Jan 312022

Pinkos of the world unite, Newsolini and Magic Johnson in an 80,000 person stadium without masks on

Press Release
January 31, 2022

Statement From Assembly District 5 Candidate Joe Patterson Regarding Governor’s Maskless Photo Hypocrisy
Rocklin, CA – – Today, Republican Assembly candidate Joe Patterson (AD 5) released a statement regarding Governor Gavin Newsom and the hypocrisy regarding the mask mandates.

In a display of ultimate hypocrisy, Gavin Newsom continues to mandate one thing while doing another, “While Gavin Newsom parties with Hollywood elites, he has turned every teacher and business owner into mask police. Our kids are afraid to remove masks at school and employers can be fined by CalOSHA for not complying with his mask mandates. Most children and families are unable to afford luxury boxes at football games, so I demand that all Californians be able to ignore mandates when it comes to his misguided public health directives,” said Joe Patterson.

This statement follows a recent announcement of a coalition of education leaders giving their endorsement for Joe Patterson For Assembly. You can read that press release HERE.

The newly drawn 5th Assembly District is split between Placer and El Dorado Counties and includes the communities of Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Lincoln, Placerville, Rocklin, and Roseville.

About Joe Patterson

Joe Patterson is a small-business owner in Placer County as well as an elected Councilmember to the Rocklin City Council.

On the Rocklin City Council, Patterson has a proven track record of leadership in the region. He has supported local businesses and non-profits with financial and regulatory relief both before and during the pandemic.

Joe and his wife Colleen have four young children that they are raising in the Placer County community. Patterson previously worked in the California State Legislature helping draft laws to increase penalties on sex offenders and prevent the early release of criminals. He previously served as Treasurer for the Rocklin Public Safety Foundation and prides himself in being one of the most accessible public servants in the region.

For more information about Joe and his campaign please visit www.JoePatterson.com.

Jan 312022

George Soros is coming for the DA of Orange County. I think he should have done a background check on his little moonbat first.




Monday, January 31, 2022

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OCDA Spitzer Slams Woke Opponent Hardin for Fundraising Off Same Policies that Just Resulted in Light Sentence for Child Molester

Hardin’s own predatory behavior raises questions about his partiality towards light sentences for sex offenders

(Orange County, CA) – Today, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer slammed his woke opponent, Pete Hardin, for fundraising off of the same policies that just led to a light sentence for a convicted child molester in Los Angeles County.

Pete Hardin and Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon support not prosecuting juveniles as adults, regardless of the circumstances or heinousness of the crime. This inappropriate blanket policy recently resulted in a 2-year sentence in a juvenile facility for an individual who is now 26, even though they were convicted of molesting a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom just two weeks before they turned 18.

Shockingly, as news about the light sentence was breaking, Pete Hardin was fundraising off the very same policy that will result in the early release of a child molester.


Pete Hardin’s support for policies that protect child molesters and sexual predators is particularly disturbing considering Hardin’s own track record, which includes being forced out of the military and OCDA’s office for his own sexual misconduct and predatory behavior.

“The fact that Hardin is fundraising off of policies that protect child molesters instead of children suggests he has serious psychological issues going on and a soft spot for fellow predators,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer.  “Woke prosecutors like Gascon and Hardin are dangerous and put our children at risk.”

In case you missed it, you can read the full memo from Hardin’s former supervisor at the OCDA’s office detailing his disturbing predatory behavior here, or below:





Hardin resigned two months after the above memo was authored:


Jan 312022

The battle lines are for sure being drawn in CA-03. My guess is LaMalfa, McClintock, Gallagher and others can not be far behind.

January 31, 2022

Press Contact: Duane Dichiara
(916) 997-4784

State Senator Jim Nielsen Endorses Sheriff Jones for Congress

(Sacramento, CA) – Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones today announced that he has secured the endorsement of State Senator Jim Nielsen in his race for California’s 3rd Congressional District. Senator Jim Nielsen represents California’s 4th State Senate District, which contains the CA-03 counties of Placer and Sacramento.

Senator Jim Nielsen is known as a tough-on-crime conservative and champion of lower taxes and controlled government spending. Senator Jim Nielsen was first elected to the State Senate in 1978 where he served until 1990 and has also served in the State Assembly from 2009-2012. He then returned to the Senate in a 2013 special election. Senator Nielsen has also served as the Chairman of the California Board of Parole and Prison Terms.

