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May 242023

Today, my emailbox looks like an episode of The Shining. It looked like the blood of several feckless Gerbils had covered my screen.

There is a lot of education but not a lot of common sense in the opposition these days.

It looks like the doctor just took the square root of Steve Frank. Ouch. (Grcar is a PHD of Mathematics)

While Grcar’s assertion about the Leadership of the party giving up on Conservatives is dubious (that split was before my time in the CAGOP), the photos and the message is three mile island disaster worthy.

What I can tell you is that Grcar will not get elected to the platform committee while the very people he is writing paranoid fantasies about are laughing hysterically enjoying the crapshow that started with the 1970’s era theatrics at the CAGOP Convention.

With regard to Steve Frank? Someone better haul his ass to the ER, because the doctor’s tangent just flattened his sine wave.

May 202023

Please note that your intrepid blogger is helping Megan Dahle in SD-01. Dahle has drawn an opponent who has lost several races for office in the past.


In addition, Heather Hadwick is running in AD-01. She currently has the endorsement on Brian Dahle and will certainly gain several more as the campaign rolls out.

Heather was raised in the small town of Dorris in Siskiyou County where she met her high school sweetheart Bryon. They were married in 2003 and now have two boys, Sam and Zack. Together they run their family farm in Modoc County growing hay, vegetables, pumpkins, raising highland cattle, and have the County’s only Pumpkin Patch each fall.

​Born in Siskiyou and lives in Modoc. I can’t think of something more North State than that.

As a small business owner of her family farm and having previously owned a small local newspaper, Heather understands the constant obstacles of operating her own business. She knows the state needs to make it easier to open and run a small business, and to hire more people at good paying jobs.

For the last almost 5 years, Heather served Modoc County as the Deputy OES (Office of Emergency Services) Director at the Sheriff’s Office. Heather served as the Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office, organized evacuations due to wildfire and flooding, coordinated support, managed recovery, and assisted on neighboring wildfires such as the Bootleg, Dixie, McKinney, and many more.

​The AD-01 Race appears to have 7 customers at this time. Hadwick’s resume is going to be hard to match by any of her opponents (especially those from the more urban Shasta County).


May 082023

Hannah Holzer? Ooooooooooh Haaaaaannnnnaaaaaaahh?

It is probably time to file a missing persons report on Holzer’s whereabouts with the Sacramento Bee.

About two months after getting blistered for lying and repeatedly abusing New York Times vs Sullivan to smear anyone and everyone to the right of a communist, it appears that the corrupt Sacramento Bee editorial board and management had a moment of Pravda. (the Russian word for Truth)

We would like nothing more than to work with The Sacramento Bee, knowing that what we are doing or how we communicate to the public will be accurately reported. Unfortunately, we are not confident that this will happen given Ms. Holzer’s long history of false narratives. We feel her intent is always blatant in an effort to stir up controversy and perhaps even worse, violence. We also feel that her editors continue to allow it.

Ms. Holzer’s caustic reporting has a trickle-down effect. Given the history, elected officials in Placer County have grown weary about engaging with any reporter from the Bee. We hope that there are serious consequences for Ms. Holzer’s most recent and blatant lie, and we hope that our complaints about Ms. Holzer’s past actions in her betrayal of elected officials and of issues in Placer County will now be taken seriously.

We feel that this is an opportunity to help rebuild trust between Placer County and The Sacramento Bee and hope that you take our concern with Ms. Holzer’s agenda-driven approach more seriously now, too.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you directly about our concerns. But none of us will work with Ms. Holzer ever again.

The preceeding is an excerpt from the blistering letter signed by 27 political leaders in Placer County. It appears to have hit its’ mark:

The last appearance by Holzer on the SacBee website is the March 15 article that likely contributed to the riot on the UC Davis Campus – the Bee Ultimately was forced to apologize publicly for an outright lie penned by their staff (including Holzer) about Charlie Kirk. (That is Kirk in the 3-15 thumbnail)

Please note – your intrepid blogger is still here despite the Bee celebrating my demise. 26 years and counting in politics and this is my 20th year as a blogger.

Apr 252023

Grammarly is a fantastic service to subscribe to. Recently, I got an update from Grammarly:

Apparently, Grammarly is a fan of Right on Daily

There is one thing your intrepid blogger has learned, talk trash when you can back it up.

That’s 35,000 words a week.

And just to further confirm that your intrepid blogger gets the job done…

Think of all the Ph.D.s that use Grammarly… your intrepid blogger is right there with them. Maybe if I stopped using squish, psycho, loser, and nimrod so much… I might get the unique words into the 90’s too!

We try to warn people here at Right on Daily, but they can’t seem to help themselves…

Don’t do it.

And let’s finish with the official theme song of so many featured on Right on Daily

Apr 242023

First Off – Here are the Results of the Officer Elections:

2023 Annual Convention

Officer Election Results


Executive Vice President

Davina Keiser – 105 votes ***

Dale Tyler – 29 votes

Vice President (5 Positions)

Jim Shoemaker – 112 votes ***

Katherine Loy – 111 votes ***

Rich Handy – 101 votes ***

David Marko – 93 votes ***

Jo Reitkopp – 86 votes ***

Greg Perrone – 73 votes

Dean Gross – 53 votes

Membership Secretary

Zonya Townsend – 100 votes

Rich Marshall – 62 votes

Voter Registration Secretary

Karl George – 122 votes ***

Martha Flores-Gibson – 35 votes


Pat Garcia – 94 votes ***

Baron Night – 66 votes

National Committeeman

Bill Cardoza – 113 votes ***

Jong Lee – 48 votes

National Committeewoman

Nancy Hinton – 123 votes ***

Eveyln Jones – 38 votes

*** Elected (Two-year term of office)

Please Note: Carl Brickey was Elected President, Greg Goehring Recording Secretary, PJ Garcia Corresponding Secretary, Greg Qunath Asst. Treasurer, Paul Beckley Sgt. at Arms. with no opposition.

Here is the bottom line about the CRA convention as I have aggregated several people’s input. The Old Guard of CRA attempted the standard array of tricks at the convention, including picking floor fights and losing them all badly. It seems that the same thing I wrote about the RCC held true at CRA, some folks can’t let go or accept that the political winds have shifted.

The bottom line is that CRA is the only GOP group not in decline. CRA is the premier anti-establishment GOP group in CA.

Since 2019 – CRA’s Membership has tripled. (See also 300% gain)

Since 2019 – The CRA has doubled the number of chapters… all of whom have real people and host real meetings.

Since 2019 – The CRA’s convention attendance has increased 250%.

Currently, 6 New CRA Chapters are in the works. George Yang is in the middle of several of these new groups helping CRA establish a presence in the Bay Area.

My guess is Brickey serves 4 Years as President of CRA as a transition from the old guard who are fading away and is a bridge to the next generation of conservative leaders. If successful, this becomes a model for other groups about how to sustain growth and effectiveness even while time marches on.

The results (growth of CRA) of the new generation of leaders speak for themselves.

To be continued…

P.S. I served as an officer of the CRA for 15 years. That era was characterized by constant fighting and drama. The chain of events that led to my expulsion was another series of fights. It appears that 2-3 years after I was expelled from CRA, the leadership finally got a handle on the fake clubs and a lot of the remaining bad actors. In 2019, the CRA had hit bottom and has been in a growth pattern since. Many of the combatants from those years are no longer in CRA and well over half the current chapters are brand new. This is exactly what was and is needed for a healthy CRA.