Jan 312012

In italics is a short summary I wrote for a local media inquiry on behalf of Les Baugh. I think it sums it up in both cases. Don’t think for a second that Les wouldn’t have said something similar – he would, and therein lies another major difference voters get to choose from.

Interestingly – I have been getting anxious inquiry from political insiders as to why Linda is running against Beth Gaines and why I took Les Baugh on as a client.

Neither Les Baugh or Linda Park owe anyone an apology for running – Ted and Beth Gaines owe people an apology for the way they have governed.

I am a citizen legislator – meaning that I am one of the people I seek to represent. I will not reign – instead, the door or my office will be open to all comers.

I am a staunch conservative and I believe our government has more than enough money to do its’ job – however, the priorities are badly misaligned. The issue for this Senate (Assembly) District is the utter lack of leadership and engagement.

Simply refusing to acknowledge people you disagree with guarantees more of the same and I know very few people who are better off in 2012 than they were in 2008. I am motivated to run because of the need for accountable, engaged governance. I am not afraid to negotiate with people that do not believe as I do in an attempt to make progress without compromise. Leaders engage.

It is that desire to engage that I believe is my primary defining difference, it is the desire to be accountable to those I serve rather than being sequestered away from the constituents that is the other defining difference.

I believe that with engaged leadership the efforts to close public land, destroy dams, regulate water, eliminate the 2nd Amendment and the attempts by the legislature to eliminate risks from life can be mitigated by negotiating with those attempting to do these things in an effort to solve the perceived issue without destroying freedom.

And to think – the Gaines are renting a house in Rocklin, probably for just long enough to retain power if they are successful in getting re-elected. How does that make you feel as a voter? What kind of message does that send?

It’s not a matter of who is more conservative which is the easy-way-out cheapshot in a lot of Republican Primaries – as Les is a Pastor and Linda is a long-time CRA member.

Beth Gaines won’t be able to use a boogie man attack like she did against John Allard against Linda – where she lied about John Allard (standard faire in political attacks) and used his experience against him. (Linda, while in her first term on school board – ironically has been in office longer than Beth!)

The Gaines are going to have to stand up and defend the way they have governed and are also going to have to explain why a husband-and-wife political dynasty is a good thing for California. This is a double-loser for them.

Jan 252012

The church bells are ringing. The Duke and Duchess of East Roseville have avoided a trip to the archbishop for an annulment.

The Duke of East Roseville is going to rent a throne in Rocklin to extend his reign over the new fiefdom he is seeking. Now the main throne room in East Roseville is untouched by this latest move as the children of the Duke and Duchess will remain and will be hosting several cordials and balls in the vacated palace.

The Serfs of the 1st Senate Fiefdom should not fret – the Duke of East Roseville will return to the palatial estate once the Duke has accomplished his mission. Then the serfs of the 1st Fiefdom will be unrepresented again as they have been used to since the Duke’s reign started.


Jan 242012

You read it here first!

Sam Aanestad is making phone calls to generate support for a run against Doug LaMalfa for Congress.

There is no truer friend to Conservatives in Northern California than Sam Aanestad. Sam supported his mentor, Tom McClintock for Congress when Doug LaMalfa and 100 local electeds chose the establishment Moderate over now Congressman McClintock.

Sam Aanestad was rated the most Conservative Senator in California the year before he retired from the State Senate in 2010.

Doug LaMalfa has serious issues with Conservative grass-roots over his involvement in the Charles Munger-led Republican Party Platform drill for starters. Doug LaMalfa’s staff was involved in the attempt by Charles Munger to eliminate Conservative issues such as Pro-Life, Pro Prop-8 and the Second Amendment from the platform.

Second, the attempted coronation of Doug LaMalfa by retiring Congressman Wally Herger has also riled feathers all over the North State.

I spoke directly with Senator Sam so this news is real.

Charlie Schaupp’s CA-03 Announcement Gets Some Press

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Jan 222012

Contrast this to some of the quotes coming out of incumbent politicians:

“Garamendi does not fit this district,” he said. “This district needs someone who will represent farmers, military and small businesses.”

He’s not shy about where he comes from and how he wants the government to change.

“I am a Reagan Republican and believe in the principles of limited government and self reliance that made our nation great,” he said. “I am pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment and believe that local governments, not the huge fiscally irresponsible bureaucracies of the federal government, are best suited to solve our problems.”

“The federal government needs to do an about face,” he continued. “They need to restore fiscal responsibility. If the government had to earn their money, they would spend it more judiciously.”

Thank you to the Vacaville Reporter for the story.

Two days earlier the Woodland Daily Democrat also gave Charlie some love:

“I believe that we should ‘Restore Congress’ which means we must restore ethics, honesty, fiscal responsibility, common sense, personal accountability, trust and restore the values and principles of our Constitution.”

Schaupp’s family settled in the Hungry Hollow area of Yolo County more than 130 years ago and his family still farms 3,000 acres of various crops north of Esparto.

“For five generations, my family has worked to protect our community’s way of life and our agricultural heritage,” he said. “I also fought to protect our nation’s defense for 28 years in the U.S. Marine Reserve. I am not finished serving my country.”

Ladies and gentlemen – we have a race.