May 292020

Marie Waldron has gone full Chad Mayes.

That’s right – Marie Waldron signed onto Gavin Newsom’s Bailout demand.

Marie Waldron is also advocating for letting felons out of prison en masse along with her new buddy Van Jones. (Remember him?)

In addition, when your intrepid blogger was trying to help several abused women get closure from the things William “Bill” Brough did to them, Waldron was a major stumbling block. It has been alleged by several that Waldron is so weak she did not want to do anything because she was still afraid of what life would be like with that monster still in the legislature for the remainder of his term.

Now that Bill Brough has been proven to be a pig and an abuser – democrat Assembly Leader Anthony Rendon had to do what Waldron refused to do, remove Bill Brough from all his legislative committees.

However, Bill Brough still has his party office. This is the same office where the famous “Burbon Barrel” is located and were more than one alleged incident of Sexual assault/harassment occurred.

Republican Leader Waldron Statement On Findings Of Brough Investigation

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron issued the following statement on Wednesday in response to the findings of the investigation into conduct by Assemblyman Bill Brough:

“I respect the outcome of the Workplace Conduct Unit’s investigation,” Waldron said. “The process seems to have worked as it was designed to allow all parties to come forward in a safe environment. The behavior outlined in the investigation cannot be tolerated. Mr. Brough has been removed from his positions on Assembly committees and I am working with the Speaker on next steps.”

Oh Good Lord.

This lukewarm statement from Waldron would be hysterically funny if I had not talked to the victims and knew their pain. Including the woman carrying 30+ years of scares due to what happened in High School, Lisa Bartlett, the Lobbyist, the Capitol Staffer and the other victims that have yet to speak to me.

(Note: the contact on the Press Release was one of the same dudes defending Tyler Diep – Matt Fleming, cozy)

Waldron’s weakness has emboldened Bill Brough to the point where the monster said this:

Brough continues to deny the allegations and say they are politically motivated. In a statement Wednesday he also said that he’s considering legal action.

“I disagree with the findings and the politically motivated process,” he said.

When you respond to a monster with weakness this kind of stuff happens. Marie Waldron as a woman herself should be ashamed of the way she conducted herself and when juxtaposed with her support of “sentencing reform” has abdicated any moral platform of leadership and should resign now. We deserve better.

P.S. if you’d like an example of how to respond to something like this, let’s defer to the OCGOP:

Statement on State Legislative Investigation Report into Assemblyman Bill Brough 

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Hon. Fred M. Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, released the following statement:

“On September 16th, the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee overwhelmingly passed a resolution asking Republican Assemblyman Bill Brough not to seek reelection due to several credible claims of sexual harassment by women in our party.

As an organization we did our due diligence in this matter. We spoke with the accusers and the accused before making this decision. We then endorsed Mayor Laurie Davies instead of the incumbent Assemblyman and the voters made their decision. Laurie Davies is our nominee for the 73rd Assembly District. We are confident the 73rd Assembly District will remain a Republican seat because we made the hard call and did the right thing.

Today the State Legislative Workplace Conduct Unit released the results of the investigation into the accusations of sexual harassment. As a result Assemblyman Brough will be stripped of all committee assignments and will face mandatory sexual harassment training as well as retaliation prevention training.

While the findings vindicated our decision there are no winners when it comes to sexual harassment. We applaud the women who stood up to intimidation, risking humiliation, so that others would not experience what they did.

Every member of our party should feel safe and respected. I am proud that unlike our Democrat counterparts who remain silent when credible accusations of sexual harassment and assault have been made against their own members even a local party officer, the Republican Party stood for what was right and not what was politically convenient.”

May 282020

The RNC delegation FEC account reports $109K raised. Andy Gimmecandy has pocketed over half of that money, $58,500. I am sure the delegates to the RNC will be thrilled to find out about this.

Note – I’ve been told of three would-be RNC delegates who were selected and then removed by Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle or David Stafford Reade. To the victor go the spoils, Never-Trumpers are controlling the Trump delegation to the RNC from California.

