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Jun 082024

I had counseled a few people privately that Megan was doing well and would return in full. Be careful when repeating and spreading rumors; unless you talk to the person yourself, there is always a chance third-party information is wrong.


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that yesterday marked my return to the Assembly Floor after recovering from recent health issues. Throughout my recovery, my staff and I have tirelessly continued our work on the issues affecting the constituents of the 1st Assembly District and all of California. Our commitment to serving you has remained steadfast, and getting back to the Assembly Floor to resume this important work with my colleagues was a significant moment for me.

I am deeply grateful for the warm welcome from my colleagues and for all the prayers and well wishes from each of you during my recovery. Rest assured, the work has never ceased, and we continue to represent and advocate for you effectively.

As always, if you need assistance from my office, please feel free to respond to this email. It is an honor to serve you in the Assembly.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

May 302024

If you have lived in Placer County any length of time, you know Aldo Pineschi.

To call him a giant in Placer County is an understatement. If you were involved in any local Chamber of Commerce, Local Government Board, Local Commission or Local Charity you knew this man.

I first encountered Aldo in 1997 when I joined the Roseville Chamber of Commerce. I knew him then as another one of those establishment democrats from old Roseville that ran everything.

What was fascinating is that well-known conservatives like Tim Leslie (and Staff – Robert Dugan, John Allard and others), Bonnie (then Mertus) Gore, John Doolittle (and staff), Kirk Uhler, and others all loved the guy and worked well with him. How could this be I thought? Aldo is a Democrat.

A few years later there was an ill-fated tax measure on the Placer County ballot. Bonnie, Kirk and a couple others convinced me of the merits of at least meeting with Aldo to hear him out on why he was working for the developers to pass the item. At the time, I was the President of the Placer County Republican Assembly.

What I found is that Aldo is a thoughtful man. While he is a political animal, in the years I dealt with him he was as forthright and transparent with me as anyone I know in the political arena is. I chose to look at Mr. Pineschi through the lens of others that respected him and worked with him as I was trying to reconcile why this democrat had so much infulence and goodwill in Dark-Red Placer County.

Over the years, I developed a friendship with Aldo and others to the left of me in the local political scene. Aldo was one of those that helped me realize democrats are human beings, just wrong. Amazingly, Aldo was a democrat who had been left behind by the LGBT, open borders, anti-America fever base of the current dem party.

It’s not fair that Aldo died young. It hurts a bit to write this because I had actually grown fond of him as a human and viewed him as a political ally in many cases. Moreover, we had the ability to speak candidly and exchange information that benefitted both of us.

There are many others in the Local Placer Political Scene that have deeper connections to the man and I have marvelled at what I have been reading as the news of his passing has spread.

Someday, we are all going to die. People loved him, becuase of who he was and what he did. Seeing what is being said about Aldo should be a goal for all of us to make sure our legacy is anywhere near as impactful as his was.

RIP Aldo.

May 282024
May 28, 2024
Contact: Duane Dichiara
Phone: (916) 997-4784

Primary opponent Mark Mezzano endorses Heather Hadwick for Assembly
Redding Councilmember & Former Vice Mayor Mezzano adds to momentum of Hadwick campaign

REDDING, CA  – Today, Redding Councilmember and Assembly 1 Primary candidate Mark Mezzano announced his endorsement of Heather Hadwick.

“I’m endorsing Heather for Assembly. Heather Hadwick embodies the integrity, proven leadership and ability to collaborate that our District needs in its representative,” said Mezzano. “She is in this race for the right reasons. I proudly stand behind her candidacy and urge all voters to join me in supporting Heather for a better California.”

Mark Mezzano is a longtime Shasta County resident who retired as Sergeant in the California Highway Patrol, and who has served on the Redding City Council since 2020. Mark represents Redding at CalCities, serves on the CalCities Public Safety Committee,  is Chairman of the Shasta Regional Transportation Authority, past Chairman of the Redding Area Bus Authority, past representative to the Redding Rancheria and Redding Downtown Collaborative.

I am honored to have Mark’s support. His leadership in Redding and commitment to his community have set a remarkable example for us all. Mark has been a strong voice for the North State, and I look forward to working with him in the future,” said Hadwick.

Mezzano adds his name to a growing list of supporters, which include State Senator Brian Dahle, Assemblywoman Megan Dahle, Assemblymember Heath Flora, the California Professional Firefighters, CALFIRE local 2881, and the California Association of Highway Patrolman.

Heather Hadwick’s campaign for State Assembly is focused on lowering unaffordable prices for California families, keeping our neighborhoods safe from rising crime, and protecting our communities from devastating wildfires. To learn more about Heather Hadwick and her campaign, please visit www.VoteHadwick.com.

This is a big deal for Heather Hadwick for sure.

May 252024

This is something your intrepid blogger has not seen in a long time. A candidate sent me their stuff in an attempt to get some love from this blog.

Why the hell not, Robert Howell is a pain in the backside of the establishment in Santa Clara County. Robert, here is your endorsement, give ’em hell in the fall election.

Robert Howell sent a letter all the way up here in far away Nevada! It is nice to see that the USPS can still deliver here to my artillery nest at 5,146′.

That is quite a resume for a grassroots candidate!

The Republican’s Republican from San Jose’ California.

Sick ’em Robert.

May 202024

It has finally happened. More Proxies than Delegate Bodies.

This is pretty much the story.

I have to salute Luis Buhler, he is a brilliant man. There is a reason why he is consistently a Presidential Delegate despite his long history of fighting conservatives.

People on the opposition side should take a master class from Buhler about how to manipulate organizations through legal, Robert’s Rules ways.

Buhler took Tim O’Reilly’s By-Law proposals, gutted them, amended them and got something passed that was less obvious, but equally as effective. My estimation based on what I saw is that there will be about 200 less delegates in the pool. You need 30% to get three and 45% to get five. My understanding is below 30 is candidate only.

The other amendment eliminating delegate status for write in’s was tabled.

This was an absoulte master class by Mr. Buhler.

What is in italics is false. I knew it was false when I wrote it. I wanted to see if Steve Frank or crew would come and correct the record… as previously I had to post the entire letter between Tim O’Reilly and Keith Cascio to force the truth in to the open.

Rick Marshall has always been an honest operator, but he is an indepdenent guy and not part of Team Steve Frank everytime on every thing. Thank You Rick for the comment below. It was almost 24 hours between the time I posted this and Rick’s comment and Rick was the only person from the opposition to speak up against the false information.

Do better folks.