LAFCO Update: Ilfeld Gets Another $125,000 Bill

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Aug 312015

Fred Ilfeld is out of options.

He strung the LAFCO Board out for months in every attempt to forestall the inevitable failure of Incorporate Olympic Valley.

He spent $80k of his own money on financial analyses.

His latest and last gambit was to go to the California Controller’s Office and attempt to get them to re-write the Comprehensive Financial Analysis he disliked. In Fact, Ilfeld sent a list of 30+ “issues” with the analysis to the Controller’s Office.

The Controller Betty Yee understands local government and isn’t likely to pay-to-play and give Illfeld an outcome he likes.  She is more ethical player than most politicians. The Controller’s office came back to Ilfeld  with a very reasonable response: Pay us $125k to re-do the Financial Analysis, we are not here to cater to you. You get to play by the same rules as the rest of us.

So – what has been Fred Ilfeld’s nexus for this whole thing? Does he want to rule a fiefdom?

Does he want to control development in the area? Is he simply a NIMBY that bought a place up there and now he wants to clear everything and everyone else out?

Will Ilfeld pony up another $125k, bringing the price-tag of his rampage to $400K+? (Remember, you have to include the EIR, Lawyer’s Fees, Consultants, etc in Ilfeld’s total)

Two different experts say incorporation is unfeasible. Fred Already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on fiscal analyses, financial experts, and high priced lafco attorneys like Coulantano. Much of what IOV (The Incorporation Group) spent goes unreported because LAFCO expenses aren’t campaign expenditures. They don’t count. Will he spend another $125k plus $147k on an EIR when Fred has criticized Squaw for spending money to protect their business?

Fred forced county employees and LAFCO staff to spend hours to give them a fair shake.  Will he force the rest of Placer county to continue allowing this selfish effort that distracts limited county resources?

Recently the real NIMBY/BANANA crew sent a shot across everyone’s bow in the Sierra Sun. The enviros basically said they were going to sue to stop Squaw Valley from constructing their expansion.

Sierra Watch has lost most of their frivolous lawsuits. But Ilfeld’s fellow radicals in Sacramento have passed a series of imbalanced laws and regulations that allow such lawsuits without consequence.

Ilfeld will show us all what his true motivations are if he declines to pay for the Controller Review. How? If his goal all along was to thwart the development (which is what I believe), then he will simply pass the baton to the enviros because he knows IOV is dead. His only remaining hope will be whether the enviros can successfully judge-shop for a left-wing loser they can manipulate.

Admitting IOV is dead would be a total humiliation and I know few pseudo-intellectual university professors that could bear to be forced to admit fault so publicly. So, behind door number 2 is:

If he wants a fiefdom to rule over – he has to pay the money, because he boxed himself in to a corner. He has to be able to make a case that LAFCO is corrupt and the CFA is bogus. If the controller returns a CFA that says IOV does not work – then Ilfeld has to sue himself.

Sometimes university professors show the world what the term “book smart” means. Nimbys want control of a ski town for their own selfish pleasure. These aren’t common folk, they are wealthy people pursuing this ridiculous effort to incorporate. Time to end the madness, Fred.

Aug 242015

Lauren Stephens by her own admission started the SB277 recall and then recruited Tim Donnelly to head it because she believed that the more legitimate, mainstream effort was to cover Senator Andy Vidak.

Lauren hates Vidak. She hates Scott Walker. She ran for Congress in 2012 against a Republican incumbent and mustered 17% of the vote. She should join CRA, she’d fit in well.

The problem is that Lauren is not a registered Republican anymore. Many of her friends on the fringes of the tea party, have left the GOP. Yet, most still try to meddle in the GOP.

About a week ago, it became clear, even to Lauren that the SB277 referendum effort was terminally doomed. So, she bailed out and left Tim Donnelly holding the bag. Tim Donnelly had ostensibly joined the effort to promote his radio show. Most of the event flyers I got for organizing rallies looked like Tim Donnelly Radio Show events.

It looks like the Tim Donnelly – Lauren Stephens mutually parasitical relationship ran its’ course when there was no more money to be made.

Some honest people are trying to salvage the effort – despite Tim Donnelly’s narcissism. Donnelly is fond of telling donors he is the most hated man in the legislature – yet is too clueless to realize that is tantamount to advertising, “I am a loner and I have no friends”, to donors who close their checkbooks and exit.

I have zero confidence that Donnelly will get out of the way. My intel says that Donnelly has run off dozens of would-be high-dollar donors to the effort.

