Sep 302020

But – at least they mentioned President Trump by name, if only to fundraise off of it. Many have asked me why the CAGOP sends sometimes as many as 7 emails a day. This is because they are effective. Do not be surprised to hear about some gigantic fundraising numbers.

Don’t be fooled, the CAGOP had to pay for lists and develop them. This is expensive and will eat in to the margins significantly. This does not have to do with Jessica Patterson spending hours on the phone soliciting checks from major donors like past chairs did.

Remember, the CAGOP has also leeched money off of the Gavin Newsom Recall Effort while privately attacking it before finally publicly endorsing it to leech street cred.

Lest you think they are sincere, have a look at this:

This was written before Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump the first time. Seems rather smarmy and insincere. I’d also lay odds that they were whining about the debate in their private meetings while trying to fundraise off of it. These people don’t understand President Trump and never will – including how to fundraise off of him.

Don’t forget – they are going to blame President Trump for the loss of legislative seats that is coming. My guess is at least 2, probably more like 4-6.

Sep 302020

The Rocklin Teacher’s Union is having a coming out party.

The Rocklin Teacher’s Union endorsed the crazed Far-Left Michelle Sutherland (whose Biden Flag Flies outside her house), Camille Maben and amazingly, Julie Leavens-Hupp for Rocklin School Board.

So, they sent out some social media:

It looks like the far left leadership on the Rocklin Teacher’s Association forgot one of their endorsees. I guess Republicans are not allowed in their minds – only extreme lefties that support AB 1672, SB777, SB48 and the like make the cut. (Look em up, transgender sports and bathrooms, anti-religious history, anti-family brainwashing and the like)

The other thing the arrogant condescending leadership of the Rocklin Teacher’s Union has done is declare war on the parents of Rocklin that want to restore sanity to the Rick Miller feuled rampage in Rocklin.

I’ve been told by people with inside knowledge that the president of the Rocklin Teacher’s union gets extremely hostile when parents question the agenda of the wacked out element of teachers that control the union. He also is known for condescending lectures at board meetings in response to questions or agenda items.

I was told specifically that the process for endorsing within this splinter union resembles the old soviet union. People meet in local groups and then a representative goes to the presidium where the leaders allegedly get the input from the local members. The process is tightly controlled and is far from transparent. The union apparently does not hold open voting or much of an open forum.

Now – let’s note that the information on this meme from the union is also misleading. Sutherland’s “career” in education started recently. Maben has no kids in the district. Hell, given that the leadership of the union probably all read the New York Times, I am sure their idea of facts and accuracy is as warped as AB1672 and Rick Miller.

Note that the equally as crazed Theresa Landon has been on a neurotic rampage to avenge her perceived offense (I guess it has not occurred to her that she is a jerk and people did not want to appoint her to the Rocklin USD? At least I think she is a jerk and crazy and have presented evidence to back it up) by rampaging publicly for Michelle Sutherland. If I was Sutherland I’d ask her to stop as having Theresa Landon supporting me is like encouraging riots to win public support for your cause.

Oh wait, Sutherland is all about that stuff.

P.S. Michelle – I have a nice screenshot where you admit you don’t display the signs of other stealth democrat candidates for office for fear of identifying them.  Whoops. Try being honest for a change, it is revolutionary.

Sep 292020

Blogger’s Note: Please consider this an official endorsement of the Recall Gavin Newsom effort by Right on Daily.

After writing our piece last week about the Gavin Newsom Recall, we’ve gotten several nuggets about the current effort.

#1 Darrell Issa has contributed nothing to the effort other than his name and celebrity for having funded the successful recall of Gray Davis (That netted us a comic book character for governor)

#2 The CAGOP actively opposed this effort and criticized it until:

#3 They started sending out emails fundraising off of the effort (while giving the recall nothing)

#4 It has become apparent that the CAGOP was getting a lot of complaints regarding fundraising off of an effort they did not support.

So why all the sudden did Jessica Patterson and crew engage in the recall? It is the opinion of this blogger that Patterson and crew know they are in a tough fight for her re-election and she needed street cred with the grassroots.

Remember, the “leadership” within the oligarchy of controlled failure have been making a series of idiotic moves. They have kept Jessica sequestered from anyone that supported Steve Frank or Travis Allen, they have been lynching nominees in an effort to reduce their party delegates, ignoring county parties, hijacking the trump effort and taking credit for volunteers recruited WHILE NEVER MENTIONING THE PRESIDENT BY NAME, rigging the party infrastructure to support the Kevin Faulconer Campaign, making candidate decisions in a vacuum and the like, and not doing a thing to register voters.

