Sep 302010

The woman who would be LT. Governor wants you to know what a saintly volunteer she is. In fact, you’d be so impressed after listening to her – that you may feel led to donate to the Capitol Resource Institute.

In 2008, Tom McClintock had been bloodied something fierce by Doug Ose in an epic Primary. Polls told the McClintock camp they were in trouble against Charlie “Colonel Klink” Brown.

Enter Karen England.

9/29/2008 – one of Tom McClintock’s campaigns wrote out a check for $6,000 to the Capitol Resource Institute Family Impact.

Shortly thereafter, Karen England showed up at the McClintock for Congress Headquarters and started “slaving away” and “working long hours” for McClintock’s campaign.

Funny how she never told anyone about the $6K from McClintock until some anonymous blog uncovered the money.

The point? It is not that England takes money from people she supports – it is the fact that she doesn’t tell anyone about it.

At the blog – we clearly disclose our biases, and we don’t brag about all the great things we do for campaigns.

P.S. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9.

Rocklin City Council Race Update – Diana Ruslin Speaks Out

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Sep 302010

Please note that the blog has endorsed Scott Yuill for re-election. There are two seats open and we are very kindly disposed to Diana Ruslin as her resume is impeccable and she is supported by Kathy Lund. No one running has the fire and passion of Diana Ruslin, end of story.

If Greg Janda had not emerged as such a strong candidate and Mark Klang not been a friend of several years – we’d have publicly endorsed Diana Ruslin already.

Translation – there are 4 excellent Republican candidates for Rocklin City Council – choose wisely.

From the desk of Diana Ruslin (who is probably out knocking on doors as I post this):

I have lived in Rocklin for 11 years.  I am a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, the PTC President at my son’s school, a founding member of the Rocklin Educational Excellence Foundation, a volunteer in a variety of Chamber of Commerce committees and activities, a graduate of the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program and a former business owner.

Rocklin is a wonderful place to live.  Recent recognition by Family Circle, Money Magazine and Sacramento Magazine says that we have been doing something right.  But we also have to recognize that times change.

The biggest challenge facing Rocklin are declining revenues and the need to provide services to our residents.  As a member of the city council I will look for ways to do things more efficiently.  I support contracting out more services as a way to reduce costs.  I will also seek more concessions in salaries and benefits, health plan costs, and retirement benefits.  If we can’t get more concessions, I support a two-tier system of retirement benefits, with newer employees receiving lower benefits.

I hope the city council will set the salary and benefits of the new city manager in some relation to surrounding cities of our size.  If they don’t do that and I am elected, I am ready to vote to freeze the salary and benefits until it is in line with our neighboring cities.

While some candidates say they have the silver bullet on economic activity, I have serious doubts that a single program or activity will solve our problem.  The economy is hurting everyone and Rocklin is no exception.  I think we have to do a number of things.  First, we have to be “employer friendly” so that when businesses do think about locating in Rocklin we help them do that.  Second, we should seek out those businesses that are thinking of expanding and meet with them to sell Rocklin.  Third, the city should continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce to review regulations and ordinances to see how they can be modified to be more business friendly.

In past two years, I have attended every city council meeting except three.  I have attended every budget workshop.  I have met with city staff to get briefed on city operations.  I committed my time to understand how our city operates, to understand the problems facing the city and to listen to the debate so that I understand the issues.  No other challenger in this election can say that.

Are supporters of Prop 23 Getting Blackmailed?

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Sep 292010

The State Budget is late – really late.

According to the San Diego Conservative Examiner – it is because Arnold is threatening businesses that are supporting Prop 23 with punitive measures.

You know – cut their funding, make special taxes that affect them only, make special regulations that affect them only…

It is well-known that Arnold is obsessed with his legacy and what people think of him. (You know the 15% that approve of him)

Arnold has also been extremely vindictive – making Gray Davis look like a teddy bear. It looks like this budget is the latest installment of that.

