Apr 302020

Pictured: Mike Madrid with his Pimp Antonio Villiariagosa in 2018. They spent $30-40 Million and John Cox finished second against Gavin

The Lincoln Project aka the “Benedict Arnold Project” are a group of “Republicans” who went psycho after President Trump won the 2016 election. It appears that they all suffered some sort of deep emotional wounding that they will be a lifetime seeking to recover from. They are openly advocating for the defeat of Republicans Everywhere.

Mike Madrid is a part of the Lincoln Grifter Project aka the Benedict Arnold Project.

Mike Madrid who I believe is a coward, an example of which is him refusing to take a bet with me regarding President Trump’s re-election in 2020, decided to threaten Tom Lackey while calling his Chief of Staff George Andrews a White Supremacist.

George Andrews is very dark-skinned. I am not sure if his genetics make being a White Nationalist possible.

Please note that Right on Daily is endorsing Tom Lackey in AD-36 for re-election. Mike Madrid is a legend in his own mind.

Not to be outdone – Madrid also called the Chairman of the Contra Costa GOP, who is Jewish, a Nazi:

While Reed Galen, Luis Alvarado and others pay their bills with donations to the Lincoln Project – Mike Madrid is carrying their flag well. All of them are on their knees grovelling because Donald Trump broke them.

To be continued.

Apr 302020

Mike Madrid worked for Antonio Villariagosa’s disaster of a Governor Campaign in 2018. Apparently because Republicans did not buy his brand of BS, he is on a rampage to run Republicans out of office. He is also still living off the fact that he was an employee of the CAGOP over a Generation ago.

Here you can see Mike Madrid mocking Re-Open efforts with known Drug-Addict (my personal first-hand observation) Jimmy Camp who bailed on both John McCain and President Trump despite doing paid campaign work for Republicans.

Second, is political consultant Luis Alvarado who is a regular on CNN promoting a Dem Polling firm trying to claim with a straight face that Biden has a lead in Texas.

Luis Alvarado, Mike Madrid, Steve Schmidt (who wrecked several statewide GOP campaigns in CA), Rick Wilson (he of McMullin fame) and others are attempting to vent their rage over their irrelevance in Republican politics by seeking to unseat Republicans all across the US.

This is Mike Madrid retweeting George Conway who literally went psycho in 2016. This is the crew.

The Lincoln Project bragged that they raised $1 Million in a month. Most of this appears to have gone in to the pockets of Reed Galen, Jennifer Horn and others. Reed Galen first hit my radar screen when he penned a national op-ed denigrating Tim Donnelly supporters attacking them on a personal and viceral level. Galen is the breed of Republican that never met a live birth he liked that wants to screw and smoke anything he wants to with no accountability or responsibility.

This is the crew that the Lincoln Project have assembled.

That’s correct – Matt Shupe is the Chairman of the Contra Costa GOP and he is Jewish. Mike Madrid called him a nazi. This is the Lincoln Project.

To be continued…

Apr 282020

From a political satire piece that has way too much basis in reality:

The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from “Run” to “Hide.” The only two higher levels in France are “Collaborate” and “Surrender.” The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France’s white flag factory, effectively paralyzing the country’s military capability.

Marie Waldron wrote a piece in the local patch, apparently at the same time as I was roasting her for her love of get out of jail free cards for felons.

Governor Newsom recently created the California Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery to get the economy growing again as quickly and safely as possible. As Assembly Minority Leader and a small business owner, I was honored to be selected as a member of this critical team.

In between her tweets about “Criminal Justice Reform” – Ms. Waldron tweeted about how honored she was to be a part of Gavin Newsom’s wreck the economy the rest of the way team. It features Tom Steyer as the chairman – which is like asking Jack the Ripper to babysit.

Let me offer the feckless Permanent Minority Leader a suggestion. Leadership means coming up with your own plan to re-open California and demonstrating to the democrats there is a better way. It appears that re framing the message is not just a consultant-driven pipe dream, it is a suicide pact that the entire crew bought in to (save a few exceptions). Waldron’s recent social media efforts indicate that she is attempting to take democrat issues and remake them in some sort of Republican image.

I’ve seen 22 years of failure from party leaders and it appears our current batch have not learned a thing. Rather, they are doubling down on the become democrats to appeal to democrats approach:

While health and safety will come first, the 80-member Task Force will work toward quickly re-opening California’s economy. To accomplish this, the Governor has tapped a broad and experienced group that covers all geographic, business and non-profit sectors. Prominent leaders in business, labor, healthcare, academia and philanthropy are included. The task force Chair is Tom Steyer and includes ex-officio members of former governors Wilson, Davis, Schwarzenegger and Brown, other government officials, and prominent business leaders such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger. For the complete list, please visit: https://bit.ly/2xPyvEl

The Task Force will develop solutions that reflect the diverse communities that make up California. The recovery must be inclusive so every community, including rural and underserved areas, shares fully in the benefits. Our process will be robust, and we’ll be seeking insightful and practical solutions. Recommendations for reopening will be based on the Governor’s six criteria, available here: https://bit.ly/2S1B5hu

Do laypeople reading this piece by Marie Waldron know what an Ex-Officio Member of a Committee is?