One insider after another characterized the recall of Gavin Newsom as a distraction and characterized Donald Trump as an albatross. Watch the leadership of the CAGOP Blame Donald Trump for the impending losses of 4-6 legislative seats. Most all of those that I believe are going to lose have publicly shunned the president and one, Jordan Cunningham AD35 has been openly hostile.

Jessica Patterson needs friends. Why not enlist Anne Dunsmore (whose practice has slid to the point that she took on Bill Brough as a client after his previous fundraiser fired him due to his abhorrent history with women and documented campaign finance issues) and Dave Gilliard ( who ironically was blackballed by the CAGOP from getting any party support or work) to see if they can co-opt the grassroots that are gathering thousands of signatures to support Jessica Patterson?

Think it through. The Party has given the recall nothing. Darrell Issa has yet to give. The Party leaders once shunned the recall. The Consultant for the Recall, Dave Gillard is a pariah in their circles and one of his clients Kelly Seyarto AD-67 was allegedly outright threatened over hiring Gilliard to help run his race. Andrew Kotyuk AD-42 was threatened over hiring Nathan Miller by Patterson herself.

Now all the sudden this brood of vipers is going full recall jacket? Nope. It’s a trap. If they are sincere, they will dump $2 Million or more in to the effort. They don’t have it, and if they did, it would have Kevin Faulconer’s name on it.

Note: I have now been told by three people I know to have direct knowledge that the recall does indeed have 500,000+ signatures to turn in. The Recall has only 40 some odd days left. I had written previously that the people running the recall are filing a lawsuit along the lines of two other successful efforts that got 90 day extensions due to Covid.

I hope they succeed, but I believe they are going to get disappointed by the court. The Courts are now almost 100% democrat appointed judges.

It is mission critical for Jeff Randle, Mitch Zak and the other control agents inside the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure to get Jessica Patterson re-elected. Kavin Faulconer is a trump hating RINO like Meg Whitman without her money. He has to have all the institutional support rigged in his favor because unlike Meg Whitman he can’t buy it.

It is time to make peace with Steve Frank as the candidate to oppose Jessica Patterson or else get to work to find someone who is younger and more dynamic to do the job. Your intrepid blogger may have residence in the Nevada Desert, but I know the players and I am warning you what’s coming.

Sep 282020

I do know that a lot of Pass-Through contributions have flowed legally through the CAGOP’s accounts (they have like 13 of them) into support for these candidates as well. The CAGOP has gone through something like $6.5 Million so far.

However, the actual fundraising of the candidates themselves is also an indicator of the health and strength of the party. The numbers are terrible.

Here is a snapshot:

REPUBLICAN                       DEMOCRAT

65 Cynthia Thacker             Sharon Quirk-Silva                    ZERO     334,989    Recently was an R seat
66 Arthur C. Schaper          Al Muratsuchi                              3,361       193,515    Recently was an R seat
67 Dennis Kelly Seyarto      Jerry Carlos                               157,162         2,000   This is an open Safe R Seat
68 Steven “Steve” Choi       Melissa Fox                              474,865   1,225,003  Choi is extremely vulnerable
69 Jon Paul White                Tom Daly                                   ZERO          311,245
70 David W. Thomas         Patrick O’Donnell                       ZERO         304,039
71 Randy Voepel                 Liz “Elizabeth” Lavertu             74,630          25,259 – a Safe R Seat Republican with only $75K in his account. Completely useless to the caucus.
72 Janet Nguyen                 Diedre Nguyen                            721,451      775,298   AD72 is an Open R Seat but could fall dem
73 Laurie Davies                Scott Rhinehart                           165,452         76,352  AD73 is considered Safe R and is open after the defeat of the disturbed Bill Brough
74 Diane Dixon                  Cottie Petrie-Norris                    497,170    1,297,270 AD74 was considered the top Target for an R Pickup
75 Marie Waldron             Karen “Kate” Schwartz              324,854        30,268  AD75 is the home district of the Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron who has only $324K.
76 Melanie Burkholder    Tasha Boerner Horvath             109,684   1,059,620  Recently was an R Seat
77 June Yang Cutter         Brian Maienschein                      303,168      850,802 Recently was an R Seat

You can see the entire Republican VS Democrat report here. Take a look at the trump-hater Jordan Cunningham (AD35) and Philip Chen (AD55) they are both in trouble but faring better than their Orange County Counterparts.

