News Update 3-31-2015 State and Federal – A few actions of government we can support!

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Mar 312015

AB23 – A bill we can actually support! Eliminates the cap and trade taxes on Gasoline / Fuel. How much you want to bet this gets killed in committee?

No Surprise here – Girls are outclassing Boys in education. Makes perfect sense given what society has been doing to men for the last 40 years.

Check out three of deserter Bowe Bergdahl’s former service-mates here ripping in to him . To think, we traded that loser for five gitmo hardened terrorists.

Take a look at this link for real information on the defense of religious freedom act just passed in Indiana. It flies in the face of the hate speech rhetoric.

How big is government in the US? Try 41.4% of our GDP!

Congress is taking on the Anti-Coal psychos in government. Finally.

Imgaine that! The NSA collected thousands of emails from people not on any terror list!

And a snippet from John Eastman’s Group:

In Texas v. United States a federal judge blocked President Obama’s order granting deferred deportation status to 4 million illegal immigrants. Texas—joined by 25 other states—argues the Administration circumvented Congress to change immigration law through executive action. In an unusual move last week, the 5th Circuit scheduled oral arguments to consider whether to stay the injunction.

Wisconsin is in the final stages of a hard-fought battle to protect its ballot boxes. In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged the real risk that voter fraud could affect a close election’s outcome, citing Wisconsin’s experience with voter fraud. In 2011, Wisconsin passed a statute requiring voters to present photo ID at the polls. Opponents of the measure quickly filed 4 actions in state and federal courts. Last week the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the last of these cases: Frank v. Walker.


Today’s Batch of Federal News – Complete with Draconian Overreach, Religious Persecution and Corruption!

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Mar 262015

The EPA believes it can regulate ALL water. Obama’s America – ruling by decree.

Like BBQ? Well, the EPA wants to ban barbecuing. There is a price when you vote for free stuff, it comes with tyranny. Obama’s EPA is completely out of control.

So, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner came up with a critical fix to several problems with Obamacare. What does Harry Reid do? He is leading an attempt to kill the deal via filibuster over a provision continuing the practice of de-funding abortions at the federal level (that the dem-controlled Senate in the past has signed off on).

Say it ain’t so! The DHS gave preferential treatment to relatives of Clinton, Dem Staffers and Donors? I am SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED.

5 years later – Obama is declaring Obamacare a success! We want some of what he is smoking. Let’s see, delaying implementation, stretching out deadlines, making it the law and fining people – then claiming success? Only in government.

FEMA to States – Either submit to global warming BS or lose your funding. Obama’s America.

Democrats Filibustering Sex Trafficking Bill – why? Anti-Abortion provisions. That’s right, Abortion is more important than stopping human trafficking.

Obama admin’s attempt to continue the military social experiment is hitting snags. Transgender policy is meeting a lot of resistance.

In Case you missed it – a Christian Chaplain is being run out of the service for espousing biblical values. He was set up by a staffer who combed through his files and emails, then went and filed a complaint against him. The staffer turns out to be gay and the military could care less about how the staffer got the info he used for the complaint or the motivations behind it. Instead, in a fit of bureaucratic arrogance, they are pursuing this Lt. Colonel until they get their pound of flesh.

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Do You Like Hidden Taxes and Assisted Suicide? Welcome to the current CA legislative session!

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Mar 252015

It’s Baaaaack – SB128 the “Death with Dignity Bill” is back. This apocalyptic bill will allow the family doctor to become an executioner in the name of terminally ill patients. What could possibly go wrong?

BTW- disability rights activists who are pretty far left have this issue on their radar. Google “Not Dead Yet”. They fear being targets of cost-cutting measures under socialized medicine. This is the natural next step if this “mild form of euthenasia” is legalized.

High Speed Rail? It’s very much alive and is siphoning money out of the state budget.

Your Gas Prices got jacked up at least $.12 a gallon starting 1/1/2015. That is just the beginning. Be sure to look at who bankrolled No on Prop 23, which would have overturned AB32 (the global warming bill that created cap and trade). You will see PG&E went in for $1million. Why? Higher energy prices boost profits, how green of them!

Wait until you have to replace your furnace! Thanks to PG&E and others support of AB32, new regulations may require complete replacement of ducting when your furnace goes out! Just because your home is newer does not mean you are safe.

AB1335 – a massive Real Estate Tax Increase is working its’ way up the food-chain. Try adding a new $75 tax to every single document that gets filed! Ostensibly, these taxes are to fund affordable housing – see also a giveaway to labor unions who would construct such projects as state law gives Unions a monopoly on them.

As we posted previously, extreme leftist billionaire George Soros funded the Yes on Prop 47 campaign. Prop 47 made a ton of felonies in to misdemeanors. As a result, of course said crimes are exploding all over the state. Now, even the morons in Sacramento are waking up to the brutal reality and are trying to fix parts of prop 47.

