Sep 302020

But – at least they mentioned President Trump by name, if only to fundraise off of it. Many have asked me why the CAGOP sends sometimes as many as 7 emails a day. This is because they are effective. Do not be surprised to hear about some gigantic fundraising numbers.

Don’t be fooled, the CAGOP had to pay for lists and develop them. This is expensive and will eat in to the margins significantly. This does not have to do with Jessica Patterson spending hours on the phone soliciting checks from major donors like past chairs did.

Remember, the CAGOP has also leeched money off of the Gavin Newsom Recall Effort while privately attacking it before finally publicly endorsing it to leech street cred.

Lest you think they are sincere, have a look at this:

This was written before Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump the first time. Seems rather smarmy and insincere. I’d also lay odds that they were whining about the debate in their private meetings while trying to fundraise off of it. These people don’t understand President Trump and never will – including how to fundraise off of him.

Don’t forget – they are going to blame President Trump for the loss of legislative seats that is coming. My guess is at least 2, probably more like 4-6.

Sep 302020

The Rocklin Teacher’s Union is having a coming out party.

The Rocklin Teacher’s Union endorsed the crazed Far-Left Michelle Sutherland (whose Biden Flag Flies outside her house), Camille Maben and amazingly, Julie Leavens-Hupp for Rocklin School Board.

So, they sent out some social media:

It looks like the far left leadership on the Rocklin Teacher’s Association forgot one of their endorsees. I guess Republicans are not allowed in their minds – only extreme lefties that support AB 1672, SB777, SB48 and the like make the cut. (Look em up, transgender sports and bathrooms, anti-religious history, anti-family brainwashing and the like)

The other thing the arrogant condescending leadership of the Rocklin Teacher’s Union has done is declare war on the parents of Rocklin that want to restore sanity to the Rick Miller feuled rampage in Rocklin.

I’ve been told by people with inside knowledge that the president of the Rocklin Teacher’s union gets extremely hostile when parents question the agenda of the wacked out element of teachers that control the union. He also is known for condescending lectures at board meetings in response to questions or agenda items.

I was told specifically that the process for endorsing within this splinter union resembles the old soviet union. People meet in local groups and then a representative goes to the presidium where the leaders allegedly get the input from the local members. The process is tightly controlled and is far from transparent. The union apparently does not hold open voting or much of an open forum.

Now – let’s note that the information on this meme from the union is also misleading. Sutherland’s “career” in education started recently. Maben has no kids in the district. Hell, given that the leadership of the union probably all read the New York Times, I am sure their idea of facts and accuracy is as warped as AB1672 and Rick Miller.

Note that the equally as crazed Theresa Landon has been on a neurotic rampage to avenge her perceived offense (I guess it has not occurred to her that she is a jerk and people did not want to appoint her to the Rocklin USD? At least I think she is a jerk and crazy and have presented evidence to back it up) by rampaging publicly for Michelle Sutherland. If I was Sutherland I’d ask her to stop as having Theresa Landon supporting me is like encouraging riots to win public support for your cause.

Oh wait, Sutherland is all about that stuff.

P.S. Michelle – I have a nice screenshot where you admit you don’t display the signs of other stealth democrat candidates for office for fear of identifying them.  Whoops. Try being honest for a change, it is revolutionary.

Sep 302020

Scott Alvord is not who he says he is. Even when he threatened to sue your intrepid blogger (yawn) he admitted that his LLC that published his book has not made a profit. I wrote that a records check appears that his business has not made a profit, Alvord threatened to sue me because he said I said it did not make an income. You’d think a business professor would know the difference. Since Scott is a socialist, perhaps profit is not a word he is allowed to say out loud.