In previous posts, I had mentioned that they jacked up the delegate fees. As of 4-30-2020, here is the tale of the tape with all the money:

(source data)

The Wheeler Company is the same Katie Wheeler that works for the CAGOP.

Of course Andy Garakhani is also known as Andy “Gimmecandy” – this is part of his reward for gathering proxies, campaign consulting and otherwise helping install Jessica Patterson as CAGOP Chair.

None of these people are doing anything illegal. It is interesting to write about the people that are getting rich off of the institutionalized failure of the CAGOP. It is also illuminating to see how they leverage things to get paid even more – while abusing party resources to set up people like Kevin Faulconer (who hates President Trump) for governor or Kristen Olsen (who also hates Trump) for Congress.

May 282020

I have alleged that Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle and others are seeking to strip the guts out of the CAGOP and turn it in to nothing more than a glorified PAC to use as a candidate clearing house. This is the only possible conclusion you could draw when presented with evidence of systematic extermination of Travis Allen supporters, Steve Frank Supporters, Retaliation, Favoritism and decisions with a clear nexus of exclusion.

This is the Jeff Randle pattern – exterminate the grassroots, gut organizations to a shell you can control. They did it in 2010 with Meg Whitman when they systematically retaliated against everyone that helped or supported Steve Poizner. It is the opinion of this blogger backed up with evidence that they are leveraging the CAGOP to promote Kevin Faulconer for Governor in 2022 and someone who may or may not be Kristen Olsen for #CA10 in 2022 (or whatever the district is renumbered to post re-draw). Remember, Jessica Patterson was paid some $10,000 by Kristen Olsen’s county supervisor campaign in 2018 and Olsen helped pay her salary for years when she ran California Trailfailures.

I have now been told by more than one candidate that the party insiders have not even been coy about what they are looking for in potential recruits – White Men need not apply. (Unless your name is Kevin Faulconer) How that isn’t racist is beyond me.

That’s right folks, the now defunct California Trailblazers gave Tyler Diep Money, then Diep betrayed his mentor Travis Allen. Also note Jessica Patterson’s $12,000 a month salary from California Trailblazers.

AD-72: One of the most egregious examples of the moral bankruptcy of Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle and the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure inside the CAGOP is their refusal to honor the will of the OCGOP when they pulled their endorsement of the corrupt, feckless Tyler Diep. Diep’s issues were issues of integrity, legality and governance. However, Tyler Diep betrayed Travis Allen in favor of Jessica Patterson for CAGOP Chair. Apparently, that is all it takes to get the party leaders to defend the corrupt.

In CA25: the CAGOP ignored the will of the Ventura and Los Angeles GOP and refused to endorse Mike Garcia. Now, they are claiming credit for his win after screwing him over in the primary. The money spent on Garcia’s behalf? While directed by Tom Ross (Cal Plan), it appears from my reading of the FEC report to have all been national money directed to the CAGOP (perfectly legal) in order to get the bulk mail rate of the party thus cutting the cost for the 30 some pieces of mail they sent.

In SD23: Old White Guy Lloyd White was shunned by the party establishment and railed even though he was clearly in a strong position to run for State Senate. (He started in first place on election night proving his position) Rather than let SD23 alone, the Party spent 70% of their resources picking a primary winner WHILE IGNORING OTHER DISTRICTS. Beyond the demographics of the candidates, why else did the CAGOP pick a primary winner in SD23 while letting Mike Garcia Swing? Kevin McCarthy had endorsed one of Garcia’s primary opponents so the demographics did not even matter- the rest of us be dammed.

In AD67: Kelly Seyarto was pre-primary endorsed by 100% of the underlying County Parties. (Riverside GOP) Jessica Patterson and crew ignored him. Seyarto is a white male. They are still ignoring Seyarto in Party Communications.

IN CA-43 – Joe Collins continues to hold a CAGOP endorsement. Collins (who is black) raised $1 Million, but only spent $2000 on campaigning. Joe Collins also claims to be a sovereign citizen. In addition to renouncing his US Citizenship by claiming to be a sovereign citizen, he once claimed in court filings that his bodily fluids are worth $15 Million.  The Daily Caller also covered it too. It looks like Joe Collins is living the high life off of donors’ money running a scam. Bonus: He has 4 Children by four women and appears to have multiple court cases related to his refusal to pay child support.

