Aug 312022

Here are some key fact checks to filter the Bovine Excrement of Scott Alvord’s Post:

  1. City Staff Can’t Stand Scott Alvord
  2. His Colleagues all Endorsed his OPPONENT for Supervisor (perhaps they can’t stand him either)
  3. Scott is a Mask Nazi and supported Governor Newsolini’s Branch-Covidian policies that hurt the City of Roseville deeply #WEARADAMNMASK
  4. Most of the Development you see in Roseville was planned and approved LONG BEFORE Alvord was even a thing
  5. This was supposed to be about Roseville, not Scott. Whoops. Rinse and Repeat.
  6. Scott wrote a bestseller

And there is this:

Well that councilmember endorsed Shanti Landon

Alvord’s communist roots

Right on Daily did not create this meme, but we wish we had…

Hi Scott.

Aug 292022

IF you want to sum up the AD71 race in one sentence, use the title of this blog. Matt Rahn is a PHD, Kate Sanchez is a woman without a home.

Voter Registration Records are public record. Sometimes Voter Registration Records reveal a ton of information. In the case of Kate Sanchez, they confirm her lack of employment, dependence on family, and a complete absence of accomplishment.

10/1/2008 – 03/20/2016 – Kate Sanchez was registered Republican at 8 Taiga Trabuco Canyon

This was her parents home. This address was all over the garnishment and bank levy records we wrote about.

Yet according to annulment records, signed under penalty of perjury, Kate said she was living at her first husband’s home he shared with his family for much of 2008 and most of 2009. She first filed papers for annulment 10/30/2009. This means that Kate misrepresented her living situation or she lied to the registrar about her residence when registered to vote. Either one is perjury if proven in a criminal court.

Read more about her first marriage and annulment here including her admission of being of unsound mind.

03/21/2016 – 12/29/2021 – Kate Sanchez was registered Republican at 11 Balise Lane Foothill Ranch (this is outside of AD71)

The first question your intrepid blogger has is who paid for her rent?  Kate Sanchez was unemployed for most of the time she lived at this address.

In addition, there is nothing reported on her Form 700 for gifts/cash.  She had no job at all in 2020 or 2021.

This means that it is quite possible that Sanchez was not able to afford the rent, since she didn’t have a job or any reportable income. My source? Kate Sanchez’ Form 700. (The Form 700 is a financial assets, income disclosure officeholders and candidates have to file under California Law)

Here is where it gets fun:

12/30/2021 – 05/12/2022 – Kate Sanchez was registered Republican at 62 Aliento Rancho Santa Margarita.

It wasn’t until AFTER the new AD 71 lines were drawn that Kate moved into the district.

Kate Sanchez rented a room in a house in Rancho Santa Margarita to establish residency. Kate’s brother, it appears, showed up as being connected to this address. It appears the brother was renting as well. Another possibility is that she did not actually live at this address but used it for cover with which to file.

But WAIT! There’s moooooore!

05/13/2022 – present (as of last week) – Kate Sanchez Registered Republican at 47 Foxtail Lane, Trabuco

This is the current home of Kate’s parents.

It looks like Kate moved back in with them (again) just before the June primary.  As of 8/15/22 she has not re-registered to vote anywhere else.

FYI – the Job Kate has that her current boyfriend’s company hired her in to, ain’t much income being reported from it either… the voter registration at her folks house kinda confirms she is still basically unemployed.

So we have a PHD from Temecula running against someone who was unemployed for 2 1/2 years that lives with her folks. But hey! She lives in Orange County!

Aug 252022

I got the following from the campaign of Matt Rahn: (He is the unwashed desert guy that the OC Mafia shunned in favor of the three mile island disaster candidate)

Aug 212022

But hey! She Lives in Orange County!!!

Where does Kate Live exactly? No one knows. What does Kate actually do for a living? No one knows.

What we do know is that Kate admitted to being of unsound mind. That is about the truest thing your intrepid blogger has learned about her so far in this #AD71 Race in 2022.

We are seeing quite a pattern of financial behavior, too.

Her campaign is funded by Trump-Hating RINOS.

OR was it Marriage Fraud? (Husband one was an illegal alien)

Kate Divorced Husband 2, Bounced a Check to the Attorney, Got Sued and Stuck her Mother with the bill!

Kate caused a Bank Levy against her Father and a Garnishment Against her Mother!

So why I am not surprised to find in Court Records that Kate Sanchez also sponged off of Husband 2’s family. This gives even more color for the $7500 legal retainer she tried to run out on that later turned in to $14,000 that was forcibly recovered from her parents…

So what we know is that Kate and Husband 2 got pregnant and subsequently got married, which lasted 7 months.

While this petition for divorce does not involve claims of mental instability – it yields several striking revelations in to the mind and attitude of Kate Sanchez.

  1. It confirms her erratic employment history (despite her deleting her linked in page).
  2. It confirms her life pattern of living off of others

Note: Kate Sanchez is Petitioner, Husband 2 is Respondent

The list continues:

  1. In item 6 we learn that Kate refused to vacate her second husband’s grandparents rented home after filing for divorce, costing them several months of rent at $3,000 per month. Kate only left when the lease expired and then the Grandparents were able to finally stop paying the rent.
  2. During the 7 months Kate was married to Husband 2, she lived completely off of her then-husband’s family to the tune of $6500 a month.
  3. The same Grandparents Kate screwed over for several months of rent also bought baby formula, diapers and the like for her.

After reviewing carefully the qualifications and background of Kate Sanchez, any sane rational person not clouded by geography would run the other way as fast as they can.

If Kate Sanchez got elected to the Assembly, it would be the best job she has ever had – hands down. Your Intrepid blogger also shudders to think of what her behavior would be like once in office.

Aug 172022

What a daughter!

So – Kate Sanchez didn’t pay her legal bill, tried to run away from it and got hammered in court.

It gets better, her father’s bank account got attached.

So why is the received amount zero? Because Kate’s Dad closed the account! So, the following year Mom’s wages got garnished! Meantime, Kate Sanchez didn’t pay a dime.

As a bonus, note that the Sheriff of Orange County is all over these documents because the Sheriff serves Liens, Garnishments and the like. The OCGOP could have found this stuff if they did their job, (You know, the vetting they claimed to have done) and the same goes for Sheriff Don Barnes.

So – we now know that Kate Sanchez is a Socialist. She does not pay her bills and instead lives off of other people and uses their money to pay her bills with the force of government. Speaking of unsound mind…

To be continued.