You will also notice the poll-tested pander to diversity and inclusive language that is interspersed with mentions of prominent liberals. I can hardly wait to see our Republican leaders posing for pictures with a man (Tom Steyer) who has spent millions trying to run them (as in Republicans) out of office. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome!

The Coronavirus situation was a GOLDEN opportunity for Republican Leaders to distinguish themselves. Instead we get French Terror level Collaborate.

We held our first meeting last Wednesday. We will divide into 10 sub committees, including small business, technology, work-force and financial, and I am currently reviewing potential committee assignments.

Doesn’t that make you feel AWESOME! She is reviewing potential committee assignments. You can’t work. Your neighbors are getting arrested for going to the beach. You’re getting called a racist, nutjob, and are being physically assaulted over your political beliefs and your party leaders are reviewing potential committee assignments while the State of California has ground to a halt.

No solutions. Just committee assignments, liberal policy positions and loving on Tom Steyer and Gavin Newsom.

Apr 282020

Republican State Representative Darren Bailey from downstate Xenia filed a lawsuit last week challenging the governor’s authority to issue a stay-at-home order.

In a statement last week, Bailey said: “Enough is enough. I filed this lawsuit on behalf of myself and my constituents who are ready to go back to work and resume a normal life.”

Gov. Pritzker called out Bailey after a Clay County judge issued a restraining order against the governor’s stay at-home order, which has shut down businesses and caused economic hardships across the state. The judge’s temporary restraining order only covers the lawmaker individually.

The article is horribly biased and gave the governor of Illinois a ton of ink, along with taking cheap shots at President Trump. But, at least this legislator had the courage to sue JB Pritzker who has handled the crisis poorly and now has his hand stuck out for a bailout.

The legislator beat governor Pritzker in Court.

You’d think a lawsuit against Governor Newsom violating federal law giving out $75MM to illegal aliens would have drawn a sponsor? Nope. We’ve got to re-frame the message. Two Republican Assembly nominees stepped up.

You’d think a dictate telling people they can not protest at the capitol would cause a Republican legislator to stand up against it? Nope. You’d think the deliberately broken State background check system that denies eligible people Ammo purchases would draw a Republican legislator to be a plaintiff? Nope.

I guess the 1st, 14th and 2nd Amendments are subordinated to re-framing the message.

A gun shop owner (Ron Givens) and a Candidate for Congress Chris Bish whose district includes the Capitol did the heavy lifting in Givens vs Newsom.

Reading between the lines of conversations with insiders tells me that the Republican Legislators have been instructed by their consultants to stay away from anything remotely Trump. It is their opinion that these lawsuits against the State of California, Gavin Newsom, et. al. are all about Trump. More myopia from our “party leaders”. In my opinion this is a lame excuse for cowardice. 

So to those of you getting party communications asking for money – go give your money directly to Republican Candidates. Make sure you do research on the candidates to make sure they are not a Deanna Lorraine or a Joe Collins charlatan. Make sure you do the research to determine which candidates will actually sue a rogue governor or who won’t drink the Kool-Aid and put things like Prop 13 (the 2020 version) on the Ballot. Do not give to a PAC, ever (unless you are confident in the people running it). Look for the disclaimers on the emails to see who is asking for your money.

Our leadership in the California Republican Party and California Republican Legislative Caucuses may well be broken beyond repair. Yesterday, I lit up CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson for failing to defend Mike Garcia and not calling out Christy Smith for her callous and absurd attack on his military service. The best she could do was this:

Leave it to my friend Allen J Wilson to explain to Madam Chairman how to respond

In the past, I lit up Marie Waldron the Assembly Permanent Minority Leader for supporting Get Out of Jail Free Cards for Prison Inmates. (see also re-framing the message)  Here she is again pretty much agreeing with Gavin Newsom’s mass release of prisoners. Also note her twitter account is full of supportive comments towards the governor and is offering nothing as an alternative to the one-party (now one-man) rule in the State of California. None of the Republican Leadership in the legislature are speaking out about the onerous “shelter at home” orders, the arrests of protesters, sting operations on business owners trying to pay their bills and the grotesque abuses of constitutional rights.