As of the creation of this blog – Joe Collins is still endorsed by the CAGOP. Why is Jessica Patterson ignoring this disaster? Is it because her handlers don’t have a candidate lined up for CA-43 (or new district) in 2022?

We know why Jessica Patterson and Scott Winn singled out Ted Howze, it looks like they have a paycheck lined up in 2022. Anything Howze did pales in comparison to Joe Collins or the next group of Jessica Patterson supporters:

Then there is the matter of CAGOP Delegates that are actively campaigning AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP. The by-laws of the state party are clear that a delegate to the CAGOP that campaigns against the nominee of the GOP can be removed as a delegate. The Chairman of the CAGOP also has discretion over delegates as well.

Section 2.01.06 Discipline of Delegates
(A) A majority of the Committee or the Executive Committee may remove, censure or reprove any regular or appointive delegate who, during his term as a delegate, affiliates with or registers as a member of a party other than the Republican Party, publicly advocates that the voters should not vote for the nominee of the Party for any office, or who gives support to or avows a preference for any publicly announced candidate of a party other than the Republican Party or for a candidate for partisan office who is opposed to a candidate nominated by the Republican Party, or who fails to pay dues in accordance with section 2.01.09 or who pays any obligation to the Committee with a check drawn on a closed account or returned for non-sufficient funds (“bad check”).

Mike Madrid is a delegate to the CAGOP. Luis Alvarado is a delegate to the CAGOP. Scott Winn is a delegate to the CAGOP. All three are actively and openly opposing and/or campaigning against President Trump.

Mike Madrid is publicly a part of the Lincoln Project. This is a group that is attacking Trump supporting incumbents in their re-elections and of course is attempting to defeat the president.

Unlike #CA10 GOP Nominee Ted Howze – Mike Madrid, Scott Winn and Luis Alvarado all voted for Jessica Patterson for CAGOP Chair. I guess all can be forgiven in that case even as the three of them attack Republican activists and candidates with aplomb. In the case of Mike Madrid – he worked for Antonio Villiariagosa as well.

If any of you think that Jessica Patterson will stand up and call out these three delegates for their opposition to the president or invoke the process in the by-laws to remove these people as delegates, think again. The fact that Joe Collins continues to hold a CAGOP endorsement despite the clear fraud that he and his campaign is when added to the other stuff proves that current control agents of the CAGOP are morally bankrupt.

As a Bonus – Jessica’s hero Mike Madrid on the dope rhyme: (It is as if Jessica Patterson, Scott Winn and others coordinated the attack on Ted Howze…)

This is the leadership of the California Republican Party – as morally corrupt as the FBI that tried to take down President Trump. Ironically, some of these people were probably rooting for the Mueller investigation.

To Be Continued…

May 272020

Good Riddance William “Bill” Brough.

So to the naysayers stating that the Right on Daily Expose’ on William “Bill” Brough was a political hit job, guess what? The Working Committee came out with their report finally and it indicates that the sexual harassment complaint was substantiated, 100% True and verified by other witnesses.



Your intrepid blogger knows and talked to the more than one victim. I knew what I was talking about then and still know now.

Remember, we broke the sssssteve Davey Story two years before it became public and we were after Bill Brough for 8 months before the voters had to do what Marie Waldron and others had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do. (Hold this pig accountable)

Little did I know that I’d be helping people victimized by Brough 30+ years ago get closure

Looks like Bill Brough is toast. No offense to toast. Now the world truly knows what I have known since I was XX years old (51 next month). He’s a scuzzbucket. Wonder what he will do now with his filthy self. I do feel sorry for his kids. He seemingly never gave them a thought as he boozed it up and tried to screw everything with a pulse. He did it to himself and got away with monstrous behavior for decades. Victimizing women,  and getting off on it. No longer. The predator has been exposed. 

