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Two years ago when I unloaded on Rodney Stanhope – I was warned by two of his ex-wives (he is currently on the way to his 4th Divorce) that he would be back despite getting decimated 881-227 by CRP Vice Chair Harmeet Dhillon.

That’s right, 227 Tea Partiers voted for Rodney Stanhope – you know, to teach the establishment a lesson. Stanhope had no support from any other group within the California GOP. As a result, they helped convince the delusional Stanhope that he could take a second run at it.

The Tea Partiers voted for a man who at the time, had six tax liens, a recent criminal conviction, wage garnishments for child support, recent harassment complaints and a string of campaigns he had destroyed.

Now, we are two years further along in Mr. Stanhope’s addiction. Like any good addict, Stanhope has surrounded himself with people that reassure him that he is right and everyone else is wrong. Similar to someone living in the haze of intoxication, the facts don’t matter, including posting actual court documents, pictures of him with his face further sunken in or more stuff from the local police blotter.

Yet, many in the Tea Party think he is a righteous dude. I have come to believe that the Tea Party in California are destructive, I can draw no other conclusion from seeing them actively sabotage Doug Ose in one area because he is too liberal, in other areas being used by liberals to run conservatives out of office and in various parts of the state supporting complete train wrecks for party office.

That said, I had decided to leave Rodney alone until a couple of women approached me. Again. Different women than the dozen or so I talked to in 2012-2103.

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Rodney has had a pattern of conning his way in to campaigns, doing nothing while trying to make it look like he is, “hiring” people to work on said campaigns and then not paying them.

In the case of one of my sources, she did get paid (because she was aggressive about it) – but found out later that she had been double-dealt on a couple of times. This person worked on the Kevin Falconer effort in San Diego and saw first-hand Mr. Stanhope having an affair on his fourth wife with another campaign worker.

It continued when she was brought in to the Anna Bryson Campaign by Rodney as well as the Mitchum for Congress Campaign. The source indicated to me multiple instances of Rodney using meth and one suspicious circumstance where another campaign worker came up with injuries consistent with a physical assault. I have known Stanhope to be verbally abusive  causing several scared women to try and get a restraining order against him, and he does have a misdemeanor assault conviction as well.

I have spoken to several people around both campaigns and this most recent source has corroborated everything they told me, and then some. It appears Rodney would walk about 20 houses in a precinct and go to a bar. I have had two candidates that hired Rodney tell me similar stories. In the Bryson effort, the source indicated that Rodney retained the services of a hooker for an extended period of partying in a hotel room while Bryson was going down in flames.

Rodney was retained by Clair(e) McNeal (who I lampooned a couple of times as I had friends in the camp of another failed candidate). It was in the McNeal campaign that Rodney’s affair from San Diego became known as it re-started post Bryson/Hooker.

Rodney’s year of Political failure came to an end with two Non-Republicans he was helping in local El Dorado County races who both lost badly.

The source came to me because she wanted to make sure that no other woman was conned by Mr. Stanhope.

It is amazing, because the congressional candidate indicated that the McClintock camp referred Rodney to them. Bryson had known Rodney from years back, McNeal as well. Mr. Stanhope is effective at talking a good game and getting hired.

It is also my opinion that he works for cash to avoid wage garnishments. This opinion is reinforced by my conversations with the mothers of several of his children.

Several years ago, Rodney left a woman named Debbie J. in Galt pregnant. He married his current wife while she was pregnant. It is my understanding that Debbie J. is still on welfare. She was when I spoke to her in early 2013. Now, his 4th marriage is on the rocks. I have seen two instances of the police being called to their house in the last two years and have heard about several more that I have no proof of.

I was contacted by the source of the above and three other sources that wife #4 has filed for divorce citing marital infidelity amongst other things. I am unsure of how many instances of it she is listing as I know of at least 6. I am not surprised by any of this as marriage #4 started as a result of cheating on the mother of child #8 Debbie J. (I have pieced together that Rodney appears to have 8 Children by 7 Women. Only he knows for real as many of his kids he has seen rarely if at all)

Which leads me to Discovery Petitions. They are running the plastic bag ban referendum signature drive. They are needing to hire precinct walkers as the unionized grocery stores have whored themselves out knowing they will get to pocket the $.10 bag tax. Thus, the proponents need to go door-to-door.

I was told by others that I know that Rodney was able to catch on with Discovery Petitions, because like so many before, they did not do any sort of background investigation.

I also hope that for a change – instead of being stubborn morons, that the tea party idiots that are enabling this disaster would at least find another candidate to run against Harmeet Dhillon. It is getting old seeing the Tea Party emulate the behavior of Obama, continuing to double down on failure so as to not have to admit a mistake.

Why does Rodney keep finding enablers? Why did Discovery Petitions hire him? Why does Rodney still have support for his Vice-Chair Run?

Maybe the California GOP deserves him.

Why am I wasting my time writing this piece, knowing full well that Rodney Stanhope will never stop conning people until the day his addictions overtake his life?

Try talking to all the women I’ve talked to. Either you shut them out – or you try to use your platform to help. I sincerely hope that the word will really get out and the people in the political establishment from the Tea Party to major consulting firms will stop enabling this to continue.

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