AD06 Race Update – Flip Flopping? Avoiding Grassroots? More Candidates?

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Oct 282015

Remember our post about Lincoln Council-member Gabriel Hydrick joining the AD06 race? Two of his colleagues support Bill Halldin. The other two have not endorsed.

Since posting about Hydrick and hearing about Hydrick, we have heard nothing further. However local Lincoln area electeds beyond the two council-members support Bill Halldin, including Supervisor Robert Weygant.

There was a recent event with the remnant of the Placer CRA which once had 105 members before surrendering its’ charter in May. An estimated 15-20 people were there that were not brought by candidates.

Nugget 1: Cristi Nelson was not present. Every other candidate was. This has been consistent with Nelson’s pattern – she is reputed to be an elitist, preferring to hang around “Money People” only. Secondly, as we have chronicled – she is a social liberal and probably wanted to avoid legitimate questions about her liberal views versus what she claims on her website.

Nugget 2: Kevin Kiley flip-flopped on the No New Taxes Pledge? After saying publicly, he does not take pledges. He did.

Nugget 3: Suzanne Jones appears to have a loyal, hard-core constituency that may help her get some traction in this race. The remnants of the CRA appear to be one such constituency.

Recently, I heard then verified that Ron “Mik” Mikaluco – the embattled El Dorado County D1 Supervisor is talking openly about running for Assembly. This means that Mik has recognized that the serial office-shopper is a formidable candidate he may not be able to deal with and that his best bet is to run for something else. If true, this is a serious boost to Steve Ferry – who is widely regarded as the best chance El Dorado County voters have to free themselves from the chains of Gaines.

Cristi Nelson recently held a fundraiser. Reports indicate that most of the attendees were employees of a large, local business who were there at the behest of the owner in order to create photo-ops for the campaign. Nelson has another fundraiser with a 6-person host committee that just added Senator Gaines to the invite. (No Beth Gaines sighting yet – adding to our suspicions of confusion)

Lastly – I took note of how the announcement of Clay Sigg presented him as the leading candidate in the race, yet neglected the McClintock endorsement of Sigg. Current McClintock endorsee Kevin Hanley has posted about it on Facebook, but nowhere else is it featured. McClintock did endorse Kevin McCarthy for speaker, so you’d think that people would be more excited about such an endorsement. (especially since Hanley just had a fundraiser with McClintock as the headliner!)

Beth Gaines For (Fill in the Office Here), Funded With YOUR Tax Dollars! 1,132,095 Pieces of Mail At Our Expense.

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Oct 222015

1,132,095 pieces of mail. You know – this is for “communicating” with constituents. Like the 26 pieces of mail sent in 2014 when she was on the ballot for re-election. Since Beth only ripped off the taxpayers for 21 pieces from 7/11/2011-11/8/2013 – you’d assume that the onslaught of mail in 2014 was done in order to help Beth conserve the remaining dollars in her campaign accounts as she was preparing to shop for her next government paycheck.

Beth Gaines was shopping for her next office in 2014, before she was re-elected to her last term in the Assembly. Every close and seasoned political observer knows this.

Beth Gaines sent 453,074 pieces of mail at taxpayer expense in 2014. Let that sink in. 453,000 pieces. Only 7799 of them came after election day in 2014, (ostensibly to help set up her next run somewhere else). A closer look at the Assembly Open Records Act Request your intrepid blogger obtained shows the ugly truth.

When Andy Pugno challenged Beth Gaines in 2012, she sent 154,285 pieces of mail in the primary of 2012, and another 161,495 pieces in the general election. ‘

The outrageous totals are here:

11-12 – 315,780 pieces (8 separate mailings)

2013 – 212,130 pieces (13 separate mailings)

2014 – 453,074 pieces (26! separate mailings)

YTD 2015 – 151,111 pieces (13 separate mailings) – most have gone to El Dorado County where she is running for office in 2016.

Total = 1,132,095 pieces. 60 Separate Mailings. We paid for it all.

Which gets us to 2015. Beth Gaines knew she had decided on shopping for El Dorado County Supervisor. This is obviously why I have gotten reports of people in El Dorado County receiving at least 4 pieces of mail each, with one uncorroborated report of one resident getting 8 pieces of mail.

Even though the records request did not show where the mail went – we know from people in the El Dorado Hills Area (which is where her next would-be office is and whose district overlaps the assembly district – how cozy), who have been getting a bunch of Assembly Mail from Beth Gaines.

You can conclude that Beth Gaines is abusing the Assembly Mail program to buttress her campaigns for office, and is doing so at our expense.

Witness – We have never gotten a piece of Assembly mail from Beth Gaines. No one we know in Roseville has gotten a Piece of Mail from “Assemblymember” Beth Gaines since 2012 when she was fighting for her political life against Andy Pugno.

