Apr 302010

You know, when I start to see the usual suspects come out of the woodwork for a candidate, I can almost predict what’s going to happen.

This time – they went past Scozzafava and endorsed someone with Scozzafava’s values who tried to (and in many cases did) purchase the loyalty of the Party of whom she is barely a member.

I’m sorry – I am glad I stuck with Steve, and I keep getting reminded of it. Six weeks ago, people were calling on Steve to suspend his campaign or not file… now, it is time for Whitman to suspend her campaign for the good of California. Jerry Brown will shred Whitman to pieces.

1. Tom McClintock is going to open a can of B.T.A. on the opponent of said candidate. Watch here to see Tom McClintock call Meg Whitman the third term of Arnold.

Now that Meg Whitman’s store-bought 50 point lead has evaporated… Goldman Sachs and their “Vulture Funds” are center stage. Also center stage is Meg Whitman’s participation in Stock-Spinning.

You see – Whitman’s fortune is almost 100% tied up in Goldman Sachs (except for the $300K she gave the Environmental Defense Fund)… and Goldman Sachs is front-and-center as they raked in billions from people’s misfortune in this depression we are in. That brings us to —

2. Steve Poizner just leveled the playing field on Meg Whitman. Voters will now get to see how Whitman’s fortune is an albatross and how she supported bank bailouts while Sachs — you know the rest…

I should have titled this Welcome to the Jungle Part 3 – Whitman gets “Sached”, but that might have been too nuanced.

Whitman Supports Taxpayer Funded Abortion
Whitman Supports Late-Term Abortion
Whitman Opposes Across-the-board-tax-cuts
Whitman supports open borders

So why are Ed Royce/ Kevin McCarthy Et Al supporting her? If it is for her deep pockets – arrgh, that money is now radioactive!

In addition to the 300K she donated to the environmental defense fund – Meg Whitman is a huge fan of Van Jones.

Apr 292010

Ask any consultant – they will tell you that endorsements are a boondoggle as much as they are a boon.

Tom McClintock endorsed Steve Poizner and is now out on Radio and TV calling Meg Whitman the third term of Arnold. This is an example of an excellent endorsement.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee endorsed Chuck DeVore for US Senate. This is an example of a bad endorsement.

Mike Huckabee Pardoned hardened criminals as Governor of Arkansas. In fact, one such criminal went and shot up a cafe in the Seattle Washington Area last summer and the nation was outraged. Why accept that kind of endorsement?

Cal Watchdog Steven Greenhut has a few things to say about Mike Huckabee as well.

I try to look for similarities between endorsers and endorsees and I am wondering if Chuck DeVore’s support of Tom Campbell’s 2005 California Budget was a factor in Huckabee’s decision? The 2005 budget was the single largest increase in spending in the State’s history…

Mike Huckabee spent like Clinton before him in Arkansas… I just don’t see DeVore favoring the pardon of hardened felons. Someone help me out here.

Mike Huckabee is a bad, bad endorsement.

Wonder Why GOP Numbers slide?! See Also Red County / Matt Cunningham

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Apr 282010

I have been reading the whole slew of blogs for two weeks, I’ve said little. I am trying to help Sam Aanestad get elected Lt. Governor against a fraud – Abel Maldonado.

Now – I have read about another fraud. Meg aka Red County.

1. Chip Hanlon is starting a policy to prevent Matt Cunningham from Attacking people who write here? Thanks a ton Chip. I am still getting email forwards of psychotic rants being written by the Jerbal and others… I’ll believe that deal when I see it.

2. Let me get this straight – I get tossed from Red County because I took money from people associated with Steve Poizner (who, incidentally is gaining big time on her Megness) while Meg County was bought to the tune of $65K that we know of…

The Irony? MEG WHITMAN TRIED TO HIRE ME and I refused to betray Steve Poziner. Maybe if I was a whore, I’d still be writing on Red County!?

Now, Cunningham grandstands telling people “if he (york) only disclosed what he was doing”… really? It only works one way, of course – it took the OJ blog outing the first $25K payoff from Meg Whitman for anyone to realize that while grandstanding on ethics – the real ethics were who was paying them.

3. Now, my friend and principled Libertarian Conservative Allan Bartlett gets ejected from Red County because he would not endorse hypocricy? Allan Bartlett refused to defend Matt Cunningham and his double-dealing.

People like Chip Hanlon and Matt Cunningham create DTS and Libertarians out of Republicans. People assume we are all hypocrites when our public leaders are unprincipled whores.

Now, Cunningham – who grandstanded against the Meathead initiative before it passed, runs to the front of the line with his hand out for the money after it passed. That is called double-dealing… and while legal, is immoral.

Man, do I feel violated. (just like those poor Children Cunningham outed on his blog)

Red County has become a joke – unbelievable.

P.S. Allan – welcome home. Welcome to the halls of real bloggers with ethics.

Apr 282010

I was sent a copy of a poll. 400 Likely voters inside AD05. This is a typical sample of an Assembly-level poll.

