Aug 312010

Neil Pople: Age 30. Former candidate for Placer County Democrat Central Committee – who railed against the war in Iraq etc. (like any moonbat of the left did back when Bush was President)

Now, it is time to run for City Council, and next Congress? Frankly, I think Mall Cop might have been a batter occupation – but I digress…

Occupation: Legal Clerk
Education and Qualifications: I have lived in Roseville for nearly 22 years and love the city I call home. I’m running for City Council because I believe a 21st century city needs 21st century leadership. We are facing a critical time in Roseville, and success or failure depends on the next generation of leaders. We cannot afford to simply look to old ways to solve new problems. It’s going to take innovation, courage and transparency to make Roseville the city it deserves to be.

If elected, I will be a willing ear to listen and a strong voice to represent you. I want to serve this community and help repair our faltering economy, support our men & women in uniform, help improve the state of our schools and keep the high quality of life we all enjoy. If elected, I can promise that I will do my best to represent the community that helped raise me. I want to help lead real, positive change, but I need your vote to do it.
Please visit for more information.

CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!! He said absolutely nothing. What a waste of money.

Just got of a Conference Call RE Prop 25 – AS IN NO ON 25!!!

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Aug 312010

This is the worst Trojan Horse Fraud ever.

Prop 25, if passed would:

1) Lower the threshold for a budget to a simple majority
2) Lower the threshold for tax increases to a simple majority

Did you catch that? Remember Prop 72 – that overturned SB2, the John Burton socialized medicine bill a few years ago.

That same John Burton – Czar of the State Senate along with Bill Lockyer has conceived the greatest fraud since the Nunez-Burton attempt to gut term limits.

Prop 25.

What are the proponents of Prop 25 trying to do to fool Conservatives – they say No Budget, No Pay. It is the “budget accountability act” all over again.

Oh, and Jerry Brown actually did NOT get sued over this title and summary.

By the way, the legislators would only get paid if no budget was sent to the Governor. They could send a complete disaster to the governor and they would be back on the dole.


Aug 302010

I saw a slew of comments on a post by Eric Hogue.

Hogue took issue with Congressman Tom McClintock for lighting Roger Niello up at a Nevada County Lincoln Day Dinner.

One commenter – CA-05 Republican Nominee Paul Smith said he endorsed Roger Niello over Ted Gaines because Roger Niello would talk to him and Gaines would not return a phone call. He made the same criticism of Tom McClintock.

Another commenter said she was reticent to support Ted Gaines because of his vote to mandate helmets for snowboarders. Then she drew a comparison between that vote and Roger Niello’s vote for the largest tax increase in State History.

This is going to be a short, bizarre and intense race.

On some facebook walls – I have seen comments about McClintock endorsing Steve Poizner – somehow McClintock loses credibility when Roger Niello endorsed Meg Whitman.

Pretty much everyone in the Tea Party is no fan of Whitman’s. But some recognized Tea Party commenters seemed to forget that Niello endorsed Whitman.

It seems that Mr. Hogue’s post was about a personality-driven issue and people got caught in a “Get McClintock” moment.

The fact is – Niello voted for the largest tax increase in state history.

Car Tax Doubled
Every Marginal Income Tax Rate Went Up
Dependent Tax Credit Slashed
Sales Tax went up .5% to the highest in the nation.
Few, if any reforms and few real spending cuts.

Somehow, Snowboard Helmets and a man with 6 kids taking taxable per-diem is supposed to counter-balance the above?

Let’s not forget – Niello has not and will not sign the “No new taxes pledge”.

With Abel Maldonado’s replacement – Sam Blakeslee refusing to sign the “No new taxes pledge” – we’d have no backstop for another massive tax increase.

All this and the focus was on McClintock calling Niello a RINO. Niello isn’t a RINO – he raised our taxes.

Rocklin City Council Update (08/27/2010): The Battle of Websites

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Aug 292010

Mark Klang checks in with a solid offering – The Home page features a commentary about fiscal disciplines in the City of Rocklin and makes the case for reform. Klang is a familiar name in Rocklin and one people who are looking outside the normal channels may be attracted to.

Greg Janda does not have a site up yet. There is a domain… that will be live in September.  Greg Janda is a local businessman with some community connections. Janda has lived in Rocklin several years and you would expect him to highlight his involvement in the community. You can visit his Greg Janda’s facebook for now.

Scott Yuill is the current first-term Mayor of Rocklin. His website is linked here. While not as asthetically pleasing as Klang’s or Diana Ruslin’s website – what jumps out are the endorsements and the case he makes for his re-election. Yuill features Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa – the equivalent of 100 tons of bombs.

Diana Ruslin’s website is excellent, easy to read and laid out as well as Mark Klang’s. Ruslin uses less words than Klang on her website – until you get to the Endorsements page. This would suggest that Ruslin is the “establishment” candidate – until you look at her community involvement page / resume and realize that it is a pedigree of service.

These are the only four candidates out of the 8 that qualified that filed ballot statements. Rocklin’s City Council Race should be a good one. Any of the Above four can win.

Aug 282010

Ted Gaines VS Roger Niello is another classic race about the future of the California Republican Party. A rock-solid Conservative Vote vs a deal-maker. It is that simple.

Ted Gaines – 100% from Howard Jarvis and National Tax Limitation Committee.

Lew Uhler and David Wolfe came out to introduce Ted Gaines at his headquarters grand opening today.

David Wolfe laid out the case in its’ totality: Roger Niello raised your taxes – not just on the Feb 2009 budget, but his scorecards from HJTA are consistently lower than his Republican colleagues.

Roger Niello’s vote to raise your taxes is the clearest distinction in this battle of “Nice Guys”.

The budget of Feb 2009 did the following:

.5% increase in every state income tax bracket (ie went from 5% to 5.5%)
.5% increase in state sales tax rate making California the highest in the nation
Doubled the Car Tax
Slashed the dependent tax credit in half

All in all – every family gets hit to the tune of $1200 a year on average in the middle of the worst economy in most of our lifetimes. (My Grandfather, 94 who lives in a rest-home might remember the last economy this bad)

There is a trail of other votes that Roger Niello has made suggesting that he is a Moderate. While Niello is Pro-Life, Pro-Gun and supported Prop 8… he tends to endorse Republicans who are none of the above.

Doug Ose over Tom McClintock for Congress (Ose 0 for 3, McClintock 3 for 3)
Meg Whitman over Steve Poizner in the Primary for Governor. (Poizner is on 2 of 3, Whitman 0 of 3)

Roger has refused to sign the “No New Taxes Pledge” as has State Senator Sam Blakeslee – the new Maldonado of the Republican Party.

Time after time – Ted Gaines has voted in accordance with the Republican Party Platform in the Assembly. Niello has had several notable exceptions.

On a local level – Roger Niello is of the opinion that Republican Central Committees should not be in the business of endorsing candidates. Failing to find out who is running and failing to research them to report to voters would be a major breach in the responsibility of Central Committees. Roger Niello is of the opinion that Central Committees should register voters and run get out the vote efforts only. I still have not figured out why people would register without the Cent Com giving them a reason to (candidates?)

Having done research on both candidates – I can tell you with authority that Ted’s Positives are compelling versus any baggage and Ted Gaines will not raise our taxes. That should be the basic function of a Republican in Government.

Both have promised clean, issue-based campaigns. Sounds good – that means I’ll stop here.

P.S. – I am not getting paid for my endorsement and support of Ted Gaines, directly or otherwise. The Advertisement that will soon appear is being done to support Ted Gaines for the good of the Republican Party.