Beth Gaines is proud of telling people she does not take the $30k a year per diem (which is true), but, Whoops… here is $280k – 300k worth of Assembly Mail! (the estimated cost is .25-.28 a piece, not including the labor cost of the folks running the assembly press)

Look some of the dates the mail was sent in 2014, and then ask yourself if our conclusion that the taxpayers paid for some of Beth Gaines’ campaign is inaccurate:

7/31 (2x), 8/4, 8/5 (2x), 8/11 (2x), 8/12, 8/15, 8/18, 8/19, 8/20, 9/3, 9/4. Note that sending a piece on 9/5 would have been illegal as it would have been within 60 days of election day… so they saturation bombed 177,674 pieces in the 36 days leading up to the cutoff, and we paid for it all.

The low end of the total cost – $280,000 would have paid for two staffers for those 4 years. Beth Gaines’ office is alleged to have poor constituent services (unless the requestor is useful to Ms. Gaines), imagine what two more staffers at $35k a year a piece could have done to help improve the level of service!

Don’t forget – the estimated value of the forfeited per-diem payments was about $120,000 – so the mail cost was more than double that.

There are open records acts for a reason. Click Here To See the File the Assembly Rules Committee Sent Us.

Dear SB277 Opponents: Tim Donnelly and Lauren Stephens Killed the Movement

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Oct 172015

I have talked to a ton of people. We have tried to get an initiative together.

Many good people I know are not passionate about the vaccination issue. I was not either until I started meeting the people that Tim Donnelly and Lauren Stephens screwed over. Then I got mad.

Then I investigated and found out that my local GOP reps once again failed to lead on this issue – Ted and Beth Gaines have a vaccine-injured child. They did nothing, I was told that Beth attempted to speak up in a committee, but Ted did nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Then I investigated personally and realized that 75% or more of vaccinations are full of garbage and many people have adverse reactions to them… and now they are forced by law to have that poison injected in to their veins.

While Kevin DeLeon took it upon himself to gut committees to make sure he took care of his leadership vote (Richard Pan), the Republicans could have been out messaging on this issue. They did not do anywhere enough as a few press releases were the extent of it.

Enter the alleged donors to an effort to overturn. They convinced themselves that the bill would die in the senate. DeLeon made sure it did not, because it was all about him asserting his leadership.

Then the donors convinced themselves the bill would die in the Assembly. Nope.

Then the donors convinced themselves that they could get Jerry Brown to veto the bill – he quick-signed it in order to make a referendum even more difficult.

The rest is history, the crazed sociopath known as Lauren Stephens drove to so cal, and got the narcissist Tim Donnelly involved apparently with a promise of money for his radio show (which Donnelly did admit getting)… and the ill-fated referendum was born.

It failed. Spectacularly. Now there are investigations going on in to the scam.

The real damage is that Tim Donnelly’s involvement made everyone anywhere close to government scram. I had legislators on the line to support an effort. Not now, not ever… because Tim Donnelly’s name was on everything.

Lauren Stephens is off on some half-baked recall attempt against Jerry Brown…

… while we were trying to rehabilitate an effort against SB277.

The problem is that the excuses from the donors changed. Were they ever serious? If they were – then Tim Donnelly and Lauren Stephens killed the effort forever.

The donors pivoted to a lawsuit, and then claimed they realized they could not sue. If they had read SB277, they would realize that illegal immigrants and homeless people were exempted. This would be a perfect basis to sue, this means they have not read the bill.

There was permanent damage – those in office want nothing to do with anything SB277. The mere word is toxic.

I saw the anguish of the women who never understood how Lauren Stephens lied to them during the effort. Some still do not comprehend how Tim Donnelly lied to them. What we see today is Tim Donnelly’s narcissism on display as he continues to spin every way he can to avoid an apology, while the sociopath Stephens has tried to throw him and others under the bus to save herself.

Let me apologize to the women who fear for their children’s safety. We tried to help you. We tried to warn you. I am sorry that I can’t fix this… Just make sure you inform people so Tim Donnelly and Lauren Stephens can’t hurt anyone else.

Lauren Stephens filed the referendum based on a paranoid conspiracy she created in her head. She lied repeatedly and used people. She broke people’s hearts and got Tim Donnelly involved because Donnelly has tax liens, bankruptcies and owes people money.

Donnelly got money to keep his failing radio show on the air for a while longer while the SB277 Referendum failed miserably. While Tim is too broken of a person to even apologize or be honest with himself about what he did – Lauren Stephens does not care one bit.

She’s off to her next scam.

AD06 Update – So Many People Got Screwed Over Today, I Can’t Keep Track…

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Oct 132015

Let’s Catch Everyone up.

A few days ago, it got out that recent entrant and rumored Team Gaines recruit Kevin Hanley was attempting to recruit staff for his AD06 campaign. The would-be staffer was from Auburn. The first endorsement Kevin Hanley announced was from Auburn, though the gentleman lives in Rocklin.

Some speculated that Ted and Beth Gaines would endorse Kevin Hanley. We even did on this blog, however, a couple of weeks ago we had become convinced that Team Gaines was going to gravitate to the strongest anti-south-placer candidate they could.