All the best to you,  Mr. Park. Take care.
I edited the age at time of incidents out in order to protect the anonymity of the woman that emailed me. She was a teenager when victimized by Mr. Brough. While this is disturbing, I am really not surprised by this at all. Best wishes to the Woman who emailed me, I hope she gets some closure.
I want to dedicate the AD73 Victory to her, Heather B., Lisa B., Jennifer A, the Realtor from South OC and the at least 6 other victims whose identity I know nothing about.
It appears that the Working Committee is still investigating some of the retaliation charges as those could result in a criminal sanction. But, at least one of the victims had her retaliation charges against Brough substantiated as well – they found that Bill Brough retaliated against her because she complained about his abhorrent conduct.
I have been told that Anthony Rendon is completely stripping Bill Brough of any responsibility and committees between now and when he is out of office. (This should have been done months ago but I was told Marie Waldron did not want to ask Rendon to do it – she must have been too busy advocating for allowing sex offenders and other felons to get out of prison or signing on to letters demanding a federal bailout of California’s ghastly finances)
My guess is that the FPPC issues will be resolved in another 12-18 months as they seem to be running 2-3 years behind.
When I nuke someone on this blog – I do so believing what I write is true and endeavor to present evidence substantiating as such. Bill Brough needed to be run out of office and perhaps prosecuted for the things he has done. If Pat Bates was not termed out, I’d be advocating for her ouster as she stubbornly defied everyone and attempted to help him stay in office. She should be ashamed of herself.
Note that Bill Brough and others called the women names, liars and attempted to bully people that wanted Brough held accountable. (These include the crazed Art Sanchez and Sex Robot Sean) Today is vindication for them as well. The OCGOP despite Brough’s antics and theatrics did indeed rally around another candidate – thus giving Brough the boot pre primary.
Perhaps Ed Sachs (left) and Frank Ury (Right) need to apologize to the women they marginalized as well.
If you’ve missed many of my posts on Bill Brough – I have pasted a very long summary I did of my research and expose on this monster:

As a public service to anyone looking for material to launch hit pieces against Bill Brough, the following is the comprehensive list of everything about Brough that will give you a window into the out of control alcoholic and “pig” that currently infests AD-73. Your intrepid blogger is here to help, I don’t care who gets the credit as long as the information gets out.

Update as of 2-6-2020

Please check out our post here detailing the swamp dwellers that continued to support William “Bill” Brough despite the mounting evidence against him. Part One naming specific donors was posted 12-30-2019. It also included the major Donor Group, New Majority formally endorsing Laurie Davies against him. Part two specifically named the OC Building Industry Association and the OC Realtors for Enabling Bill Brough.

On 1-23-2020 we tore in to Bill Brough’s 1-1-2020 thru 1-18-2020 mid term campaign report. It revealed that Brough was continuing to abuse his campaign funds in defiance of the public scrutiny. It also revealed that Brough had only raised $125 since 1-1-2020 despite the swamp still donating in December of 2019

Examples of abuse included: 3 Trips to Target. 8 Notations to Lyft 7 Notations to Chevron 3 Notations to Elite Black Car – totaling over $600.  Also noted was a batch of “strategy meetings / campaign meetings”: Dana Kai Sushi x1, Frank Fats x1, Good Choice Sushi x2, Shady Lady Saloon x2, Sol Agave x1, Simon’s Cafe x2, Tony’s Deli x3, Turk’s Dana Warf x2.

While claiming the the Toll Road people were responsible for every bad thing that has even happened to him, a check of Bill Brough’s Campaign finances revealed 66(!) notations of payments to the toll road’s FASTTRAK system.


Bill Brough Shows Everyone Who’s Boss. Too bad for him the California Republican Party endorsed Laurie Davies and not him.

Your Intrepid Blogger has been confounded by the weakness shown by Fred Whitaker and Marie Waldron (the Assembly Permanent Minority Leader) in the face of the blatant scandal. It is my belief that Bill Brough filed for re-election due in no small part to their weakness and refusal to lead. It was only in the days since Thanksgiving that Marie Waldron stopped defending her leadership vote and started relenting towards the onslaught. Whitaker had come around maybe a couple months prior when he had a chance to interview a couple of Brough’s victims himself, it was knowing that Whitaker had drawn the right conclusion that cause me to let off of him even as I continued to be frustrated by his lack of assertiveness.