Thank you for reading… more coming soon (ugh).


Dan Morain’s Epic Column: Ted Gaines is a Mouse

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Mar 232015

I guess word is getting out (finally), but not after the PAC Donors in all their brilliance helped foist a second Gaines on the North State.

In a column entitled, “The Mouse Roars at Tesla Rebate”  – Dan Morain just blew up Ted Gaines.

Those of us that have not drank the institutional kool-aid have known for years that Ted Gaines lacks the necessities to be a leader and about the only thing he is of average intelligence on is getting even with people. (Witness that he is currently out on the warpath trying to settle imaginary scores on people pre-2016 election cycle)

Morain also points out that Gaines lacked the critical thinking skills to even put on average political theater:

He went to a Home Depot, bought a shovel, painted it gold and delivered it to Tesla’s Silicon Valley headquarters, just in case the billionaire Musk needed groundbreaking equipment. He got as far as the receptionist.
Gaines traveled to Texas, which was competing for the factory, and showed up outside the Capitol in Austin with a cardboard cutout of a Tesla, to drive home the point that, by law, there are no Tesla showrooms in Texas. Corny, yes. But again, political theater isn’t Gaines’ core thing.

You see, Ted Gaines did figure out how to ruin a business partnership of 30+ years in order to make his wife a “Small Business Owner” for the ballot title. That part he understands because it was about his family paycheck.

And, he did figure out that trying to use the NorCal Tea Party to beat the crap out of Kirk Uhler in advance of Mrs. Gaines next run for a government job was a bad idea only after it detonated in his face. So they bid adieu to Placer County (for now) and moved over to El Dorado County so that Beth Gaines can run for supervisor in the last area that can still stand them.

Morain lit up Ted Gaines for introducing Senate Bill 40, which would slash the vehicle value before a government subsidy would apply for people that buy electric cars. Right now, you can get the $2500 off of any priced car. Ted wants to slash that to $40,000. Tesla dissed California despite Gaines’ quixotic efforts and located in Nevada.

Given that Ted Gaines participated in the gutting of the Placer GOP after failing to get its’ endorsement in 2012; given that Ted Gaines has meeted out revenge on several local electeds that have refused to kiss his ring; And, given that Ted Gaines has vengefully gone after anyone that stood up publicly against his incompetent wife in her runs for office – Dan Morain is right to recognize that Senate Bill 40 is Ted Gaines attempt to get even with Tesla. Its’ called a pattern, folks.

Heaven forbid Ted Gaines ever took a look at his part in how he looked as bad to California as the certificate-wielding doughboy makes his wife look locally.  If I was Elon Musk and I saw Gaines’ antics, knowing that Gaines is from the “pro-business” permanent minority party, I’d pull all remaining operations out of California.

Ted Gaines will be running for re-election in 2016. Thankfully, the Labor-Union Redistricting Commission Gerrymandered Roseville out of SD-01. I never thought I’d write this, but I am indeed grateful to be a constituent of Jim Nielsen.

Joe Harn Update – Files Lawsuit Against Political Opponents

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Mar 212015

I’ve written that Joe Harn is a bully. I’ve written about his temper and abusive pattern. Now he is suing a political opponent. Credit: Placerville Newswire