Mind you, Congressman Tom McClintock is alleged to be endorsing Kevin Hanley.

But Today, Ted Gaines endorsed the Republican (who you will have to vote for first before you find out what’s in) – Cristi Nelson. We do know that Cristi Nelson is a social liberal and a lawyer.

Did the Gaines make a deal with Cristi Nelson in order to get support for their planned runs in 2018, 2019 and 2020? Or was it as simple as sssssssteve Davey and Dave Titus needing to line up their next jobs in the capitol?

Ironically, Kevin Kiley, the third viable AD06 candidate is also a Lawyer. (BTW – Bill Halldin is NOT a Lawyer)

Today, Mr. Kiley also announced that he hired Dave Gilliard as his consultant. This would be Dave Gilliard’s second 30-something client. (although Assemblymember James Gallagher is on the downhill side of 30 as opposed to the 30-year-old Kiley)

So, Kevin Hanley got screwed. We know that.

Team Gaines has split up. Gilliard went to Kiley (who he would not have considered until recently) and Ted went to Cristi Nelson.

Why would Ted Gaines endorse before the incumbent assembly-member?

Beth Gaines? Though AD06 is the seat she currently represents, she could have ether gotten confused in all the moves or is waiting to make sure she has rehearsed all of her talking points thoroughly before endorsing Cristi Nelson. (who, did we mention is a social liberal?)

The Gaines duo are now on their fourth heir-apparent in the AD06 endorsement Carousel. (Titus, Sigg, Hanley and Now Cristi Nelson – maybe they will endorse Suzanne Jones and Gabriel Hydrick by the time we are done, too?) This is going to make their former Tea-Party base even angrier.

So – it looks like the Gaines just flipped almost everyone in local government in South Placer County the bird as well. I am not sure how their decision to endorse an un-vetted unknown candidate with fundraisers comprised of 6 person host committees could be seen any other way?

Is Tom McClintock considering endorsing Cristi Nelson now? (Because I don’t see him noted anywhere on Kevin Hanley’s website) Were McClintock to endorse Nelson, he’d be one candidate behind the Gaines on the endorsement carousel.

Kevin Kiley hired Dave Gilliard and Gilliard’s fundraiser of choice John Bovee. That likely means there were other shoes that dropped.

The bottom line here appears as follows: Dave Gilliard needed a candidate. Team Gaines needed a candidate. They found their candidates and a bunch of people got screwed in the process.

Oct 092015

Tom has written some books, just look at his Campaign website and you will see them there for sale. I even have some of his past efforts, signed.

I, like many activists supported Tom in all his races for California GOP office. I was wrong.

Tom Del Becarro is unfit to lead. I have personally observed his behavior and was at points willfully blind to it.

If you look on the surface – the first reason why he should be shunned as a candidate is the fact that he failed as CAGOP Chairman. He had nearly 3/4 of the delegates of the CAGOP ready to oust him at the point he decided to not run for re-election.

Tom Del Becarro’s legacy to the CAGOP was a divided party that was left in a state of bewilderment and in debt over $1 Million, some say that number was in the $2 million range as invoices and off-the-books debts rolled in en masse.

The uneasy unity that exists in the CRP today is because of two-reasons. The conservative frauds that pulled the levers in the GOP have been relegated to the fringes (Del Becarro amongst them) and some are still trying to cause havoc and chaos to be relevant – thus unifying the remainder against them. Secondly, most of the rational activists in the CAGOP got tired of losing.

I have personally seen chairmen of the CAGOP that used the party as a dating service, a travel service and a book tour.

Contrast this with Duf Sundheim (who actually did his job as CAGOP Chairman) who raised $100 million in the 4 years he was CRP Chairman. That is $102 Million more than Del Becarro.

I have personally seen Mr. Del Becarro so intoxicated that he was staggering through the hallways of the CAGOP Convention. I’ve seen this more than once. I have seen Mr. Del Becarro with more girlfriends than I can count. Even though he was single the entire time he had this revolving door – neither behavior suggests stability. In addition, it is common knowledge that he is a recreational marijuana user. (I have no firsthand proof of this)

When you juxtapose his playboy lifestyle with his claims of being a conservative, the whole thing rings false.

Finally – there is this: Del Becarro announced the endorsement of Economist Larry Kudlow. Mr. Kudlow is a recovering cocaine addict/alcoholic with 3 divorces. There is some sort of sick irony in that endorsement. God Bless Kudlow for kicking the nasal dust, as I sit here writing this post closing in on 13 years off of booze.

Were Del Becarro to be the GOP nominee and were he to suddenly learn how to raise money and actually campaign (other than speaking to fawning groups of would-be book purchasers) the Media would eviscerate him. All this and I have not even talked about his DUI and the cadre of women that used to work for him that would be all to willing to sit down and do tell-alls to a willing media.

Do not vote for Tom Del Becarro. Buy his books if you want for the entertainment but Leave the US Senate race to the adults.