“Sheriff Scott Jones has distinguished himself as a courageous law enforcement leader, always putting the interests of the community and crime victims first. I trust Scott Jones to stand against the ‘woke’ politics that fuels the agenda to ‘defund police’ and release dangerous criminals early. Scott possesses both the unique experience and sound judgement to help restore our nation’s law and order as our member of congress for the third district. Sheriff Scott Jones has my strongest endorsement.” – State Senator Jim Nielsen, former chairman of the California Board of Prison Terms and co-author of California’s Crime Victims Bill of Rights

Sheriff Jones accomplished a strong record of leadership at the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, stewarding the Department’s recovery from the worst financial crisis of its history, becoming a regional leader in the fight against gangs, and hiring a record number of women, minorities, and veterans. As one of the foremost experts on law enforcement in California, Sheriff Jones is an advocate for investing in public safety and a vocal opponent of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement. In Congress, Jones will be an advocate for fiscal accountability, border security, and restoring criminal justice to America’s communities. A nationally recognized law enforcement leader, Jones has testified before congress, and has presented at two white house conferences on law enforcement, immigration, and safety issues.

California’s 3rd Congressional District includes the Counties of Placer, Nevada, Mono, Sierra, Inyo, Plumas and Alpine and portions of Sacramento, El Dorado, and Yuba Counties. It is an open seat and Republicans hold a 7-point registration advantage.

To learn more about Sheriff Scott Jones and his campaign for Congress, visit: scottjonesforcongress.com.

Jan 312022

AS you may recall, your intrepid blogger was involved in all of the school board races and I know who helped and who did not. Few did more than Joe Patterson. If you sit on a school board in AD05, it is time to Join up with Joe Patterson. You have a choice, someone who actually spent money and rallied support to elect school board members or 15,000 Facebook Likes. Choose wisely.

Press Release
January 31, 2022

Joe Patterson Releases Strong Local Education Coalition in Campaign for State Assembly
Rocklin, CA – – Today, Joe Patterson announced a strong coalition of local education leaders in his campaign for State Assembly. Placer County was one of the first areas in the state to reopen in-person instruction after Gov. Gavin Newsom directed schools to close in March 2020. Joe took immediate action locally to help ensure kids returned to school as early as possible.

“The broad coalition of education leaders supporting Joe shows he has been a strong local advocate for our students. We support Joe so strongly because he has a clear history of taking action to support our community’s children and schools. As a father with children in local schools, Joe understands that the challenges our schools are facing include keeping them open to in-person learning,” said Rocklin School Board Member Tiffany Saathoff. “Joe was a leader in efforts to reshape the school board in a way that puts students over politics. That’s why we need him at the State Capitol.”

Patterson’s education coalition includes leaders from Roseville and Rocklin two of the largest cities in the newly drawn 5th Assembly District including:

Tiffany Saathoff, Rocklin School Board Member
Rachelle Price, Rocklin School Board Member
Julie Hupp, Rocklin School Board Member
Dereck Counter, Rocklin School Board Member
Julie Constant, Roseville City School District Board Member
Pete Constant, Roseville Joint Union High School District Board Member
Dave Patterson, Placer County Board of Education
Cari Dawson Bartley, Sierra College Board of Trustees

Roseville Joint Union High School District Board Member, Pete Constant, added, “I’m happy to be an early endorser of Joe, and I expect this coalition is going to grow in the coming days, weeks and months. The past 24 months have been hard for students and parents and we need someone who will take action against special interests at the Capitol. The individuals who understand education know there will be no better advocate for our students than Joe Patterson and that’s why education leaders like me are supporting Joe for State Assembly. I will be going door to door encouraging voters to vote for Joe because I know he did that for our community’s children when they needed him.”

The newly drawn 5th Assembly District’s population is split between Placer and El Dorado Counties. For more information about Joe’s campaign, including the latest news please visit www.JoePatterson.com.

Jan 272022

The Gateway Pundit just lit up the CAGOP.

WOW. The Gateway Pundit just stepped on a rake.

It is completely clear that your intrepid blogger has zero love for Jessica Patterson et. al. However, what the Gateway Pundit did to the CAGOP was a cheap shot and shoddy journalism.

The Gateway pundit accuses the CAGOP of endorsing an Ice-Hating Sheriff. They didn’t. They used a selectively edited portion of a conversation between Howard Hakes and Senator Scott Wilk as evidence.

The only endorsements the CAGOP made were in Orange County and all were lay-downs.

The Gateway Pundit also accuses the CAGOP of endorsing democrats and cite a question asked by Randy Berholtz about the rules as evidence. The video? It was edited to remove Patterson saying “No, we can not endorse democrats”. The context of Randy’s question was also removed.

Patterson did say that local parties could endorse democrats (which some have done), but not the CAGOP.

Will the Gateway Pundit retract their story? Or will they allow their actions to delegitimize conservatives further?

Your intrepid blogger wants to know.

P.S. How did the meeting get recorded? It was supposed to be confidential to allow the participants the ability to talk openly? Remember, after Planned Parenthood got burned, the State of CA banned secret recordings.

Blogger’s Note: Thank you Scott Wilk, Randy Berholtz and Matt Heath for responding and quickly providing facts to debunk the story. It is appreciated.