Sep 292010

Anyone who thinks Karen’s campaign for Lt. Governor is about Conservative values needs to take a close look, based on her past and current behavior:

People in the Lincoln Tea Party were “bragging” that Karen could get 50 to 60 thousand votes in the upcoming election. So why run? Why risk being known for helping Gavin Newsome win if the election is close?

The Capitol Resource Institute is her main gig. For years – the CRI has paid for her to go on junkets to Republican conventions and other faith-based political conventions around the country. Others of us in politics usually pay out of our pocket for stuff like this.

We have been told that the CRI is on hard times financially – in fact, so hard of times that she is on half-time and all of their employees were released. Most recently, Meredith Turney went to work for Peter Foy in Southern California.

Karen will tell you she is at half-time to add jewels to her pending application for sainthood.

A series of desperate emails have gone out from the CRI recently – stating they will close their doors without money, City on the Hill will go away etc etc etc… (Too bad Oral Roberts isn’t around to tell people God will take him home without funding)

The whole thing is too well timed.

* England took a job with the Pro-Choice and Pro-Civil Union Steve Poizner for Governor Campaign in May 2010 to pay the bills as well. This gave the CRI about a 4 week break from paying her salary.

Capitol Resource Institute is a 501c3 non-profit which means you can dump campaign money in to it.

In 2008 for example – Congressman Tom McClintock emptied out some $6,000 from his State Account in to the CRI.

Incidently, Karen England subsequently supported McClintock’s campaign in 2008 for Congress.

She could very easily move left over money from her LG campaign back to the Capitol Resource Institute.

Publicity stunts are nothing new – the CRI raised thousands for an “effort” to overturn SB777 via referendum, but the effort never even got off the ground. Several legislators were bamboozled in to donating to that cause. More on that pay-to-play scheme later…

Be careful if you donate to the Karen Newsome for Lt. Governor campaign because Gavin England just might help subsidize her future payroll from her “Charity” with the money.

Rocklin City Council Update – Ruslin and Janda Get Rocklin Police Endorsement

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Sep 282010

9:30 PM 9/28 Update – Aman Sigh Gahoonia seems to be mounting some sort of campaign, I have seen facebook ads over the weekend. Just this afternoon, I saw some of his signs – placed in medians where City Employees will pick them up. Why he did not do a ballot statement is beyond me – and of course the very small 12″ x 18″ campaign signs are bewildering as well.

I was visited by Mark Klang’s Wingmen over the weekend… Klang has been launching an aggressive Email campaign as well. I have been getting all of them.

So far – only Klang’s Wingmen and Ruslin’s Mom’s have hit my house with propaganda.

At the same time – both Greg Janda and Diana Ruslin emailed me to let me know that they landed the Rocklin Police Officer’s Association Endorsement.

I called Scott Yuill for comment and he basically told me that he did not pursue their endorsement as he feels awkward seeking the support of people whose compensation he has to negotiate.

(I wish the State Legislature would do the same thing – yeesh.)

Janda is also sporting the endorsements of John and Marilyn Redding – who founded the Matthew Redding Foundation.

The race is heating up and signs are sprouting up all over town – but all the candidates have some serious ground to make up to catch up to Scott Yuill… Yuill has signs everywhere in Rocklin.

This is a four-horse race and anyone can win at this point.

The Rocklin Police Officers’ Association has announced its endorsement of Greg Janda for Rocklin City Council.

“The Rocklin Police Officers’ Association welcomes your business knowledge and the fresh ideas you would bring to this position, and we look forward to working with you in the future,” the association said in announcing its endorsement

I would assume that the Firefighters are stepping up next and Ruslin will have her letter from the Police at some point soon.

As for this blogger – I am spending all my time in Roseville. My Mom is on the ballot and there are LIBERALS running for City Council there.  Sam Cannon and Susan Rohan need the Republicans to stand up and get them over the finish line.  (VOTE  FOR SAM CANNON – PLEASE)

*** Dang Rocklin is a great place to live – FOUR GOOD REPUBLICANS that can win for Rocklin City Council!!!