In an inexplicable move, Auditor/Controller Joe Harn initiates a lawsuit that is nearly impossible to win and one that calls his own actions into question.
On March 18th Courthouse News Service Reported “Small-Town NorCal Election Gets Nasty” by Barbara Wallace. The story reports on a lawsuit filed by Auditor/Controller Joe Harn related to campaign charges that he is a  a “sexual predator” and a “sociopath.”  The lawsuit is Joe Harn suing Chris McCaffree for comments he made in an email during Harn’s last campaign.  The original story wrote that neither Harn or McCaffree were available for comment.  We contacted McCaffree and he was unaware of the lawsuit and added that he had not been contacted by Harn, Harn’s legal representatives, or the Courthouse News Service.
Chris McCaffree has been a fixture in the community for many years and was most notable during a public investigation of a “Hostile Workplace” for El Dorado County employees where Joe Harn was a central figure of the investigation.  Chris McCaffree’s public testimony was given to the Board of Supervisors about two years ago. [ At bottom you can slide video to 00:27:50, 01:19:43 and 03:04:17 for relevant testimony from Chris]
McCaffree, a CPA, past Scout Master and father of five sons, is considered by most people who know him as almost “too nice”.  McCaffree has lived in El Dorado County for over 15 years and has enjoyed living here among good people – for the most part.  According to McCaffree, when he went to work for El Dorado County, he discovered that Joe Harn was making a complete mockery of what should be “Civil Servant’s” position of Auditor-Controller.
In McCaffree’s response to the lawsuit by Audtor-Controller, Joe Harn, defendant Chris McCaffre indicated that, “It is unfortunate that Joe Harn has brought this lawsuit against me.  I am normally a very nice guy, and it pains me to make Joe Harn a very public example of humiliation and disgrace in open view of all El Dorado County citizens who will follow this case.”
“The best defense to a Libel law suit is the truth – which will be made known very clearly now through the investigation and testimony of witnesses in this case.” explained McCaffree.
McCaffree insists that he believes what he wrote to be the truth and that he looks forward to proving that in court.  McCaffree says his only reluctance in addressing this lawsuit is due to the large number of people involved – “some will feel bad that they did not get a chance to give their testimonies against Joe Harn,” he said.
In addition to McCaffree’s own testimony, Mike Applegarth also testified about Joe Harn and gave supporting testimony to McCaffree’s claims. Applegarth was a highly placed analysit for the county that came forward to expose Joe Harn.  He did so on moral grounds and is widely known as an extremely ethical and moral man.  He has left the county since then and was immediately snapped up by another a city in Utah as their new top leader. [ Move slider to 1:49:20 into the video]
In that public testimony a most unflattering picture is painted of entrenched political incumbent Joseph Harn as the primary “Bully” of the county and even the County Counsel testified that he was beyond the reach of most “Personnel” laws.
Harn’s lawsuit invites the public to come forward to testify for or against the behavior of Joe Harn as Chris McCaffree vows to include those that, “did not get a chance to give their testimonies against Joe Harn” at the County hearing, will in his response to Harn’s lawsuit.
Not only will the self-initiated Harn lawsuit put his own character in the spotlight, it is nearly impossible to win.
Proving Fault: Actual Malice and not just Negligence

Under U.S. law a plaintiff must prove that the defendant was at fault when he published the defamatory statement. In this case, Harn will need to prove that the defendant acted with actual malice not just negligence, because Joe Harn is a public official.
Celebrities, politicians, high-ranking or powerful government officials, and others with power in society are generally considered public figures/officials and are required to prove actual malice. Unlike these well-known and powerful individuals, your shy neighbor is likely to be a private figure who is only required to prove negligence if McCaffree published something defamatory about her.
Actual Malice:
In a legal sense, “actual malice” has nothing to do with ill will or disliking someone and wishing him harm. Rather, courts have defined “actual malice” in the defamation context as publishing a statement while either:
knowing that it is false;or acting with reckless disregard for the statement’s truth or falsity.
It should be noted that the actual malice standard focuses on the defendant’s actual state of mind at the time of publication. Unlike the negligence standard, the actual malice standard is not measured by what a reasonable person would have published or investigated prior to publication. Instead, the plaintiff must produce clear and convincing evidence that the defendant actually knew the information was false or entertained serious doubts as to the truth of his publication.
In making this determination, a court will look for evidence of the defendant’s state of mind at the time of publication and will likely examine the steps he took in researching, editing, and fact checking his work. It is generally not sufficient, however, for a plaintiff to merely show that the defendant didn’t like him, failed to contact her for comment, knew he had denied the information, relied on a single biased source, or failed to correct the statement after publication.
Not surprisingly, this is a very difficult standard for a plaintiff to establish. Indeed, in only a handful of cases over the last decades have plaintiffs been successful in establishing the requisite actual malice to prove defamation.
The actual malice standard applies when a defamatory statement concerns three general categories of individuals: public officials, all-purpose public figures, and limited-purpose public figures.
Public Officials
The “public officials” category includes politicians and high-ranking governmental figures, but also extends to government employees who have, or appear to the public to have, substantial responsibility for or control over the conduct of government affairs. Courts have interpreted these criteria broadly, extending the public figure classification to civil servants far down the government hierarchy.
In general, if an individual is classified as a public official, defamatory statements relating to any aspects of their lives must meet the actual malice standard of fault for there to be liability. Moreover, even after passage of time or leaving office, public officials must still meet the actual malice standard because the public has a continued interest in the misdeeds of its leaders.
The actual malice standard extends to statements touching on virtually any aspect of the public official’s life.
This untenable case may prove to be the undoing of Joe Harn as he already stands in public distrust after he enjoyed a very significant raise and bonus while he fights against the requested Cost of Living increases for county employees.  Will a public court case of his behavior, including witnesses testifying under oath, paint a picture of a man the voters simply cannot support for another term.  Will this testimony lead to a recall campaign against this old pol?
Time will determine that and we will keep you informed of developments.

Cris Alarcon.

(Disclosure, Cris Alarcon did participate in the campaign of Mike Owen, the most recent challenger to Joe Harn for the Office of Auditor/Controller in El Dorado County.  Unrelated, but concurrent to that campaign, in the course of a County Investigation of a Hostile Workplace, Chris McCaffree made the statements that Joe Harn is objecting to in this lawsuit)