Secretary is his brother.

How does a GOP movement grow, when the Chair has 21 vacancies and does not want to fill them?  I wonder if Sen. Nielsen approves of this.

Allow me to add that two people actually were appointed to the YUBA GOP on Tuesday. Stephen Heter who screams like AOC when he is mad (remember the CAGOP Cover-Up of their failure to have a legitimate organizational meeting? Heter was screaming soprano on the zoom call), said he refused to recognize a moved and seconded action that was voted on in the affirmative. Note: Heter never ruled the motion to appoint the two new members out of order (BTW – the same 3-2 vote to appoint the new members would have overridden Heter) he went berzerk after the motion carried. Stephen Heter’s middle name is Reynoso – after his Grandfather Cruz Reynoso, the Leftist Judge recalled in the 1980’s for letting killers out of Prison. Heter is very typical of the operatives I have dealt with in 20+ years of CAGOP politics.

It is probably time for activists to start descending on Glenn, Yuba, Tehama and other establishment franchise counties and making the hacks look at them as they commit political fraud.

  •  Last week the Ventura County GOP Committee met.  The Treasurer made a report, “We have money in the bank”.  Members wanted to know how much, where the money came from, where did the expenditure go?.  The Chair, John Anderson announced he did not want a full report given to the elected members of the Committee.  As expected yelling and threats were made and Anderson adjourned the meeting.
  • Then you have Los Angeles County GOP Committee.  Under the current rules, if there is a vacancy in an Assembly District Caucus, the District appoints to fill the vacancy.  Under a by-law amendment set to be announced next month, that changes.  Instead, the full County Committee—folks from Lancaster to Long Beach to Diamond Bar will decide the filling of vacancies in Santa Monica or El Monte.  Of course at that point the Elected Assembly District members no longer control their own Committee—and most will become inactive and go independent, while the appointed people do little.
  • There is one commonality of all these Committees, trying to shut down Republican activity, programs and growth—they all supported the same candidate for CRP Chair—who is doing the same on a Statewide basis.

Remember – Jessica Patterson and crew loaded the Credentials Committee with people from counties racked with fraud. This was a deliberate act of rage to teach all the real activists a lesson. As of the writing of this blog, Glenn, Yuba and Tehama Counties still have not cured their proven flaunting of state law yet are allowed to participate fully because they support Patterson.

Remember – the LAGOP violated their own by-laws and the CAGOP By-Laws by filling 22 vacant districts with liberals specifically for their votes for Patterson and to help the embattled Richard Sherman keep control of the LAGOP.

Allow me to remind you that even though I live in Reno Nevada – the day I stop writing about California Politics is the day I die.

I can tell you that I have only seen one of the 17 Nevada County Parties with bona-fide issues, that is Clark County, but they are nothing like the outright fraud promoted by the CAGOP staff and team. Apparently, Clark County GOP has been a mess for 10 years. I am soon to be a part of the Washoe GOP, it looks to be well run with the typical factions but it is effective. Outside of Washoe and Clark County – the next Largest County is Lyon County with about 65,000 people in it. (Lyon includes Fernley which I expect to explode in the next decade) The 15 “Rural” Counties do not add up to the population of Washoe between them. I have heard few if any complaints about any of the Rural counties.

Why are most Nevada GOP Central Committees doing OK? There are no ex-officios. Elected Republicans do not get to appoint delegates. Delegates and County Party members are elected by the caucus system thus dissipating any attempts by consultants or the legislative caucuses from controlling the party apparatus.

The disaster in the North of California lays at the feet of Deborah Wilder who was unseated by Laurie Wallace for Northern Vice Chair. But there is more on Wilder, beyond the fact that she was to have been the heir apparent to Jessica Patterson who is termed out as CAGOP Chair. Unseating Deborah Wilder was a critical win for Conservatives in Northern California and one consequence is falling soon.

I have been told by Washington DC Insiders that Kevin McCarthy is going to take Jessica to Washington DC sooner than planned. My guess is that the CAGOP’s board is going to be told who to appoint to replace her as CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo can’t finish a sentence let alone lead a state political party.

P.S. a very well connected old-time political operative called me and told me that the Steve Frank Campaign and our messaging, especially including exposing the rigging of the officer elections, control games, and proof of blatant by-law violations has caused several people to take notice. The effective messaging of Steve Frank, including killing the Faulconer coronation has caused a shift in the tactics of the CAGOP leadership. The aggressive messaging of the CAGOP as opposed to the milquetoast messaging pre convention + the actual and direct involvement of Jessica Patterson in throwing punches were put to me as a direct change as that part of Steve Frank’s message hit home with a lot of people.

P.P.S. The recall has caught fire so much in California, you are going to see a massive surge of Republican Registration Numbers (just in time for re-districting LOL). I was told it could move by as much as 5 percentage points. This move does not have much to do with the CAGOP as they are still NOT funding Voter Registration. What it is are pissed off Mom’s about distance learning and Hispanics left behind by the status quo. However, you will get to watch the CAGOP leadership attempt to take credit for a “surge” when the new numbers are reported.

May 112021

Did you see Steve Frank’s Blog Today?

Explosive to say the least. It looks like Trish Todd is being denied justice by the politically ambitious DA of Sacramento County and AG Candidate Ann-Marie Schubert.

Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has announced her run for California Attorney General.  She had been a Republican, left the Party and denounced the Party and President Trump.  Now she may be in hot water with feminist groups—especially those in Sacramento in the community and in the Capitol itself.

Several months ago a charge of rape was made against then Assemblyman Bill Brough—he got thrown out in the primary.  In the several months [since] the DA’s office has been investigating, yet no report has been filed—though it might be held up on the desk of DA.  Schubert is not giving an indication as to when, or if, she will release the investigative report and if appropriate bring charges against Brough.  The longer Schubert delays the release of the report, the more feminists will believe she is not willing to take on cases of sexual misconduct when it involved legislators or legislative staff.

I had been told by political insiders that Schubert was slow-rolling the investigation and some even asserted that she was trying to cut deals for herself with political leaders. I can’t prove any of that – however something is seriously wrong in her office.

No wonder why so many rape victims are afraid to speak up! They get smeared and thrown under the bus by political agendas. No wonder why those in elected office feel empowered to do what they do as well!!!

On the subject of fallout from the Trish Todd rape saga – there is this:

STRONG rumor in Orange County that after many years as Chair, Fred Whitaker is considering resigning and getting back to his law practice and family full time.  There is, I am told, at least one very strong candidate to replace Fred.  He has recently come under a lot of heat for his promotion, very early of a OC GOP endorsement of Sen. John Moorlach for Supervisor—without speaking to the other GOP Supervisors first.  They all endorsed Kevin Muldoon, against Whitakers choice.

I have been clear about my feelings for Fred Whitaker. But, I will also be clear about this – for as much as I disdain him politically, I would gain a lot of respect for him if he did indeed step down peacefully. Mr. Whitaker got too close to and too emotionally involved in helping his long time friend John Moorlach and that sort of friendship clouds one’s judgement, including his attacking Mrs. Todd in communications with OCGOP members. My guess is time away will be beneficial to him on several levels.

If you don’t read Steve Frank’s Heard on the Tom-Tom’s column, you need to.