Free “our brothers and sisters” that are in jail – Marie Waldron

Remember, this is the same Marie Waldron that ran interference for both William “Bill” Brough and Tyler Diep. Both lost their primaries in clouds of scandal – including multiple credible issues related to sexual misconduct by Brough.

Instead, what I am treated to are insiders mocking the efforts of those suing the state for the abuse. I am becoming convinced that the impending destruction of the California Republican Party (beyond what has happened) is willful and deliberate.

We want to go back to work. The insiders mock our efforts.

We want honest leadership. The insiders try to defend incumbents at all costs.

We want criminals locked up. The insiders negotiate criminal punishment away.

We want to protest. The insiders mock our efforts.

We want clear values. The insiders “Re-frame the Message”

We want strong leadership. Instead what we got are leaders that refuse to call out the bad guys.

We love our President (96% National approval rating in the GOP). The insiders are convinced all their electoral troubles are his fault.

I am proud of my spot on the leadership blacklist. Someone has to call these people out. In addition to future posts detailing the disaster that is a volunteer training program, I am also going to offer solutions that someone serious about replacing Jessica Patterson should look at.

Apr 272020

Hat tip to the Washington Examiner for covering this story. As of the typing of this blog, they are the only outlet to do so.

California Assemblywoman Christy Smith, a Democratic candidate for the state’s 25th Congressional District special election, mocked the military background of her Republican opponent, Mike Garcia.

In a video that surfaced from an online Indivisible Day of Action last Saturday, Smith spoke candidly with supporters about her thoughts related to Garcia’s time as a Navy fighter.

“Did you guys know he was a pilot? … That escaped me,” Smith said.

“Really? I read about it on his campaign website,” an unidentified supporter of Smith’s replied as giggles could be heard in the background.

“A pilot?” A female supporter asked, as more laughter is heard and Smith began to smirk and laugh as well.

Note that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson completely avoided lighting Christy Smith up for her callous comments. The consultants advising her are mostly moderates that view conservative as a bigger problem than democrats. This sort of thought process manifests itself at the moment of truth – instead of slamming the DCCC sock puppet Christy Smith, Madam Chairman tries to get clever.

Smith began to describe Garcia, saying: “I texted my team, and I’m like, ‘OK, he’s got pictures of planes behind him. I’ve got constitutional law books — the irony.”

The male supporter responded, “I love the fact that being a pilot gives him experience and knowledge in international affairs.”

Smith paused for a moment, and another male supporter interjected, saying, “But Amy McGrath is a former fighter pilot,” the man said, referring to the likely Democratic opponent this fall against Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

“But she’s not qualified,” Smith said.

It appears that Christy Smith also slammed fellow Democrat Leadership sock puppet Amy McGrath. (I guess there is no honor amongst empty shirt democrat sock-puppet recruits)

The refusal of the Consultants within the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure to show leadership in this situation should get everyone’s attention that cares about the CAGOP.

We were supposed to celebrate a Millenial Latina “Chairwoman” of the CAGOP (BTW – get Robert’s Rules updated, they still use Madam Chairman which is the term your intrepid blogger uses), and instead of taking on Christy Smith she puts out the oft-used Republican “Thank You For Your Service” lead in on social media. The Oligarchy f Controlled Failure was also silent about the arrogant, condescending editorial in the Los Angeles Times as well:

The Los Angeles Times editorial board recently endorsed Smith’s campaign, claiming Garcia “is simply not a good fit for Congress at any moment.” The board went on to say, “We can see why Republicans might be attracted to Mike Garcia.”

“The former Navy pilot and Raytheon executive has an unusual resume and a nice backstory as the son of a Mexican immigrant. But having a good origin story doesn’t translate into legislative competence,” the editorial board added.

Ninety-six military veterans currently serve in Congress, including Republican Reps. Dan Crenshaw of Texas and Brian Mast of Florida, who blasted the editorial on Twitter.

In addition to his military and business background, Garcia also has a master’s degree from Georgetown University in national security studies.

If the “Chairwoman” of the California Republican Party can not stand up and call out a democrat regarding their contempt for Military Veterans everywhere – then who will? Simply thanking Mike Garcia for his service is not enough. Sitting silent while the LA Times trivializes Mr. Garcia is tacit approval of this slime. We deserve better as a Major Political Party.

Perhaps the OCGOP should take over the CAGOP? – at least they showed public moral clarity with regard to taking out two of the biggest losers within the CAGOP structure. (Bill Brough and Tyler Diep)

There’s more coming, as we’re going to be talking about some of the “Volunteer Training”, between that trainwreck and the lack of public leadership you almost wonder if the coming destruction of what’s left of the CAGOP is deliberate.