This polling data shows that AD05 is far more conservative than people give it credit for and suggests that RINO-type Republicans like Arnold and McCain were keeping people home or registered DTS.

It also shows that Andy Pugno is the most underestimated Conservative Force in Northern California. The Mild-Mannered Lawyer Type who steamrolls liberals and they don’t feel a thing…

Have a look and decide for yourself…

Q1: Would you vote for a candidate who is Conservative or Liberal on Social Issues?

Conservative 58% / Liberal 32% / No Op 10%

Q2: More Government 18 / Less Government 76 / No Op 6

Q3: Would you vote for the candidate who

Wants to cut state services to balance the state budget – 58
Wants to Raise taxes to balance the state budget – 28
No Op -14

OK, so there is the 5th AD. Roger Niello and others appear to have read this district completely wrong. It is a definitely Right-of-Center district.

But – here’s how bad it is for a Democrat. The Peace and Freedom Party Candidate Martinez pulls 8-10% of the vote in this poll! (but don’t count on the Democrats listening, they are owned by the labor unions)

Pugno – 46 / Pan 28 / Martinez 10. Pan is a stone-cold liberal self-funder

Pugno – 47 / Miles 23 / Martinez 10. Miles is another s-c/l/s-f

Pugno – 46 / Shelby 27 / Martinez 8. Shelby is a Citrus Heights Councilman.

Pugno – 42 / Gray 27 / Martinez 10. Gray is a dark-horse Liberal candidate who has the same ballot title as Pugno: Small Business Owner.

Pugno has a lead as large as Roger Niello got re-elected by in every case (counting margin for error as Niello won by 16.2% in 2008). The more amazing fact is that there are 19-21% undecided in each scenario and Andy Pugno’s lead is larger than Niello’s victory with 100% decided.

It should also be noted that this polling data validates the claim of the Pugno camp about Prop 8 beating Niello by 10,000 votes in AD05 in 2008 – suggesting it will come out stronger for a Conservative.

I think the Dems had best start registering dead people and need to recall some ACORN operatives to register the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders…

Or, they could be smart and take their ball to AD-10 where Jack Sieglock is set to steamroll Alyson Huber or AD-15 where Abram Wilson is set to torch the liberal  extremist Joan Buchanon.

In any event – there is a lot of work to be done, but it looks really good for Andy Pugno.

Apr 272010

Faith. Belief in something greater than one’s self. Faith is usually grounded in real-life events and in strengthened by practice thereof and developing a lifestyle.

Faith is powerful – it spawned the greatest movement in Civilization, Christianity.

The LA Times printed an article about the Chuck DeVore for US Senate Campaign.

The article is written by Seema Mehta – someone who has been consistent in her disdain of Carly Fiorina and preferring to treat Tom Campbell with Kid Gloves. So, it comes as no surprise to this blogger that the article about DeVore would be fairly well balanced.

Mehta even takes a swipe at Fiorina in this article as well – this suggests that the MSM establishment least prefers Fiorina to win the primary.

The answers to that hypothesis are two fold – 1. Tom Campbell is a Democrat. So he’d be scarcely different than Boxer. 2. Chuck DeVore is safely in third place and is not a threat. (from the perspective of the LA Times)

This is why the title proudly advertises the weakness of DeVore’s campaign.

Take a look at these quotes from the article:

In the first three months of 2010, DeVore raised the least money, ended the quarter with the least cash on hand and spent the least among the three main GOP Senate candidates. Former Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina had nearly seven times as much on hand after debts, and former U.S. Rep Tom Campbell had more than three times DeVore’s accumulation.

Ballot titles matter a lot in California,” DeVore told a Family Action PAC luncheon at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach. “They called me a California state assemblyman. That’s like saying Chuck DeVore’s a thief. My actual title is assemblyman/military reservist. In our internal polling, that change alone doubled my support, when people found out I was not merely a scum-sucking politician.


But they also have started advertising on television, which is considered a necessity, albeit an expensive one, in a state as sprawling as California. DeVore has said that he is not planning to run television ads and that he believes Fiorina’s and Campbell’s small ad buys will be overwhelmed by the saturation advertising airing in the Republican gubernatorial race.

When you rely on contingencies out of your control, you’re in trouble.

DeVore’s voter outreach includes billboards, radio ads, yard signs that supporters can print, mailers and intense use of social media. Some of these pieces show how humble his campaign is: His daughter designed the billboards; his radio ads end “This is Chuck DeVore. Not only do I approve this message, I wrote it.”

“That’s not just a Hail Mary pass, that’s the whole rosary,” said Jack Pitney, a former national GOP official who now teaches government at Claremont-McKenna College.

With respect to Jack – discounting DeVore is insane. It ain’t over until the last hanging chad is counted. I tend to agree with Larry Gerston from San Jose State who said:

“Before people totally discount someone like Chuck DeVore, you have to give it another three weeks,” he said. “At that point, if it hasn’t kicked in yet, I think you can start issuing a post-mortem.”