Someone visited Right On Daily and left the following comment:

Author: No Friend of Scott (IP address: REDACTED)
Talk about inflating himself: I hear him all the time saying he’s a business professor. Too bad he is a part time, contract, adjunct lecturer taking away a position from a true professor at Jessup. My daughter was in his class – he makes the students call him professor – guess he likes the sound of that from the few he can make adress him that way.
My personality profile of Scott Alvord is that he is extremely image conscious. However, time and time again, I talk to insiders that can’t stand him. In fact some of the people he is touting as endorsements don’t even like him that much.
Scott’s Book is ranked 4,328,911 on Amazon. This means he is 3,800,000 ranking below the threshold to have sold one book a month. How many has he sold? 25? 30? It was hysterically funny to see his reply about how his category rankings of 2800th and 3400th place were pretty good. “The Ball Don’t Lie” Alvord’s book on amazon has not sold squat. This is not an indicator of success.
Perhaps Mr. Alvord can release his tax returns and prove how many books he has sold. I will lay good money they won’t show a profit from his business(es). Even LaMills Garrett is honest about his businesses when he told the judge he has no income. (While he tries to hide his assets from the mother of his 3rd illegitimate child is my best guess)
Here is another site, just in case you needed a second source to show proof of the “success” of Mr. Alvord’s Book:
Professor Alvord needs a refresher course on Income vs Profit.
Professor Alvord needs to avail himself of internet tools to learn how people can cut through BS easily. Two are provided above.
There are some critical points that are key to understanding Scott Alvord – based on my research, his resume is embellished. He has worked on crafting an image for himself that crashes to pieces when scrutiny is applied. He formed an LLC, using it to publish his book in an attempt to conceal that it is self published (It does have other operations as well). His book appears to have sold few, if any copies. He has another book that has not been finished in going on five years.
Alvord has presented himself as a moderate “Pro-Business” Democrat, yet hates President Trump, is pro-choice, on the left on social issues, supports gun control laws, supports pretty much all municipal taxes, supports open borders and of course poses for photos about racial injustice with leftist groups. I am not sure what is moderate about that. Certainly supporting the far-left and angry LaMills Garrett is not something a moderate would do.
There is more to discuss as we peel back the onion on Scott Alvord, that next installment is coming very soon and will explain a lot of the tension I am detecting below the surface all over Roseville.
Sep 292020

Blogger’s Note: Please consider this an official endorsement of the Recall Gavin Newsom effort by Right on Daily.

After writing our piece last week about the Gavin Newsom Recall, we’ve gotten several nuggets about the current effort.

#1 Darrell Issa has contributed nothing to the effort other than his name and celebrity for having funded the successful recall of Gray Davis (That netted us a comic book character for governor)

#2 The CAGOP actively opposed this effort and criticized it until:

#3 They started sending out emails fundraising off of the effort (while giving the recall nothing)

#4 It has become apparent that the CAGOP was getting a lot of complaints regarding fundraising off of an effort they did not support.

So why all the sudden did Jessica Patterson and crew engage in the recall? It is the opinion of this blogger that Patterson and crew know they are in a tough fight for her re-election and she needed street cred with the grassroots.

Remember, the “leadership” within the oligarchy of controlled failure have been making a series of idiotic moves. They have kept Jessica sequestered from anyone that supported Steve Frank or Travis Allen, they have been lynching nominees in an effort to reduce their party delegates, ignoring county parties, hijacking the trump effort and taking credit for volunteers recruited WHILE NEVER MENTIONING THE PRESIDENT BY NAME, rigging the party infrastructure to support the Kevin Faulconer Campaign, making candidate decisions in a vacuum and the like, and not doing a thing to register voters.

One insider after another characterized the recall of Gavin Newsom as a distraction and characterized Donald Trump as an albatross. Watch the leadership of the CAGOP Blame Donald Trump for the impending losses of 4-6 legislative seats. Most all of those that I believe are going to lose have publicly shunned the president and one, Jordan Cunningham AD35 has been openly hostile.

Jessica Patterson needs friends. Why not enlist Anne Dunsmore (whose practice has slid to the point that she took on Bill Brough as a client after his previous fundraiser fired him due to his abhorrent history with women and documented campaign finance issues) and Dave Gilliard ( who ironically was blackballed by the CAGOP from getting any party support or work) to see if they can co-opt the grassroots that are gathering thousands of signatures to support Jessica Patterson?