Because of these obstacles, your intrepid blogger was forced to keep a fever pitch in the bombardment of Brough. We turned over every stone to make sure he was completely overhauled. The sad fact of the matter is that Brough will be completely destroyed and it will take years for him to restore his reputation IF he quits drinking and demonstrates a capacity to be honest.

Too many people, including Brough got fixated on your intrepid blogger because it is easier to blame a straw man than acknowledge the brutal reality.

The female victims of Bill Brough have been re-injured so many times by people making political calculations to defend Brough, and others’ weakness that I have lost count. I hope they are able to get closure and recovery.

Don’t worry dear readers – I am going to stay put as long as it takes to clean up the mess I helped create when Brough was originally elected.

Before the Primary The best the OCGOP could muster was a weak, watered down resolution calling on Bill Brough to retire. The day after filing closed, the OCGOP set fire to Bill Brough, choosing Laurie Davies 37-6. Not a single vote was cast to endorse Bill Brough, Six months after your intrepid blogger started in on Bill Brough.

Your Intrepid blogger started in on Bill Brough 6 months ago. On Monday 6-17-2019, Lisa Bartlett, a Supervisor told her spellbinding story to an audience that sat in stunned silence about Bill Brough’s Harassment and unwanted advances toward her.

This story was broken on the Right on Daily Blog 40 hours later despite attempts by the OCGOP Leadership to “Keep it in the Family”. Then the cascade began.

Two More Victims Come Out Against Assemblymember Bill Broughto your intrepid blogger within just a few days. Ultimately, Bill Brough would “out” two of the victims in what I believe to be one of his many drunken rages. I wrote about a press conference headlined by the Crime Victims of Orange County with Patricia Wenskunas blasting Bill Brough along with three of his victims on public record against him.

In May of 2018, Bill Brough lied to my face, denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint when I asked him about itHe also appears to have lied to several other political leaders in the area in denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint. We now know there are at least four with insider political leaders indicating the real number could be two to three times that.

On 6-21-2019 The Orange County Register weighed in, quoting Right on Daily as a source. They also got bill Brough to confirm the existence of at least one complaint to the Assembly Rules Committee by a female victim, this is how we confirm that  a year before he lied to staff about its’ existence. Brough knew all along.

6-24-2019: The Sacramento Bee and the Voice of OC joined the chorus.

As of the writing of this summary – the California Legislative Working Committee on Sexual Harassment has interviewed at least a dozen people I am aware of. I can confirm 4 victims, and I have been told there may be well over 10 in total. The Statewide Media has confirmed the existence of said investigations.

In addition, I pieced together a timeline based on some opposition research I did against Bill Brough:

In 2011, Brough had a business fail – and the whole time he was on City Council appears to have never had regular employment.

In 2011, Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed/battered now Supervisor Lisa Bartlett.

In 2013, Brough went in to default on his home mortgage. (selling the residence in 2014)

In 2014, Brough is alleged to have laundered campaign money in to or out of a PAC that never existed.

In 2014, Bill Brough was his own treasurer and the financial issues are alleged to have started then. These include paying his entire family cell phone bill out of his campaign. We’ve now detailed almost $20,000 in payments to Verizon Wireless from Brough’s Campaign account.

In 2014, after selling his house to avoid the trustee sale, Brough is alleged to have begun renting an expensive Beach House in Dana Point.

In Feb 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually battered / harassed a woman who is employed as a political staffer. (I have copies of records and text messages related to this)

In March of 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed / propositioned yet another political staffer. (I spoke to this victim)

Bill Brough’s 2017-2018 Campaign Finance Records are replete with personal expenses being paid out of his campaign accountA second post is linked here. These include a portable bar and a cigar humidor listed as “Office Expenses”.

Bill Brough turns 50, no problem having a big fat party! – $7613 worth of donor money paid for it all!

Bill Brough’s Irish Caucus Slush Fund was highlighted here.

Then the OC TAX group gave him the 2019 Radish award for being a pork barrel spender.