ON the Senate Side take a look: If the district is skipped, it is because it is one of the 6(!) districts with no Republican in the runoff. (out of only 20 State Senate Districts on the Ballot)

Republican                       Democrat

1 * Brian Dahle              Pamela Swartz             176,554            72,247 SD01 is Safe R (one of the few truly safe R seats)
3 Carlos Santamaria      Bill Dodd                      3,627             373,952 SD03 is Safe D
5 Jim Ridenour            Susan Eggman             29,002         1,495,454 SD05 is a leadership disaster I have written about extensively. Ridenour was abandoned because he was not the chosen one
7 Julie Mobley              Steve Glazer                  13,430            447,537 SD07 is Safe D
13 Alexander Glew       Josh Becker                  15,586            639,743 SD13 is Safe D
17 Vicki Nohrden           John Laird                   93,755           402,847 SD17 is Safe D
19 Gary Michaels     S. Monique Limon           ZERO            572,744  SD19 is Safe D
21 Scott Wilk                 Kipp Mueller               711,723           819,916  SD21 is Wilk the Republican facing a stiff challenge from a lefty moonbat
23 Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh / Abigail Medina      593,943         569,545 SD23 is an open R seat with Mike Morrell on his way out. Ochoa-Bogh has benefitted from $3MM+ of establishment support
25 Kathleen Hazelton / Anthony Portantino   ZERO            473,666 SD25 is Safe D – note that CAGOP Leadership attempted to lynch Kathleen Hazleton even though she has yet to file a report
27 Houman Salem       Henry Stern                   ZERO             209,629 SD27 is Safe D
29 Ling Ling Chang    Josh Newman              649,173           1,712,861 SD29 is where Josh Newman was Recalled for Raising Taxes and the democrats look like they will avenge his recall
31 Rod Taylor               Richard Roth                 ZERO              265,014 SD31 was once considered to be competitive. Now the Republican has not even filed a report
37 John Moorlach            Dave Min                 850,788          1,263,561 SD37 has a slight R lean, but Moorlach no longer has the positive name ID he once enjoyed. I believe he is in trouble.
39 Linda Blankenship   Toni Atkins                  30,185              90,917  Note that Toni Atkins has nothing to fear so she is raising money to take out Wilk, Bogh, Ling Ling Ling and Moorlach

In the backdrop of the State Senate issues is the termination of Senate Strategist (at $152K a year) Matt Klemin. Interesting how he had arranged for his contract to renew right in the middle of the fall election cycle. One of the few leadership decisions I agree with by Shannon Grove is terminating Klemin. Unfortunately, Klemin’s fingerprints and lasting legacy will be at least two more lost California State Senate Seats to go along with the 3 lost in 2018 (and the 2 lost before that, etc). In 8 years with Klemin at the helm, the Senate GOP will go from 15 to 8 (maybe 7). Yay team.

When you take a look at the lists – you will see another part of the basis as to why I believe the State GOP will lose 4-6 more seats in the legislature (ironically while the Congressional delegation will reclaim 1-3 of the lost seats from 2018).

As I type this – Jessica Patterson and crew are trying to triage her situation with a very well choreographed series of moves. (Some we have detailed such as lynching nominees, trying to corral other nominees, trying to smash county parties, picking primary winners and the like). Your intrepid blogger is staying abreast of the developments as it is all about Kevin Faulconer’s governor campaign in 2022, party be dammed. Faulconer needs Jessica Patterson still in place as a key part of his plan to get through the primary. What is the latest? Coming soon.

P.S. I am not accounting for outside money pouring in to races, that is stuff that the party usually has no control over. Often times, incumbents are supported by these efforts.

Sep 272020

Despite losing with only 1.2% of the vote in March. Deanna Lorraine still has internet trolls pushing her stuff out on facebook and she is still attempting to raise campaign money.

What has she been doing?

The first two sets of photos look 100% legitimate.

I can certainly understand why Tom Del Bacardi was interested in Deanna. I would love to see the reactions of the church leaders that had her speak to their congregations if they had done their research and seen these photos. These aren’t like 30 year old photos of your intrepid blogger doing a keg stand or smoking a joint. The above photo is recent. The next set may be a few years old.

I had people allege to me that Deanna likes to snort coke a lot. I can’t prove that, but it is not hard to find photos of her wasted or looking like a trollup.

Deanna is in the back of this photo with her hair flattened as it appears to be nearing the end of another wild evening of partying.

This was shot during her run for congress when she took a break to go back to Florida and get wasted. My guess is that the campaign financed this, but it is difficult to prove given the limited information on campaign reports. About a week later she was at a forum talking about God, Family and Values. That was rich.

The last new photo I can not vouch for. It is made to appear as if she appeared in Playboy. The source is linked here. I scribbled out some nudity. The only photo that appears to be 100% legit sans confirmation is the portion on the left. If anyone has further proof Email please email and you can remain anonymous.