The volunteers have gathered some signatures, but no one will ever know how many as Lauren Stephens was controlling everything in the campaign until she bailed out and left Tim Donnelly holding the bag. Stephens is reputed to have all the filled out petitions and is reputed to be refusing to share them with Donnelly.

Basically, the SB277 referendum was a sham, it has to have been. But, we told you so on this blog from the outset and despite the threats to me personally and to my business, it has played out.

At least one other person appears to be a victim in this caper – Mike L. from Santa Cruz. Mike was pictured with the boxes of petitions that were actually printed. Mike was distributing them. Has Mike been paid? I bet not.

How much money was raised? What was done with it – other than the pathetic print job of 100k petitions (if indeed that many were printed)? Maybe the FPPC should look in to this?

It doesn’t stop there – Lauren Stephens has reinvented herself. She is back to the SB277 Recalls.

Senator Jeff Stone was served two weeks ago. Senator Richard Pan (who is actually a democrat for a change) was served.

There is an effort being leveled against Assembly-member Catharine Baker and Senator Andy Vidak. This is insane.

It makes perfect sense that a group of so-called conservatives would target vulnerable republicans in seats that are swing districts (or worse in Vidak’s case) .

I leave you with this thought from a national columnist about the impetus behind Donald Trump’s early success, because the behavior is on display with the anarchists that are seeking to help the dems regain their super-majorities:

…. But instead of the far left or the far right, he (Trump) speaks for the sarcastic hate-tweeters, the anti-everything nihilists and the conspiracy theorists who write convoluted, anonymous comments at the bottom of news articles. He’s simply taken their outraged feelings out of cyberspace and translated them into real life.

Coming soon to your district, a nihilistic void.

California Impact Republicans Update: North OC CIR Unit Chartered

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Aug 182015

CA Impact Republicans Logo


August 18, 2015

For Immediate Release
Contact: John W Briscoe (714)791-6003

The California Impact Republican’s Board of Directors is proud to announce the charter of the Impact – North Orange County chapter of the California Impact Republicans.

The Impact NOC chapter will serve Cypress, Anaheim and all Orange County cities north of those communities.

“This is the third of many chapters that are organizing all over the state for the Impact Republicans”, said founding CIR President John W Briscoe. “Orange County is full of opportunity to grow the Republican Brand.”

The CIR is centered on recruiting Conservative Republican candidates for local office, training and equipping leaders, fundraising and endorsing candidates for partisan office based on a different metric than other Republican Groups have used in the past.

“The IMPACT NOC chapter is full of enthusiasm for the Republican movement”, continued Briscoe, “The CIR adds to the Republican metric in California”

The majority of the IMPACT NOC Board members have never served in leadership of any Republican volunteer organization.

The CIR will be presenting its’ paperwork for consideration of a Charter at the California Republican Party Convention in Anaheim in September. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Please visit California Impact Republicans on our Facebook Page, or our Facebook Group, on twitter @CAImpactReps or at our LikeImpact NOC on Facebook

Update on CAGOP Platform – straight from the inside

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Aug 022015

Here is the summary –

The Life, Gun and Immigration Planks were untouched.

Grammar and Typos were fixed.

The Following Changes were made: a Section on Veterans and Water were added. These focus on support of veterans and supporting water storage.

Prop 13 language was added.

Opposition to Agenda 21, central planning was adopted.

One sentence regarding opposing Gay Adoption and Domestic Partner Benefits was deleted. But, the traditional marriage language was not altered.

CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte said there would be no fight. He led the drafting of the platform. The platform is MORE Conservative than the expiring platform. Now, back to the 2016 election.

California Impact Republicans Congratulate CAGOP Platform Drafting Committee

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Aug 022015

August 2, 2015

For Immediate Release
Contact: John W Briscoe (714)791-6003
California Impact Republicans Congratulate the CA GOP Platform Drafting Committee.
The proposed California Republican Party platform was witnessed in its’ creation by many conservative activists – the responses and accounts were overwhelmingly positive. It is due to be released publicly very soon.

“We are thrilled to see that the new CA GOP Platform is more solidly in line with Republican Values than the outgoing platform”, said CIR President John Briscoe. 
“The new platform has the traditional values that the base of the GOP cherishes as well as addressing some of the more recent issues plaguing California”, said CIR Executive Vice President Todd Blair.
The newly proposed California Republican Party platform was edited for errors and added strong language in opposition to Agenda 21/Central Planning and in defense of proposition 13.
“We salute the leadership of the GOP for listening to the activists and are gratified to see this issue resolved with such professionalism by all”, concluded CIR President John W Briscoe
The CIR will be presenting its’ paperwork for consideration of a Charter at the California Republican Party Convention in Anaheim in September. We look forward to seeing you in September.

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