Bill Brough even made the OC Weekly Scariest People List, checking in at #8.

The effort against Bill Brough marked a personal first. Usually, your intrepid blogger gets cited by media outlets without attribution. This time, because I took the lead on filing two massive detailed and documented campaign finance complaints, several media outlets cited as a primary source.

The first blog about the FPPC picking up the complaint and formally notifying me of the investigation is here.

I amended the complaint to add even more to it after OC Register Coverage, and highlighted several stories quoting your intrepid blogger.

Park said he believes he helped Brough get elected to a first term in the 73rd Assembly District after he publicized information about one of Brough’s opponents. Now, as claims mount about Brough’s campaign finances and allegations that he’s made unwanted sexual advances against several women, Park said he feels a “sense of duty” to help get him out of office.

“He turned out to not be who he said he was,” Park said. “He needs to go now.”

A major Donor Group in Orange County – the Lincoln Club issued a Press Release Withdrawing their endorsement. It has been made clear that most, if not all in the OC New Majority have as well even though it is not public. Later, the Lincoln Club unanimously endorsed Laurie Davies for Assembly to replace Bill Brough.

Bill Brough is in serious trouble. There is a full blown state level investigation in to his sexual misconduct. The FPPC has nearly 250 pages of documentation from your intrepid blogger that they are combing through as the web of Bill Brough’s personal life and abuse of campaign funds is becoming clear.

Bill Brough has lost the OC GOP, the OC Lincoln Club, the OC New Majority and the OC Crime Victims have called on him to resign. Dozens of local electeds have endorsed other candidates for AD-73. Diane Harkey, Mimi Walters and other female leaders have publicly opposed Bill Brough.

But true to the form that has led his life to a disheveled mess – Bill Brough is right and everyone else is wrong, just ask him. Perhaps his last three remaining supporters Sex Robot Sean, the Crazed Art Sanchez and Senator Pat Bates can help lead him back to the promised land of free booze and donor-funded junkets once more.

I leave you with the words of the aforementioned Art Sanchez from 2014:

… and a candidate who proclaims he is a successful businessman, when in fact he is a lobbyist who had his personal residence go into default to the tune of around $16K. Sounds pretty successful. This candidate is not even endorsed by the elected official who he served as chief of staff for. This candidate just recently formed a consulting company in Feb. 2014, I believe, so he could actually state that he is a businessman. It appears his wife is the real breadwinner. This candidate’s biggest achievement is he voted against a ban on plastic bags. Wow.

No kidding. Tick Tock Bill Brough, tick tock…

May 262020

Racism and Sexism 101 – hiding behind demographic labels to overcompensate.

We were told as CAGOP delegates that we needed to elect Jessica Patterson Chair of the CAGOP because she can take the fight to the democrats. What has happened so far is that she can’t take a hamburger out of the drive-thru and she is virtue-signaling like a democrat.

So, what has Jessica Patterson’s Leadership looked like so far?

  1. All Travis Allen and Steve Frank supporters were exterminated from CAGOP Committees (with 2 exceptions).
  2. The “do not hire” list was revived and stocked with Travis Allen and Steve Frank supporters.
  3. She and her handler Jeff Randle have purged the CAGOP’s Staff. Save a couple people known to be loyal to the regime, everyone else has been terminated or “resigned”.
  4. She has not raised much, if any money. It has been people like Molly Parnell, Rebecca Luby and Tom Ross that have done the heavy lifting (BTW – Thank You).
  5. The Candidates she has touted and supported have made it clear there is a racial litmus test for “Preferred” CAGOP candidates.
  6. The pattern of party involvement in endorsements has bordered on immoral and has certainly been arbitrary. (This will be the subject of a follow-up post)

On Friday – we blew the lid off of Jessica Patterson’s role in trying to cut the throat of #CA10 Nominee and GOP Rockstar Ted Howze. Information has flown in to your intrepid blogger since that post. We now know that