Think it through. The Party has given the recall nothing. Darrell Issa has yet to give. The Party leaders once shunned the recall. The Consultant for the Recall, Dave Gillard is a pariah in their circles and one of his clients Kelly Seyarto AD-67 was allegedly outright threatened over hiring Gilliard to help run his race. Andrew Kotyuk AD-42 was threatened over hiring Nathan Miller by Patterson herself.

Now all the sudden this brood of vipers is going full recall jacket? Nope. It’s a trap. If they are sincere, they will dump $2 Million or more in to the effort. They don’t have it, and if they did, it would have Kevin Faulconer’s name on it.

Note: I have now been told by three people I know to have direct knowledge that the recall does indeed have 500,000+ signatures to turn in. The Recall has only 40 some odd days left. I had written previously that the people running the recall are filing a lawsuit along the lines of two other successful efforts that got 90 day extensions due to Covid.

I hope they succeed, but I believe they are going to get disappointed by the court. The Courts are now almost 100% democrat appointed judges.

It is mission critical for Jeff Randle, Mitch Zak and the other control agents inside the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure to get Jessica Patterson re-elected. Kavin Faulconer is a trump hating RINO like Meg Whitman without her money. He has to have all the institutional support rigged in his favor because unlike Meg Whitman he can’t buy it.

It is time to make peace with Steve Frank as the candidate to oppose Jessica Patterson or else get to work to find someone who is younger and more dynamic to do the job. Your intrepid blogger may have residence in the Nevada Desert, but I know the players and I am warning you what’s coming.

Sep 292020

With friends like Kevin McCarthy, President Trump really does not need CNN. Kevin McCarthy and Tom Emmer have been lightening quick to assail, un-endorse and run media drills against Republican nominees that say anything controversial. In a couple famous cases, despite McCarthy’s best efforts said candidates won. In California, however, McCarthy and Emmer at the behast of Jessica Patterson and Scott Winn took out Ted Howze in #CA10 and threw in

Meet Jimmy Camp. My memories of him at CRP Conventions are replete with him being so drunk he was slurring his speech talking about “Felching” and other topics. I also remember when he supported Obama in 2008 over McCain – yet the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure kept hiring him.

Meg Whitman 2010, Mitt Romney 2012, a wad of Target GOP races in 2014. Then in 2016, Jimmy Camp went postal against President Trump.

Note that Jimmy Camp who has an extensive police record (he talks openly about it and the fact that he still smokes weed daily as well), loves to take potshots at people of faith. Also note his promotion of anti-GOP groups that the national press have promoted extensively.

Here you see Jimmy Camp calling President Trump a Puss, piling on to the left psychosis from when the President showed up to pay respects to the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In the other tweet he is advocating for the defeat of Lyndsay Graham R-SC.

I guess this is a great resume for the Congressional Leadership Fund to hire Jimmy Camp?

The Congressional Leadership Fund is a Super Pac that is basically controlled by Republican Leadership. This means currently it is basically controlled by Tom Emmer and Kevin McCarthy. Perhaps they should have taken a break from trying to lynch Republican Candidates they thought would not be leadership votes for Kevin McCarthy to start vetting some of their vendors?

I have been told by people I trust that Jimmy Camp’s company Silverstreak is doing precinct operations in #CA21. It is possible that Mr. Camp’s firm is a sub-vendor of another firm doing work there. CA-21 is the David Valadao vs TJ Cox race. It is believed that Cox is extremely vulnerable due in no small part to the list of scandals he is embroiled in. Can we Trust Jimmy Camp’s work in CA-21 given his open hostility to Republicans, not just President Trump?

I have a positive confirm that Silverstreak has been retained to run ads in #CA25 on behalf of Mike Garcia. Again, this demonstrates extremely poor judgement to hire someone so far off the ledge against Republicans to do anything on behalf of a Republican incumbent!

Whomever thought it was a great idea to hire a disaster like Jimmy Camp needs their head examined. It is probably time for Kevin McCarthy and the GOP members of congress to have a meeting about the future of national party leadership.

I could go to the rescue mission and do a better job of hiring consultants. Meantime, Kevin McCarthy is lynching Trump-Supporting Nominees because they support Q-Anon and is paying trump-hating drunk / potheads (my opinion of Camp based on my personal interaction with him) thousands of dollars in consulting fees.