  1. Ted Howze supported Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair
  2. Jessica Patterson pushed the CAGOP Board to revoke the #CA10 endorsement WITHOUT notifying Ted Howze NOR giving him a chance to defend himself.
  3. Jessica Patterson attempted to engage the Stan GOP and SJGOP AFTER the fact in providing political cover for the CAGOP pulling the endorsement WITHOUT notifying them beforehand
  4. The Letter Jessica Patterson sent to the County Chairs was drafted the morning after the revocation by Scott Winn – the consultant for jilted 3% loser Marla Sousa Livengood
  5. Ted Howze never asked the SJGOP for their endorsement post primary. This is likely because the SJGOP is controlled by Scott Winn. The SJGOP endorsed 3% Loser Marla Sousa Livengood. (Livengood never used her maiden name of Sousa in her past campaigns by the way) Yet the Chairman of the SJGOP was solicited by Winn/Patterson to sign a letter asking the CAGOP to revoke it’s endorsement the morning after it was revoked. (there is no SJGOP endorsement of Howze to revoke)
  6. SJ County Supervisor Bob Elliott wanted to run for SD05 Until Patterson / Shannon Grove and others pressured him out of the SD05 race in favor of Jesus Andrade. Despite $150K of the meager CAGOP resources going in to Andrade, he got hammered and Jim Ridenour is the nominee (who was promptly abandoned by the CAGOP – it is because he is an old white guy like Elliott?)
  7. Patterson has sent emails out on the CAGOP’s system promoting candidates – but none of the featured candidates are White Males except for…
  8. Patterson has abused CAGOP Party resources to feature SD Mayor Kevin Faulconer multiple times. It is a poorly kept secret that he is the next in the long line of squishes favored by Jeff Randle and crew for statewide CAGOP office – namely Governor. As is Kristen Olsen for #CA10 in 2022 or CAxx as drawn up next year.
  9. My opposition research in to Jessica Patterson indicates she is a Never-Trumper, as are Jeff Randle and Scott Winn. In fact, Winn is and has publicly opposed PRESIDENT Trump post election.

Jeff Randle is the man behind the curtain of things CAGOP these days. He was the mastermind behind Meg Whitman a “Republican” Governor disaster in 2010 (Faulconer is almost a carbon copy of her ideologically). Randle was also responsible for a 1990, 1992 effort led by Pete Wilson to primary challenge Conservative Republicans unwilling to go up on Wilson’s Tax increases. That is ironic, as the current assembly permanent minority leader signed a letter demanding a $1 Trillion Federal Bailout for California and has been advocating emptying prisons in the name of “sentencing reform”. Is Marie Waldron getting her cues from Jeff Randle?

I keep mentioning Jeff Randle because he is a key linchpin to this whole operation. His presence explains several things I have been seeing, liberal Republicans are obsessed with racial quota recruiting. It appears that the Andy Vidak wins in a heavily democrat State Senate District (he won twice and held the seat 5+ years!) are completely lost on these people.

We wrote extensively about Rocilicie Ochoa-Bogh whose State Senate race was almost the singular focus of CAGOP leadership. Lloyd White who started election night in first place was assaulted with $1 Million dollars that could have been spent elsewhere. Rosilicie may well be a compelling candidate in her own right – but the pattern exhibited by the race-baiting pandering leadership of the CAGOP is clear. White Men not named Kevin Faulconer need not apply with the CAGOP.

Lest you think the attempted assassination of Ted Howze in #CA10 is an isolated incident or was legitimate because his social media posts may have offended you – take a look at the next post as we lay out in spades the hypocrisy of CAGOP leadership and their selective application of morality.

If you are a Conservative, and especially if you were a supporter of Steve Frank or Travis Allen – Jeff Randle and Jessica Patterson have a list and you’re on it. It is time for conservatives to unite against this Oligarchy of Controlled Failure as they seek to decimate what’s left of the CAGOP so they can have total control and monetize it for their own brand of squishes. (with what little money they do have that is.)

If you care about being a part of things CAGOP – this is the time to put up or shut up because Jeff Randle and Jessica Patterson are playing for keeps. If they continue getting their way there will be no place for any of us at all… which is why you need to stay tuned for the next installment of our expose’ of the moral bankruptcy of their leadership.